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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 29, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaLenoir Rhyne 0 presbyterian 7 Tennessee 40 Virginia 26 Gleason 20 Furman c. 26 Wofford 0 sum details on pages 6-8-4 v weather , Cloudy and Cool today. Warmer Mon Day. High 60, Low 48. Details on Page 2-a. Reader s tip Complete Roundup of col lege football Ami major tag baseball in sports Section. Page 6-a 9-a. Vol. 190 s. C., sunday morning september 29, 1957 daily 5c sunday Loc Gnyla by James a. Rogers frontiers Are still with us about frontiers did they Tanish with the 19th Century after the Prairie schooners reached the Pacific and we became nation reaching from Ocean to Ocean we err k we think so. Even geographic frontiers Are till wit us. Along the Frozen wastes o anal Utica the 20th Century counterpart of the rough and ready boys whose covered wagons lumbered toward the setting Sun to Day drive their tractors across the Snow and ice at the Bottom of the world. But the frontiers of geography Are limited. There Are few places along the land or water surface of the Globe a which have not yielded to the persistent and venture some spirit of the human race. But there Are frontiers remaining other than geography. The breakthroughs accomplished by modern technology resulting in new and entirely different concepts of Power and travel have multiplied out frontiers and magnified the necessity for an entirely new Type of Pioneer. Our world today is Small Anc very Complex a world in which a disease spot in Samarkand is dangerous to Florence to Chicago to san Francisco or any other place on the Globe. In this Small world the underprivileged around the Earth Are demanding a place in the Sun. They Are fomenting Revo Lution everywhere. It is one of the inescapable facts of this mid twentieth Century. New ideas and new compulsions Are a driving Force everywhere. We have at our disposal hitherto undreamed of. In the 12 years since the end of world War h we have developed our Power resources so rapidly As to completely revolutionize the pattern of warfare. Jet compulsion and nuclear Energy Are the startling scientific facts of our time. For a world so Small and so Complex they can mean either the end of civilization As we know if or the highest form of civilization we have Ever known. It depends upon accept the Challenge of the new frontiers opened by them. They Are not frontiers of geography. They Are frontiers that have to do with people and with the Fine Art of living together. They have to. Do with the difficult and stub born problem of human relations with the spirit and Quality of the individual hts Elf and his adjust ment to the. World social order. They extend across the boundaries of race and color and Creed. They grapple with the problem of How to cause people who differ As to the background As to individual and National heritage to act harmoniously and in Goodwill. They Are concerned with ignorance and prejudice and the prob lems of personal and social Mal adjustment created by them. They wrestle with the problem of har Nessing the Power and the scientific Genius of today s world to the higher Power and higher Genius of spiritual dynamics. These Are the new fron tiers. They emerge at a time when people Are on the March every where when science has diminished the world into one Only hours around for travel and moments for communication when nuclear Energy Jet planes and intercontinental missiles Are the fearful weapons at Man s disposal. They Are the frontiers of spirit when we draw wealth from the Temple Hills and the quiet Woods and Blue sky where we draw from the great Reservoir of music and poetry and Faith tin inspiration for peace and Friend ship and Goodwill to All Mankind where we find in the spiritual satisfaction of the Good life the deep Contentment that wealth and Power cannot bring where we under stand what general Wolfe mean when after Reading Grey s just before the Battle of Quebec he exclaim cd i had Tatlier have written that to inv than to take Quebec on the they Are More difficult fron tiers ii Ian those of geography they front human passion and greed they contend with the fore is of ill will. They sock in Bra Dak can Sims arc need by race and re Lurlon mid economics and ctr in play and politics. Thoy require a new Type Pioneer. Gov. Fau bus says he May try to close integrated school special session being considered Little Rock ark., sept. 28 Fri gov. Orval Fau bus said today he might seek to close Central High school rather than see it continue its integrated classes at the Point of Federal bayonets. The governor also said he has considered taking Legal Steps to obtain a Federal court injunction against president Eisenhower with a drastic step As closing Central the aim of preventing use of fed eral troops at Little Rock. Faubus Sadi the closing of Cen trial High would be a very pleas ant lie made the remark after con Ferring with a White mothers group which visited the executive mansion Here to beseech him to school. However the governor said in Vocci asian flu motions ruled out san Francisco. Sept. 28 w a panel of medical experts has leached the conclusion that mass immunization