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Forest Journal (Newspaper) - January 13, 1921, Forest, Indiana...$&•. fiigX. u Avcoidjuy to several c^vmUY^vwa-^^.:-.t'i]i'-y^^,flaction~ot , jr.*pe?«v 'the co<ai(.y i^Sjjtoiy.'".'of t h u . ^ tW;f^"Mat*o*^'JSwt)( Ia?f ! stateY«l*:6.r^iBziri£j^ "Oho .1fc<£rjas, <|By are pletfdNbd -to r.nntf • !"A&^^^oVA^^4juu»n(»m«|*»ayap)e t ^ F-.J8fflrsrti.who i« ,assis --"j-it h'TvrojKt^ed^ (*5»j>lid>#Bd xp^nrJaVanajry1 «M&* Dickelman llanufacl itain^ a noo-jpartisaaj, naa^pbliiical SturlngjOompany,ha* been. chosen u citizen" ageney -frMdd legislative; andyfeireetir and Vice Presidentjjf The ; administrirtiy* action in natters coft^first Ifrtional Bank. Dr. W. T. Gtem- p e t a l s «SV*h^S«fe6er^of XV<v :ca^^pr1i_j;ngig-y^jTtjyrasiVnt^)ut' liTopo-atio'n ^over-Ogtisop;"- The Cijsmborcf Ce^roereeJw tffftging.lo ? ttiij .city iin etiiftJrttona%' ...f^eljng that to be Ss ^cleiil* v l h e h ' mnction'-as th^.^ving d* £.-.-. grants and financiai^loans to buarasTBY B»af%Kiuatpal institutions, The bene* of fite; Chautauqua to the eonv evident e**sidertng th« nom> wTueat'the beet; ante*- i,-Americn are l*ach.i>i every ' " • • > ' • . • , t£ X * J for the ana will beeVartfsta on the a e w r d i a r t o Mr. Jee- yastexdaf. j be jjromiaea a week '"':'"'. . "LM odnnattnaal vnJaev .Asaoaa; who will probably he pa Brook* : ^ j j j IMHMVOW ltfftmn* 1 ' H H . Tlw play thla year wOF •WetUag bct'tfca Truth," " ' sjMcfc has received the e. «#<at»eata«n*tiaa Ma* wffl b r a * th» eiarta>, «K 9nn to Adverts*" A awaajsMsVttaa, from Chamber ot- her* this supertaten m a d - : Calom- ^H9MaaaC.Ua 4eep '" ""'.&£...#* ***** eernhi& taxation and. expenditure. • publicrevaaiMf. "•tibe saw orajeftiza- [tioh are upland*}, "we will ad^alt, t. |a*y^Hf« «sjrf«d almostverbajpSn- ~ [«Sii "pi»poU»n «tilje-Ohto/Be ree^wWch^urposes wfc*»3 fieiatijl twenty years ago and barn earrjed iu-all the Board'sJ t tu$ for all these yan^'H-a^f " Association pt&powtt-jctfi' ^ "A square deal to ta» '-tersSJor'thosei who earn a Hv who'op^rate-a/b^Lrtess oA»n property." '..;'' t h e Ohio Bogfrd of. Carom •>too<1 BOJJarely:. on Jhia prtfKpui fw twenty^years: 'Our purpose •**_ :1118¾¾..Ohio. I *t. >-"tat« iir-tftV union > >• wliaihf ojmi i? .livi'p^,".toT»pe-rate-a ftr rjw/r'propprty.'1- . ' Thq Dhio 'ta3^«s.<H•':.;: • 'sh'or • the'Same •.VrlKfrtaluy" in n'.l oi ittt'raturt-" J>ri!:ts. :.> -:.