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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 30, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning september 30, 1957 the Florence morning news Florence s. Page i a gentleman who remembers what he reads asks a few months ago the International cancer meeting in Rome reported that Coal or derivatives cause cancer. Since some medi Cines contain Coal tar derivatives will doctors return to the use of herbs instead i would t he surprised it a lot booklets for of people Are wondering about the More text same thing. To your Good of. Joi Epis. M. D. Ply this i can t begin to touch n the various types of head iches and what to do about the n a single column. The Booklet contains As much material As i could offer in several weeks of columns and that s Why 1 wrote Tho column is for subjects i an answer in a column the look cts for problems that need it is True that some Coal tar products can cause cancer under certain circumstances. This does t mean that All Coal tar products can cause cancer. Neither does it mean that even the dangerous ones can cause cancer unless the circumstances Are suitable. One of these chemicals is compound called 3.4 Ben Pyrone that is used in laboratories study ing the problem. Applied in sufficient Quantity and for a Long enough time it can incite a cancer of the skin. Now does this mean the Chemi Cal is the cause of n of. At All. Perhaps we should say instead that it is a chemical which irritates and that the irritation caused the cancer. We Don t know the cause of we do know however that irritation from this and nth or chemicals can cause it. We also know that constant physical irritation like the broken Corner of a tooth sometimes starts cancer. Farmers and sailors often in the Sun Lor Long periods Are noticeably More Likely to develop skin cancer in later years. On of the earliest known causes Psi skin cancer developed in a Man after 20 years or so of being a Chin a sweep. Is cancer caused by some particular form of irritation per haps. And perhaps not. Perhaps the Basic reason lies deeper and cancer will be found to develop from irritation Only when certain of her conditions exist. We know in one Type of mouse cancer that the disease is transmitted from Mother to baby by a virus in the mouse s milk. We know from raising generations of mice and other animals that her Odily has a lot to do with it in some Way. Some inbred mice will almost always get cancer. Others from n different family won t. Our hard won information enlightens us but it also shows that there Are deeper More Basic Sec rets yet to be understood. No we won t Stop using some Coal Tor chemicals As drugs just because some other chemicals de Rived from Coal tar can be forced to cause cancer under special conditions. We would Only deprive ourselves of Many drugs which Are useful and not harmful. By the same logic we could not argue that All herbs Are Safe just because some Are Safe. Som herbs Are deadly poisons but not All. Some Coal tar products Are dangerous others Are not for instance so Safe that it can be used in operations and left inside the body is also derived from Coal. Dear or. Molner won t Yon please write a column on head aches soon please find enclosed 20 cents in Coin and a stamped self addressed envelope for your Booklet How to tame headaches. The Point Friend Reader is Sim dear or. Molner i have three children and am still menstruating regularly at 42. Do i have a Hance of becoming pregnant my Osband says i m crazy to think could become pregnant. Is he mrs. since your Cycle is still regular you have not reached the change of you most cer ally can become pregnant. Your husband is not Correct. Afflicted with arthritis you May in d Relief if you follow the advice Given in my pamphlet Don t quit because of to receive your copy write to me for it in care of. This newspaper enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope and 5 cents in Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received Dally he is unable to answer individual Melteris. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column when Ever possible. The water system of the missis Sippi River with its tributaries exceeds Miles. Across 3-1. Small i. Timber tree 35. Decline 4. Chubby 36. Insects 8. Pay court to 38, varnish 12, Garden ingredient implement 39. Frame of mind 40. Vague 42. Warmth 44. Fulcrum 46. Between prefix 49. Long fish 50. Wide 54. First woman a Hhd 3 Tagama naga Asa data qdlhe3 Lush qqi3q us uht Alban he Shoei Fonh Taa 13. Proportion 14. Sick 15. Piercing tool 16. Put Forth 17. Jewel 18. Moccasin 20. Man s name 22. Thus 24. Hawaiian Wreath 26. Swamp 27. Exclamation 29. Open to objection 33. Afternoon party Ana Ana he oho had Ana solution of up tilt 55, silkworm 56. Course 67. King Arthur s Lance 58, dry 59.01 of roses 80. Harden Down 1. Sunken Fence 2. Scatter 3. Assist 4. Maxim 5. Negligent 6. Amer. Indian 7. Russian i Village 8 drafts Al. Omen 10. Rubber tree 11. Shade tree 19. Beverage 21. Turk. Commander 23. Draft animals 25. Eur. Country 