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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 27, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather Cloudy and Stilld with atonal role today and tonight. High 76 Low 64. Detail., 2-a. Reader s tip Greenville Driver de he had hot cargo a Burn Tiff trailer. Story Page a a. Vol. 188 Florence s. C., Friday morning september 27, 19s7 daily 5c sunday Loc Faubus implores x citizen prudence Brucker squelched Alert order Washington sept. 26 up in tie Pentagon Secretary of the . Drueker tonight countermanded an order units in the South to train for riot duty and get ready to Speed to scenes of governors get Ike nod for civil disorder. The order issued by some unnamed High source in the Penta gon was sent out yesterday and was prompted by the Little Rock a Nti integration riots which caused president Eisenhower to enforce High school integration there with the bayonets of Para troopers. When the existence of the order was revealed today High officials obviously Felt it would Lead to a belief that the was expect ing widespread violence in the South. After worried huddles with other officials Brucker issued this statement tonight "1 Learned today of a precautionary training directive sent yesterday to certain regular units directing an increased emphasis on training for riot duty under Field manual 19-15 and for organization and training for air and motor movement. The issuance of this order was suggested by the recent emergency employment of units of the Mist airborne division in Lite Hock Ark. Realizing that this or Der might be subject to misinterpretation i have directed that it be revoked it was the second statement Brucker had issued during the evening. His earlier one was briefer saying merely i Learned about this order today after its issuance in routine fashion. I have ordered that it be revoked imme chewing oat there were indications tonight that one or More generals and perhaps other officials were being chewed out Over the mix up coming us it did Al a time of High tension in the South and hot argument Over the integrated Trou Hies and the administration s course of action. At the vacation while House i Newport r.i., aides to Eisenhower were Swift to say he had Noth. Ing to do with the order. Press Secretary James c. Hagerty told newsmen he had been asked ii the president was aware of the order and had anything to do with its issuance. The Aniver such questions Hagery said. Incident that reddened faces in the High command first came to Light when a High uni formed officer of the had a Chat with newsmen in the Pentagon this afternoon in what was described As an to provide them with helpful background. The Tenor of his statements evidently designed to make his Branch of the service look Good was that the could move us paratroopers into Little Rock so swiftly because it was As always and Alert. He explained that As a precautionary measure the array had notified combat divisions throughout Southern states to have selected troop mils ready for pos sible civil emergencies. This officer was vague about the Dale of the order saying merely that it went out some time it remained for Brucker i his later statement to Dis close that the order was not is sued before Little Rock at All but went out yesterday and was inspired by the troubles to Little Rock. New York firemen find radioactive Hazard in office new York sept. 26 w the City fire commissioner said today his men had found a definite radiological Hazard in the office of a Metal research and testing concern. He. Said inspection tests at the Sam tour testing Laboratory at 44 Trinity place showed three hoi spots sept 12. Martin Aaron assistant to the president of the Laboratory said the radiation was caused by temporary presence of two containers used to transport Cobalt 60, a source of atomic radiation. Related Story 1-b r.i., sept. 26 w president Eisenhower told a com Mittee of five Southern governors today he would Confer with them tuesday in Washington but on a broader scale of school integration problems than they intended. 7 the governors had asked the meeting solely to seek the earliest possible withdrawal of Federal troops sent to Little Rock. Under Eisenhower s orders. To quell school integration disorders. Eisenhower s reply made it Plain he did not intend to limit discussion to that Point. The president s reply Alto made Clear that gov. Orval. Faubus of Arkansas would not attend. The president specified meet ing would be with the governors Faubus is not a committee member. Faubus who had called out the National guard to prevent integration in Little Rock had a meeting Here with Eisenhower sept. 14. Faubus kept the National guard on duty after the meeting Eisenhower later was described As deeply disappointed at the Little Rock developments. Will be pleased the Southern governors Confer ence at sea Island ga., in setting up the five Inan committee adopted a Resolution proposing it meet with Eisenhower and Fau bus either separately or jointly. The president sent the reply to gov. Leroy Collins of Florida new chairman of the Southern governors conference and a Mem Ber of the five Man committee. I will be pleased to meet at the White House in Washington with the committee of the South Ern governors conference on tuesday oct. 1, at . To discuss problems of school Inte the reply said. Earlier gov. Luther Hodges committee chairman stressed that the sole Lution was to seek the troops withdrawal. He added it would he up to the president to bring up any other matters. Hodges said the governors were extremely hopeful of Success in obtaining their goal of troop re Moval. Governor replies to troop dispatch by Arthur Everette Little Ark., sept. 26 gov. Fau bus a terms bitter sorrowful but resigned tonight urged on my federally occupied state capital calmness approach to All our Farmer Burns to death in car after Bridge Accident morning news staff writer Mechanicsvlle sept 2ft a 43 year old Darlington county Farmer was burned beyond recognition