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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 30, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaBaseball Strong sociological Force in latin America .irvr.i. I., trim an Ihn inic Mhz tin1. Cum that in hip Monte. 38 vents Ace in Carolina fornia Angeles Pedro Garcia did. They said Blacks can editor s not in few Days a Large number of Ameri cans will Divide Inlo separate Camps to cheer to Weir baseball team no matter How recently adopted through the playoffs and into the world series. Understandable. It s their National p Aslim. They be been old. To some people it s More. They come from America where baseball is a powerful sociological Force. Byna Carnes associated press writer san Juan. . Dugout in a major league Ball Park is a thousand Miles from any poor Home on a Road Al ready Well known to hundreds of kids. Italian and Irish and jewish and Black. More than Ever now. He kids come from puerto Rico and Oiler parts of Lalin America where base a l. According to one social scientist is a social and economic vehicle travelling in one direction up. Take Rookie a Yankee for Only a few Days still tense before the game his uncomplicated English still softened by the accent of tin Caribbean he sat in the dugout at Yankee stadium and stared in Nelly at he red sox warming up while he talked of. Tiow he there. We. Love baseball. Down he said. That s All we wanted to Bui it was t just play. Base Ball was the Way to make it. "1 need to help my said. I like doing it in baseball. I think you can do it ii All had a familiar ring like what you d have heard from an Irish or italian 22-year-old in 1935. Or from a Young Black ballplayer in 1955. There was no explanation Why it had to be baseball. 11 just. Was. Thai s All i play All my Velez grew up in Ponce. Pucylo Rico Wilh five is slurs and two Brothers. He went the classic route from Kittle league to babe Rulh league to pro baseball. Others did. Loo. With names like Mangual and Pancuc and Garcia. They have become the new heroes of pc Island evoking the same magic that a Obinson meant in Brooklyn 25 years ago. Velex Brothers Are following Loo one is now in the St. cardinals farm system and the other now starting in Little league. Velen i a in is is ill modest. The tone is no nonsense. Baseball is a Job. His Uncle who has lived in new York 20 years was at Yankee stadium the night Eclex made his league debut chalking up a hit his first time at Bat. Me no say nothing to remembered. He think 1 can do and there is no romanticism either when Velez the Day he decided he would be a professional Ball player. "1 said to think i can do he said. Prof. Luis a. Passalaqua Christian who helps direct the social sciences department at the University of puerto Rico up Campus in san Juan says the poor in baseball used to be the italians the jews and the Blacks. Now it s us. We re the new mafia seeking economic and social Relief. You pick up a lineup in the Stales and it s just like being in America with those Clpeda. I Aboy Roque Cruz and Melendez. Baseball represents i hard Long Road for the poor says an other up professor Israel Ramos Perea. J4, who completed his doctorate in sociology at the University of Missouri last december. But. He pointed Oul. The underprivileged youngster has something very important go ing for him. He can now follow a great in Berlo Cle Mentec. The superstar Pittsburgh Piralic outfielder who was killed in an air plane that crashed into the sea off the coast of san Juan last new year save. Clemelle was he first puerto Rii in. Or latin american for that matter to make More than in a single season. He was also the first Ulitin who happened to be Black to be named to the baseball Hall of Kame. At Las Lomas Park about 10 Miles Southwest of where the cargo plane on a mercy Mission to nicaraguan earthquake victims plunged to destruction with Clemelle try fall was hit to Center Field. A Young player charged and caught the Ball. A Spectator who watched the sunday morning game from a Perch under the Shade of a shouted he s going to make another the sound of his voice was loud and Clear enough to prob ably have reached the receptive ear of the player. I be hulled off the Field after the third out with obvious Pride. His name had been associated Wilh the great before the contest got under Way. Pedro Rodriguez a 17 year old youngster. Sal in the Corner of the visitor s dug out Al the Park and contemplated his future in baseball. It s All up to the icon Ager explained. He played for Roosevelt an Amateur team from another part of the metro Politan area. He s sure that he has the ability to one Day be a major leaguer. His manager ser Vando Rodriguez the size of his Broad Middle emphasized by the team s Cherry red uniform also thinks he s a Prospect. The Young Rodriguez no re fornia Angeles Pedro Garcia and Elisco Rodriguez. Mil Waukee Brewers and Rusty Torres of the Cleveland indians. Jose Pepe soda a scout for the new York Yankees 20 years on the Island estimated thai Mente 38 years ago in Carolina a growing Community East of san Juan. Pedro could relate to a Man like Clemente. Me was Blaek. Poor and had Little obvious Means of propelling himself out the Vouge uoarieuiv., no in of the economic and social con. Latium to his 44-Vear-old Tutor edition that had trapped so Many More than 100 others were talked in positive terms Al others on Thiis tiny Island before scattered out Over the minors him from triple a Hall on Down and the youngster also knows that an average of 10 to 15 Ball that Success did t just happen players were signed on the once to a player of almost super Island each year. J Ramos Perea explained that