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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 25, 1973, Florence, South Carolina2-b tuesday september Florence morning news government advancing phenom penh. Cambodia two government units moved through Light opposition to within 5v. Miles of a linkup monday in a sweep designed to secure phenom penh s Vulner Able Western approaches. Field reports confirmed by the cambodian command said the troops we retrying join up at that Pong about 18 Miles West of the capital. Elements of the government s 7th division were moving from the North and the 13th brigade was mov ing from the South near High Way 4. The report said. At least five battalions of government soldiers were re ported involved in the operation to take that Pong which is snid to be a division Headquarters for communist Ted Cam Bodian insurgents and their North vietnamese allies. A cambodian Batalion usually contains Between 300 and 500 soldiers. Col. Am Rong the com Mand s chief spokesman said resistance was Light indicating at least some insurgent ele ments had perhaps left in Advance of the government sweep. U successful the linkup could prove helpful in beefing up the capital s defences. The Western approach forms a natural at tack route free of the watery barriers that encircle phenom penh on the East North and South. The action represents one of the few major offensive operations government forces have launched in recent months. Most government activity has been reaction striking Back after the communist led insurgents Cut a Road or threaten a town. Field reports from the provincial capital of Batta bang 180 Miles Northwest of phenom penh Sari Large numbers of communist led rebel and North vietnamese troops were attack ing villages to the North South and West. A cambodian officer said his troops expected an insurgent attack on the Batta bang jute factory and possibly the City Airport the reports said. Refugees from fighting said hundreds of insurgents were involved and had forced govern ment militia units to pull Back in areas 20 Miles North and 20 Miles Southwest of Lattam being. The South vietnamese Mili tary command announced in Saigon that North vietnamese soldiers had apparently overrun a government Ranger Post in the Central Highlands saturday night. The assault would be the first time a government Camp of such size has been overrun by communist forces since the Jan. 28 cease fire. The govern ment indicated it would try to drive the North vietnamese out. The chief South vietnamese military spokesman it. Col. Letrung alien told newsmen in Saigon that the be Minn Ranger base 23 Miles West of Plesku lost radio Contact with Headquarters after about five hours of heavy fighting. He said the Post about nine Miles from the cambodian Border was defended by about 400 rangers. Mandatory expected governors told it tort to Host governor greeted by Southern Belles at conference Alabama gov. George Wallace met by Lisa Callahan Cindy Ros chilean authorities begin Book burning Campaign by the associated press president Nixon s special Energy adviser told Western governors monday he expects Nixon to soon announce a mandatory heating fuel allocation program for this Winter. In Point Clear ala., the Southern governors conference heard Kentucky s democratic governor sharply criticize Nix on s economic policies former Colorado gov. John a love appointed in july As the nation s Energy declined to give details of the pos sible fuel rationing program at the Western meeting. But he said Only under the most Ideal circumstances would there be enough heating and other fuel Oil to meet rising demands. Love was keynote speaker at the Western governors Confer once at Gleneden Beach Ore. Pays High Price Reno Nev. A Roger Hancox of Whittlesey England paid the highest Price for an antique Auto at the second auction of surplus vehicles from Harrah s old car collection in Reno nov. Hancox exchanged for a 1916 Packard twin six tour ing car saturday highlighting the Sale of 82 Vintage Automo Biles for a similar auction last March Drew for 77 cars at Harrah a said to be the world s largest museum of antique and Vintage vehicles. The conference met amidst an electric Power crisis in the Pacific Northwest Ana had the theme of the Energy problem. Love told the 12 governors that he has found the Energy situation is just As serious As Many people believe. He said that Nixon is close to a decision on implementing some sort of mandatory pro Gram for the distribution of fuel Oil in the nation this Winter to Avert a serious crisis in any one area. We believe people will re Pond to difficulty if they have a feeling the problem is spread fairly and equitably. We actively have this under consideration and i expect a decision very Santiago Chile a chilean military authorities have launched a Book burning Campaign against marxist literature raiding private Homes and ordering merchants to get rid of leftist materials. Col. Pedro Ewing. Secretary general of government for the military Junta that seized Power sept. 11, said in an interview published monday that Book stores must eliminate marxist texts if they Don t want to be on sunday Security forces raided numerous apartments at gunpoint in Central Santiago and threw marxist books pamphlets and posters to the Street where they were burned in Bon fires. The government also