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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 27, 1970, Florence, South Carolina47th year no. 270 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Campus unrest report Carolina n. C. Tech state Texas 13 Nixon to assert for details see sports Clemson n. 0 Furman 13 dome Purdue 0 Illinois 9 36 h Ashing Ion a the chairman of to convince Public officials and protesters commission on Campus unrest alike that divisive and insulin rhetoric is kilo president Ninn i i id cruise greater leadership if violence is to r curbed and tensions eased Between Voundy it re chairman William Scranton commented shortly before release of the commission s report to the president which blames gov actions and inaction Al All Leith lists Are Calk a criminals. The report some Law enforce Mcnol. Officers of unwarranted harshness but also asserts some school administrators have been Loo lenient. In urging Nixon to assert moral Leader ship in achieve an understanding Between opposing factions. Scranton Republican former governo of Pennsylvania said Al a news conference i p to now the episodes of this Spring Thuc has not been the kind of leadership to bring about the kind of reconciliation we have been talking scat inn s statement jointed the fiver More firmly at Nixon than did the words of the the nine member commission established last Spring soon after the killings at knit slate in Ohio and Jackson stale in Mississippi called for an end to the Vietnam War. And said this to Nixon in its published n pure ii is imperative that the president bring us before More lives arc lost and Mure property destroyed and m o c universities disrupted. We recommend that inc president seek appearing at the news conference with the entire commission Scranton said attempts to make political issues of hair styles and modes of dress Are rather infantile and the remark came in response to a question about vice president president Spiro t. Agnew s commentaries on students. T presidential aide Robert Finch said Nixon already has implemented every recommendation of the commission in whole or in part. As for asserting moral leadership o Assn diced Finch said "1 hink h has to Lessen discord. Finch said. I think he has taken Steps in that As to the recommendation calling for a less volatile form of rhetoric Finch Al first said he did t think the commission was referring to Agnew. Under pressure from reports. Finch then said you la have to ask gov. Scanlon that. I m not going to pass judgment on individuals in this Scranton declined to Point specifically at or the vice president or anybody to make some of the comments made earlier this the a Cor Sas Only a Small minority of Stidons Baculy my bars and agia ors in on desk Union of universe is. Nixon has no read he report. Ser anon sad he or Sidon plans o Rad i and con for with him Are the Psi Donial rip Europe which begins sunday. A presidential aide said that when Stanton submitted the report Nixon told him. I can assure you that your report will be controversial. I want to say Don t worry about thai. Worry if it s not controversial we Don t want a Bunch of intellectual eunuchs around Sec to Chest Page a Arab commandos free air hostages judge directs acquittal for Sellers on two counts . S. C. A slate circuit judge ordered a directed verdict of acquittal sat urday on of the three Riol charges agn Insl negro activist Cleveland l. Sellers or. As a re Mill of Campus violence in 1968. Circuit judge John Grimball mailing charge against him of Rio could be applied Only to the night of tuesday feb. I when j a throng of negro students gathered at a shopping Center in protest loan All while howl ing Alley located there. Said thai in two Days of Testi Mony the prosecution had failed Giitl curly to prove that Sellers i incited negro students to riot or led a conspiracy to riot. Clipped from newspapers Given to the jurors. Earlier saturday Grimball americans among lost released Beirut. Lebanon a radio Amman announced saturday that the re main intr hostages from hijacked airliners All believed to be americans were freed by Palestin Ian guerrillas and Are in the hands of jordanian authorities. J airline passenger lists had indicated 38 hostages were in guerrilla hands but the Amman broadcast said 32 captives were released by the commandos and that they were the Only ones held by them. No explanation was Given for the discrepancy. Later an official egyptian spokesman in Cairo said All the hostages had brr Jian ded Over to the egyptian a embassy in Amman and were free. They Are the last of 54 hostages held by the guerrillas since the popu Lar front for the liberation of Palestine 8 pulp master minded the Hijack of Hie three Western jetliners to Jordan sept. F. And 9. Six pen British. Swiss and Miami warnings a Canyon Home in the Chatsworth h Section of los Angeles Burns Jit is one of Many Homes burned to ground by raging Brush fires North of the City storm flags hoisted in Florida huge Wall of flames engulfs canyons North of los Angeles los Angeles a a Homes Ventura county. 