- i p'rospectu/ ' a«Bie->. spi«ndt<}. ! writtrii 'during the .past- few yea-. .;-; .:.A 1.1 air U. ^oote without jfivintr ^i.,\ I credit for/the"atteranc*s." We"« j^e pibl iahlng the. ab oy e^ a rticie," ifrom the.Ohia Journal of Cqmmerc.«f 1 - ^ ^ - - - • - - £^^a-*-ji50 that those who. -earn -a ^i^ag, •• '•-i-- .'•'-•" - - • • - * - l operate a buaiiteM, yrka OWA pioperQr, may become better Acquainted' with, iome of the different motwea of [Chatnber of ..Commerce organitationi inJOWf. Jit*. FbVaatv ChaM*^- »* 111 renins "Pfesideht, Ralph- McEl- ihiar, Mie, Gall H. UurU A > lier, and Mrf. Ealph Me- pkkeeper W. P. Kurtz. Vice President, a JHUik. retires with the beat. .Uc.t atftce Joset rkjfr<t »n *• i i J has rw' infant riiysiraL^rc^ ^ tt^act ed the attention in U'-\.' Xrrh""th«._tsn. yja'r-old • Mfldred WOCICTEOO his re- ceived. 6!i»-* is th; daughter ot'two- welt-khown-musieisns and appear«<l rh a 'ceKo recital-at Carriejte hafl.' -This Jbmarkabie little "girl, who (ha» been *t»»K|ht entirely by" her mether,- ha* -iaJBHMtvet«stfcaltj> received. She W ^ W | h > wW» noted aympBony or- etieetrae threugtMtlt'lN feeuttqr. t:lMt R-j:* I'enist jaiaefpa* BiBas-"^ ftrsihs'l 5^)8 IOL'CII^ t-B'.;< 6T>;>. . f ^ *H: :-:,:^:.--. Mt. ";(.-i v ::.-";.- *;ivy anti rjas--'.'. .':«.:••» ' rill'l v/fc J.V. « t <i:.i b e .^.••••rji^ : '.r.'I:'.- tiV:*•«'.!:•. Mt..7,:on f;irr Jfisjers t last Kafr i the to 8. Hard luck shuot- •vJith our- bdys-"am' Lfavb'r. of'Jlt. Ziof -W'ti&t.^ " ; H " ' Former Ftayg J^ldent llrt." Btfbert Ifc Cfccriek died at her hoiw ia Detroit J^j-AirjBth, thcee moethc' Uh»eaa??K^ Oeaeriek before her Bvarriaaje.erae 8iae^a>e]ya kfiy WeDa, J»MiUr of Jlr. and 11». 'iSw^.#fc-Tt f Coauaeyee deebjej to go oo iSff-'rZ * Lbaiiw hbrU» iau4BMor of : w*Il*j«?We ^ ^ I ^ r t * * * " #*» «**««* wffl ta>e<a*a of thel ited ia marriage, to Robert E . Oar- ?•*•' «oiaambltiat h> whieh taejt are ••Aw'1 >-.-«•-*» If -^- betng Ma*^r lewAweg. work for, a Maters ' f o r > 0 reaMetcta of tUa and we kaow that aD <«*-TaBjaa, He. Urod aix jmtra, frmy&H, w^ na>-^^ HorfoOt, Ytf-'xAmt wafct^iey n>a*wd V Detre^ they lived at tbe time of Bmtag her'loojr JTbMas «he. bravely and patiently Bad . ._.__. wa» doa* that lovia* hiajda'eaejlS'Aa-; uatil^ahe wa» claimed by the Becta Angatr She « a a aged 40 ysert and 1£ daya. " • .^ Ser prinaini. were bnataMr to tabr city for burial, laaarueai la 1li£!j>fe-_; oane^ary Monday' atdbWaaea. ^ l l i i p r i p a i i i ^ j y w O T t r e i r l l a y S ^ ^ .