banned marxist. Newspapers that sup ported the government of presi Dent Salvador Allende who died in the bloody sept. 11 coup. Ewing told the right Wing newspaper Tribuna we Don t like marxism. We want chilean expressions. Marxism Only stirs up class hate but the press Secretary for the Junta. Federico Willoughby. Indicated that the new govern ment does not have a full fledged policy to eliminate marxist books. Willough by told a newsman the Junta respects ideas. It does t believe burning books will Stop on sunday s Book burnings he said soldiers police and students do not always react in a manner coinciding with government policy. It was some thing of the in Vina Del mar. 100 Miles Northwest of Santiago the Mili tary authorities fired the municipal Library director and or dered the shelves cleared of marxist titles. The Junta sent a message of condolence to the widow of chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The Nobel prize Winner a Friend of Allende. Died of cancer sunday night in a Santiago Hospital. He was a great poet and will be missed by All said Willoughby. But the Junta said the military situation would not permit a Large funeral service. Bolivian leaders accused of plot la Paz. Bolivia a the government arrested 89 labor leaders sunday night and accused them of taking part in a marxist plot to overthrow the military regime of president Hugo Banzer. Hank and insurance employees walked out monday in protest after Mario Paz Soldan. The head of their Union was picked up in he big Roundup along with mine Union and other labor leaders. Workers at Bolivia s largest textile Mil joined them and other unions talked of going out too unless the government re open 6 Days a week 10coam. . Pc. Chicken served Wii franc. Din. Mierwa. . Leased the labor leaders. Col. Walter Castro the minis Ter of Interior said the govern ment took preventive action in order to break up what if claimed was a marxist plot aided from abroad to overthrow the Banzer administration. Castro said the alleged plot was coordinated by bolivian leftist exiles in Argentina and other. Latin american coun tries. He also claimed the plotters were to receive weapons and other armed Aid from Cuba. They were openly conspiring and we will not release Castro added. We preferred to Lake preventive action now in order to avoid a he said he government planned to protest to Argentina about the activities of bolivian exiles there. Correction wearing apparel with Pace or More order monday Only Sqq 4 shirts Iau dired 77 e Florence steam laundry 148 Acline Florence mall 478 w. Evans Here s to your goo health by Peier j. Steincrohn . Keep illness to Are you sic keep your illness to yourself. This is a Good Rule. Of course there Are some exceptions. Your family should know. Husband should not keep anything from wife and vice versa. One another from the bad news Only complicates and aggravates existing problems. Another exception when holding a responsible position it is Only fair to warn one s superiors that enforced resignation May he close at hand due to inability to work. But Don l go around telling friends and Mere acquaintances that something ails you. First Chinu you know you la carry an illness Label for he rest of your life. It can become difficult in Wear after a while. Dear or. Steincrohn i be made a bid mistake. I be Ink a lot of people thai i be teen having angina attacks. Although i feel fairly Well when i Don t Over exert. I m reminded All the time that i m practically an invalid. At least a dozen times a Day i m asked. How Are you feeling lately1 do you still gel the Chest pain Are you taking Good care of yourself1 angina s nothing to fool around with von when people sep no they stare As if sizing up my medical liabilities arid assets. You re looking peaked today. Don t you feel As 1 said. I should have kept it Between my wife Ami me. N of that it s in the open 1 feel like i m on display. Some sort of medical piece in a museum that people can Slop in front of and comment upon. My reason for this letter. Or. Steincrohn. Is to ask you to write a column warning your readers if Ever they gel sick to keep it in the family. Illness ought to be a specially private affair. Do you agree or. W. Comment i be said so before and in bears repeating. Severe illness should be an intensely personal affair. Other Wise. As you be mentioned. Or. Fail soon becomes com manily everybody is in on in. 1 Armil that friends tried and Tizie. May show actual concern for your Well being. But too often of hers show Only superficial and phony interest they could i i care less How you really feel. If you have an ulcer keep in to yourself. Otherwise when you Sil Down to Cal. Their eyes will on your plate to Check on Vnti dict. If you have a bad Gall bladder you la not dare Butler your tons in their presence. You la feel guilty. And likewise with any other illness you broadcast to curious ears. You become an exhibit to be talked about and you have liver trouble Aren t you allowed to drink when offered one just say. No. Thanks you Don t have to add. It s because my liver is i repeat illness should la a private affair. It should be . Med1cai.ettes replies to headers dear or. Steincrohn i m considered attractive except for one fault i have hags under my eyes. They make me look dissolute. As if i m up night after night drinking and carousing. I m Only 