unfortunately there is Lille data on this phenomenon of the poor and baseball. As a designated hitter i Trilhe he said that a primary to Boston red sox. Live to come Oul of the slums is a third established Star is pc the necessity to feel of value Lix Millan who covers second though his background seemingly had not provided him with the tools to gain Success. He was not sure where his fast her lived. "1 think he s some Power and ability in a baseball where on the Island. My Mother uniform. Another islander works As a maid in an upper Orlando Cepida. Has won new class Fame w he shared food a limited in come and crowded living conditions with three other Broth ers in a Low rent government a in a Low rent Cov Mimm within society. A boy like Pedro housing base for the new York mels in is living on he margin of the of up Pron the National league. Community Passalacqua added this " Sims has been ignited Over the major league circuit inside the youth. Ramos Perea. Include Jorge Roque. Coco la explained assisted by the Csc boy Montreal Jose Gnu and Mccrite image Luls Melendez St Louls Clemente came from a poor nals Jerry Morales. San Diego family. He was the youngest of padres Jose Pagan and or lie four Brothers and three Sisters born to Melchor. A sugarcane Phillies Luis Alvarro. Chicago Milf worker and Luisa Cle White sox Sandy group is the most socially deprived of All. He is the lowest on the economic ladder. This is the group Hal is discriminated against. Their Stalus is Passalacqua refused How Ever 16 define discrimination totally in terms of race. Others. Who declined to be identified did. They said Blacks can be shut off from Opportunity in puerto Rico but they insisted not in the same Way As on the . Mainland. Ramos Perea said the boy who makes in out of the slum is the one who feels the most alone. He is the one who has the will to he pointed Oul that recognition something that goes hand in hand with baseball of his the player s Talent from society is often More important than Clemente s Mother who now lives in a modest Home in a san Juan suburb purchased with baseball Money said the Money does t mean she still likes to Wear a House dress that probably Cost no More than she quickly added everybody will now know about who complained so much during his lifetime about the Lack of recognition for himself and other latin ballplayers. His Mother s face radiated at the Prospect. Carroll Righter s from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies a Day to make sure you re kind and gentle with everyone with whom you come in Contact. Refuse to feel you Are being thwarted in gaining your Aims and ambitions because others Are not doing just what you wish. A definite program of sunday pursuits can turn this into a really wonderful Day. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 use intuitive faculties to handle duties today for right show associates How much you like them appreciate their loyalty. Grow. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 do whatever will help you gain further support of a partner you value highly. Forget that Public work now that could cramp the style of a Good Friend. Gemini May 21 to june 21 you can be of assistance to those having a hard time. Take any health treatments you May need. Converse with a Good Friend in . Moon children june 22 to july 21 after Small sunday duties and services join with congenial for amusements that Are mutually enjoyable. Exercise before retiring and then get a Good night s sleep. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 get your Home in Fine order today and establish More Harmony with Kin by kind courteous treatment. Hit on new plan for More happiness Success. A memorable Day . Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 out to places that imbue you with highly inspiring philosophy. Study your newspaper to get More from it. Find opportunities that Are Ideal for you. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 study your assets and decide How to add to them. Don t neglect services that Are inspiring. Use Good common sense in budgeting. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 do nothing that can alienate the Good allies you now have. Be with Good friends and enjoy yourself. Get More out of your social life. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 do some intelligent thinking about your future Early so you can make it More Ideal. Meditating is helpful. Fine for the romantic happiness you want with mate. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 give More attention to those you want As friends in the future. Make better plans to gain personal Aims that mean much to you. Use More logic. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 Good Day to do that extra work to gain More favors from higher later on. Some favor you May do for another can bring Fine returns. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 make acquaintance of persons who have information needed re new outlets in which you Are interested. Make up your mind to get things done and you succeed. If your child is born today. He or she will be one of those Chelig Alful Young people who will know definitely what he or she desires and will go after Aims with determination and purpose and succeed in gaining them since there is the willingness to work hard As Well As the Wisdom to give Olheis a helping hand. The investigative Field is very Fine Here since there is the ability to know truth from lies. Give Good ethical training Early and some quiet discipline with kindness. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for october is now ready. 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