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Forest Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 30 1920, Page 3

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Forest Journal (Newspaper) - December 30, 1920, Forest, Indiana: * . / : • • * .*•»,. ^'' i^r^fi^w* . - -i-.r*"' • £ wi0gMmi% iwpmaiRVDEm _ t w ^•M f:- ' —THE ?(jft£ST JOURNAL • *.<l,,U,iT.". 1 . - . . - jj N -^ U - i , — : .. -JUVJIJL. ' . " • ^ ^ S " " .-/_ By CharTi- *>ughree - ' .. . «>»••.;:„. :. ..»^2 • You Have (a Sometiptes, itr the Newspaper Business >4», Kttvasooo ioe<w 9*40 NOW* \ ""At t6 6*906««*^ \«)HVV>WOiV rr« ^ ¾ ¾ ^ SM">-MOO *i& f o o \ " Ansona? 3S*3 - » • « Buai 'MeaNo.174 i M p w H r t SSpeeO HBUOW fnoLWITH THS HBI-IAMI •-- «AOLgMnCAPO COitfAWY, NEW YORK ^ - Ituredl* ^ A « t t | ^ Conkdy r ^ 1 taarfted 5aadfcr'|rtitng; to Mansfield ... After apeadtae; Xtae* at horn*. ©fan* sad Theresa F » y who Have 1" - beeai e n a t e n d fat Cleveland for j o n e time a*««PeTChris^Bas eve to spend.* ^ c ^ 1 » « ; . t h e i r pawats . ; Legbra - Comely, of A few days with pMtMts, -Mr. and Mrs. i c jm Cbreiy; : W ._-/". • _v • Mrs. Rudolpa^Frey'gave a Christ*: BBM dinner to t i e . .Nkaolas Miller :f*mily ead^thafir children. ..•>". ' . v'< Mtt .X. itedrk, of "gleveJand, arriv- ed twt Thursday, f o r * yiklt with her daughter, Mr£. P. S. Sebenoter and -f iMlr. Miss STarle Brkker entertained"* auttber of f Heads ;Ttiesday .night in hiflsor ftllts* Martha Maxwell, whom home frow Lake Erie college for the , holidays eaS Mrg^ L. Botark, of Sleve- ,J[land.> Muiic was.eajoyedrby alTJ deBctous refreshments were served. Mifci^JwfiBWirt^ BeileandFrank Bowman l a Dumm, of Upper Christmas dinner, -. -*A" ^axw«U i ^ r a e V . front ; epUejai j t tJahM^Ue/ laa* . .^. & hrieker wept tojSaton Wed. lawefcy fcr s*t>ppia*. Frank F i e ^ w n o has beesr cnaihkWl' to theJhaase for a couple, - of: weeks With lumbago ventured eat teat Wed> aeoday aad slipped oa. the ice, wreaeh- j&fcvnls back, and had to taije to bed iter a few.days. Herbert Wagner is home fram'Akvf roa for a few days." PATTERSffl^ - "TMri. Ottp Worley, of Indianapolis, spent Thursday with C. R. Worjey and family. - ~ . Mr»J Lepley of Lima* visited in Pat t e n o n Christmas day. ___ .' - - -• >.• Harry; Johnson- arid family, Dock Wilson Tana* family spent Xmasday"at Fred Johmpn's.'east Of town. • Our young people attended a party it Wm. McNutts, south'of town.Mon- Mmrt Hays^jiad. wife.spent Xmas _ AdV^peMb at O r a n t . ^ ^ ^ — ; "alra; Brjnai Dunn - a W children, «r»ea.an.d'Virg^rare.'at the G. W. Smith > 0ec*r ; tSeiaer and family- have -re- turned to their home in Patterson a f t er a few weeks' visit.iB'ICentom • Dolly Jackson spent Tuesday wtth Mrs. Grace Latham. •..•'•;. v A CORRECTION • • ' • » . . • • • Ant unfoundetl report is in, circula- . ' " - - - ' • • * • • \ tfen that we do'not exchange jiotxv and •feed for FABJCBRS WHEAT. WE JTO^X^fAN^IjjmdrecU'of'bushelsl S^k. Webb and son,' Walter, are. on fthrnick-Het. • - Miss Verde -Biker isr home for- a Week'i .vaelaWn.-She is , Jeachibg tW'Betaj4.schAi..- • 'v. Misa|Doris McCoy and Fairy Baker' both tafehing. in^lgerijsp+nt the week end wiw/Sham'Bakejr.'_ Mr*.- Jennie HsUier spent Xmas in Beliefontain, the guest of relatives. . Mr. Leonard Sherman and tittle •dauyhter, Martha, spent Ffiday night at the PC. O.ickes home. " • 2/lxk Cloi^c Sleek-and,-baby of £a- rey]__§iseiit last week at-the home, of (herjarents. . -*• . T~-'• . M WHKAT giving 3511)?. "'and "M d^tHtngfi vWheat, testing. ':gg^:uk*li&* ;zi^^yiB$ ELicrKii aad save toweiVr ''^*tnoKk ,&&J* " •Por4 IKJUR and FEED,. . I21bs. Bran Bttahel-; of WISE FAR- ' this offer.. bbl. of UR at once, hardly be itn^e]^ alRher. SiOME CAPI- ^ r . and -Mrs. Robert Walton visi:oi rithr'fc. R.' .Worley and family. Sat.