Forest Hills Journal in Cincinnati, Ohio
23 Apr 1975

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Forest Hills Journal in Cincinnati, Ohio
23 Apr 1975

Read an issue on 23 Apr 1975 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Forest Hills Journal.

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Forest Hills Journal (Newspaper) - April 23, 1975, Cincinnati, OhioI a tuesdays apr a of 1975 d a it kit it it it a it it Ltd Ltd it it Jyi <9is6i�yss�<sss6if�w69ya�yifisi�yisggqg�g�gjto. Age of opinion f world scene i up i �t-3 Paul Harvey local scene it Ings by de Wrightjr editor Here and there pm it Lory on How to do i his in a recent Issue of nations business Magazine by Burton y Tyr i new York a t spec. Ireland and her people by Elinor of Brien Lutterworth press Londo. J. B. Lippi Scott company. Every year Here in new York City we Are thrilled on St. Patrick a Day by the sons and daughters of Ireland thousands of them marching singing and dancing up fifth Avenue. It is a sight to see. Elinor of Brien has contributed a Rich Panorama of Ireland its geography and history from prehistoric times to the present her presentation is new. Her discussion of political problems is always fair you will see hear and feel the Emerald Isle As miss of Brien describes Harts Tongue ferns growing among Limestone rocks near Black head on the coast of Clare and shows you the twelve apostles a panel from the eighth Century High Cross at Moone county Kildare there is More a Connemara Pony on the aran islands county Galway the round Tower of Glenda Lough county wicklow and the Rock of Cashel in tipperary miss of Brien is a Dubliner. In truth miss of Briens mood and the feelings of gentle people like her will prevail Over the coarse and violent actions of those who say they love Ireland but whose actions will never prove it. It is also my lot from time to time to watch with dismay those american Irish who Parade angrily near the British airways building. I always feel that people who practice violence to carry out political objectives Are taking a step backward As prophets have told us there a e sermons in running Brooks. Essna Crook a Waterfall in the Glens of Antrim preaches Sermon beyond words. Poets artists and philosophers such As Yeats Shaw Wilde or Spenser have often tried and in vain to capture the mood and spirit of the running Brooks the Green Meadows and Fields of ten Columcille county Donegal. Miss of Briens prose actually achieves what famous writers have tried to do. She is capable of a clearheaded summary of facts As Well As a Lively appreciation for marvels which remain just beyond the Levels of human understanding but which we May approach through the Power of miss of Briens charming and always Graceful imagination Ireland lives. Though miss of Brien runs with the Connemara ponies she also Speaks Well of the Irish future saying a the vision achievements and sacrifices of her citizens. Should be an inspiration. I am coming to think that books like this one on Ireland serve us better than shawls o Neillis or of Casey a new York the last Days of Winter and the first Days of Spring Are great for Book browsers like me in the country the Woods Are too Muddy and Here in the City the Parks still too full of a riggers so the Best thing to do is to curl up in an easy chair with a stack of books to encourage dreams for what we will do when Spring really arrives something Beautiful for god is the contribution of Beautiful Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Her saintly life is revealed by Malcolm Muggeridge it Ballantine books paperback. The Milwaukee journal said that this is the sort of Book that can change ones life far wives All Over the Middle West Are finding sympathy understanding and love in the Book a thread of Blue Denim by Patricia Penton Leimbach Prentice a 11, $7.96. Mrs. Leimbach. Author of Quot the country wife Quot column in the Elyria chronicle Telegram Ohio lives at end of Way farm she contributes to the farm journal this Book takes me Back to my boyhood visiting my cousins at Vermilion. Ohio. The gentle slopes flowered Woods spicy Apple Orchards and the Good people who till the Fields fill the churches and make Northern Ohio a charming place to live All come to life in Patricia Leimbach a literate and refreshing narratives. This is the time of year that the owners of yesteryear a automobiles look Forward to rallies Over Hill and Dale and this is the time to get yourself a copy of Veteran and Vintage cars of Australia in Malcolm Grant Tuttle. $7 75� this treasure is expertly designed and illustrated with this Book in hand the next time you set in antique cur from 44 manufacturers you can identify them. The pictures of these cars include the Tarrant i9nti> the Studebaker 1917 and the Renault 1909. Or Grants historical summaries Are useful nostalgic but 1 like Best his encouragement to people who find abandoned ancient ears and who restore them to Tir to class condition and while browsing. I dream lies Ake cities wort ii Hes i a big City mayors Are pleading Quot financial crisis Quot demanding that Congress bail them out they mean you should you president Ford has already asked Congress to appropriate 2 billion of your dollars to help the big cities pay the higher costs of local government but 14 big City mayors say they have to have right now $5 billion from the Federal government or have to raise City taxes Well now we could t expect them to do that. This business of deteriorating cities coming Back again and again to us country folks to support their poor and finance their transportation and trash collection and police Protection and City Hall payrolls has to end somewhere. Certainly United states of americans should assist one another before we Send funds and guns overseas but for the big cite mayor to shove a tin cup in our provincial faces every time they want