near Here today As his automobile struck a Bridge abut ment and caught fire. The victim was identified As n. Baker it. 5, Darling slate Highway Palm c. H. Butler said the identification was made by a Cotton marketing card number found in Baker s seared walk t. The car was registered in i he minis of the dead Man s wife. Hitler said. Dillon county sheriff w. J. Said last night Baker s body will be sent to Charleston today where an autopsy will be performed. We Don t suspect foul play Hul we want to determine the exact cause of weather by said. Baker s car struck the right hand Bridge abutment at the West approach of a Bridge in the pee Dee River swamp on Highway 34 three Miles East of Here. The car travelling East rolled another 50 Yards or so before coming to a up in the Center of the Bridge Len incr Siirid. The patrolman said dam age to the vehicle indicated that maker was travelling at a Moder ate Rale of Speed when his car struck the abutment. The Accident i curved about a.m., he said. Duller said the cause of the fire nol been determined. The burned out the upholstery and finder dish wiring he snid. Lire damage Wop also reported in the Emir inc of the car. The left front tire was totally Hiir Natl Kiefl in discover inc burning chicle were Hay Bonlon of fair fluff. . And a. W. A Dahl of Rohlo. Kcal Khz sent his wife to notify the Highway patrol and he and Benton attempted to remove a i Mobile with the head on the right Ker from the burning car. Keight i hand Side Butler said. Reported that All windows in the a Darlington county Farmer he car were up. He said he and Kenton opened the automobile door but that Baker s flesh was survived by his widow. Mary Elizabeth Baker and three Chil Dren. The children Are Harvey burned so badly it was or. Miriam Baker and to remove him. Baker s charred body slumped into the foot of the Autu in i Joanne Baker. Funeral arrange was intents will Faubus first detailed reply to president Eisenhower s historic dispatch of troops to enforce school integration came less than six hours after nine negro students finished an uneventful second Day with White students in strife beset Little Rock Central High school. There was no blood letting and no disorders outside the big school. It was ringed today As it was on yesterday s first Day of troop enforced integration with United states regulars. No disturbance students coming out of classes reported no disturbances inside and the general air of tension that has gripped the Campus showed definite signs of abatement. Said Faubus in his address you will recall that it was quiet in Paris during the German occupation and it is quiet in Budapest the nine negro students were protected every step of the Way through classes by armed Para troopers. But fauns further charged that to maintain Tranquility teen aged school girls have been taken by the Fri and held incommunicado for hours of questioning while their frantic parents knew nothing of their where be cafes Rule. The Federal government has made a grave and grievous error in the Federal zing of the guard and the use of Federal troops. The troops Are even inside the school building accompanying negro Stu dents from class to class. This constitutes a serious Dan Ger. The impetuous or thoughtless act of a White student could re sult in his penetration by a Bay Faubus. Pledged a relentless continuation of working and fight ing for the right of my people to solve their problems he concluded i know that when the american people have had time to think and to learn More of the facts of this situation Teir Good will rebuke the National administration for the ill advised and unwarranted use of Federal troops. School attendance at b Bayonet Point is not compatible with the american Way of life. Let us my fellow i teens of us go about our nor Mal pursuits in a Friendly peace Ful manner obeying All Laws and orders including those of Gen. Walker and his troops. This Cross we Here now must Bear but As the poet said even ibis shall pass away his reference was to . Gen. I 01 All regular troops and federalized National guardsmen in Arkansas. Faubus critics have blamed strife at the first of Little Hock s integrated schools on the Gover nor s action sept. 2 in stationing his National guardsmen there to keep the negroes out. He said he did so to avoid violence. Faubus removed the Force last Friday under mandate of a fed eral District court. Rioting broke out monday. Local and stale police were unable to control a mob that gathered near the school. Thi negro students walked into the school safely but the tension led to their withdrawal in three hours. President Eisenhower federalized the National guard tuesday and sent the 101st airborne Divi Sion of seasoned regulars into Little Rock. The paratroopers am the federalized National guard have alternated in policing Thi school area the regulars during crucial Daylight hours. The nine negro youngsters reportedly had no difficulty in Clae yesterday. . Troops were used to enforce integration by Shep herding the negroes into and of of the school and guarding them inside. Scene Bennettsville Byrnes Speaks to vast crowd morning news photo by Raymond explain pledge to Texas Flag Marshall tex., sept. 26 Fol Board members of the Marshall kiwanis club which s pledged allegiance to the Texas Flag rather than to the . Flag yesterday said today the club s action had been misunderstood. Members of the club made their pledge to the Texas Standard after discussing the use of Federal troops in racial disorder at Little Rock Ark. A spokesman for kiwanis International in Chicago said today the dub had asked for time to make amends. He said the inter National organization planned no immediate action against the club which would remain in Good standby if it promptly altered its present course of conduct. The Only comment of the mar shall kiwanis club is that As an expression of disapproval of fed eral troop movements we by passed the pledge of allegiance to the . Flag and gave allegiance to the nag of the state of Texas for the