- M We are qow in our new locatioav room- fornwiy octnp4edX bjr- the Cotititv Bung, •^j^^'-r^ •=•- Oriegal Consult us foi ^ujr Pord. co»t youfo*^* Motor Job or Rear Our Repair Dei "5»^" • {o j o l-^i-j | . J o , , Real mechanics the l Come if|^«tHl loV^ itj^yer wstettie&you want to W o r not. -^: :Xr^'.- "%.'"- 1 We handle nothing: but the f...-"-:-,-.., ~r- -v - Beet. no. FOREST: WHARTON Mr.-and Mrs. Siaasbury RummeJ^of Grand Rapids, Mich., /cere week-ead of relatives ia towB.^;.v_'J' Maine.Spoon is viaWagJiis wtte » Toledo the past-few days... Mrs. Douglas Beanett s ^spendia* | tho holidays with her daughter aa<H faaaly-at Spriagfleld. - ' ' . Mrs. Charles Lareomb,.of Findlay, was an over Sunday guest) at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Aeet Bris t o L - . / - ""' . . • •• Mr.iaad Mrs. B d e n Ropp* aad s e a v (.Chjcrfes, speat Xmas with relativee: fa< Beflefeataiiie: . . , ; -_i . .••"- I l - > t - I ^ I -h l - l J l - | JJ ' GOOD™ •;. '• .- . - . ' - H r - - ' Uncle Henry Surf*, Had ousFeplwfS P « i, • v WT : "• U»»fortunat<aj(j- ^fter tt often Titty came back: dnele Henry become dUcowuKed »n* buried his uple of the.neh' fertilizer in tbe -yara.^ " That- night he fed the In about thsasade place, und threw Ifct tbelr corn tliey Si), within j£0. feet of'the the fertilizer wa^rotfisar it It "came on to sftowjifja-lt, *n Bours, After ft Floyd; Woods, of Marcus Hook) Pemv, jirrived here" Friday where he will spend a few days atsthe heme of rwVfather* William'Wooijs. '•":._•. Mas. Jack Robertson, who has *e«n a'gupst of'her "mother, Mrs. Rachel; Woods, will leave for New Vo: where she will ^oin her^umban • That .farmers may -flow" atieatioa. to trowiag betta aad hay.cropi is potated oat by aas* dais at the Ohio Experiment Statiaav for the price of grass seeds will ke> materially lower. ' .^ . _•; Last year redi clover, abake aad a»V falfa seed were aJmost prahibitiv» a» - price for general farm use. It Js al- so stated that the iacreaae of legunaen partichlar'ly clover, U ae'eded ia Obiev as statistics show that oaly. »ne aeM of clover4s grown, to 10 o f other field! crops! •-. Q j ^ l . Cloye* has long- been known a V » ^ ^ i d a Improver but the present' acreage ,*•' [is n A - ^ t a e enoush to aid materially Mrs. Minerva K?ar and daughter;j-js^ soil iraprovemeat. . . . - ' . • ' ! Attie,-were.shoppers in Sentoa. :Fri- I ' ^ — ' ^ ? i t * '.".. > •. ;'.' iday.. .'."...;••" ~^"r . -" 1 « L - J « « m a l Want.kpaf'^ring Resuit i 1 <2 Mi's. Frank ^Exlirt* .and Qiani . Mr. and daughters i ("Exfine.—' . - . . . ' ' " Mrs.'r.:Mandy ^Edington""Upturned Monday from Bucyrus wh^e .she spent. Xmas with her-iather. The men of Patterson, gave a Box Supper Tuesday evening for the new church. The ladies were the bidders. Over $21.00 was taken in."— * The Perfect atatw A young king ooce aaked a sage what H a * of person he considared was the meet perfect, wnea It would be wise W all men would imitate. T h e most-perfect man,'* attd. the wise cM ssaa, "n aot he who. seems- most per- fect, hot. be who not <oely U able to aisdbver that he ia Imperfect, Dot alas etrtva* through We to- am<M ale faolU as mecb ae poaatble,'' strated~1ts Ac Infl Corn • ••ber ng Effect i Coold No S^ingredlt oi clolb :th*i two yo :put-o». ( 'and bialt a snbw.