More something or other is an imposition. Maybe the cities Aren t Worth Rescue. We Tell our overseas neighbors to shape up. Go to work and improve themselves. Why should t we expect similar self help from our Home front neighbors 1 can sympathize with the big City mayors. Their decaying cities have forced the fat taxpayers to run for their lives to the suburbs and the Countryside. Detroit citizens were surveyed by the free press and half the people still living in the City said they a leave if they could As those flee who can they leave behind a Motley montage of the least competent the least productive the people least Able to pay taxes. An example is the smallish City of Petaluma calif., 38 Miles North of san Francisco trying to prevent internal decay Petaluma is 31.000 people originally mostly retired poultry and Dairy Farmers living in Graceful victorian houses on quiet streets and they liked it like that. Already the East Side of town is a proliferation of mass produced ranch houses on postage stamp lots and these newcomers have doubled the school water and sewage problems without doubling the tax base. The City fathers Are trying to put a step to this malignant growth but developers Wilt fight All the Way to the supreme court their right to Quot let in historically,.%the courts have favored the growth wary cities Over the developers. But some of the Quot rights groups Are now siding with the developers so that even those cities which make an Earnest Effort to balance themselves May be toppled into decay. Do the rest of us help the cities by our donations or do we thus turn them into zoos Dollar from a heaven All those tin Moons whirling around up there overhead Are paying their own Way and then some. Surprisingly few americans Are aware of the Quot crops we re har vesting in space. The newest surgical instrument for removing cataracts is. A hand me Down from space medic Ine As is an improved emergency i treatment for heart attack. There is no Way now to project How Many a americans May live and How Many o will see again because of these two significant byproducts of space Medicine. Solar powered reside Tiia 1 heating and Cooling Are now technically and economically feasible the men upstairs taught us How. Earth Industry is harvesting so much new know How from space research that 7 million documents Are now available and that Library of new information is growing at the rate of 50,000 documents a or North the alaskan pipeline is going to Rush North slope Oil to the Rescue of the american Economy because of a heat pipe technique developed for skylab. A Ceramic Ink developed for space instruments has enabled improved production of thermometers life support systems perfected by Nasa Are now protecting firemen with breathing apparatus of longer duration. Fire resistant structural materials for High Rise buildings houses and Mobile Homes Are now reducing insurance premiums and saving lives one of the reasons Nasa leaves most of us ignorant Atout these things is that they Are ton technical to explain for us laymen in be read what a new in photography and computerized Muli a spectral analysis techniques and 1 done to know what i read. Air pollution detection devices designed for spaceships Are making Earth life More comfortable. Because we had to Recycle waste water and dispose of solid wastes aboard spacecraft our Earth environment will be substantially de polluted. The Brake lining on your car is More effective and More durable than it Ever won old have been without High temperature materials technology developed by and for High Speed flight. The electric car will be made practicable within this Calendar year because of advanced Battery research. Nasa developed a horizontal Shower which has been a adapted to bedridden patients in Earth hospitals. Anti fogging compounds for mirrors and Many other i hings you see advertised wore developed for space. And. Of course weather satellites have further refined forecasting facilitated More efficient disposition of commercial fishing fleets the next time we spend one of those big firecrackers at a ape canaveral or at Vander Friberg and hurl off into space More millions of your dollars remember get Back with interest. Lifeboat ethics or. Garrett Hardin is being taken seriously now. Members of Congress Are seeking his counsel. The University of California ecologist biologist is quoted in such prestigious publications As psychology today and Bio science. Hardin is the proponent of a Lifeboat he says the Rich nations of the world Are adrift in lifeboats. In the Ocean outside each Lifeboat the rest of the world is drowning in poverty and hunger. The outsiders Are demanding to television now from the Tom Par alive safety of the Lifeboat we s Are looking directly i nto the of dead no eyes and anguished faces of the a owning g our hearts cry out Quot can we not $ bring aboard even one More a a but. Which one Wade Green was a War correspondent during the Trench of a a a Slaughter of world War 1. He remembers that there was a system for separating the wounded into it three groups i those most Likely to die no matter what. Those who might recover even if untreated and those who could survive if cared for immediately the French called the system Quot triage Quot from the verb Quot drier Quot a Nich Means Quot to sort out. A triage in its Battlefield Hospital connotation simply meant to make the most efficient use of scarce medical resources. Triage to this Day is the unsentimental morally uncomfortable inescapable wartime formula. You done to waste limited resources on those who Are inevitably doomed. A Rod trek making needs help we re not doing nothing about the problems which bedevil us i n fortunately the problems Are pm Page land the remedies on Page to lets move one of the remedies up to Page 1. Fifty Miles South of Florida s state capital is the town of Perry., population 