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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 25, 1973, Florence, South Carolina. Farmers m31mvj Eye tobacco 12 million pounds of South Carolina tobacco could be left unsold this season Industry wide flue cured tobacco committee is expected to decide wednesday on possible Market Extension by Terry Hill morning news staff writer it s jest a shame. Therein t nowhere 1 can sell my Lake swamp Commin ily far Mer Edward Bennett wrung his gnarled coarse hands and looked hopefully at the warehouse representative Ain t there anywhere 1 can sell it All i got is a few Hundred i m sorry i wish we could do something but we just can t help you. We be got All the tobacco we can the warehouseman said sym pathetically. Edward Bennett is frustrated with the tobacco Market situation. He and hundreds of other Small tobacco Farmers face the same problem Fin Ding floor space in Lake City Lake swamp Farmer Edward Bennett Ain t nowhere i can sell my american party move challenged Columbia a a spokesman for the South Caro Lina american party charged monday that a group who picked a California Man chair Man of their new faction of the american Independent party is a Bunch of malcontents who did t fit Todd Wilt of Greenville american party state executive committee chairman told a news conference that the Amer tobacco prices set records Raleigh tobacco prices sold at record highs again monday on markets in North Carolina and Virginia. The Federal stale Market news service reported new record daily averages on the North Carolina Eastern Belt the North Carolina Middle Belt and the North Carolina Virginia old Belt. On the Eastern Belt the news service reported a top Price of 5105 per Hundred pounds was received for a few sheets and numerous sheets of better Quality brought figures from the Wilson and Clinton markets unreported. Eastern Belt sales totalled 7.3 million pounds at an average Price of 62 cents from last thursday. The belts sales for the season reached 152.5 million pounds and the season average was although no record was set the South Carolina Border North Carolina Belt sold 1.8 million pounds at a. Average. This was up 85 cents from last thursday. Season sales reached 246.5 million pounds and the season average was the news service reported the Middle Belt registered an average of on sales that totalled 3 million record Price average was up from last thursday. Sea son sales reached 29.3 million pounds and the season average was on the old Bell a record average of was recorded on sales which totalled 5.5 million pounds. This was up from last thursday. Season sales to tales 52.9 million and the season average ican party in South Carolina is affiliated with the american party of the United states and has no ties with the american Independent party. Witt said the people who elected William k. Shearer of Lemon Grove calif., their chairman at a co Lumbia meeting Over the week end were basically starting their own party. They think the Sun should Rise and set on them. They want a political Struc Ture built around men not principles. That s a Structure that can be Witt added. He said we re sure glad to get them out. We just did t want them in the party at but he observed it was regret table the two organizations could not get together since each agrees the democrats and republicans Are not doing any Good. A third party is reapportionment debates slated again in House Columbia South Carolina House Renews its argument Over reapportionment tuesday with rep. Eugene Stoddard a Laurens ready to continue his filibuster in support of single member districts. Stoddard held the floor most of the Friday session and finally the House voted to adjourn until tuesday. Stoddard said monday he was ready to go on talking if before the House is a Bill to Cut the state into .124 separate districts. This meets the approval of some republicans All of the Black legislators and most of the Small county Law makers. Rep Ernest Finney Democrat from Sumter county and a Black has drafted a Compromise plan which he Hopes to present to twehous tuesday. Stoddard had kept his filibuster going while Finney was get Ting the plan ready. The Compromise probably will be introduced As an amendment to the single member Bill first proposed by Fin Ney under the new measure the state will be broken into 28 House districts. Then the legislative delegation of each District will subdivide that area into single member units. This plan Finney said will protect county lines and still meet the approval of the Federal courts and the . Justice flow fact Iuo Nina local state area tuesday september mull ins and Timmonsville warehouses before the season ends this week. We need the warehouse sales supervisor pleaded but no one will give it. There s the Man who s going to feel the he said poin Ting at the dejected Uennett. We re getting phone Calls All Day Long from Farmers asking us if they can sell their tobacco Here there s nothing we can do we just Don t have the space to give As the final week of tobacco sales comes to a close Market experts estimate there will be As much As 12 million pounds of tobacco left unsold this year. Several requests by state and Federal government representatives and farm organza Lions have been directed to the Industry wide flue cured tobacco marketing committee seeking additional sales time. The committee reported last week they would