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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 25, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaCalifornia tries to return basics Florence morning news tuesday september 3-b Sacramento Calif. A the state of California is try ing to revitalize leaching of the Basic three is. The plan which is being launched this month in More than 900 elementary schools is called Early childhood Educa Tion bul the form it takes is pretty much up to individual teachers and administrators. In some schools new door ways have been punched be tween Walls of classrooms to al Low children to flow from one Grade to another. In others first second and third graders Are into creative writing projects including poet . Elsewhere children Are get Ting extra doses of Reading writing and if emetic. 1 Aboul youngsters More than one out of 10 califor Nia children in kindergarten through the third Grade Are involved. The expectations statewide Are very says Wilson riles state school chief who has staked much of his reputation on the program s Success. Riles aim for the program is As simple As it is ambitious to virtually guarantee that Normal children will be Able to perform reasonably Well in Reading writing and arithmetic by the time they finish the third Grade. That the state s school disc facts have been invited to do their own thing. They have prepared plans for improving instruction and they set the standards they want their Chil Dren to reach by the end of the third Grade. The plans Are checked by the state depart ment of education. Riles says the program is unique in the nation because Parent participation is mandatory. To get a go ahead from the state the local to show that parents had been invited to discuss formation of the program with teachers Anc administrators. The 1972 legislation that created the program contains a million sweetener districts get s130 extra per year in state Aid for each participating child. In districts with special prob lems such As Low assessed valuation or a High percentage of minority students the extra Money can amount to per child the flow classrooms Are examples of what some schools in the san Francisco Bay area and los Angeles Are doing under the program. They Are designed to permit More individualized instruction by letting a Bright first grader who reads at the third Grade level to step next door and take a Reading lesson with the third graders. The youngster can go Back to the first Grade for an arithmetic lesson. Not All the programs Are innovative. Some of the Early childhood education programs Are very tradition bound because that s the nature of the said a state spokesman. They arc just stepping up their emphasis on Reading writing and arithmetic taught in traditional ways. You might say they re just turning the Microscope Down one More this year the program takes in 12 per cent of California s kindergarten through third Grade pupils. The figure is to Rise to 20 per cent next year with All California schools participating by the 1977-78 school _ year. Riles says the program is the first in the state to Reward Cess. Districts that do Well will get More Money next year for expansion. Usually funds Are reduced when achievement goes up riles said. Patty Van Tuyl of san Jose who participated As a Parent in the Early childhood education program at two schools says one advantage of the program. Is beginning the learning proc Ess Early. If you Don t spend Money to get the kids off to a Good All the Money you spend later May be she said. Drug newspaper gets read by users Street people Joann Lee puts on finishing touches clinic worker gets out drug Magazine weekly Home mortgage Money interest rates near Peak Washington api est rates for Home Loans which have been pushed to record highs by the government s tight interest rate policies May be about to reach their Peak the government s top spokesman on Home Loans said today. Chairman Thomas r. Bomar of the Federal Home loan Bank Board said Home builders report that buyers Are resisting the mortgage rates that Are now Over 9 per cent and that Home sales Are Down it appears that the rates in the mortgage marketing Are getting c 1 Ose to the he said at a news conference. He indicated that the top is a rate beyond which people will not buy new Homes. Bomar predicted that Mort Gage rates will decline again when the current period of tight Money throughout the Economy is Over. But he said the old 7 per cent mortgages May be a thing of the past because although mortgage rates will decline they probably will not go As Low As they were before. Bomar said president Nixon s action last week in. Approving commitments of billion for Home mortgages could help finance approximately new Homes of value. He also announced today that the nation s savings and loan associations had net withdraw als in August of billion the third worst month in recent his tory. He said the big excess in withdrawals Over deposits apparently is due to savers seek ing higher interest rates on their Money elsewhere such As in Treasury Bills paying More than 9 per cent interest. In order to help bolster Sav Ings and loan associations which Are the primary source of loan Money for Home buying Bomar said the government so far this year has committed billion in Federal help to the associations. The previous High for any one year of such help was billion in 1969, an indication of the magnitude of the Money bind that associations find them selves in this year. Bomar said the new lion in Federal lending commitments would make it pos sible for associations to assure Home builders that mortgage Money for Home buying would be available when their Homes Are built. Peron officially elected Kaiser aluminium in rus tables for men who have better things to do than paint farm buildings. Ii could take and Day to paint a building. Or two or three. Why bother farm buildings of natural Kaiser Alu Minum look