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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 30, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaSports mini profile the jets Don Maynard he catches what Namath throws Don Maynard wide receiver for the new York jets is the most versatile Man in professional football. He is an expert automotive Engineer a mathematician an Alfalfa Fanner a licensed plumber and has taught history government and Industrial arts on the High school level. He is also football s no. 1 All time receiver having caught More passes for More yardage than any other player in history. Maynard 36, is a Sharp contrast to the Man who throws him his passes Broadway Joe Namath. Maynard is a texan who disdains new York s Bright lights does t drink and is a devoted family Man with a wife and two children. Unlike the free spending Namath Maynard is known to his teammates As parsimonious an easygoing Type who never gets into fights and Speaks Well of All the players who go up against him Maynard does t mind being the butt of teammate jokes. The son of the manager of a Cotton Gin firm he was a running Back and track Star at Texas Western College in Elpaso. He was first drafted by the new York giants then switched to the new York titans the team that was later renamed the because of his Speed agility and big hands he was switched to a receiver s position and caught 72 passes first season in that spot. Even though his Speed has been slowed somewhat by the passing years his deceptive Maneu vers and changes of Pace Sti ii enable him to fool the defensive backs who Are put on him. Although he is on the Skinny Side he Only weighs 173 he has managed to escape serious injuries by skilfully avoiding Barry Abramson the doctor lets fou in what s the Story on the morning after recently the so called morning after Pill was approved by the Federal drug administration for use by women As an emergency contraceptive when prescribed by a physician. It is not intended As a replacement or alternative to other Means of contraception. It is to a used Only in real emergency. The Pill consists of a chemical called or Oes. Not a hormone Des works by preventing the fertilized egg from implanting itself in the uterus. If the first Pill is taken within 72 hours Des is remarkably effective. The tablets Are 50 my. Each and they Are meant to be used in a daily series for five consecutive Days. The one Side effect is nausea which lasts a Day or two. Why must the morning after Pill never be used on a regular basis the reason is that it has been found that a few Daugh ters of mothers who used Des for other purposes Ai icily flak by Jack Tippit diet Witch hey How about that i weigh exactly the same upside during pregnancy developed a cancer of the Vagina. The cancer link with Des has never been proved. And the incidence is extremely Small. Nevertheless women should play it Safe. Erwin i Cyan pm. D. How Many calories in a Pound of fat How Many calories can you allow yourself a Day if you want to lose a Pound a week How Many it you want simply to maintain your present weight the Ama Council on foods and nutrition Points out that you need 15 calories per Pound of your body weight to maintain your desirable weight. So if for instance you weigh 140 pounds multiply by 15 and you get calories and that s what you should stick to. But what if you want to lose weight each Pound of excess fat contains calories. So to lose a Pound a week you la have to consume 500 fewer calories each Day seven Days times 500 equals in the Case above the Dieter must subtract 500 from his calories leaving him As his maximum daily calories until he gets Down to where he wants. Harriet la Barre and Yon do you have mind Reading Talent As the phone rang have you Ever know n who it was before you answered or have you Ever Felt As if someone were staring at found you were right both experiences could be mental telepathy or esp. A certain kind of person seems to succeed especially Well with telepathy says Robert Nelson whose Central premonitions Register is a respected scientific research project. By analysing his data or. Nelson has found that people who succeed with complicated telepathy such As seeing the future in a dream or receiving a telepathic message from someone Miles away seem to have one particular kind of personality they Are intensely alive and feeling. Rather than walking around in a Shell they Are very open to expressing emotion. In addition they usually have a generous portion of the ability to sense suffering and to identify with tragedy. Shirley Sloan Fader family weekly sell embers 1973 celebrity Soapbox Johm Airship Broadway s Stephen Sondheim the Sweet smell of How to keep it Young people today Are too impatient. They want instant Stephen Sondheim one of Broad Way s most successful composers and lyricists elaborates too Many Rock songs to take one example Are by people who merely have listened to the works of other Rock composers they Are Only imitating rather than developing original Talent. The More tools a composer or any one else has the better off he is. I recommend that whatever someone wants to do he first get maximum training and solid preparation. Other Wise you repeat yourself. And when you repeat yourself the world soon passes you or. Sondheim recently turned to mystery writing and is coauthor of the film the last of Sheila interview by William Wolf How to Cope with a co worker you Don t like there Are times when you can t escape you and a co worker you dislike have to work together on some task. How do you get the Iob done without a continuing personality hassle or. John l. Butler an Industrial psychologist in Chicago suggests 1. Concentrate on your work goals. By keeping your mind on the work you la be less Likely to bog Down in personality differences. 2. Spend time at the beginning of the work with both your super visor and your co worker. Plan the tasks and responsibility so that As much As possible each of you has some Independence in Day to Day work routine with As Little overlap As possible. 3. Try putting yourself in your co worker s shoes and imagine How you and the Job look to him it takes courage to do this says or. Butler but Many limes people find that trying to understand their co worker s feelings effects a change for the s. R. Bedford

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