«ad dawjaatr ft^baad. and - aoa, - bar, fe^^v g feded . ' * * bmU the'locals came ibaek strong laying girls rules'eaatQr defeated' Bon t«»m. Lease and Rah- Ptadaaoan alee shott for P*r- '\ I ' .ie.v..- ,ftBt. E'jvTrvr^ H. tt^ .r&}«j twelveyeats o(o • ion- of P*o};:.. atitf-, Mrs.; E3wa«l .R., -:3rdy, := JH* yOtmBesffreehm^-.t: -nter Columbia NrvtMs hltVory of. the university. He speaks-12 language:.',, and he Intends studying Chines* next. He tea wholesome American boy, f on«- of b»«efaak- gymnasium week- and ewlm«ing.-Jr- - . - . - - ' ' jtr i" in ' ' II - f , - , . . v I0DERN WOODMEN H0U> 1NSTALUTI0N t&ffc*??? ^Jfawer, - ^ j ^ e ^ r e c ^ W P l l R ^ f s j K f r t . *' / , ^ - C ^ m ' S N f c i ^ l P . f 0 1 tl;e - re.?t. . ofi*Sie seaon.-with i fe t t.earns^ and . g6od. gas»s; ean be dVpendfiri-ui»U:,tc • furnish yo«" Some n^j^fer^ ^111¾ «**" ciliuii; .spof I arjt ontortajMtSnt.,. / -.T-Jhc prfV^nii.r-'ary jru'rno .was-won, by the- Fnr^t^Bfli- ^'out.'", who, >deffatpf! , the DunTsirk Buy Sco\its/-i>? a s f l* - ' ' ; of 23 T^.a. The local Scout* are fast for*their ait and ..gave,"tire - Dunkirk Scouts, a reel gaiac,^wiiicti;»as' fea*' tured by field goafei-and.-team pfa^'"' ing. The S^outa arefiiiid'workeraiaipl" eleaA-4>Iay«rs and merit the »da\'tr*;\ tton of alt who see them in action, . i. v ^epaty4- daaaea Caisfis, I •f rDaakiek ttatsu Dep*fe*aa»ee Shuff, fORESTBOT SCOUTS TAKE 1440LE KJCE *l*hfl«bool: i . ~jfr?.~.R. PflOa, Crr' ¢. a t ; Davor*. L f. Mfe nwbim. *y»> Hodaos,«; Harauar , g. Boorer, . Tafee e* tlsf Say Saaajs. of *»eri- gaw^sjsest a»tf mwhin a>; y|e b a A * . l a m « t -..-... --,-^ '7-*r ' •« i Lewis, o f « s t ass(Ts.'Te pass to advance ia Scoaani for 0»t. Baonti to hike, do their owrt cooking, in Oie .open, twtng not wore draw a rnavp o f 0WNEM t E NOTIC&i has jast »ft aad-allap- should be,.*ure ¢ 8 ^ - - ^ prispex^dfttrf- Ibemadev ; toftr ' r .,.' brother, w'A> W«U» aB-of Fopest and « boat of loving relasfsas aa4Jn%sik'-'••'•'•" '""""'"" j h ^ w t H l e a , deaeript Cs«:W»ttsVlnw-4iB^, :airarO B«*ir"»xp*rj»We' tkn. h M l U r « f I ' W u i l i • O - A * ! , ,' '"' i - —.. . . • W, Examinations of ' vice eomrMadim 'for 1 JWremea, natxaagien, the ihitiiiiuatwt of 1 mission wilf be ejtiey bctweev Jaaaa wi^ng^j*jaa ofteial i thecivllj ^ 0 ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ fti tioas -will be «radae*ed i CincWBati', Gehanbus, Tph Canton, Portenvoath, J "Voungstown, Marietta, : Held Qoaav, Wthwn J R. Price, X. Fouls: Cartinj €artai.2; for Cttttin, Craajow far Burk, Psfce, Ctatin for Wll- : Held goals, Sttekmaa,-2; S;Hodspa. *. . "- 8 out of ». OaSobstHotes: Frits for Harman, Skafbr fo» HUborn, Fba for Hudson. B«f eree Howrer i Seoter, * Price; keeper, Shields. V Giria* Line .tip.