26. Mess 27. Medley 28. Attention 30. Universal 31. One of David s rulers 32. Absorbent papers 37. Salt 39. Chess piece 41. Equine animal 43. Kind of Duck 44. Parts of a Golf course 45. In this place 47. Bacchanalian cry 48. Hire 51. Decay 52. Not in 53. Luzon native time 22 mix. Friend. Rock Hill woman asks about in Laws ideas by the Kiplinger Agency q. My Mother recently widowed is going to move in with us for the time being. Do you have any ideas which will help my husband me and our two children make the adjustment easier mrs. P. C., Rock Hill South Carolina. A. There Are plenty of problems which Are Likely to arise when two or three generations live in the Dennis the menace yes sip if that of giant was that Tail m could Tolx right m that they la do it every time by Jimmy Halo How cum dept. There s enough space. Ground the Scoper m417t to st4rt another state but inside the aisles Are so with even a midst could t 6et throu6h 4 ame House. But there Are ways help solve them or at least ase them. In the beginning speak candidly out All household rules with our Mother. Try to make her understand that the House is not in especially for her but for All be family. An lamp Octant part of your liking with her will concern the problem of space. Have a Sepa ate room for her if you can Man Geil. And let her bring along by pieces of furniture she wants o put in it. Beware of into the Arent child relationship without realizing in. Keeping up such Fie on Only retards your own maturity and burdens your Parent. Avoid a Host guest relationship. Nothing gives an older person a Reater sense of transience and in ecu Rily than being treated As a Erpe Ual guest. Make her one of in family that you can leave with it rudeness but let her feel she is rights As Well As duties. Encourage her to have her via visitors and treat them As would your child s. Greet the a Els and take yourself off. If do it will be easier to get four Mother out of the room tact ully when your company comes Don t think that the household can be run As a partnership. It in matters of Chile discipline or Home management the younger generation must con of such mailers though seeking advice and letting oldsters in on Tome family discussions is Only air and can be helpful. There is a Good Side to this. Too. Grandmother can make for warmer Home. She has the time o listen to and answer the ques ions of your children Tell them stories and perhaps buy them Wel come trifles. There is no end to the ways n which helpful cheerful oldsters can expand your Leisure time too y answering the Telephone and i coping with the weeding or mend big. In Short count the blessings too. Tomorrow hire a real estate broker a spare time business at Home can be profitable. Write to the family Friend in care of this newspaper for a free copy of ladies make Money at Olanta student in unc school Chapel Hill sept 29 by Man Lee Morris son of or. And mrs. Ivan Lee Morris of Olanta is enrolled in lie University of North Carolina school of dentistry at Chapel Hill. Morris Alti ii Dod High school Al soil Niimd High. His Predi Neal work done ill Clemson College Tho Muiir year program of tin1 school of dentistry leads to . Ilc Gri i1. Morris is now in i senior Ynar of tin1 course. He i scheduled to graduate in june e 5cw, j can t co wat but i my be a31e to Heip me Tuk Atoun take me Back har5huv, or. Saxon Thorpe has vol have to know withdrawn his j the situation. And wait u see wat phony who that s my daughters voice w3ljld Vou excuse me Bur where is my dear moans the cd Byer i wonder vats happened to that is part qua suit you la find the Matching trousers in his closet. Yes yes. Poor that was my husband s coat. Recognize it. . List bar flu trip Ruih died up there where our Warrior want him to think i m still in the Canyon Waityne for i could have used my Rifle but r Bull calf would have heard the shot and go Down to the Corner and turn it s the second can t miss it Pardon me sir do you know Whire the Back Entrance to the Ball Park is i Jerry. I m Al Babkees life s heading Homes Jin Vou look his mob lost what is it of their shots of the fi6ht. Theyken out teht01minate Al you 6uys 6ra5 him. I la t6ach that nobody double crosses or eggs i spoke to my Al. He sounds Fine on the comes Home soon. I thought Vou were eloping with him i la go up there with youth show i the Aerial placed Okay we can go Down now of americans Enochs Robe Type o face on to a vision in movie sin ads Haita face in America folks loves More it see Seth combo nay shun Theta Obodov s quite read of Ohvo is i ashamed tog Ungto Ham Errica. The not like my Type face and Figur Mafric fans loves take us to America whar Buu Moose is in fact i m treating Ather and Brothers for it it Seniv s to run in yous family a fact i la ask the doctor he comes much experience 6ksat Vou-6ot that sout from autos carousing and dissipates you do it rethink a fwd Wili of afewminuu5 what would you 5ay, mr5. Worth to for actin6 nur5e companion to Fiancee to say you were very 0r slightly mad

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