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Forest Hills Journal (Newspaper) - April 25, 1978, Cincinnati, OhioTo rest ants Roumal a m on of the United states most Eward winning newspapers. Saturation covered of Anderson township it. Washington Newtown and California. Publisher Edward b. Wright editor Edward b. Wrightjr. Published weekly on tuesday by Forest Hills publishing co., 564 Batavia Pike Cincinnati Ohio 45244, phones news display and classified advertising and business office 528-1111, circulation 528 0296 ire station a a audited of vac represented notto Nolly by us Sun Uit an pts is inc member of National newspaper assn., american newspaper representatives International newspaper promotion Assn support action auction there Are Many More persons than Normal these Days watching cd 48 because the action auction is on once again. This show annually captures Many viewers w to want to pick up a Good bargain or just want to help Cincinnati s finest educational television station the nth annual event can be seen 3 . To Midnight each Day through april 30. Planning for the auction began just after last years. More than 3000 volunteers from Here and All Over greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have been making preparations. They Are trying to make it the Best auction Ever. The auction provides 20 per cent of the stations operating budget. There is something for everyone being auctioned off during the nine Days this auction is running. Gift certificates can buy a sesame Street visit a birthday party at Kings Island belly dancing lessons a management seminar at University of Cincinnati. Also auctioned off will be bengals season tickets a cruise on the Delta Queen five motorcycles a bust of Elvis Presley a Dodge magnum be an acoustic guitar and a Mercedes Benz. There Are plenty of More items also to be auctioned. The journal urges area residents to continue to give the Fine support they have provided in past years. Sun Day is May 3 by Richard l. Lesher. President chamber of Commerce of the United states Washington nearly All Power is solar Power. That a Worth remembering on Sun Day May 3. It is the heating and Cooling of the Earth that causes the winds to blow and water vapor to Rise condense fall and run through hydroelectric plants.,a it is from Long dead vegetation nurtured in its own time by the Sun that we get Coal Petroleum and natural Gas. It is from vegetation recently alive that we get Wood to Burn As Well As fodder to feed the animals that provide Energy for the primitive plow. So the idea of using the Sun As a source of Energy is not a new one. What a new is the possibility of obtaining significant amounts of Energy directly from the suns rays without the intervention of a biological geophysical middleman. And because of that solar Power As we think of it now is actually less a a natural than those earlier sources of solar Energy because it depends More on Many a technology and less on natures. J nevertheless the direct conversion of sunlight into useful heat or electrical Energy has Many attractive features the fuel itself is j Fqy amp there Are no dangerous by products. The process does t even add to the total temperature of the ecosystem since the sunlight being used would have fallen on Earth anyway adding the same amount of Energy. Right now there a just one serious problem with solar Power it costs too much. We do not yet know How to Engineer a direct conversion process that can beat the present Cost of Power generated by other Means take water Heaters to use one simple illustration. A conventional Gas Home water Heater has an installed Price tag of around $300 and costs $10-15 a month to run. A solar powered water heating system has an initial Cost in the $2,q00-$3,0q0 Range. Added to that is the Cost of a backup system for Cloudy Days and perhaps a Buck or two a month to run the if your solar water Heater saved you $10 a month in Utility Bills it would still take Over 15 years to recover your initial investment. The savings on fuel costs would be bigger for an entire Home heating system. But so would be the initial Cost. Much bigger. The key to solar Power development is the Cost of competing fuels. We have actually hindered the introduction of alternative forms of Power by keeping the Price of Fossil fuel especially natural Gas below its True value. Absent government interference As the supplies of Fossil fuel grow scarcer they will Rise in Price. As development work on solar Power continues it will fall in Price. At some Point in the future the upward curve of Fossil fuel Cost will Cross the downward curve of solar Power Cost marking the transition to a new Energy Era. That show we moved from Wood to Coal for example. It is very important to note that for this transition to occur smoothly the Price of the a old Quot Power source must be free to Rise. Such a Rise both forces conservation of a dwindling resource and provides an incentive for the development of alternatives. Consequently enlightened supporters of solar