10,000 sometimes 50,000. Its 50,000 during Perry a Forest festival. The big business in Taylor county a is Trees always has been. Of 40 yearlong before the bureaucrats got worried about our tree Supply Taylor county has been planting More than it harvests but Forest fires dedicated the annual crop. Most of them were Man made fires we want to think the fires were started by people More careless than malicious but there were some of each. Twenty years ago the big Buckeye company sought ways and Means of letting the Home folks know How much they owed to their biggest dash crop so they a be More con. Siderite of it More careful with it they offered to stake the chamber of Commerce to a fish Fry. They called it the Forest festival invited folks from thereabouts to converge on Perry for a Gigantic free feed of fresh caught fish nobody made any speeches about being careful with campfires nobody mentioned acres blackened by arson. The fish Fry was entirely a time of thanksgiving for the Harvest which prospered the area. / in the years since that fish Fry has become really something this fall the Forest festival will last for three weeks. The focus is still on forestry but the attractions include antique cars and antique planes parades arts and Craft displays and demonstrations competitions balls picnics parties Steak Fries and fish Fries. Last year i had to see for myself. Sure enough All of the states bigwigs were there filling a three tiered head table. It Yas Steak Fry night. The Jaycees and this is significant considering How some communities service clubs do not always work together and this was a Perry chamber of Commerce night cooked 750 Steak dinners and Jaycee wives decorated the banquet Hall and served the dinners. Joyce Kilmer was right As far As he went Only god can make a tree but he can use help you see there Are three other dimensions to a tree aesthetic. A economic and environmental. Florida is a conscientiously concerned with each. And its interesting that Quot big business is most frequently criticized for selfishness greediness Wanton waste of our resources and so on. Yet Florida foresters confirm that the big companies Are All planting More Trees than they Harvest. If All individual growers were As disciplined wed never run out one thing More they were having that epidemic of Forest fires 19 years ago. In the years since the Forest festival has annually renewed appreciation for the Pride in that precious asset the incidence of fires in Taylor county is among the lowest in our nation us it Hitri. I its Angeles times Watkins new vice mayor of Newtown Newtown new vice mayor Here is James Watkins longtime councilman. Watkins also a Park Board member succeeds r. Turpin Fischer who became mayor last month. Fischer succeeded former mayor William Judd who resigned from the Post. At Council meeting tuesday night. Village building commissioner Robert Bowen was appointed to fill the vacant seat on Council. Council recently voted to increase the. Annual salary of clerk treasurer Greg Deimling from $2000 to $3000. For the full Story of what a happening in the area read the journal each week. Clermont county com missioners figure that the presen tation of Art award in Hawaii will bring added promotion to the county. They re probably right by the Way county officials May or May not know that one of the largest daily newspapers in the Midwest Columbus dispatch on april 13 featured Stonelick state Park in a Story about travelling in Southwest Ohio. A Story on the reverse Side of the Page coincidentally was about you guessed it. An hawaiian Island we received a letter to the editor on High electric Bills but it had no identification. We Hope the writer will Call and identify herself so we can publish it in accordance with the rules that the identity of the writer must be known to the editor. If there is a sufficient reason to withhold the name it will be done. Board of directors of the Clermont county unit of the american cancer society will meet wednesday. Part of the business will be welcoming special guests representatives of the county a Bowling lanes. Owners and volunteers who worked for cancer bowl Down will be thanked by the Board. Bowlers donated $2170 this year More than $600 More than last despite the closing of one Lane and the country a economics. Participating were Milford lanes Loveland lanes Holly lanes and Ohio Pike lanes. Hats off to the hardworking gals putting on the big Ohio federation of women a clubs at the Netherland Hilton april 28-May 1. Mrs. Joseph Aldredge Long an Active club woman in the Anderson area is handling a lot of the arrangements. Another local woman mrs. Robert Funch is chairman of a sewing Competition of District winners in High school and member Competition. I sixth District Cong. William ii Larsha is Well known Tor his work in reducing Highway deaths and in tunes lie wrote a constructive Send your news now to the journal 564 Batavia Pike Cincinnati Ohio 45244. Marie Fox received he first Bicentennial pin in the county from the chairman of the National Bicentennial committee she is a member of the Clermont Bicentennial group the Felicity Gourd festival this september is getting some notice now since it was first publicized in the Community journal Jack Krasser is chairman of the Clermont county historical society participation in the first annual event another was planting gourds Early this Spring Tor possible entries in Gourd Competition the Glen Este High school invitational baseball tournament doubled the entrants last weekend of the usual four. Purcell was Back to defend its title. Mcnicholas which won the first two crowns also participated along with Host be. Moeller. Amelia. Northwest Withrow and Western Hills. Joe serve meet included Mynick. Purcell be and Moeller the High school and roosters club sponsored the tour n by the local pro Golf tour was