meet wednesday to discuss Market Exten Sion possibilities but no definite decision had been made. Sixth District Cong. De Young r-., announced Mon Day that he was going to personally present his Case for the Extension of . Tobacco sales funds use challenged Wilt said the american party not the american independents was founded by Alabama gov. George Wallace in 1968, and adheres closer to his principles. Department the . Supreme court ruled in june that the South Carolina House must be realigned because it violated the one Man one vote mandate. The Justice department has insisted that not Only should population be taken into consideration but that the dilution of minority votes be considered in any reapportionment plan. Minority the department said refers to race political parties and Urban Rural voters. Sources have indicated the House will spend at least one More week and possibly two before coming up with a Bill. The Senate meanwhile is in recess until next week await ing a Bill from the House. Columbia turnips cd s charges. Rudy director of the South Carolina Coward of the Columbia head taxpayers association charged monday that South Carolina electric and Gas co. Is fun Eling Money into land acquisition without a hearing before the Public service commission. Tom Turnipseed said at a co Lumbia news conference that state Law prohibits any Public Utility from dealing in land transactions without a pc hearing. He said would not have to be asking for a rate increase if it were not in the land business. The Utility put a 13 per cent electricity and 22 per cent Natu ral Gas rate increase into effect last month under a state Law which allows utilities to do so tentatively until a pc hearing. The taxpayers association took the increase to Federal court but results of a hearing before quarters of the firm said due to Legal aspects i Don t want to say anything. Or. Turnipseed will have an Opportunity oct. 3 to present any evidence he has to have his Day in Harvey likes auditing Agency Columbi a Brantley Harvey jr., a Beau fort told a Columbia civic club monday he feels a Bill to create a state auditing Agency to re port to the legislature is a very important piece of Legisla three judges aug. 29 have not been announced. A spokesman for monday declined to answer Harvey referred to a Republican introduced Bill now in a House committee. He said the measure would set up an Agen nut by comparable to the Federal ---0--. Government s general account inappropriate for him to have ing office to be directly re any comment about a Case Spon sible to the pending before the court Turnipseed charged a com Pany subsidiary Energy subsidiary inc., with being the con Duit for Money that does not show up in earnings statements. Energy subsidiary happens to be one of the most profitable Money making operations he said. Turnipseed also said . District judge sol blast jr., who sat on the pane that heard the constitutional arguments Over the state Law should disqualify himself from the Case. He said Blatt was for several years a major partner in a Law firm that represented but the director said he would not ask Blatt s disqualification. I m just asking him to search his conscience concerning his possible Turnipseed said. Blat reached in Greenville where he is on the Bench said in reply that it would be highly consumer resistance hits feeder calf producers Raleigh. Resistance to supermarket beef prices has dealt a hard blow to hundreds of North Carolina fee Der calf producers now offering their animals in state sponsored sales. A spokesman for the North Carolina cattleman s association said monday. Beef in t moving out of supermarkets across the nation prices for Slaughter cattle have fallen sharply and order buy ers for Midwest feedlot operators have pulled off the North Carolina sales in the past week said Clint Reese of Raleigh the association s executive Secre tary. Because prices on the sales Are tumbling. Reese look the coastal Enrols 987 Russia needs us Spence claims Columbia Floyd Spence r-., told a co Lumbia civic club monday that the soviet Union is becoming less belligerent toward the West for Only one need our food and Spence said the russians have historically moved from tension and belligerence to accommodation strictly Accord ing to their internal or foreign policy needs. It happens that right now they need to head off a famine so they must look to the West once Conway the official University of South Carolina full time equivalent count for students enrolled at us coastal Carolina during the 1973 fall semester is 987. The figure does not include some 32 full time equivalent students rolled in the Myrtle Beach air Force base program according to or. Edward m. Singleton resident director. The figure represents an increase of 243 full time equivalent students Over last years fall semester. The figure poses officials with something of a dilemma. If the air Force students Are included in the total the Center will have enough students to qualify for expansion to full four year status next year. A Center must have fee to add a fourth year. Coastal now has three years of work. A ruling is expected soon. Young constitutional amendment co sponsor unusual step of advising producers who have feed and whose calves Are Light in weight to hold Back on marketing the animals until conditions become More settled. Other buyers from the mid West normally take about three fourths of the