particular res indent j. Jiann said. Kidnap victim Back Home after episode Edmonds wash., sept. 26 Lee Crary. Re turned to his frantic parents to Day after being missing since monday said he had been picked up by a Man and tied up for part of the of was t he told his parents. He was unharmed. A Ransom note demanding 000 had been received by the parents or. And mrs. De Crary bringing the Federal Bureau of investigation into the Case. More than 600 volunteers had joined Law enforcement the search for Young Lee who was found this afternoon walking Down a Road near the town of Lake Stevens about 25 Miles from Home. A. A. Armistead. Of Everett wash., said he was driving Down the Road when he saw the boy and a dog. He stopped alien the youngster held up both hands the dog jumped into Armistead s car. I m Lee said the child. I m the boy they Are looking Armistead took the Hoy to his House called the sheriff and of ered Lee a piece of Apple pie. The boy declined saying he had Jiayin manager of a natural eaten. Armistead said Lee told company office said that at no him a Man had picked him up and time was a motion made to skip kept him in the trunk of a car the pledge to the . Lag in favor i for a time. He recalled the License verdict brought for a common. Pleas yesterday rendered court jury i verdict of Bennetts virile sept. 26 w former gov. James f. Byrnes today criticized use of troops in Arkansas and issued a plea for Southern political Independence. In a speech during Marlboro county s in d t r y recognition Byrnes called president Eisenhower a Man of Good Intel who has grievously disappointed millions of followers by sending troops to integrate at lit tie Rock High school. Byrnes talk was at the opening of a new Industrial Plant the Hall million Dollar Woolen yarn Oak River Mills. Although he once was a Strong supporter of president Eisenhower Byrnes said the president now has Given the world the impression that civil War exists. Cause he has blindly followed the advice of ally. Gen. Herbert the South the former . Secretary of state said May be re stored to. Its place in the councils of the nation if it chooses Lead ers who will not surrender to false promises either for a vice presidential nomination or Judi of of c to the Texas Flag. Mann made the Sla Lenont after a meeting of the Board to discuss the Chicago Headquarters announcement. He said his club had not asked for Lime to make amends As the Chicago Headquarters reported to Day. The pledge to the National Flag was bypassed after Bill Sullivan sr., a funeral Home director told the luncheon meeting the pres ence of . Troops in Little Rock marked the darkest Day in Southern history since reconstruction number and later give it to sheriff s officers. The youngster told sheriff Bob Twitchell he freed himself from his Bonds and escaped and was picked up a Short time later by a mislead. The sheriff believed the boy had been held in a House nearby. He gagged me tied my hands behind my Back and forced me to get inti the trunk of his the boy said. He was taken to a Given food and got some the Man never threat e ened him. Lee asserted nor told him Why he was being held. Smouldering car in which Darlington Farmer burned vehicle hit Bridge Abu Linanel on Highway 34 Noar Meliani Civille. Morning photo by James United fund drive continues to Roll the first two Dilys of the 1958. United fund drive have yielded in contributions. Fund officials reported yesterday. The two Day total represents seven and d half Pei veni of inc United fund Froal for .1058. The first of the new United fund awards also were announced yesterday. The China shop has qualified for a firm award and the Florence builders Supply has won both firm and employee Kroup a arcs fund officials snid. I Sidney Smith chairman of the 1058 Campaign announced that n report Mee liner for All Soli Cluni a would Convene at 8 n. A today in the Garden Gale cafeteria. Industry saluted Byrnes issues plea ence Cial appointment. Willing to betray you May be sure that under present conditions no Man South of the Potomac will be placed on the ticket of either party As candidate for president or vice pres Dent unless that Man is willing to betray his the one time . Supreme court Justice who supported pres ident Eisenhower in.1952 and voted for an Independent ticket headed by sen. Harry Byrd last year added if you organize and let the peo ple know that the a outliers states Are not in the bag for either political parly we May have some Chance of securing writ ten pledges that will assure some respect for the United states Constitution and a great respect for local govern Byrnes declared that although Hie people ill the South deplore violence. Armed might of the United states government can Biol change the minds and hearts of Hie people. Whenever the Lanks and guns Are removed there will remain the same determination on the part of the while people to resort in every Legal Means to prevent the mixing of inc races. On 6-b area deaths Rohrt Allvon a Ronnhi Mill Linn. Png a a. Actual damages and punitive damages against the Florence printing co. In a Case brought in behalf of Foster Rogers by his guardian at Law Malcolm p. Rogers. The. Damages were for libel in connection with an article which appeared in the morning news on May 10, 1956. The verdict followed final arguments by attorneys for the Plain Iff Rogers and the defendant Lorence printing co. Represent no Rogers were h. E. Yar Borough and John l. Mcgowan attorneys. Lawyers for the Flor ence printing co. Were p. H. Mceachin and e. N. Zeigler. A motion for a new trial was made by defense attorneys and was marked heard. Actual hear nos on the motion win he held Ater before judge j. M. Brails Ord who presided at the trial. The jurors were James e. Covington Ernest p. If Ccormick Leo Collins h. H. Umphries Harvey m. Smith Claude Baggett John w. Brown Bascom a. Dewitt Harold a. Hill Robert l. Youmans j. L. Mason and Woodrow Taylor. Ham Bones meditations by alter t

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