-'. r. 'Af Rabbiftttaa, ,l&klds, c.;"R "Staafferi ,-. r. f.; H. Hooyer, Baaiagwr* Adeiair, , _ . . _ . •aaker, 0 . E . aSeaa; eierk, Dr. P. E. Freed; eejejk Dataaa CajapbeU/Jr.} watenssaBt- 8 . R. Cook; eentey; Gleil Jtrtgat,- b e a k e f teysteev W. F> steer, 1« V, J U d e r , Fred 0*B»leo. Ifj* Kodesm. Woodaua, of Forest, w « JaVr» t%air eaarter open for nwai- b^reaip naal: tesnax aatiee, and it iaeavected that a l a r g e e)aaa wW be reaehr fo? iafttation duriag the early part of Feteoafr- Ceese on fellows l e f t get aaotber neighbor. ffaTs you seW'HawJdas?." ' , . • . _ • " / • t),v ^HasVeyrr.-^; Beardrt«»« ^««»«»fcj wsfty, T^oi a,7 :^fo3o^LBaire, A "7iow*-"Jazs."...orcbeatra under the name > * f i i § J * s % g ^ * « i ' ' i Q u i B t o t bat"beta"' li'jnniiiQ. The fdaowiaj< uh^3a^<o«pose ' i t; WflBam De- yore> aa^f lBarnard Hwgjtea^ dwrnii} B}*ilJtyJfac*, QtitiB} &L Wellp, binv iorjeitd Lawrence Spitrer, eaxiphohe. This orchestra wa» ^qpiniwd: for^thp amusement of theyoungniuajt lovers bat they nope tor be apT^ to, play for dances'In the near future. W* wish Uic youi^meV^hsibest of success. -M^ Staoffer for Lease, for ft; Stauffer and Vroman; l«rTS!5rHrS:J.l"-; ': — ', ~ ~l4t.ZJon—Field.'goals,- flarrnan 1; |H . Hoover, i, Harvey 1. -.5, fc SobstibjieS—M. Hoover for Hudson, n OflWals—-Referee, Jones; sroret, " e; time-keeper, Schields. S ¥^;. oflleuajft-a1 .^Pw vyMssaaya • *•% V^^ss^ •»t*i**&rmv-~. tOREST ON THE MAP - fit tha Jsnaary iasae of the Ohi* i o u m a l of Coaaae»ce,11>e oftelal pub-, _* rw-i.-J* Heatioxi o i Jbe taaaAer af C«onwa»« rl^^^^^^S^T " L to. SsMCw^ i Jfl rsnBi^T-^^^ > d w *1r "* [J* . ir*"} | w V > j w » sJ . . ' *>• -ag-^-j* 18 FAJW H)DlEStO MEETINC9LUMBUS Eighteen Ohio s t i sociatioas will mei ulturclas Jolqmbus dnr- ib*; Ohio State Btteatiaa ftai'fce- . . . . _ . . . _ . . . . _ . . Aa4*awlBh--6»-*l»isW of the rsaidenta aad'.a1s«- te. eawwrage jebeear aeUeitfaa; wisfcoat sb^-sareetigatfaets tte -iaarhs. -"es- a i a u s n of I . € . 0 . F . ijrtmfl Officer* Steubenv-H»e>. 2at>e*vifle,^#pWw ChilHcothe. In all cities except Gb- himtof Uw'exarntnatJonSr^tfittbijheltl at the court houee.-.ln ColuTtntM fhey will be JieM at Memorial Hi An unusual amount of nrovenwnt ip contemplated du comipg. yeat- and h' poiiitrhent- will be. VC<mi^—Ssa#st ^ faafc ipa i«^a»-«s i s te i , ; € S ? T ^ loogeway, x l ca i^ fejr, Dt^dtk, PaMa^aoiav A»dttor—DeeBC. Jaaec, :., r 'n MT,-.