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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus pie Alexa Neq is some for reps dear he d like this room no dear cookie ma9 some friends in there realize where now is there anything else can of to make Florence morning news Friday september a c wow Mommy you look Brand peanuts i Chuck v i m Here Mere s t the 6ue5t room jell i thou6ht i d let had stay in of i d ju5t move nonsense i Heap Kwh p a Little 6ukt cottage or something out in Back. C Mon leap me to it h005hoolp have Hap the Wake it a Little b166er, Chuck. Andy Capp fancy them closin1 that Lovev old museum. I know it Sidn get Many people in but to convert it into a Bingo haul it s i la see of about that Mary Worth i Vou Comein r weeks supposed you Mary Isa regular visitor Neyt do or yes i like to Early before the is Nice fresh of yes i stopped in at the state liquor store too Carroll Righter s Flo Roscoe from the Urr ii Ajmer Institute general tendencies now you Are determined to really produce results of importance. Activities can seem difficult until noon when conditions begin to break in your favor. Think in terms of the Long Range benefits you can get from your ambitions and put such a plan into effective action. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 Good Day for business and practical matters and getting everything in the Best order possible. Show you Are a valued partner. Reach Fine understanding with mate. Taurus apr. W to May 20 Don t Force an associate to do what you think Host or. You get stiff opposition. Try to make it a matter of give and take for Best results. Relax tonight. Gemini May 21 to june 21 Center energies on duties and avoid new outlet about which you know practically nothing. Show More cooperation with co workers. Moon children june 22 to july 21 you Are highly creative today and can accomplish a great Deal if you Don t go off on some Tangent. Don t permit others to get you off beam. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 do thoughtful things for Kin to show you Are Loyal and devoted. Get rid of bad habits that have brought i Harmony. Control temper. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 care in motion is important or you could lose much. Be sure to think before you speak and take a Little time to rest if tired. Watch diet. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 a Good Day to find ways to increase income. Contact experts read newspaper for opportunities. Some business expert can be most helpful now. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 make the most of any contacts you May make today and be sure to meet others expectations. Out to the social and state your Aims to those who can assist you. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 study Progress made toward goals and decide if they Are the right ones to pursue. Get information from experts. Use intuitive hunches. Evening can be Happy socially Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 a new Altitude toward Good friends rings Progress greater Mutual Success. You can now make a new most successful Friend who aids your Success in the future. Aquarius dec. 22 to Jan. 20 keep Busy at some new project that interests you greatly. Although the situation could be tense keep your credit High and be a Good manager. Pisces feb 20 to mar. 20 i ind right sources of information for making plans you have More successful. Impress on associates that you will More than meet your part of any bargain. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those dynamic Young people who has to be taught Early to cooperate More with others if the Fine Success possible in this Chart is to be fully realized otherwise your child will lose his or her temper with others and lose out in alliances. Give chores to perform Early that will teach to work and to Complete whatever has once been started. Religion Early is a must. Also spoils to teach fair play. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for october is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and is to Carroll Righter forecast. Florence morning 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcnaught Syndicate. Inc crossword Puzzle across i. Parl Nei 4. Wait yarn 7. Sly Leol haircut 11. Bils of interest 12. Sparr Nof Lish 13. Ceramics Sieve 11. Antitoxin 16. Lineage Frenchi River 18. High Hill 20. Used 22. Chail Olte. 26. Al pains jul ugh 31. Ruler 33. Maxims 34.leaven 35. Take Steps 37. Roman 39. Houston look Tell player 43. Hock of Tosca 48. De Atli notice 49. Gold in Spain 50. Rabble 51. Hakes edging 52. Spanish aunt 53 Curlice Aoa de m i solution of yesterday s Puzzle Down i. Clings one peach 2. Ouck Genus 3. Chantilly 4. Shakespeare s airy spirit Dick Tracy 29 38 7, Par time 23 Clin. A 5. Kidney bean 6 vegetable 1 unselfish 8 Remote 