Power should be among the most militant foes of Energy Price controls. We could convert to solar Power sooner by government edict of course which is what some people seem to favor. But doing so now would simply be the equivalent or ordering All Energy users to pay More than necessary for their Energy. I have great Faith in the future of solar Power. Eil her that or Hydrogen fusion or the two together will probably be our ultimate Energy Supply. It is not the destination that troubles me. But the route and the Price of the ticket. Public lost 1 billion to mail fraud in past year by de Wrightjr. Editor the other Day we had a Chance to tour some of the Parks on the Western Side of Hamilton county to get a look at what the Woodland Mound Park would be like. Parks were the main subject As Bill Canedy executive director of Hie Park Jon Brady the recreation director and this writer Rode from Park to Park making comparisons. During some of that time Canedy told of How he started wit at such an Early age with the Park District. He never gave a hint that he was going to submit his resignation six Days later. But there is no reason he would. Bill Canedy had always been professional and that was the Way it would remian. But he took Pride in telling about How proud he was that the half Mill tax Levy for the county Parks was passed after he convinced the Board to try an All out Campaign. And one of the promises made was the first county Park for this end of town. It is Woodland Mound Park and it will be a Beauty. Just wait and see. This end of the county has yet to see anything like it Canedy expressed extreme concern in the Northwest school District Levy that was on the ballot the Day of the tour. His wife is a teacher in the District and he had been hearing about the need for the Levy from Many. He is for nature no question. But Canedy is also for the people. He knows that there must be some decisions made about Industry and a a Progress and he is hopeful that prudent compromises can be worked out. Bill Canedy has been one of the few dedicated Public servants who is True to his word and who gives the taxpayers More than their share. We Are sorry that work Load and worry has caused him to retire at such an Early age. Retirement is certainly deserved but those that worked for him and with him certainly will miss him. Anderson township trustee president Tom Taylor was Given an unexpected present after last thursdays regular monthly meeting. A copy of a Plain speaking by Edwin Newman was Given Taylor by a newspaper reporter a hot from the journal who was somewhat taken Aback when Taylor said he a could not effect a communique with Bob Logan of the Salem senior citizens Center. The reporter took leave of the meeting and found a copy of the Book and brought it Back. The newsman even inscribed a message inside prior to presenting it to Taylor. Both Taylor and fellow trustee Bob Dorsey had a hard time getting the name out. Of you try saying a Salem senior citizens Center five times fast. Not so easy it is All were High in their Praise for the Center and its Many services. Wright Ings speaking of the Center one township official brought it to our attention that it was ironic that the topic Salem senior citizens Center was the first topic listed under old business. At this same meeting someone mused the new restaurant Golden Chicken would be a a Good mate for the Golden rooster longtime township watering Hole Anderson trustee Bob Dorsey asked Nancy Skeen assistant township clerk if she was registering anyone these Days. A i have a new 18-year-old at Home. Ill Send him up As soon As i determine his political affiliation a kidded Dorsey who was endorsed by local Republican organization when elected in 1975. Public reaction to Guy s Guckenberger a relocation to it. Lookout has been less than approving on the other Side of town we learn. Guckenberger Cincinnati City Council Republican Leader moved from Westwood a month ago because he had been unable to find an available House in Westwood while House Hunting. Continued to Page 12 Public forum editor we have been presented with a unique Opportunity with the arrest of the four Young men for several robberies in the area. These Young men have by Accident of birth been Given a great advantage in life. They were born into better than average family surroundings Given the advantage of Fine schools and enjoyed abundant material goods provided through someone else a labor yet they chose to disregard the responsibility of their years. The Opportunity we have is to show the Community in which we live that this conduct will not be tolerated any longer without severe punishment. Let the full weight of the Law fall directly where it belongs on the shoulder of the lawbreakers. Not on their parents or the schools or society or any other vague entity. All of us then would realize that individual responsibility is our duty to each other not Only to our close neighbors As in this Case but to the county in general. It is hoped that the Young men would