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Forest Journal (Newspaper) - December 16, 1920, Forest, Indianajsggi / : ¾ ¾ ^ ^ r. _•%*..'>' .}p*i- oe^Sd^ VOLUME I .. . . . .THOMASH..£P20N :.. ffees At His Home N*ar Wharton, , K * '.-". Thursday Morning. Thomas Manfard Chilson -died- at , If" h"me, one rafle. isouth of Whart tese, Thursday morning, at., 7:1B o . dock (ram heart trouMe, He had been - fR amee ^londay. . Thomas Chilson was the so* of Mr. _ jWTlto fc Woojlniff Chilsce and was ' here i»\ Wyandot xounty FebryAiy 18, 386Z, bemg aged" 68 y e a n , 9 month* aWd 28 days at the t i n e ef death. I s 1864 he' was united la marriage te - JBia S B * i U n i ^ wh t^ eaprlrat .To this tmio9 three' ehOdren w e n b e n t acmely, Clyde M. Cmlec*. of south of . Wharton; Woodruff Chilson, of South JleanVIad.; and Mrs. Clarence Wise* of- of Wharton. Me. Chilson, i s ah so survived by five grand-children. Bel was » member of the Church of God at.Wharton/'. „.„. The funeral was held Sunday at the Wharton Church of God, conducted by Rev^S. P.: Bauders, Burial "was made in th* Wharton'cemetery. - For^t Poohry Aad Pet Stock Attocwtkm PROF.F. W.fQfTsfgR p(8m% CSMKW^ m? JNtp^ttJ8>, DECEMBER 16, 1920. ,-JrV rWfisi AftffiWCAK LEGION •;• ^ BASKET BALL TEAM 4if Commerce. DON LOLlS tfE BOURBON WRBER The letter regard to the d«< different acneaaja, Mt.of Foreat he* the-desired '***•--thraa haVe- 'Zha\me6n£>, a*#i m n t s to.~fta»swe-; man and wfU" w o V o g l r ' t e * solieitora and proportion* •»>* scheme* in, 'FotelnV Meeting Monday Night .and Elect- OnWSta. *--'• The fores t .Poultry and Pet-Stock Aseodation held a meeting at -the -of- fice of Wnv B. Price, oaOIoaday ajght when officers were elected mftteea appointed "for the coming ae*> / President—Wm. B. Prfee:. . ^ Secretary-^ vDel Miller. \ . • •• „ ' . Treasurerrr-Qra' A..Zimmerman.'.-. "'Executive Committee — Lawrence , Diekleman, Ralph ClineVI^V^SnldeT,j g ^ y ^ l a ' _x*«d Fred Cramer.-. , *'"" , ifembenhip.' Committee— W. F. - .Switeer, Dr. Campbell and Sidney Limming. :*.-^ * ----- "- 1 Advertising Committee •-Ore A. taOmJ f y "«*TT Deputy James Shuff, of Dunkirk, y a s here and. brought with him sev- eral member* of the Dunkirk Camp. And Kenton, waft here also, as the, newmemhers well remember the ac- tion taken by Captafa-FrJink Bitsler, and hia "drjll team." Thesemen are Reserving «f much credit in making the initiation a succesg. 6 . M. "Sher- man, 0 . \P, Blue and Deputy Shuff1 as- the -ritualiatic "~ ceremonies. Alter, the lodge session a lunch was ^mSSS^&SS^S^- :^^^^^sm Mfce- a e ^ e e e j i n g ^ o M •. By ruTrh^TJecemberS?. ', V m O M . HARPER - — G O E S TO CALIFORNIA / . Dr.. Harper started for Lo.s.Ah- gejes, California', yesterday, where. — he expectant" aperiri a month in snef- fcrt to rdfcover his health. - He~j\iltbe "accompanied by Mrs. Harper unfl Mrs, . / B . S.