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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaHunting i like my Job but these shirts Are ridiculous John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor monday morning september 28, 1970 with other editors stillness that restores the noise of our modern material world mirrors the stats of our think ing. Thus putting aside the studies of the aberration Al behaviour of rats when fed a diet of noise men should surefire plan some people believe that the Federal budget is so out of whack that there s no Way to balance it. They re wrong. Sen. Carl Curtis a Republican from Nebraska recently proposed a method for guaranteeing that the budget got balanced. It was a surefire plan the Curtis proposal. He offered an amendment specifying that the annual pay hike Congress presented itself this year would be suspended until the budget was balanced. If that amendment had passed we have no doubt that pretty soon we d have had a balanced budget. But it did t pass taxpayers will not be surprised to learn and the chances of it Ever passing Are just about As slim As the prospects of seeing the budget balanced. Winterhaven Fla news chief take serious note of the mounting noise Levels around them. The Wash o f air conditioning currents through Walls. The Rhumm of tires from endless centipedes of autos on their Way to crevices in the hot cities and Back again to their cooler nighttime suburban haunts. The pounding subdural unless one stops Effort fully to listen of Distant Industrial presses. Sometimes in the City one can almost feel the grating of Glass and Concrete. These abrasive sounds Are directly Akin to the agitated moods which overcome persons and groups seemingly at times at every hand. The modern world is not always generating friction. But the literally quiet moments Are far too infrequent. A peace for instance often settles Over the world of a sunday afternoon when getting and striving Are for the hour of no moment. Is not such stillness delicious and profound the natural state of Man but we Are Busy Busy. The world is cacophonous. And we Seldom hear this handsome restorative stillness. Because we Seldom Stop to listen. The Christian science Monitor David Lawrence Cuba Hijacker move hopeful Washington the most significant piece of news about hijacking is the decision of the cuban government to return to the United states a Man who last month had forced a Jet plane to go to Havana with 86 persons aboard. The flight was supposed to be from Chicago to new York. While the plane s passengers were immediately flown Back to Miami from Cuba the High Jacker identified a former private in the . Army Robert. J. Labadie was held by the Havana government and now about a month later is turned Over to american authorities. This represents a Complete change in the policy of the Castro government. It is believed to be a procedure that the state department which made the announcement about the Hijacker s return is trying to get every nation to agree to follow in the future. There has been some theorizing that the soviet government which has a Good Deal of in fluence in Cuba has deemed it Wise to suggest this course to Havana. But the real reason for the change in the Castro government s attitude is its fear that the mexican government will fulfil a recent announcement that it would not renew the present agreement for air travel Between Mexico City and Havana. This is a serious thing for the cuban government William s. White so Best by taste test Woodcock worries Nixon advisors Imperial chemical industries seems to be taking a now you see it now Yuju Don to attitude about its new tobacco substitute. But if Ici is Only six months away from a major decision to begin manufacturing a cellulose based tobacco their researches must feel they have a solution at hand. If so they Are heirs tic a Long line of optimistic experimenters going Back in a straight line to every lad who first inhaled the smoke of Corn silk or Rabbit tobacco behind the barn. The last Experiment that burned out was dried lettuce leaves. The Job of producing a non cancer inducing non irritating tobacco substitute that satisfies smokers is Washington the men not an easy one. If Ici has come up who i in economic affairs for the with one which can be turned out at a profit enough to make it worthwhile it May indeed have profound and Adverse effects on North Carolina s tobacco Industry. Nixon administration Are quite Content to let others worry about the political effects of the Middle East. Their own concern is Over what they see As the crisis of the american Middle but the balance Sheet for a West and specifically whal cellulose based tobacco would have to Union Leader Leonard Woodcock look mighty Good when compared has threatened will be one hell with the already lucrative filter tip of a Long strike at general business. Motors barely has any White House the Cost factors and consumer been More by any reaction will determine Ici s final strike for some of the savviest decision and Strong doubts surround people in the administration both. Tobacco Farmers should not be think u has special implications in a panic to turn Over a new the Charlotte observer think and from the administration s viewpoint All of them Are especially bad. Meeting police training heed modern demands of criminal Justice place an increasing Burden of responsibility on those who represent society in the administration of Justice. On the front line of responsibility Are Law enforcement officers. Until recently about the Only education for local policemen was in the school of experience. That situation is changing in South Carolina and the rapid development of effective formal education in Law enforcement is a dramatic Story. Spartanburg Junior colleges Prog ram in police science and administration is an impressive example. Its director John w. Henry whose father was once sheriff of Spartanburg county and who has had a Fine career in Law enforcement described the state s educational program to the Spartanburg rotary club this week. Four institutions now offer degrees in the Field of Law enforcement the University of South Carolina the College of Charleston Palmer College also of Charleston and Spartanburg Junior College. Euphemism adult bookstores adult 1 movies How far does the game of euphemism carry us adult is not synonymous with pornography in