learn from a year or two away from the Good life they enjoy and away from the friends and fellow students they used so callously. A proverb has it that a sometimes it is necessary to Cut off the Finger to save the by severe prosecution of these Young men we can perhaps a save the hand of other Young members of our Community on whom we count to keep this area a Good place to live. Sincerely Charles p. Hines 1363 yellow Glen or. Cincinnati o. 45230 an open letter to All graduates of Withrow High school for Many years springtime at Withrow High school has been synonymous with our annual variety show a sounds of Withrow. This tradition dates Back to the 1920�?Ts and used to be known As the a a minstrels. Many of us can remember when this event was so popular and so Well supported that it was nearly impossible to get a ticket for any one of the five nights. As student members of the cast and Crew we were really overwhelmed by the enthusiastic audiences. Through the years some changes have taken place. We now Call the show a sounds of Withrow. The number of performances has been reduced to three. The cast and Crew Are racially More integrated. The format has been changed slightly. However the Talent is still Here the show is still a big event in students lives. What Hasni to been big lately is the size of the audience. Just As we needed Community support in past years our a a kids today need it As Well. Performances Are scheduled for a matinee on May 4, at 1 30 ., evenings of May 5 and 6, at 8 . Tickets May be purchased at school or reserved for the performance by phoning 871-1825, ext. 10 or 11. I am making a special plea to All former Withrow tigers to please help us restore that needed big audience. If its been a while since you have crossed Over the arching Bridge and past the Tower Why not join us for sounds of Withrow �?T78. Wed love to see you Back. Sincerely Thomas a. Do Amico principal Withrow class of 1947 editor based upon Early returns it appears that our annual House to House Public educational and solicitation Campaign will go Down in history As the Best Ever. You played an important role in making this possible by publicizing this annual event and we ask that you accept our sincere thanks and deep gratitude for your interest and support. Sincerely Stanley l. Stock executive director National kidney foundation 600 executive bldg. 35 East seventh Street Cincinnati of. 45202 the school they done to dare integrate by Paul Harvey on North Central Avenue in Phoenix ariz., there is a strictly segregated High school. Race restrictions Are rigidly enforced. And this segregated school is supported by the United states government. How come our government in this Era when school busing is forced on the rest of us is itself supporting a segregated school in Phoenix i can to get an answer to that question from anybody. Personally i am not recommending that government policy in this instance should be changed yet it is an interesting inconsistency that proves segregation is sometimes Best. The school is one of a dozen schools in the Phoenix Union High school District. The District has been seeking to comply with government requirements regarding racial balancing. Yet this one school Phoenix Indian High school is entirely of by and for indians. When you Start asking questions of Federal government officials As to Why this instance of segregation is condoned you experience a monumental Buck passing runaround. The since the Indian citizenship act of 1924, indians and their children enjoy a equal rights with the rest of us yet Public education and Indian education continued to be separate entities the latter administered by the Bureau of Indian affairs in 1954 when the supreme court forbade racial segregation in Paul Harvey nobody wants to be quoted. Vaguely some refer to treaties to Legal precedents to a a tradition or to something they Call a the Phoenix Indian school opened in 1891 when the Federal government undertook to provide education for indians who were then a awards of Public schools the decision was first applied to the South. Since the civil rights act of 1964 Federal courts have sought to enforce racial balance in schools everywhere. Almost everywhere. James Cook an investigative reporter for Phoenix newspapers sought but found no Federal government pressure and no apparent Federal government interest in requiring this Indian school to balance itself racially. In Tucson Federal court is contemplating requiring Crosstown busing among Whites Blacks and mexican americans the latter two minorities having claimed that they were being discriminated against. Yet Indian schools and the Phoenix school is just one of Many in the state have not been required to accept a outsiders a and would in fact turn away any non Indian. Some 150,000 indians elect to attend arizonans integrated Public schools. Some 51,000 remain in segregated Bia schools. And having that Choice none complains. C 1978, los Angeles times Syndicate. Dangerous decision on the Neutron warhead american