28. I be had these bags since i be been a i talc girl. I want logo to a cosmetic surgeon. How do i find a Good one miss comment the Hosl Way is not to pick one out of the yellow pages. In order to get one who is Able ask your own family physician to recommend an expert plastic surgeon. If tic can t help you ask for a Lisl of such surgeons from your local Hospital or from the Secretary of your medical social a. Hie Tasi esl Speed at Wincn a Lawn Mower was clocked was during the Lawn Mower grand prix in England in 1968. The winning machine reached 10.88 Miles an hour. A special communication of Amity Lodge no. 340 will be held at the masonic Temple on tuesday sept. 25. At . L for the purpose of conferring the entered apprentice degree. Mem Bers requested to attend. Visit Ino masons welcomed. C. H Barefoot. W. M. C. E. Jernigan Sec. 25 notice to bid the county of Florence is accepting sealed bids until . October 1 new 2-door 1974 4-wheel drive vehicle . O m c Jimmy Chevrolet Blazer i h c Seoul Etc. For bid notices and additional information Contact procurement director room 802. City county Complex Florence s. C. 29501. The county reserves the right to reject any or All bids and to waive All technicalities. September notice a special Call meeting of . W. Post 3181 will be held tuesday sep tember 25, 1973 at . At .w. 1 Post Home business very urgent. All members Are urged to attend. . Bobby . Masler sept. 25 m the Southern governors conference Kentucky gov. Wendell h. Ford attacked the administration s handling of the Economy. Our economic plight House wives Pinch pennies because of it Farmers Are confused Over it. Businessmen find themselves appalled with it and those on fixed incomes Are. Paralysed from Ford. Economic woes have be come a National hallmark and for some unknown reason or Derly Steps to ease the Burden have been bypassed for knee Jerk reaction. The president has not since taking office established and carried out firm Domestic eco nomic Ford said. This he must to before any significant change for the better is earlier speakers called for comprehensive overhauling of Federal budgetary procedures in a major Effort to remove uncertainty in a state s fiscal planning. F has been an area of considerable concern during the past year due to actions at Federal level in suspending. Terminating or cancelling existing programs heretofore funded from Federal sources often with Little notice to the the conference. Chairman gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama said. The Southern conference includes 18 governors from slates ranging from the deep South to Delaware and Oklahoma plus the Virgin islands. Summons for Relief complaint served the stale of South Carolina county of Florence Shirley Plain life notice regular meeting of the pee Dee shrine club will be held tuesday. Sept. 25. Supper will Ibe served Al . Red Griffin. Pres. 0. Leo John son Sec. Sept. Eastern Star notice stated meeting of Mecca chapter no. 278. Or Der of Eastern Star will be held on thurs Day evening sept. 27 1973, at . At Mecca masonic Lodge. 181 East pal Metto Street Doris Miller . Nancy Watson. . Sept. Notice the undersigned will on the 16th Day of october. 1973 apply to the guaranty corporation at guaranty Bank and. Trust company. Florence. . For a duplicate certificate for its certificate no. 64. Dated january 1. "1958 for 25 shares of the com Mon capital Slock of the guaranty corporation and two 2l duplicate 6 per cent registered debenture Bonds of the guaranty corporation dated january 1. 1958. No. Ihu for and no. 184 both the said Slock certificates and debenture Bonds have been lost or destroyed and after a diligent search cannot be found. Both the above certificate and Bonds were issued to j. Tom Hunter. Carolyn Stroman Hunter. Executrix of the estate of a. T. Hunter deceased september 24, u173 sept. 25 oct. 2.91. Oti Gilmer defendant to the defendant above named you Are 1ierkby sum Mon cd and required answer the complaint in this of which a copy is hereby served upon you. And to serve a copy of your answer the said complain on the sub scribers Al their office in Florence. South Carolina Wilhm Twenty Days Afler the service Hereof exclusive of the Day if such service and if you fail u answer the complaint within the Tinnil aforesaid the Plain lilt in this action will apply i the court for the Relief demanded in the complaint. A Stephen a. Momic plaintiff s dated july ih7.1 notice to Tiik defendant above named you will please take notice that he summons in action of which the foregoing is a copy and the complaint Ali Carcin. Was tiled in inc office of the clerk of Conn for Floi ence county. South Carolina on the 13 Day i sep tember. Therein. Is. K. Mow a Florence. South Carolina september 13. 1s73 i sept. Come to the Darlington county keys by professional bonded locksmiths fools Rush for Gold Kuala Bumpur Malaysia a a Rock hound identified a Roek found at a Quarry 250 Miles from Here As Gold and hundreds of people flocked to the area with shovels. Fri sept. 28 the corpsmen from Fayetteville n. C. And the Young Dea cons from Burlington n. C and the gos i Pel four singers. Tues., sept. 25th. Free show Del Reeves and the Good time Charlies at . And . Free circus daily won. Thru sat. School Days Mon. And thursday 5 rides for next to Darlington Speedway

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