33.000 fond Bedford jr., 21, was found Wall of flames 30 Miles wide who conducted an Exten Sive probe into inc 1968 incident wire unable to find anything against Sellers. He told Sellers defense attorneys that the four month investigation by some 30 to 40 Fri agents Turnaj up nothing afro haired Sellers standing on against your judge Grimball rung leaves he trunk of an Auton Lobile at v. Shopping inc trial judges statement told defense attorneys that Fri West German hostages released j Werc along Miles j largest of numerous Large Brush acres in five fires 17 a Shack in Saugus. Where he i raged fiercely in canyons North Riverside county lot in apparently had been trapped Sjofn los Angeles saturday the two fires four Homes Mecale while watching the Agua Duice an agent of the Stala Law enforcement division l. C. Testified earlier saturday that be had seen the Tig Iii a riot pending against Sel lers 1 0. A former program director of the student non Vio Lent coordinating committee in Chi. And even on that one count of Young Blacks to. Burn baby. In Jordan Friday arrived in London saturday night smiling but weary aboard a British Royal air Force plane. Of the South Florida coast Satur Day night As tropical storm j Greta developed quickly Over fires burning out of control in i Southern California. Al . . The Bahamas and mover on a 1 no Lam. . I l not the judge held that six women to came after detente attorney Howard Moore or. Objected to testimony from two Fri agents judge Grimball ruled on the j As defense motion for a directed verdict of no Quallal on All three counts while the jury of six men state had failed to jury could not charges against Sellers for his actions on the nights of feb. 7 and feb. R. Inels. Negro women and a negro Man. Were out of the court lie Lom them when they re saturday that the remaining hostages would be released 24 hours without any the Tate men said All the remaining hostages were Safe the popular front announced see hostages Page 8-a Jordan s King Hussein Homes hew government course that would bring it in land South of Miami. The National Hurricane Cen Ter ordered the Gale warnings up at 7 . Edt. From Mara Thon in the Florida keys to Vero Beach. Emergency preparations to secure Small Craft and for Protection against sustained winds up to 60 Miles per hour in the should be com the the rapidly developing Tropi Cal disturbance built from a Diego county. Hundreds of Homes and Ca bins had been destroyed in the fires that broke out in marching weather Friday. Flames had raced across More than acres by saturday afternoon pushed by desert winds that reached Hurricane Force at times. Two deaths were confirmed. As the flames swept Down tin Der dry canyons and hillsides thousands of residents fled expensive Homes in the Santa Monica mountains North of los an areas two towns were evacuated in san along the Border. Blaze. Acres Rel ands area j acres and Laguna mountains John Murasaki mid he stood san Diego 10.000 the roof of his Home spraying it with water until r said Ancl in x Jin five other counties. Wave to a depression to a storm three turned thai they should not re negro students the fac that be w2s now. Slain and to others wounded including Sellers in a clash with slate Highway patrolmen on the Smith Carolina slate College Campus the nigh of thursday feb. 8. On the night before feb. 7. The racial violence included the stoning of cars passing by the Campus on . Liol. Ing he riot charge to stand King Hussin of Jordan named a new government saturday press Arab leaders. It. Did j in just a few hours. Any indication that Sellers Wasj guilty of it. The jury was sent Back to their hotel rooms and will re main secluded throughout the weekend until Tho trial resumes monday morning. Grimball again warned the jurors not to discuss he ease hoping to placate his Arab Crit judge Trimbal said among themselves or View news since the slate had failed to con j on television. No spa Nanct Sellers with any illegal pc accounts of the trial Are acts on i Hose two nights inc re Bicentennial event at Hopewell Hopewell presbyterian Church one of the pee Doe oldest will celebrate its 200tli birthday a Lex sunday. See Page 1-b. The social life to some in washing Ion is Dull others find it adequate. See Page 5-a. Index building so a 2a editorials 4a in Gallup 3a 7a Sperti 1c weather partly Cloudy and worm today Wilh Chance of showers and thundershowers. Mostly Cloudy tonight and monday with rain Likely. High today Low 90i. Low ought 60. High monday Mld-70s. Details Page 3-a. Is who from Cairo accused him of plotting to liquidate the Palestine guerrillas. They also charged that Jordan s army Vio lated the cease fire. Hussein named Ahmed Tou Kan chief of the Royal court and former Deputy prime minister As prime minister. Toukan is a Lestinia but the King kept Mil itary men in key positions. It was guerrilla rage Over the naming of a military regime i that helped touch off the civil War last week. The King replied angrily to a charge from Cairo by president Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan who said his peace Mission in Amman was fired on Friday blamed Hussein for this and declared we Are convinced there is a plot by the jordanian authorities to liquidate the Palestine liberation Organ Iza indicate their match making is hav ing some Happy results. See Page 1-d. Numajiri who arranged the cease fire Friday Between Hus Sein and Yasir Arafat guerrilla Lender who Cadi the palestini an liberation organization ech oed the charge made earlier in the Lay by president Gamal a Del Nasser of Egypt who accused Jordan of violating the cease fire and trying to liquidate the guerrillas. Cairo radio said Hussein would Fly to Lam egyptian Capi Lal sunday to talk with Nasser whipped by Strong hot winds the flames roared through Mali not say whether the trip would Grzela was moving Northwest i by and Chatsworth canyons be made on his initiative but about 14 Miles per hour with j North of los Angeles creating a after the Day s exchanges it j winds of 45 m.p.h., the National j giant Blaze Stretchins 30 Miles seemed a confrontation was j Hurricane Center said. From the san Gabriel clearly needed to clarify the situation in Jordan. Hussein was conciliatory in his reply to Nasser saying his gradual turn to the North. 