-MarHfc who will spend'the winter months with hex sister. •• ' Prif.. Frederick VViJhelm " Forster, who I* now regarded' as the xf^A I1k>ly_ cartpf- Sermany to *uce«"«d Preiident Ebert. Profesaof ForktW js said p»^: «>C- cecJdmBly, popular with 3U clatM** of the German people. •»-'•• ^> F«»fe ^ • T h e American -Legion-Basket Ball team is well organised and practising each,' night faithfully for their first game:wig> n>ntoo WOd.Cats Christ- nuu tugnt, ane* if they dtTnot win i t wfll'naeauae.theyvdid not try hard anottgh. They ^will-play Syea- » i f e ^ Y e a r t Might vaed a num- ika)P**f other ^ a d team* are lined up <ar future games. They wfll be in their new leaatiai Thnraday and are eApetting the new «uit» this week. -,-^-^-1 A f W the game JOhHatmae J»igh» ^ ^ j ^ k e y ^ r m g i v e i s d a a e y a t w m e h g p s a - - - jotfs Fahv>us Orchestra of Kenton will pfaty.. They have 'secured this orehaa-' fcra at considerable expense and i t id ' hoped that a large crowd will attend to-encourage the boys..' A n e w bulletin Experiment ^tatiop p^e of Forage drbpa ingofPiga ." '>;•,• "'^PS- . ' ; This bufletfii, deals wtaV.We feeding* o,£ Jswto? Qn clover, i nation?-of RATHER OP SENATOR ._. '1R»L WILLIS DIES TUESDAY & e . Fatten-; proportions plenient* -that may to-hogs-when pS .". The buUetiij is -dents of, Ohio upon perithent Station^Wi DEtAWARB, 6., Dec. 14.—Jay Hi WUliff, father of Frank B. V i l l i s V n - andj jator uerect to'ftie National uuriirress, d)ed here today .from the 'effects of a 'rtroke • of paralyais'--- sirfTeredJ.'ei^Rt y&Sto agb. Mr. Wjliis was 8€' years old and was a native-*f Vermont, but spent the greater pbrti on. o r his Ufa In Delaware county. The funeraf will he held from"* the home, Thursday m e n i n g at lO'o'clock^-Thej *jk«ty WeTfe- NATION AL GUARD ••~,—3ki S3 ?m • * • » ' ? » ! dark, tien^er- Urtia, «yjm».. ftirw 0"*** Cf«M»ay 1» tea-days. Soase Facts Witrth Ceeaidetiar. A.Natipj^-GbirS.Citt^palar, fpr' I*re«t. That i s t i» ^ o e s t ^ etateajt- fai»tte««behfaidthei * It i* new poatfible that h e , " of the require* l Md this fncreaat i h u s i a e n a a d prof rati m l forfetaateJy at^thie^ttee to be a nusshderstaschag 4*! titer duties of Katioaal Guard: or at feast some of the p nsadfc without fcuadatiffls. And it^eah be assured ^ business men get behiad a of any. kind in'Forest hr-«atoaTqr some merit, and if you are e«f• - jbteung,"age, why net\get-..-.-fete"- ajat, help complete t i e reipiirtd ^MtBkl n^aasyr^Ai^ak^akf4«v«', ;*, fru*id that has already; "'Dunkirk, just recently Mastered mi~i- Jo «B*vk^ed ' tier. ^Naii««al: - bring a new- serf Dcrrfconls ue nVuriiwi, iatf ua'in» ^JWwta'y. securedJ»ea^;tato-^sehv, inp to be to* rightful ha> .to the hens in lees than ha l f* day and every • tftrone of 3p«Tn,. has boen.fteeoverea In New Vork *ft»r ,fe«r years' quiet residence In the jeewoesHa. ben L#ult say* he dees netfaapine-nM' royal rtaonttfen'.. Ha »ay» ahV.fattor.-was' Alfonso XII and 41« Metier was the kmeV morganatic wife, a a t i t h e i : V ' was how at Oalata, Houmanla, »n served by Neighbors Fred O'Brien Frank Herseg. •?--•'"-• A meeting will be held tonight for the election of officers and aH.«em- VB be preeeht a> buak LOST 44 YEARS AGO Ji- l&7fi !_ i !uL Bower "Red Tape" Cut In Sicar- - • -' ing Victory Medals • . Army Recruiting" Officers. for the ..