9. Herb of Grace 10. Somebody 15. Crescent Rolls 19. Globe 21. Oriental House 23. As Milieu in music hem 25. Fodder Plant 26. Beth s Sisler 27. Born 28. Chinese Pagoda 30. Turmeric Shoshone an 36. Chocolate drink 38. Spy 10. Flavor 41. Eve s grandson 42. Pokes Lun at 43 Kitty Arab s Coal humor m site of the Tell legend contract Bridge Becker bidding quiz you Are South both sides vulnerable. The bidding has been North Dale East pass South pass West pass what would you bid now with each of the following four hands 1.a9764 5 vq86543 3.akj982 4.a 4q9875 1. Normally when you pick up a hand like this the Best you can do is prepare to meet your maker but Here you have a reasonable Chance to come out 8 alive. In other words you have ask Gat i Lut Ilion for andr write in on a Post and ii to the Florence morning news p. O. Box in Florence. C. We. Andy 15 this the one mrs. Barley was using in two of the cases these charred brooms seem to have played a part. Possible arson m three buildings owned by the same Man. Beetle Bailey after All i deserve 6omz Reward after a decision this Olive just winked at Flintstones what do you suppose people will to a million years from now s Vou salp ju5t feel that Aik Aren t we Luck to live Ito prehistoric Fred will of Thev Pom t have a second without it we p keep avow from my girl. I be is kind of cute daddy. With a like dude who not Gung around with a gentleman like i oust in rhe face we Voo wasting Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Myra i fish age 10. Of Charlotte no. Carolina former question is there really a Birds As we know arc not very fond of cats. It seems rather Odd to name a Bird for one of his moral enemies. But Iacre is such a Bird. You just might have been mistaking him for his Cousin the beloved mockingbird. But they Are not exactly alike. For example the Catbird is called a Catbird because he often mews just like a pussycat. The mocker does this too but Only once in a while. 1 the Catbird might Bea permanent resident around Charlotte North Carolina. Or in october he May Fly South to spend the Winter in Florida or , in Mexico or even Way Down in Central America. He is about the same size As the mockingbird though his Tail is a Little Shorter. His Basic color is Silky mocking bad Grey. But he does Noi have those Little White ribbons on his shoulders or those soft White pillows under his wings. Instead the Catbird has a Rusty red Patch under his Tail. Watch for him. Milting among the Bushes especially when the Holly berries turn red. Often to can be heard hut not seen. What gives him away is his favorite Mew ing Call which sounds like a pussycat lost in he Bushes. When it comes to real singing the Catbird is almost As great As fix mockingbird. Both these cousins can imitate the songs of other Birds and copy All sorts of sounds in the neighbourhood. It is strange that they should do this because no other Birds sing More beautifully than the mocker or the Catbird. Usually they prefer losing their own rapturous songs after the other Birds go to bed and the world is quiet. Sometimes the mockingbird wakes us up to hear a Short song. Hut often the Catbird Sines like an opera Star for hours when the full Moon shines Catbird parents build a rather shaggy nest in the Bushes just a few feel above inc ground. They weave it from twigs and leaves and line it with rootlets and shreds of bark. Mrs. Catbird lays perhaps five Blue Green eggs and settles Down on the nest to keep them warm. When they Hatch the father Bird helps to gather food to feed the hungry Chicks. Sometimes the parents raise two families during the summer season. Catbird gobble up crickets and Grasshoppers assorted beetles and Many other insect posts. For dessert they enjoy any fruit that happens to be in season. Sometimes they steal a few grapes or strawberries. But they prefer Holly berries and blackberries that grow in the wild. During the nesting season the Catbird Fly North and spread throughout the United slates and Southern Canada As far West As fhe Rockies. They do not Cross the Western mountains. Some do not Fly South for the Winter. They Are permanent residents in regions around the Gulf of Mexico and in some of the Southeastern slates Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to John Ashbrook. Age 9, of Allentown. Pennsylvania for his question Why is the inside of the Earth so hot the Cool crust is Only about 40 Miles thick. Below it the layers get hotter and hotter As we go deeper towards the Cen trial Core. Down there in the Middle of the Globe it is thought that the temperature is As High As fahrenheit. Scientists know that the Center of the Earth is very very hot. But they Are not absolutely certain what makes it this Way. They suspect that several things May help. Scientists agree that there arc radioactive materials Down inside the