our Book. As adults we resent the implication it is. Pornographic bookstores All right Call them that. Pornographic movies All right too. But in a Day of Tell it Jike it is truth seeking we Don t have to stomach the Dodge of calling emporiums of smut adult 1 bookshops and adult movies. New Orleans times Picayune Sec s first class began a year ago with 20 students. Sixty nine have enrolled for the current semester. Of these 32 Are i time Law enforcement from the City police department three from the sheriff s department four from the state department of corrections two from the state probation and parole Board two from Union and one from Gaffney. The remaining 37 come from All sections of the state most of them Young men who wish to prepare for careers. In the first place president Nixon s most realistic advisers Are Well aware that the biggest thing the democrats have got going for them in november s congressional and senatorial elections is the state of the Economy and the Small but real Hump in the unemployment graph. In the second place these Fellows have privately insisted All along and apparently have meant it that before november business and the Stock Market would be Well on the Way upward. The fear now is that a truly prolonged paralysis at pm and perhaps elsewhere in the Industry which would of course seriously Compromise if not wholly disrupt such Hopes and plans might be worse than Only the beginning of More labor troubles. The fear in Short is that Woodcock As successor to the late Walter Woodcock that there Ever was with Walter. The poignant depth of this anxiety May be measured by recalling that Reuther was both the most openly partisan and the most powerfully partisan labor Leader this country has known with the possible exception of the late John l. Lewis of the miners Union. Actually Walter Reuther used to come very close to running the democratic party in Michigan certainly he gave orders to the Michigan delegation to democratic National conventions. When he died in Brief there died with him a far More muscled opponent of the Nixon administration on Vietnam in terms of practical vote marshal ing than any rhetorical Senate Dove. Now it should be stressed that nobody in or around the White House is charging the democratic party itself with plotting with Woodcock to con duct an Over Long strike for political purposes and for that matter nobody is flatly accusing Woodcock himself of such a design. Still the acute anxiety is there though on a general and National basis and not because of the Mere circumstance that a democratic senator Philip Hart is up for re election in Michigan the Core of the motor Industry. Hart though a Dove and no pal of the administration is not on its bed Rock must list for defeat quite apart from the probability that he could t be beaten anyhow. News analysis for unlike other doves Hart has kept his opposition to the War within responsible Bounds. More importantly in the Plain human sense he has shunned a politics of emotional extremism As he recently proved anew by publicly denouncing a band of obscenity shooters that beset vice president Spiro a g n e while he was trying to speak in Michigan. No it is not such politicians As Philip Hart who really stir the concern of the administration. It is that phrase one hell of a Ion and All the inferences that can be drawn from it in . Minds. These inferences Are that Woodcock As a new boy. Has set out to Oul Reuther Reuther politically As Well As in the Field of labor negotiations As such. Israel fears guerrilla preserve inside j Ordan Law enforcement must maintain a balance Between the common Good and individual or. Henry told rotarians. This involves people. Reuther As head of the United policemen must have education to is. A strike not Only against pm but maintain this delicate balance. They must understand people and be understood by he described the state s educational to course on Law enforcement in 1965 and the develop ing state Law enforcement division Academy which despite limited space and funds has conducted Basic and advanced courses for also if obliquely against the Nixon administration and the Republican party collectively As against the coming november. One administration Man has in private sighed i never thought i d live to see the Day i could say it but i really believe there is going to be More trouble with cutting the thing finer some of the highest officials of the administration Are afraid that Woodcock As a new inheritor of the Reuther leadership will feel compelled to be tougher not Only As a labor negotiator but More implacable also As an Ultra to t j ii r Liberal democratic partisan. Or. Henry pointed out that a Law one p laced adopted this year will require minimum Entrance standards to the Academy and attendance by police recruits except those of the smaller communities beginning in 1972. Law enforcement education has one More he concluded. It is to educate the Public As to its duty and responsibility. You Are the witnesses to crime the victims of crime the jurors the taxpayers. You need to know the problems and to become South Carolina police authorities Are giving their Public much encouragement to be responsive to this Appeal. The Sparl burp Herald by Hal Mcclure associated press writer Jerusalem a there is an uneasy feeling Here that King Hussein can Only Settle his bloody civil War by promising the palestinian guerrillas their own private preserve facing Israel s Jordan River front lines. And the israelis say they won t have it. Premier Golda Meir said Israel takes a grave View of Hussein s Call to the guerrillas to move their forces to the Border with Israel. And she promised her government would use Force against any agreement by the guerrillas and Hussein concluded at Israel s it. Gen. Haim bar lev the chief of staff was even More explicit. He said Israel would intervene militarily if the situation along the Border deteriorated. And then he added the israeli military action would be different in scope and nature from our other activities to he did not explain. Israeli retaliation against Jordan heretofore has been either air attacks or Quick in and out rapier thrusts by infantry or armoured units or in one Case a combination of All three. One interpretation of the bar lev statement might be that the next time Israel strikes it would do so will one purpose capture and keep real estate. Especially if that