-j i'where thej ; John arid.HH 'm-S;* «i& ; these middlingsjsre a nwpfr better grade than the browrt> thus giving T<£sj»HSi more quttklyi ' " _.' _ W . E . Beagle 'U-Sfa. ' Pfcone > 0 A a - « - •/•#•- "Friday, dai YorX-Pa. -Sal by_sta5 - -Once Bosten says the Lewlitoa fvostes back to as. . Tjfi mother's, side was a farawr- He rigged up aU sorts of^|ms maebiaf ery- which weatdn't operate ao.r*aere eicept oa paper, or to, M a e Heory*a head. He was also • great hand to ek- perimeat with fetiiiiters, aad while M was always ea the track of a ferttUnr that was golag to produce a doabie crep ef semethtag or other bis esser)- meats asuaily resulted laredodag his oreps maUrially, and tha-reet oljthfi faaifly aad te do some pretty tail ama» ttrag te catch eves. •.-., One faH Und» Henry prodaeea.a fertiliser that he wafceare woald rave- lutloolse the farming iadustry'aa* if smell conld hare turned the trier It would bavaTToo: His fertiliser bad a baSquet ther, when the wind was right J depopulated the country for a alllei- away from the ho*»e._. The rest of taeT- family W*ot away to visit tH) the thinned out sorp* «r orercame V\ Henry. There nvd to be a lot. skunks.-in. our neighborheod, but all moved away thiit fall. A Ge; bat(.'her"who nisnufitctured llmhni' cheese on the side offered Cade Bcnry •6.600 for J he secret of that smell} ln-J tendlnguo nunufaoture a cheese """' would make him a mllltoaeire wh< Jrgot It on the rasrket. BatSncle ry wouldn't sell. He said It war- duty to" Invent" a^fertiliser that doable crops and Ae was going to srtfti to It tin he did. If he never had a He ,bad plenty of scent ho' 1 Whan th« A f i l l v j • • • •was •jST^r^avavavTTa^ That a p*raoo might live in' th* I T he" a w r t STMTIW Toxnl*sp praydjf 1n bt.1- a^fc Xtode i lc - , ^ _ ^ ^ . »"ttpOft-theui. over aw sgrnrlse and Investigated. ^enad that the green sticlu were lusty cornstalks which had taken root and, tferliasd by his fertUiser, had sprung •Jt m twe daya te their present height et 18¼ .feet, aad produced some of the ttuet Redder core we ever saw. Cn- fsttaaatety, TJnele Henry could never riaiseabii what As had put Into that fertiliser, ana, ef course. Ms sample was geaeras he never get-eey^peoaaUl ary beaefit freai tt. :«S"V' Knew Hew He # e a Theodore was dettghted with his new salt, bought with a view to fu- ture aee and with due regard te Then derVs rapid growing propensities. But whoa he wore It te school hkr Joy was eajckty tuned tb gzlef as the uafeel- mjrbeya frankly accused him of wear Ing his*father's clothes. The teacher used her 'utmost tacr~fS~salooUi mil matters, but the tear-stained little fso* dtd.not clear all day. The next day another boy appeared in a new coat evidently msde from his mother's. The astrakhan collar was sufficient to stir Trp the "savage* state of ths boys. The . n e w garment was promptly dubhed i.3.'!»ls sfarter'" roat.'" Again did tesr* 3|ew.copiously and the teacher was n: wits' «nd to gi*e comfort. Little ire slipped his arm around the boy aad said: .."Don't cry Jay; that's jest the way.*felt »ee y^ "" " he Satur SaJe/at my Barti mFoiy§t,0., on , Jan.^ t?a£ - Comjmencl'ng at 12:00, Noon 30 H(wrses JO Consisting of 3&bead~oiii6l^es;twoTo six yrsfold • ~ 10 Mules 10 ' • ' '-• - \ • . • ' • •"- V A . / Consisting of five spans of mules, two to. six yrs. old -Also have som^ttne Robes: consistiug of. 1 Buffalo robe^unlined; 3 GalloWay rofeT" "OnFATTtighr ear- riage harness. ^,^ ~TER!AS MAD6 KNOWN DAY 01= SALE J&: f l -<~ Colonels Duff, Dctwiler, and More. Auctbneers Dow Wagoner. Clerk I -, jo I ^ |o ( j |o Io jo I J I . I j p V.> I'J |o I -> jo to \Z (o I J j J jo (->' I " u -^^1 i- M

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