against asian flu Enza does t make sense. The group met last night at the request of the san Francisco medical society to assess the Sta Tus of the asian Type virus. Or. Rantz declared if we were to give the vaccine to one million persons across the Board right now we would have More deaths and illnesses from the vaccine Han we have with the or. Donald m. Campbell presi Dent of the medical society com menting on the clamor for vac Cine stated i d say there is a Good Deal hysteria. Of hysteria or near i m giving the vac Cine Only to relieve the near Hys what this near haste or. Meyer suggested it arose from a deliberate Campaign to sell the vaccine. What induced Tris near haste arose vaccine that had been Man fac ured for emergency purposes. Vaccine manufacturers Are Only responding to Public pressure he said. Or. Or. Meyer suggested it from Public demand for sox had this comment probably Only 20 per cent of the population will be hit this Means 50 out of 100 will not get asian flu. He said the vaccine is Only 50 per cent effective and if it is Given to the entire 100, Only 10 of the 20 destined to get flu will be protected. Of the 10, it is highly Likely that some will in hit harder 3y the vaccine than they would have been by the disease. Or. Sox added. The experts also suggested that Many of the cases listed As asian flu were no More than Standard Winter respiratory ailments. Or Meyer said Only 12 deaths have been reported in the United states among persons suffering from asian flu. All the panel agreed those persons were almost certainly killed by a complicating disease. The doctors said however there is always the real danger that the asian virus May change into a Type. The consensus was Don t worry about getting vaccinated you probably Are belter off without it if you get flu go to bed and treat lie symptoms. More dangerous deadly ailment of new Laws at a special session of the state legislature would be necessary before such High could . Earlier he had said be was considering Call ing such a session although he has not yet done so. Faubus made his statement to Eisenhower later today while1 attending the Arkansas Tulsa foot Ball game at Fayetteville ark., which the Home team won 41-14. He made it Plain to newsmen that there was nothing definite on his plans to try for an injunction and emphasized that he was merely considering the move. Faubus said that if he attempted to obtain an injunction to keep the president from using Federal troops in the racial situation at Little Rock he would follow a i procedure once used successfully against former president Harry Truman. The . Supreme court upheld an injunction prohibiting Truman from using troops to quell disorders which resulted from a strike against major steel companies in 1952. After Luke warm Faubus made his state ment about possible closing of Central High the Arkansas Democrat a Little Rock newspaper polled a number of state Legisla tors and found them lukewarm toward the idea of a special ses Sion. Sen. E. Ying Linig of Searcy ark., said this would be the worst possible time to Call such a session. This is a time to sit Down Cool off and act like human beings. Faubus and mothers gov. Orval fou bus gestures As mrs. Margaret Leader of the mothers league of Central High school watches. Mrs. Jackson led a Gro tip of mothers to the governor s mansion with a petition to close the school at Little Rock. A photo tax Hoffa predicts first ballot Victory court clears vote Miami Beach. Fla., sept. 28 r. Hoffa jubilant Over the Washington court decision Clearing the Way Lor teamsters Union elections tonight predicted a first ballot convention Victory next week naming him. The new teamster president. Hoffa 44-year-Oldj Midwest Union Boss accused of corruption by Sterling Cockrill of Littky the Senate rackets committee Jarl the same read and the Al Cio indicated he Rock had almost the same reaction. Rep. F. A. Teague of Berryville. Ark., one of two republicans in the Arkansas House said he was willing to serve in a special ses Sion if it would help the state. He aided Ike has made a demo crat out of me. I m changing my party affiliation Faubus was asked if a Law to close Central High would stand up1 in court. He replied i dont see Why it should however the governor emphasized that any such decision still is in the future. He said he would proceed cautiously in any Effort to get Federal troops away from the school. The soldiers were sent in this week by president i sen Izower to enforce classroom Inte Gration of six negro girls Andi thres boys. A reduced cordon of troops sur rounded Central High today. How Ever soldiers off duty were not granted passes. Military officials have said they do not wish to heighten tension by allowing the Federal troops to roam through Little Rock. Faubus said enactment of new Laws at a special session of the state legislature would be a necessary prelude to any such drastic step. Earlier he had revealed he was considering calling such a session although he has not expected Al Cio other pending protests yet done so. However the Arkansas demo crat a Little Rock newspaper rolled some of the legislators and round them rather lukewarm to Ward the idea of a special ses Sion. Sen. K. Yingling of