^Northwestern Ohio' dfctrict . have made announcement of great im- portance to-all! ex-service men. Vifct- " ory~Sleda!s are' to be- issued -direct-te- ex-^ervice men at'Toledo, Findlay, De- •fiancp, Bellefotittune,, Kqua> Lima, and Sandusky. - . . - These offices will issue medals with- ^'out rlasps for service in the: Unite^ . States, ami -for overseas bearing the . /c lasp- "Frfin'ce." ' Applications- for medals for all-other service^ including. clasps for the-thirteeh-major opera-- tioni. a? well as ihe defensive Sector clasp, will be made ^as , heretofore, through the local recruiting officer or 5 sjiy veterans'^ ^ organization and -fbr- . warded from Philadelphia T,he reason that medals with battle- clasps -eariiiot be given oufT)y the Re wriiiting OffifOTsi anon APPlicatiotFdi Robert Weir "were pitching horse shoe* en the old_A. N;- Bower farm at Blarvehartl River, .-they lost a-horae shoe and never could find it, and'its ~<fi.«ar;nenrance was a niysU'ry until last, week wlfen A. C Bower was vui tine up an • old tree, near-the. spot w'bere-.this. famous game took place, hr. choyped into what he thoueht was a spike but.ujwn investigation he di«- t-vcrr-d. tKe^'horse" ••shoev groWIT into- jthe tret-, Ths-tree wes fifteen ihclios' ip iliim^ter. iind th^ horse shoe was abojit twi feef from the" ground -ini- beddp'l ir. the heart of. the tree. The horae -shoe-can be'seen at the First Xa ti'onal Bank. " . . . - . " rec}. K because there are more than ^360- different; combinations, and these -. cfasps are affixed by machine/y. ft would be impossible for every re- cruiting station to keep in stock a large variety of combinations. To date,,Victory Medals have been' issued 1^-315,3821-men, which is about 15 -percent of the number entitled to tRem. The War Department an- nounces that it is no! the intention, to lessen the significance of the single- clasp medals, but that it is .desired to help veterans get them in the quickest ' way. '-.. . - ; "^ MODERN WOODMEN ..• <ff AMERICA Hold Ah Initiation ht Cook Hall— • Thirty New MemBers -Ride Mand. NOT A FISH STORY Arihvf Hall Cnhhn Supply of Fi.h ' for Blanchard River. . Arthur Hal! was notilled to moet Jhe State Fish Ca*. at Duiikirk, yes- tetday,; where he y a s given- a supplj' of bass and oth«j fish with "whic-h to stetck the Blanchard river in cality. ,. .." The Modern Woodman-of America, added thirty new^rrftnbers to their roll,last Friday night and these were secured by the efforts of Deputy J B.'| you want extra m'one Hawkins, of Ashland, Ohio, who prov ed himself f o f l e * real Woodman.' "It Has » Good Name.. In-the',veilow adde**" tnngne, Which Johp Burroughs has poetically styled ! ""fsWji ])1%." -there1 Is a twofold apprrf=: prlduy.omi of naniB,* aiyn th^-Ajnerican Forestry Magazine of-WSshlnRtonT for the erect leaves payr> well lipen likpned to, the ears of n starrleil deer, While the mottled colors.^with a, distinct fawn color more /or li>ss In evidence | .on the outside of the minlajrure yellow ! lines, easily 'suggest thp name. i NOTICE Ji tx t *Sgk this naper will go to oSic day early on'acpont e f Please get all news and pre** Christmas, AH copy in\early as possftfte appreciate it. • " • • . _ : • ' • ' - » THE JOURJfAt We will MAKEYOUR SPARE TIME PAY beginning -start" in the publishing business in Forest honor of this we are Agoing to issue one of the l>e8t alL around weekly papers «ver put out in this community, and we want'you-to help us on o^ivsubscrjptioftjist. : ^ \ - .. We will give the one securing the most sub- scriptions-$tOO;00 in gold. The subscription con» test to be for individuals only. -"' /?