Earth. These As we know give off a lot of heal and most Likely they help to heal the Earth s Core. Pressure from heavy layers around the Core also adds heal. Most experts agree thai inc Newborn Earlh was a Ball of hot molten material. As the outer layer cooled it formed n solid crust. The Cool solid crust May have helped to Seal some of the original heal inside the Core. Most Likely All of these things helped to Ink Chr Middle of the Karlh holler than hot. A Chance to make two hearts or is come close to it. To Artner s double i a Spade is not for penalties it is. For s takeout. North is asking you politely to bid and you must respond. Your response does not Promise values because you Are simply following or Ders. Hands where your partner would have seven defensive tricks Are much too rare for you to treat his double in this sequence As a penalty double. If North wanted to defend against one Spade he would pass. He would also pass with a minimum opening bid having spoken his piece when he said one club. Consequently he must have a better than minimum opening bid. With a one suited hand he would rebid his clubs with a two suited hand he would bid his other suit. It follows that he has support for three suits and that two hearts is a tolerable resting place. 2. Three hearts. This is a much More promising hand and it must therefore be bid differently. Three hearts tells partner that despite your previous pass there is a Chance for game. North May vkj92 3. Pass. Partner has requested you to bid but it is your prerogative to convert his takeout double into a penalty double when your hand merits it. In this instance it is Yard to imagine a better contract than one Spade doubled and so you pass. 4. Two Spades. You Don t have much in the Way of High cards but it is Clear that your hand is Likely to produce a game on the bidding. These glad tidings Best be conveyed by Cue bidding the Adverse suit thus asking North to either bid a new suit or rebid his clubs. Partner won t play you for a huge hand after All you passed one Spade on previous round and thus showed limited values. 1373 King features Syndicate inc tomorrow imagination every Day Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh our prayer list is one of the most of the everyday Counselor column Many prayer requests come to us. They arc enrolled on the everyday Counselor prayer list and the Petitioner is asked to report within 60 Days. Many excellent reports Are received. Here is an excerpt fran a report letter. Sometimes ago i asked to be enrolled on your prayer Lisl slating my problem. N of i am Trappy of bring Good report. Our daughter who had left her husband thanks to god and prayer is Back with her husband and children and they arc attending Church regularly loge Lher i non so grateful for this. Also asked for prayer for me that i might be relieved of migraine headaches which have plagued me for years f am Happy to report that i have nol had another headache since i wrote you my prayer request this is so not All prayer requests receive such prompt and striking answers. I recall that i prayed 20 years for one Man before he finally yielded his life to his lord. When he did it. He went All the Way. He was not a Man of bad personal habits. He had Good morals but he put off thai decision of yielding his life to his lord lie became a transformed Man. His enthusiasm was boundless. He could t understand Why professing weren t enthusiastic Joyful and Happy. To him. It was a wonderful thing in have Christ As his Saviour and know that his sins were forgiven to receive guidance for his daily life. This Man was a Good illustration of How Christ transforms a life yielded to him. The Bible says. If any Man be in Christ lie is a new it is. Spiritual renewal continues daily just As physical renewal. Kach Day we real educate our lives to our 1-Ord and ask forgiveness for past sins seek direction. This being done the Power of the holy spirit radiates the fruits of the spirit. They Are listed in galatians 5. Fruit of the spirit is love Joy. Peace. Long suffering. Gentleness goodness Faith meekness and these Are the dividends of tilt Christian life and Are ours As we Lei the holy spirit take Possession of our lives the rouble Wilh so Many of is is that we carry around Wilh us accumulated garbage such As Bittern ass. Resentment Finger. Fear worry these arc All a denial of our Failli in our lord. When we surrender our lives we surrender the problem. If we collect new ones then we surrender Ihm. It is an ongoing process. This is the Way the Bible tells us to enter partnership with god making him the senior partner. Write die everyday Counselor in care of ih1s newspaper enclosing 20 cents and a self addressed stamped for Hill Lin no. 61 accepting Chest an4 no fio Drexl is your so Iii

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