- • r- F^r*;^ AINTRIO r^AYATiCEhfTON -v The Brattaln^rirtd-^t^s*^*; • prograarat the-.Knjvtoir Armory Tnes- div/toli?ht when a free lecture on the .fjlnserva'tion i f Children was, given * y \ H . C. Meuth, of Mooseheart^ fll., : and- B. 'V. Kennedy of Findlte > 4 ' 'Ta^ ; -eroa*?.was in attenataerjfttf he' . iecfa^was a complete ancctss. \ .\t a -rfRular^-Joecting of -Fjfjr^ttlv<^sl&min«tio«s." T.ftxmnmeht 1. Q. 'O.^ F.- tto. "v4ie-f tin Ka> been Sss»ed; Monday evening the fbltowtu ofDeara'htervice • j i w r .jnaUHed for th^»ninii«n»*a»a>ses» V?»r: FY«Ji^frigh't. r h i e t ^ t t i a l r c h i ] jaqts of 0.-'.F, Bairise^ Senior fj&ger, Janior Waj^riil^Iahn? Vitty. rfteh Priest; cXtcdW sertba; Unahcia) &aj%< jirarf'0-..'yv * Karley Keckler, ry" Latham, Third "tmn^Vf&ieh;''C. Sorrtiftsi- J.,W. CUng 'ttnet'/Ta* v.istnltetio^ v.-^^.cenda' &$ <?;£. IfytoZ*. Oist'rici-n,.p;ity, iWon,_was o>;tcr.(!p(i to the i ib> "Cl»a; I^ftfiSt-Sibo^Jhi^te t.» .•o.-f.-V -.!,^!mosMnhaWfi ^rnTSnfegr*s?onv> cla»> i^ :-.-,1, jr:,f.dir ! *••' , s , 6 r > ^ dates'.wext Fajday.night. ay ira- ing the ap: t o f tmlle- o simniaAHii als§; Ohio "jjeek%epefri a- .^tc' i i j^b]" x'icatdat* '•«V«oeiafi4B, Central /<HnV Choral: 'Aasc^a^oa^-Fak^nrrj State- Homets^afrM_-Soctetr an;1 B6latem:Frii'!aM>tfe»i»deiBv Associa- tion; Febrtaiy^i a*d aj.^GhJo farnl ioreaiv"- F e d a r ^ g r F*b«nry -i t-, 2- WH0!."5ic«l# persons r.'hi hod - m i and,»: Ohio PopSSy Asstwiatwiw-OV • .incomp of""?.! jtfll' or more for. th,r ^obrnsey' Associattohs 'ar-diOhio Pt •- IWCOWE'^AXIM A" NUTSHELL year.i»20;Tj>arj:ied eewSes ^ » had net'-teeomVof «2,000. WKENjr March 16, 1901', k the anal date fj»r filing'returns and making first payments. | WHERE? Collector of Interna! Reve-' aue for district in whfch the person presides. ' -1- -"=/ -.- SCrejR FuH directioason F«rrn_ J 040A aoVeftofs; tswY s^oatd teat reeeiye she O.K . e / t h e l a e a l eaeretary before eantribattaav aad i f aaey. are worthy, they wiH rwt-hesatat* to stand th* t e a t " ' . . . TJaV ^r lv ian ' quartet in another articles is spoken of very Mgaly as a talented organization, of Fdbsst, and tells of a Roe program given by them. The Dickelman Manilfactaring com- . pany Is given spaces• teJkiig of theii order "received for Dic!:i-!:v.a- Grain . Bins, yrojn, thf Mon ;ina ' .-:m Coi- 'poratinn Vnth a ,-imb ned • (parity of 2,4Q0>O{H) i'-jSle:'-. Th'-• ' _ ie .!