feeder calves and yearling steers sold in our co operative sales each he said. Since these buyers have no current orders to fill they have withdrawn from our absence of the Midwest buy ers has been reflected in a Sharp drop in prices paid for calves and yearling steers Reese added. In the season s first calf Sale at Rocky mount on sept. 13, a total of animals averaged per 100 pounds. At Greensboro last Friday 562 calves brought an average of drop of per 100 pounds. I hate to say it but prices probably will drop that much More this Reese said. Washington Cong. De Young r-., was one of 11 co sponsors of a Resolution calling for a constitutional amendment thai would require a balanced budget for the Federal government. When 1 was in the legislature in South Carolina we always balanced the Young says and i believe in this the proposal that Young and his colleagues Are pushing allows for exceptions Only in the time of a War declared by Congress or in a National emergency declared by a three fourths vote of Congress. Otherwise taxes must be voted to provide revenues for any expenditures appropriated under the proposal. Wallace veto Montgomery. Ala. A gov. George c. Wallace has blocked enactment of a Bill which would have Given a pen Sion to Alabama governors disabled while in office. Wallace who is paralysed in both legs As a result of Bullet wounds from an assassination attempt used a pocket veto to Block the pension Bill passed during the recent session of the Alabama legislature s arts crafts exhibit officials of the state department of youth services View exhibits at an arts and crafts exhibit at the South Carolina youth service association convention at Myrtle Beach. Children in the de Oarl ment s juvenile corrections institutions put together the exhibits which included paintings and crafts. From left Are director Grady Decell mrs. Barbara Sylvester chairman of the Board of youth services and mrs. Julia West youth services Art instructor. Staff photo by Thorn Anderson Timmonsville reaches Mark on telephones in service before the committee wednesday evening in Raleigh. We re Down to the critical Days in the marketing of South Carolina the congressman said Many of our growers will be in desperate Straits if they can t sell their tobacco. I plan to present the facts in this situation before the committee personally at their meeting on Young said that when the markets close in South Carolina this week he also estimates there will be la million pounds of tobacco unsold. He is asking that markets in Timmonsville Mullins and Lake City be re opened. Former state Hep. John Jenrette a North Myrtle Beach attorney and democratic nominee for Congress from the 6th District last year said he will appear before the commit tee at Raleigh. Jenrette said he would ask for preferably three weeks or at least two weeks of additional time after spending much of the Day monday talking Wilh Tobac co Farmers. He said the More than 12 million pounds of tobacco unsold should be sold in South Carolina under the most favourable possible conditions Farmers. Jenrette asked that All far mers Contact the ass offices and advise them How much is left unsold so the figures will be available in Raleigh wednesday. It s really a warehouse owner said monday afternoon. The Little tobacco Farmer is in a bad Way we can t sell his tobacco Here and he has Bills to pay that few Hundred dollars is quite a chunk of Cash to him. I Don t feel so bad about the larger Farmers who have thousands upon thousands of pounds for Sale it s the Little Guy i feel for. Those with 800 to pounds of total another Small Farmer said he would attempt to sell his tobacco in North Carolina. Man. It s getting dangerous to be seen around a North Carolina warehouse with South Carolina License plates these a warehouse worker stated. That committee belter do something and do it one Farmer said. Or Well be stuck with a lot of tobacco and you can t eat it or pay your Bills with rounded out the tobacco season by rounding off the number of telephones in service by putting in one that changed to a "3" followed by three round zeros. John t. Davis or. Manager for Southern Bell said we normally install move change or disconnect five telephones to realize the net gain of one Telephone. Just before during and after tobacco season orders come so fast it is difficult to pinpoint the exact he added. It took nearly 50 years for Timmonsville to reach telephones following the 1910 Tot al of 84 telephones in service but less than 25 years to gain the next stations. While telephones Are not an Earth shaking Davis said it is indicative of the rapid growth of the pee dec area. Total telephones in the Florence District have risen 163 per cent from in 1960 to to Date. Timmonsville has gained at a rate of 143 per cent during the same period. Republicans have candidates Powell Columbia Powell South Carolina Republican party chairman said in a statement monday that despite two potential gubernatorial candidates decisions not to run in 1974, the gop still has some formidable candidates who could win. Powell said they include Richland county councilman n. Welch Morrisette Secretary of Commerce Frederick Dent and stale rep. Marshall Cain. Daikon. The chairman said however the party suffered major set backs with the announcements by William d. Workman and Jim Henderson that they would not enter the race

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