to be at Royal Oak in Withamsville monday. Host Wayne Kelley hoped to do better than the week before when he grip the club with his right hand because of a burned Index Finger Arbor Day and Earth week Are being celebrated with several events around the area As Spring is finally Here. The Hamilton county Park District has celebrated Earth week by planting 5500 Trees according to Bill Canedy erstwhile director of the Park District. A planting of native Trees by the Park District to improve the natural environment is nothing new Quot he said. The Park District s reforestation and wildlife preservation program started in 1930. Since then Over 500,000 native Trees and shrubs have been planted in Park District Parks the mass conservation planting was made possible through a donation of 5000 Trees front the it. Healthy chapter of Izaak Walton league. Park District maintenance Crews received tree planting assistance from the National campers and hikers association and cub scout pack 674 from Montgomery Ohio. A Forest Hills journal i i i and Community journal a two of the United states select Blue ribbon newspapers published weekly on tuesday by Forest Hills publishing co. 564 Batavia Pike Cincinnati Ohio 45244 phone 752-4700 Edward b. Wright publisher Edward b. Wright jr., editor represented nationally by u s suburban press inc. I we i members of National newspaper $ Assn., american newspaper it representatives International amp newspaper promotion Assn. With great Folk tales of old Ireland by Mary Mcgarry of Dublin. Bell publishing co. No one in the world. It seems to me. Tells w Der or More enticing tales than the sons and daughters of the celtic bards of Ireland Richard Hook s drawings Are like the Strong March wind that tells you its time to be away Troni books and up and i hang again share what we have. They want into the lifeboats. But to take them in would swamp the boats and drown everyone. What do you think we is hould do a the United states with full mobilization of its agricultural potential could not feed India. Indians population tidal wave will add another 12 million people this year to its present half billion population. To Send our total agricultural production to India would not prevent starvation and would instead encourage More propagation a greater population a compounded problem. Americans have been compelled by scriptural injunction and by guilt related compassion to share our food but is it Quot ethical Quot if our humanitarian Effort to alleviate misery creates More misery ? the problem is not new. Nor is it related entirely to our planet s diminished resources for centuries people have been starving to death but since the Success of the Marshall plan we americans have become a looked to Quot by the rest of the world for food also More graphically than an time heretofore the Bony bloated bodies of the worlds starving babies have been brought Home to us by i business and you j it 2 a by Jack Wooldridge communications general manager it chamber of Commerce of the United states $ it a the National chamber federation represents an underlying membership it of More than 5,000,000 business firms organizations and individuals. Ftp going to the dogs a in these recession Days you May be seeing or hearing references to the a hot dog add which helped pull us out of an earlier recession. If you be missed it Here is the original text a Man lived by the Side of the Road. And sold hot dogs. He was hard of hearing so he had no radio. He had trouble with his eyes so he had no newspaper. But he sold Good hot dogs. He put up a sign on the Highway telling How Good they were. V he stood by the Side of the Road and cried a buy a hot dog mister. And people increased his meat and Bun orders and he bought a bigger stove to take care of his Trade. He got his son Home from College to help him. But then something happened. His son said a father Haven to you been listening to the radio there a a big depression on. The is terrible and the Domestic situation is even whereupon the father thought a Well my son has been to College. He listens to the radio and reads the papers so he ought to so the father Cut Down on the Bun order took Down his advertising signs and no longer bothered to stand on the Highway to sell hot dogs his hot dog sales fell almost Over night. A you were right son a the father said to the boy. A we Are certainly in file Middle of a great depression. A a this ran As an and in the american metals Market a Small Trade paper Back in january 1958. You May remember we were in a recession then too and people were criticizing president Eisenhower for not taking drastic action. A Lancaster Pennsylvania aluminium company called Quaker state metals was persuaded by Sage Swanson a pm Blic relations consultant that the a crazy add might help. The editor of american metals Market sent copies of the and with a a dear editor letter All Over the country and suddenly everyone was laughing at the recession fears. President Eisenhower waved it at his visitors. Commentators and the news weeklies As Well As Many papers repeated it. Or. Swanson claims that or. Eisenhower and his aides believe it had a lot to do with turning the Economy around. We done to have a new a hot dog Story today but we do have lots of evidence that our country is not going to the dogs. Some businessmen recently ran an and in new York titled a a what a right with it was prepared by the chamber of Commerce of the United states and we invited readers to write in what they think is right about America. We have been overwhelmed with responses. Now the and is being sponsored by other businessmen in other cities and published by some papers As a Public service. We know we can to talk ourselves out of a recession but a Good look at the positive facts should help As much As Tye old hot dog Story

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