«rae;t ; wheat farm in the lwond. >1 Inspector fisiU Forest fl. 5. - *. E. F. Wririiev of b-.lluv.:-.. «iyh. t^pv"to:- cfn:!-..f- <\ w;,?V the' •pH--;m-!:i -.f P«h .,';- l!.itf:rb'c--. Col^»;Uu.i ^itii,"! 0.\t- Fore>t. > school Mornf:.y irnn' 'iu-.. schosl to be in 'VTM r!a.--~ i-pin-ii- . Mf. Warner v.iii sin.!..! :i m,s'rtt'h-- visitrfig Biph schcjib in llardir.-'fii'i; :-.. ty Whije frt town.M-V- .^:'.-.^ ...; (••illtvi."--' T\i •thf -.'"ir'iat... o^ict :•; ::"n;.';' .;- L.I yfry vU-—.-4r-t visit.' £-' . , Di^kehnan Mf«. Company Increases Sales Force Mr. .1. M. Townsend. .fm-mei Iv>i!<•« ^wrbn^snd Belgiari Breeders' As: .dathm, Eebrttaiy 3 ; .Ohio Vegetabi- Growers!. Association,. February 2 anr) 3; Ohio S b ^ Balryrnen's Association, and OWo Rural LMe Association, Feb- ruary 2,_3t aad 4; Ohio Jersey Cattl* I manager »f 'the Clevei'an<ri^J7-,ivvarv Ottb, Ohio &^'"Im'pWV»tneirt-Asi.c-ItwWipany, of that city, hs^an-iv.-rt in elation, Ohio Durpc Jersey Breeders": forest and-;h*f .taken ch;ir>?t-.' ;-f. th< Assooiatlon, Conference of .Farnv.ii.--': sales department trf Ae • Dickelman a ^ F b r m MMOratso the law aad iMtftate Workers, and-State Frfc-:t- Manufacturing company. Slv. .Ti.wn-. I^oei of Farm Women's Clubs, Feb-send will,move his family to Forest. pax cent normal ta* er- rtnry B. ' soon as a house can be ..ecurpri. jtp 10 14,0150 hj ex.- r >as»^>x>sa1^oo . Sight per MT,1 " --*----- -^ • ' ne»Kof taxabl* i ' ^ p e r e*nt to Det^njU4$S" oV— • • • ' H 'Oons.' li.iprnwfl __ J thi; Ti»!.i,Ui:!d' »wl :!u _ . - . . - « . . . - - . eiliieiiiiinv t.;ive tnrsoh i'- CoBCWt* floors in the barn;are an ; i p p r „ i t t n h s iv |,,r„ \v,.r,, , Tsicctlent investment to- afd-;in savingj —M«>r>' rtrfKva'Ji) it, ic-n ' Want'food in'manure. • • . . . ; , . .. 'too 'Xln*' Out. tnnt rimes, £u,!. fri'Uf^- rvf-ttir t i ' i in>!.' mrntorJoi^'y -^1-1-..:1- •inmn"-•-•"•'" " 'h -»ir-:wi (if • i-l. H I M .11 i.u m ' d y i i i C . •n the Loic THANKS ! * CLIP THIS COUPON TODAY The Forest Journal, Forest, Olub. - r - ' ^ ' : - ' , i ^rcJ, i r p i i o n "5*r; »pd Jf*» B>WV>»»iy»--tfl--e;-- .- their rHnecre.*-ha»;k>-.t.;> the Srd.-^:« pic and-nciprh'-i-n -f FCT",..fOv f : fibei vli-^ i i t':y>L\'liiont-'v-"-. tbry did. ' •' " ' -. ;£->>-' *• - - >-t- A gmod-t;wn will do/kaoetf t^ Kc:' ;hc b.-v- «t K-me t»-*rt good, adv'ce. \s»'*>««—<,«, iOWJl ,>»«*5e^- •P * « P * "'.ii'iffusai * ^ * l s | I • ^TIMIUHSJISJ, , ^ ^

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