Fine without paint. And they never rust. Nail holes or scratches can t cause rust because solid aluminium is in rus Lable Clear through. Maintenance takes time paint costs Money. Save both for More important things. Use the in rus tables lasting Kaiser aluminium roofing siding. Aluminium Florence pc service 1600 West Darlington St. Florence s. C. Phone 662-5292 Buenos a1rks a final returns issued monday showed Juan d. Peron was elected president of Argentina by a 61.8 per cent majority nearly the same margin he scored 22 years ago Over the same opponent. Heron s greatest strength came from the provinces with majorities reaching 80 per cent in the North and Topping 70 per cent in six provinces. But he did not reach a majority in Buenos Aires the Federal capital. Peron 77, will be sworn in oct. 12 along with his third wife. Isabel the first woman vice president in latin american history. It will be the former dictator s third term following 18 years of exile. Peron Defeated Ricardo Ual bin of the Radical civic Union by winning More than 7.36 Mil lion votes to Balbin s 2.9 Mil lion. In Peron s percentage was 62.4. The third candidate fran Cisco Manrique of a enter right coalition had 1.45 million votes and socialist contender Juan Carlos Coral tallied Only Peron met with key members of interim president Raul last Iri s Peronis government apparently to discuss the future. Before going in Peron told newsmen he was thinking of setting up a voluntary political Council to advise his government. Earlier he said he would concentrate on stabilizing and straightening out Argentina s chaotic political situation add ing that the economic situation then automatically improve. Peron s Victory climaxing a dramatic comeback after a bloody coup in 1955. Sent hundreds of thousands of Peron Isle into delirious Celebration Sun Day night. Early Dawn saw poster Plas t e r e d fender dented autos weaving slowly homeward driven by smiling youths Wear ing funny hats and tooting whistles. The balloting and Victory celebrations were without Vio Lence but five commando raids on police officers showed clearly that Law and order will be a major problem for Peron. Berkeley Calif. Api the Street people and drug users of the san Francisco Bay area Are the audience of the Friday paper drug news. The hottest Story in the latest edition is a two sentence foot note saying the clean Mesca line that was around a few weeks ago is now being sold Cut at the same Price. If in doubt Check it the Friday paper drug news an idea of Joann Lee Berkeley free clinic staff member is a joint project of he clinic phar chem Labora tories inc., of Palo Alto and san san Francisco lion serving counterculture listeners. It provides drug users with an Anonymous analysis of the actual chemical Content of the stuff they Huy from Street Deal ers. There s no other Way for the buyer to Check on the said Bruce Ratcliffe pharm chem chemist who checks the submitted samples. "1 would estimate that 50 per cell of the Street drugs sold Are not what they re claimed to be. About 101 to 15 per cent Are potentially dangerous. They could cause deals freaking out or unpredictable Side he said. Here s How the Friday paper drug news operates. Sample information sheets Are available at the Berkeley free clinic about two blocks from the University of califor Nia Campus. With an identifying number the Sample is mailed to pharm chem with information on Price where sold and what happened Good trip bad trip nothing Freak out no test results reports can be mailed to the Anonymous Send ers. They get the word from the Friday paper drug news or by phoning the free clinic during a 3-. To 7 . Thursday drug report period. About copies of the paper a single mimeographed half Sheet arc circulated by the free clinic s panhandlers. The panhandlers so identified by the clinic Are licensed solicitors who seek donations for clinic support. San broadcasts the report on its . Friday news cast and repeats it each night through the week. The san Francisco examiner prints the report each Friday. Miss Lee 33, a hotel manager in new York s Greenwich Village until 1971, moved to Berkeley after a vacation visit. She became a free clinic Volunteer after going therewith a sprained ankle. The clinic started during the 1969 people s Park riot to treat casualties of combat with police now has a staff of 415 volunteers. Two elected administrators Are paid a month and 15 elected coordinators Are paid month. The clinic serves the City s Street people. Ii treats drug re lated problems venereal Dis ease and the head problems that alternative life style living sometimes said miss Lee. The City provides for clinic support this year up from last year bul the clinic relies on in donations including the Street panhandler collections. Phar chem. Where the Anonymous samples Are Analysed was founded three years ago by James Ostrenga. 32, after four years As a syntax corp. Researcher. He earned a doctorate in pharmacology at Wisconsin in 1967. Until we started our kind of work neither the treatment Center people or the users could know really what kind of drug was involved nor its pharmacological he said. One real danger in Street drugs is that new things Are al ways coming up with strange effects. You have to keep on top of it because it s always phar chem s bread and but Ter Revenue business is urinalysis for Public and private methadone and other drug treatment centers across the country. It also does drug Sample analysis for them. The Street drug Market is one where the consumer does t have much he said. You can say that the buyer should t be using the stuff anyway. Help us help a boy tie come a regular contributor. They need you All year Long. Tara Hall Send contributions to Joe commander or. 344, flo., . Leave it to us to come up with another first a Complete package of personal banking services. With no minimum balance required. 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