•> THE CONTEST TO LAST SIXTY DAYS YOl: MAY BE THE ONE SECtTRLV& THE WINNING SUBSCRIPTlONv-SO DO YOUR PEST - _ ^ _ v - \ Vou \an! By being'a Forest Journal subscription representative. EARN ?2.0O to ¢5.00 PER DA'Y! You ;will find the work easy and pleasant. Tf Call Circuia- tion^Department. THE FOREST'JOURNAL. The conditions, are as follows.: Call at the Forest Journal^Publishing Company's Office,/& at P.: Building, *ForestTOhio, • for full explaiw tion, and subscription blanks. Tbe prizes; are as follows: . !. FIRSTPRKE^n^c.SlO&.Oe ~- -. T ^ SECOND PRIZE .,- 60.00 * THIRD PRIZE... 40.60 —•** — v FdlJRTH PRIZE.... 20.00 FIFTH" PRIZE' _ 10.00 . - •' - SIXTH PRIZE........ 7.50 / SEVENTH PRIZE... 5.00 "^ ' - EIGHTH PRiZE.I 3.00 NINTH PRIZE...; . 2.50 "" """'*• TENTH PRIZE ^ 2.00 .-" DONT *FAH/ TO GET RIGHT INTO THIS CONTEST, AS IT K^TOT A GAME OF CHANGE IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD, BUT A TASTE OF YOUR ORIGINALITY AND ABILITY IN SECURING SUBSCRIP- TIONS FOR A COMMUNITY PAPER, RUN IIATESJc_^__^_ , Cowe to rigjit now, before it flips your -memory*——--:....- - ^ v ; - : Hemp* Garage Opens After Three Week* Ckwe4Kwn Tte OnE^»»B$ |<BaSte retsmed business a^ain Monday after a three. we«k< close-down, and are now ready . auppjyjoor wants in auto^ *up- ies, traetois and farm implement*, ewrt. Miller, Beagle- a W Miller, mt hid an opdoo on the gaiege and implement receiptvpf an announce^ tht? arrival of » hew^eoeiety the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. V n t cf editor at G, Lonjrworth," who 'fnstijelcently left our >;-ty when $k "• Longworth took over tKe n\ar;.Hgeiwent of-the.~Arlinr- to'iian at Ailinfrlon. Mr, Longworth TTau brerTfof~iiveraT"years~E"ditor^Tf The Re\ifc\v-A(iverti*fcr of Uvisplace ^•.!,hi- rnar.y fnen-1>; \vi!V He ^lad to icnrn .oi his good l'oxtune: Charlotte Ajielle i s . i e r name anci ehe,.arrjv<.d •lasfeSuriday morning. We i-xtend out congratulations to our brother "in the "faith" and to his good^?if«f. j ^ man -pledged; himself - member in tweaty-foiir. i eft-operatjo - Forever two yean the Chamber i Commerce has diacttssed a Cemmnxity Buflding, knd-tms- we know, th* cpmr raanity has, seeded for yeersasd aoefc. a building^aheuld be erectad <ftac e # ; canjpoint tp'with pride for y e a n to ; come. Werhave thi* ehanee r i g » i ' That is why we are trying to n w e t * ^ ^ Natbaai Guard Cempaay organiaed ' in Forest, a id jtepe have already beak ' taken, &advance, eattoweB-; «ites-for -^ust-^ach-a- bnfldiag a* pa _ wfflaead. .... > ">A -^ -^-.-. - - •'• -'-• T A r ^ e t i s ^ l j a m e a e a h a t a d a t t h h j 4 , ^ time wifrhe eathw]B«sesnerWir fFri^i dayjuKgnt at Fl .Mialrt j M C ead'^ " X ^ " ^ ^ t y^jtt'rtpfCiimralaji RED CROSS The Fourth'Rsli Cu':'. d the Amei: Although .jj-ise, ^or;al intej*t.-«lMte»""-1m the-J>- wedding ^f the raornjag, that of i Majcgarijt.c: Pfeiffer,- ilanghtefof Mifl '-• and Mrs. WilliamTJ. Pfeifier and Mfc:"~": Wilbur Poreman, son of Mr and M r s / Charles BpT$m*n* hoth...ef Forest The , - ^ weHding was solemnised at 9_o"k!lock' -this morning—at- the , First "Re*' u. formed Church-Manse of Kentoiy*witti.. ; Ray'. E. W. Kmse, officiating, Miss .--noa Pfpiffer, .--ister of the'bride, -wa--- bridesmaid", and Mr.".Clayton PfeiffeV. Xya.<H)ept mah. The lovely young bride K:V» "was becomingly attiretl in a suit of - brown with hat and "shoes' to match ' and a.corsage bouquet of qp*helia rose--i made a charming picture. Up to last ', October the 'bfidrlms been employed as stenographer at Dr. W,- N. "Mun- . dy.