territory is if the hard pressed guerrillas moved into the Jordan Valley to the remained relatively israelis would probably remain inactive. But it would be entirely different if Hussein an order to make any cease fire workable gave the guerrillas a Section of North West Jordan including Gilead. When this same area and its capital of Irbid were captured briefly this week by an armoured invasion Force from Syria Israel reacted swiftly. Israeli land and air units went on the Alert and still remain there a week later. Military observers say Israel must hold onto All its options because the situation is hid and anything still can happen in Jordan. Reserve Gen. Haim Herzog a former chief of intelligence and now a commentator on the state radio reflected israeli thinking when he said saturday that Hussein had won a Battle but the struggle continues. He added it is of such a brutal and violent nature because it is a struggle of to lid or not to be allowing for Little or no Compromise particularly for the jordanian military establishment and the bedouins whom they represent most israelis Are pully for Hussein and his bedouin troops chief of the extremist popular front for the liberation of Palestine. Other israelis held a different View of the jordanian fighting As indicated by this sick joke sweeping the state did you hear that Israel has promised military Aid to Jordan an unlimited Supply of ammunition to both because All airmail from North and South America comes by Way of Mexico City. Also whatever travel there is by air to and from Cuba in this hemisphere must Start with flights Between Havana and Mexico City. Without such air travel there would be a serious interruption for the cuban government in the handling of its communications facilities. The soviet government of course May have been concerned Over this too As it maintains a number of agents in Havana who move to and from that City to Points in Central and South America by plane first to Mexico City and then outward. It s the Only available Means of travelling by air into the West Ern hemisphere for Cuba. The mexican government has been disturbed by the number of hijackings and has served notice on Cuba that when the present agreement expires next july it will not be renewed. The cuban government probably believes that by returning hijackers it can remove the cause for d i s s a t i faction and keep air planes operating Between the two countries. The state department Here is Active in the negotiations with other nations in the Hope of obtaining agreements with each to Send hijackers Back to the country from which the flight of the seized plane started or in which the plane is registered. It is conceivable that if potential hijackers knew that the governments of All the countries of the world which have airports intend to Deal firmly with hijackers there will be few attempts to take Over planes. This remedy May be far More effective than the use of armed guards on planes. If All the governments of countries a hich have Fields on which air planes can land will publicly pledge themselves now to return All hijackers it is unlikely that the seizure of planes by hijackers will be much of a problem in the future. Only one country it is said has Ever before returned a Hijacker directly to the nation in which the hijacking occurred. This was saudi Arabia which arrested an egyptian who seized a plane in wha4 was supposed to be a Domestic flight but which was forced to land in a neighbouring country. Negotiations for the return of All the passengers on the three planes which were seized by palestinian commandos earlier this month Are supposed to be continuing but governments Here and abroad Are making no announcements about it. The feeling is that More can be accomplished by secret diplomacy than by direct action. By a. C. Gordon 1. What sex president of the v. S. Served in the Confederate states Congress 2. What Bird is Able to swim As much As a Hundred Miles a Day without exerting itself 3. What two songs have been recorded the greatest number of times 4. For what is a protractor used answers 1. John Tyler 2. Penguin. 3. St. Louis by w. C. Handy and by Hoagy Carmichael. 4. For measuring angles. I want to ask you Why there Are so Many kind hospitable and generous non christians and on the other hand Soma by prudish self righteous professing christians this bothers me and i m sure it disturbs Many people. S. P. You Are right on both counts. There Are Fine upstanding kind non christians and too Many prudish self centred professing christians. The word profess ing is the catch. Not every one who claims to be a Follower of Christ actually is. Did t our lord say Many will say to me in that Day lord lord have we not prophesied in thy name and then will i profess unto them i never knew you you that work Matt. 23. Tru Cleau s coming to pass it stale within a was the Way one israeli put it. What worries the israelis is the Gilead platau 125 Square Miles Nigger Mountain oils land strategically overlooking israeli farm settlements South of the sea of Galilee. Everyone expects a Follower relentlessly pursue and punish of Christ to possess High Virtues Tiiu when Thuy atm a it is Lim i Iticia i Izui men Savi Iye draconian code of the desert. I m on the King s said admiring Moshe Dayan. And i believe he will asked Why he s u p p o r t e d Hussein the old Warrior replied because i am against the a 11 pm a to v c or. George Wien Niue i disappointing and disillusioning. It is in fact a contradiction and ought not so to be. On the other hand when a n o n Christian possesses traits that Are Noble such As kindness honesty and decency it is noteworthy and noticeable. One might easily conclude As a re sult of such observations that being a Christian makes no difference in one s conduct. But this is not True. A real Christian is kind honest courteous hospitable forgiving understand ing and Loving. Read the thirteenth chapter of first Corinth ians for the Christian Ideal. A new Follower of Christ can achieve the More excellent Way because the love of god abides in him and the non Christia i does not have the Benefit of Sulci love. Griir Titti a cuts Florence morning news published Dally and sunday 141 s. Irby is. Florence 5.c. 79501 member of lie associated press Audi Bureau of circulation Southern new paper publishers association. The asst. 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