sear by said would be the worst pos Ible time to Call such a session. This is a time to sit Down Cool off and act like human United fund total rises to the United fund s total Rose to this week end following a solicitors meeting Friday at which solicitors reported on their efforts. To chem Dpi or store qualified for the United fund award for achievement in Community service As did the employees of Orkin to. The next solicitors meeting will be held at 8 . Tuesday Avlue Garden Gate. Against convention delegates to be swept aside thus guaranteeing his election. I am satisfied the delegates now have the right to exercise the voting Power they came Here Hoffa a winningly told re porters. His election would mean almost certain expulsion of the team sters the nation s largest labor Union from Al Cio ranks. The Parent federation has called for Hoffa s ouster from the team sters in the Wake of charges he has misused Union funds and Powers. Complete vindication Dave Beck retiring teamster president and himself deeply involved in Senate committee charges called an appeals court decision this afternoon in Washington which set aside an earlier injunction against teamster elections a Complete the appeals decision set aside an injunction issued by u. S. District court judge f. Dickinson Letts against electing new team Ster officers. He acted on a rank and file members complaint that James r. Hoffa aspirant silent partner jubilant Mcclellan looses new blast at Hofta Washington sept. 28 on a new broadside at James r. Hoffa sen. A Mcclellan dark today accused the teamsters Union treasuries for his own Benefit. Mcclellan chairman of the sen ate labor a ackels investigating Delegate Choice had been rigged committee fired off a statement listing 34 instances of what he Des to insure Hoffa s election. Hoffa hinted the Union executive Board at a meeting tonight would throw out the basis for a Chal Lenge filed by a Hoffa opponent of some 175 convention delegates representing 111 Union locals. There Are 1.929 delegates in All representing 891 locals. These protests were filed by Thomas j. Haggerty Chicago one of Tho three candidates com Peting against Hoffa for the teamsters presidency. The others Are Thomas l. Hickey new York and Kef John Shelley a calf Hoffa said Hie protest based on two Union constitutional provisions. One requires that Dele Gates mums be certified to the Union s International Secretary treasurer John f. English prior to 30 Days preceding the Conven Tion. This was not done in Ninny cases. Hoffa said the executive Board will decide whether this is a Mil tar of convenience or the other constitutional provi Sion says convention delegates can be selected either by a direct members Venlo it locals or by hip local executive Board after Hong so authorised by s vote. Cried As further improper activities of James r. Hoffa and his these came on lop of 48 items listed at the close of committee hearings last Mouth at which Mcclellan said Hoffa had and equivocate hundreds of times in response to question about his alleged associations with hoodlums nil racketeers. Today s blast capped a new series of hearings which wound up with Ilola being pictured As the silent partner of a real estate pro Moter who planned to give team Ster members and other lot buy ers a Good Mcclellan supplied this phrase alter lowing isl Momiy that a Loltie Liel Ped promote a Florida land development with teamster Union funds. Mcclellan struck no total in list ing what lie called "jlolfii1 manipulation of Union but he licked off 12 items ranging from Neapolis minn., despite the fact that a top store official had admitted the concern was near Mcclellan said Hoffa also caused in Union welfare funds to be loaned to the same store despite the fact the store was in the midst of a strike by a fellow Al under the hearing improper Union practices to the detriment of the members Mcclellan listed 19 items. Faubus aroused mobs Ike says Newport r. A sept. 28 up president Eisenhower accused Arkansas gov. Orval e. Faubus indirectly today of encouraging mobs of extremists to flout Federal court orders on school integration. That his order sending troops into Little Rock the president at the same time denied Federal bore any resemblance to Hitler Ian tactics. Eisenhower expressed his views n a Telegram to sen. Russell who had protested to the president against what he called High handed and illegal methods icing employed by the Federal orces in Little Rock. The Telegram did not mention Faubus by name but in an obvious reference to the Arkansas chief executive the president said when a stale by seeking to Tus Trale the orders of a Federal court mobs of extremists to flout the orders of a Federal court and when a state refuses to utilize its police pow ers to protect against mobs per sons who Are peaceably exercising their right under the Constitution As defined in such court or Ders the oath of office of the president requires that he take action to give the Protection. Failure to act in such a Case would be tantamount to acquiescence in anarchy and dissolution of tile Russell in a Telegram sent to the president thursday said the soldiers had cracked one citizen on the head with a Rifle butt and had pushed others Down a