*s office in wBich capacity, she won : w can Red Cross is being continued b y i a host of ftieneis. Mr. "Poreman ;i con-;id(*aWe nuirbe:- of Lake Div.• j emploved at tlie-Wm.'MapjetofrHard- --f.':?thap*.ers.-a!tho;.igh the official-en-1 ware store. Mr. and Mrsy Poreman r.'.l.'mif.V' r«*r!«!^ :'*-r;ded Thanksjrivnrg-fleft-inimediatery for a few days hon- • Day ."; - - jeymoon in the-southem part of the While many chapters,have already f state. Upon their return they will he- 'ob.Tflin.cfl their iiuotas. enrpllmr-it"JS] at home to theirmany friends in Fdi*- fumishe<l' Home I THE JOURNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY Forest, Ohio • Telephone 12. WE M(t HERf TO STAY A*ND / W i l l VISIT YOtflFTY-TWO TIMES EACIf YEAR 1 &50. CONTEST $250. ijoing on with the view of exceeding [cut where-a'ne'wly tt.oir respective, goals. .- awaits them. '. , _ " Th?'first rcturr. to Lake Division Hoartier4 congratulations and R/;: Call hcadquaf^rs. IT. Cleveland j wishes ;t#e extended to them. . w;\."ma<!e Ncv. 2-"__ b;; Breckinridge I / • _._._'.. *••—.i-nty Chanter .'/ Hardinsburjr. Ky. Tii:-''*1" </•::.!red'210 'mtmbc-rs, ':•t -^5- ins: '. i-ir <.•;' ?. 'rain o:' ni":-e *.h:,n I'.Pi/Te-.- ;£-r.i. The memberships win J^EI -m by M^i-.ryP. Mtiarmar. mtmber of. litk'e- ri.vislnr. ';.-':.' ('?.'.'. Advisory Cornm:'.-- t ee . . ; • :.• . . . . . . Ons hur/.-<.*: v^ ""' ?cr.v- *™^vllSrK--CetflHl'' F t r e of'-offirc-r? irf;: "•v'b'V'V" HViP.Hcs Jt For THomas. Ky..*;>" assurec Cni:--direcior at *h..' pot - . . . , * Two famiiies ir.;-r-Jfle6^their dogs ^uv< l a .y . December IS. 2:1% p. m., at in then memberships; bc.-t . . . . . . LISTEN I ;•_ .Our. Christianity • is .measvjred ' by lire (fegfet, cf charity ir, thought, actions, regardless- of creca%C«lud&e not, lest ye be judged.", - , _..... Bazaar, 't)\, 2fiandy Salt and Market ' Sa.tii v< lay. D ecember 1S. .-Lehman's ..gttfre. Come and bnyu)ur homemade candies, dressed V r m l O f l ftflflUCJCCDC .homemade cakes and', bread. ^At»S rittV IjSU,UUV r i E i r i y v S / . mai*- pretty things spcVas haadker- "T0 MAINTAIN DAIRIES: d'ie^; i"»ow **?• %»** P5ej*»- ^ 2_ *"" emado by Camp Fire Girls. Bepatriot- (XjO a^irT,- -cate-.-': i c a T , d "e iP * * C * m P F f r t G i l * ! '&< ?ar t« maintain;.*'0" h a v c 1ie ,P«d t h e *°* Scouts., e (\-.i\r).- herdu of ; j - '" * -.hi*' r.ur.ibT. fr^i.i . • —~" ^7- ST0RF?. TO CLOSE- 1£. Appj-nximately ate vc-i!U'!"e<l ev»ry tlif/ present ='ize .cf The Ohio. In aiMltio:; !::nof> to M.OOO iir.'':-\' ii!Pec!; iiro Since the aai: i.- \c. li-.i.-r r;: it-. •;ei-<i. calv*-- "f ihouch i-i.rr ti-.ei; -! i'.li t h e 'Tit'.-Tit r. iirc.rriir.r..j)i;! po>e^. specialist i. M f-vll 'cch-'s of Iho K — 'C.i cvo -^y year. r.v.n'- prime motive ' ,t «j!! iiv.pvovp hi- nf?>•''!.- t-vpethr.p. even cu'i) not l'-e ral -c<\ vl using them for according to dair-v" v -'^. --1' e annoiir.oe •lie htrstf.i-s hn'--3s of ForosT-. .,_•'<•'•.- <::i .11 (:;iy ni.iming (Christ. t. n oV:rck"for the-re-i , - i5 i»:iy> nninrlev r.f thr* tiay T-hf i^-V ' ' i l I ' O i i n . v\ ill remain open ut>- " : s i\ " «« '*:'-&h^. •a^uk, X**^.

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