Consumers lost an estimated $1 billion to mail fraud and mis represent urn on by mail during the past postal fiscal year of 1977, postmaster Joseph j. Scanlon said. A the Public must be constantly on guard against fantastic claims and get Rich Quick schemes,1�?T Scanlon said. A the nations Best defense against unscrupulous con artists using the mails is an informed the postal service actively investigates mail fraud and false representation by mail and assists with mail order and service problems. Scanlon stresses that the overwhelming majority of companies making up the $60 billion mail order Industry Are honest and dedicated to customer satisfaction. But As in Many other industries a few operators Are out to bilk the Public. A schemes directed at Consumers Are limited Only by the imagination of the con artist a Scanlon said. A they know Many people Are willing to invest their hard earned Money on offers which sound too Good to be typical examples of mail frauds include work at Home schemes phoney franchises miraculous a a cures for a variety of illnesses weight reducing plans and a variety of investment offers such As buying land through the mail Scanlon urged Consumers to seek proof if an offer sounds too Good to be True. A if you feel you be been victimized by a fraud or have not received merchandise you ordered Contact the Post office or a postal inspector. Consumer service cards Are also available at every Post office and from letter carriers for those having other problems with their mail service. The postmaster said. By Willis grad1son Ohio first District congressman on april 7, president Carter announced his intention to postpone indefinitely production of the Neutron warhead often called the Neutron this weapon represents a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons which has received a considerable amount of recent attention in the news Media. The Neutron warhead is intended As a defensive weapon which would be used to Stop a soviet onslaught in Western Europe and counter the massive soviet superiority in conventional weapons especially tanks. The warhead would kill enemy soldiers through radiation rather than heat and blast. The Neutron warhead would have replaced the 20-year-old nuclear shells now deployed in Europe of which Many will soon be considered unreliable. For a number of reasons. President Carter s decision is potentially dangerous for the United states. The decision has an unfavourable Impact in several areas. Militarily the president is preventing nato forces from obtaining a weapon which would help to balance the 3-1 advantage the Oviet Union enjoys in armoured strength. Deployment of the warhead we Ould have contributed to military stability by raising the nuclear threshold. A soviet attack would be less Likely if the credibility of natos deterrent capability were enhanced. I believe that the decision will also Lead to some very troubling political impacts. The president spent almost a year pressuring the governments of Western Europe to support ? production and deployment of Neutron warheads. After exposing themselves to significant political criticism some major West european leaders agreed to support the new weapon. The president s decision has left them out on a political limb opening up the possibility of a leadership crisis. 1 am also becoming More and More aware of what i consider to be an extremely unsound negotiating strategy on the part of the Carter administration. Since becoming president or. Carter has decided to kill the by close Down our Only Active icbms production line cancel plans to retrofit improved guidance systems in some of our currently deployed icbms the slow Down production of the new my icbms. In none of those cases did the soviet Union reciprocate with restraint on any of their weapons. Willis Gradison after announcing deferment of the Neutron warhead the president said he expected to see a demonstration of soviet restraint looking at the recent historical record i see no cause for optimism. I think the soviets Are smart enough to know when they Are getting something for nothing. Rather than cutting Back their defense spending they Are accelerating weapons outlays. Perhaps the most disturbing thought that comes to mind after reviewing this affair is that the president is rapidly gaining the image of being a Wishy Washy indecisive Leader. On March 17, president Carter delivered a speech at Wake Forest which was regarded As a Clear warning to the soviet Union that the United states would not allow them to achieve military dominance. Three weeks later the president decided unilaterally to delay producing the Neutron warhead a weapon which would help prevent soviet dominance. The president of the United states must be Able to speak in dear tones that can be understood by All. By his actions president Carter has not Only undermined his credibility As a spokesman for the United states he has jeopardized his position As a Leader of the free world

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