30 Miles mountains t North of the san Fernando Val the storm was forecast to the coast at Malibu. This continue moving Northwest for j Blaze was joined saturday after 12 hours before beginning a noon by another huge fire that army had observed the cease fire despite endless Prev Bra Lions by the palestinian guerrillas groups of whom were see Hussein. Page 8-a this should bring the Center had started Friday around Simi Valley to the Northwest. Thousands of fire fighters some firemen others volunteers on fire lines. Fire retardants were being dropped from the air. One unidentified body was found by firemen in the path of the Malibu Chatsworth fire. Another victim Fred my eyebrows got singed and i had to the Chatsworth Malibu fire was the state s worst since no vember 1961 when 424 houses in Bel air and Brentwood were destroyed. Gov. Ronald Keagan Clad in Blue jeans and a to shirt i Riecl pen t agon relaxes Mideast Alert Washington the United slates saturday modified major military precautions to Cope with the Mideast crisis by relax no the Alert status of some 17. American paratroopers Home and abroad. Led fire fighting operations at his Malibu ranch. He ordered his ranch stripped of its furnishings and evacuation of horses and other livestock. He praised fire men who turned flames from his property with a hastily built backfire. Numerous evacuation centers were set up for residents Many it whom fled their Homes with out saving anything. With temperatures in the 90s the defense at. And wind gusts reaching 80 Miles per hour smoke towered feet in the air Over the department Angeles Ventura county line. Inland Over South Florida near j firemen gave these acreage or just South of Miami about 8 and Home loss estimates on the the Hurricane fires Agua Dulce Chatsworth Center i and Malibu and 207 announced that orders have gone to the 82nd at it. Bragg n.c., and two battalions of the j firemen blamed the fires on 5h9th airborne infantry i the unusual weather conditions Mainz. West Germany to. Although exact causes weren t reduce the readiness i determined. The hot dry winds posture that has been in jew arc forecast to continue Force for a week. Through sunday. By cancels March for Victory address Pahis a South Viet-1 Washington and Saigon changed namese vice president Nguyen Cao by said saturday he would not visit the United slates ocl. 3, As had been announced ear Lier to address a March for Victory rally in Washington. Shortly after making the statement by met with Henry a Kissinger president Nixon s senior adviser on National seen his mind. He made the disclosure Dur ing taping of the lbs to show face Hie to be Broad cast sunday. By is in Paris to supervise Saigon s peace conference team. Several . Senators had pro tested by s planned Visil and aug Iii Cui Vioti in int sunni i Rita affairs who came to planned rallies to Confer with members of inc . Delegation if the peace talks on the Viet Cong s ill Day old new peace officials said Kissinger s visit in by was a Courtesy Call. By had accepted an invitation to address the rally sponsored by inc . Carl Mcl Tirc bin said diplomatic advice from to oppose the March Lor Victory and by s participation. Informed sources said the decisive move was the arrival Here Friday of Rui diem Sai gon s ambassador to washing ton who reminded by that me possibly Bui diem strongly con to say that the Nixon almost three hours Confer eyed official . Tried hard to disc our at the proposed by visit. I age me to come to Washington reached at his the 3rd of october is not ring with ambassador Bruce or. Labib and other members of the n.j., Home Mcintire called Nile. But .1 received advice i Kissi Iver we american Side and Stant i0uch will blackmail. To keeps in Cornith the delegation from our vietnamese people in j from his White House office he said we believe telling me that a face to face merlins been trying to break this dear Piv Senco during the rally would with and Labib to review Man. They be been sneaking j create certain trouble and around in the dark trying to maybe nut help much the cause Sleptis. By is our fellow Soi Illi vietnamese. So 1 tank and we re not going to ii j decided to postpone entire Blessing. Not have Nixon s the informants said if was Nixon deny us the principle of Freedom of he said he and his wife would leave immediately for Paris to talk to by. Lbs in new York said by s exact words with reference to his decision about coming to the United Stales Werc Kissinger flew in from Washington expressly to Confer with . Ambassador David k. K the plan the Viet Cong s mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh presented at the sept. 17 session of the peace mrs. Bin s proposal repeals an Oft stated demand for unilateral . Military withdrawal chief and Philip c. Labib Mcc s Deputy. Would Deal Wilh a Saigon regime not headed by president. Cru the most a delegation spokes yen Van thou vice president Man would say about the enjoy and Premier Tran Buu counter was or

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