Street with bayonets at throats. The senator said the soldiers were disregarding and Over rid no the elementary rights of american citizens by applying tactics which must have been copied from the manual issued the officers of Hitler s storm troop irs. However since you have seen it to order the troopers into action they should observe uie elementary rights of american Citi Zens who Are violating no Federal Russell said millions of patriotic american will strongly resent the armed totalitarian police state methods being employed at Little the president in his reply declared i must say that i completely fail to comprehend your com Parison of our troops to Hitler s storm troopers. In one Case Mili tary Power was used to further the ambitions and purposes of a ruthless dictator in the other to preserve the institutions of free government. You allege certain wrong doings on the part of individual soldiers at Little Rock. The Secretary of the army will assemble he facts and report them direct y to Eisenhower told Russell that few times in my life have i Felt As saddened As when the obligations of my office required me to order the use of a Force within a state to carry out the decisions of a Federal the president referred unmistakably to the action of gov. In calling out the National Uard sept. 2 to bar nine Groes from attending classes at ventral High school on the ground wished to prevent violence. Area deaths Thomas a. Luther Hartsville. Fred b. Brown Thurmon Ivlue. Mrs. Lidie Woolen Florence. Airs. Ella Estelle Mcknight Darlington. Harvey Baker Darlington. John Luther hat Licota Dar Lington. Mrs. Lottie Rollins Florence a the Rev. James p. Williams Hemingway. Details Page 2-a. Mercury drops chilling Rains push info area plunging temperatures and cold Rains brought a Sharp taste of fall to the Carolines yesterday. The thermometer Sank to 51 in Florence and went As Low As 45 in Greenville the weather Bureau reported last night. Charlotte and Atlanta experienced a 5 p. M. Low of 49, but Haleigh got off with 55. The Rains were a special Caro Lina feature of generally cold weather Over the entire East yes vierday. Elsewhere the weather was Clear. The cold front with its Center in the Eastern great lakes Region lies Over half the nation extending As far South As Jacksonville Fla. The Carolina rain said weather Bureau chief meteorologist Helmut Fusch. Is caused by to other Pheno Mona a Gulf coast Lew pressure area and an other incipient Low pressure area 2011 Miles East of Savannah. They Are forcing warm air above the cold front causing cloudiness and rain. The rain and cold have so far caused Little damage to Cotton and Lay crops. Herman Livingston Florence county agent said yes erday. He said it would take four or five Days continuous rain be Ore serious harm would come to Cotton bolls. The rain is of course slowing up gathering of Livingston said. He added that Coll weather docs not present any to Cotton. The Florence temperatures yesterday were 18 degrees below the Normal for late september weath Erman Fusch said. The pee Dee area was Lucky compared to some Northern areas Fusch added. Bear Mountain n. Y., up tin Hudson River from new York City was hit with a 23-degree Low. Pittsburgh experienced 35 Gree temperature. 5 survivors of sunken ship turn first to milk prayer a few thousand to Lars. Noc million Casablanca Morocco s e p t. 28 after two Days on the raging Ocean in a halt sunken Lifeboat five survivors of the Ger Man sailing ship Pamir came a . Rescue slip n n d made one Inui Edale request water. They were Given milk and gulped Down Gallons of it. The next thing they did was Pray. This was the Story told today us the five Young a e r in a n s reached aboard t h c week ago. The five survivors War Eliot let him Cut their beards. Picked up monday. A sixth survivor was rescued tuesday. The other 80 Are assumed to have perished As the steel hulled bark lurched Inlo a 40-degree list and Sank. The Fleiger took the germans from tin . Steamship Saxon shortly utter their Rescue. They nil tint haircuts said the a Cigar s burlier but they would . Military transport service ship gear or on their Way Home to Mcclellan listed the larger item j West Germany urn Way h. Hoffa Hadi the Pamir under sail from a one million dollars in Union welfare be Kilimi to Hamburg with n Hind loaned of hip my w. Of Barley was caught suddenly in inside Clasil fied. Deaths funerals editorials. Society sports at a Short news conference be fore taking off by plane for Frank Furt the live told the harrowing Story of the Pamir s sinking and the deaths of other seamen. When the Pamir went into Thi list it was impossible to stand on her deck they said. The sailors Many of them training to be Mer chant seamen plunged off tin ship in Bunches some Landing on others and pushing them under. 8-b. 9-b i originally there were 10 in 2-a 4-a 7-b-6-b their Lifeboat the five said. Two died the first night and their bodies were riven a makeshift burial at sea. Then three of hrs 6-a-9-a or Azort by to ilium re Niji in u i in Tii Niu no Iii Iii Nuzum i Thomas department store in min Loho fury of Hurricane Carrie a thealor entertainment 5-a i deaths Inlo the soil

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