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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 25, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather sunny and mild today fair Cool tonight. High today ii Low to might 59. Details on Pooi Reader s tip Mullins victims of plane fuel still hospitalized a month. Air Force aids financially. Story Page 3-b. Vol. 186 Florence s. C., wednesday morning september daily 6c sunday Loe Ike urges arkansans to end obstruction troops move in mob threatened safety Ike says by Douglas b. Cornell Washington sept. President Eisenhower telling the nation Why he sped Federal troops to Little Rock said tonight that mob Rule there menaced the very safety of the United states and the free world. That is so he said in a to radio broadcast from the White House because gloating communist abroad Are using the school integration riots to misrepresent the United states and undermine its prestige and influence around the Globe. Solemnly he called upon Arkansas citizens bring an end to All interference with Legal processes be cause mob Rule cannot be allowed to override the decisions of the even As he spoke the first of 500 troops of the 101st airborne division were entering Little Rock but the presi Dent pledged if resistance to the Federal court orders cease at once the further presence of Federal troops will be unnecessary the president stressed that the troops were not sent to relieve local authorities of their duty to preserve order nor to act As school administrators. Their Only purpose he said is to prevent further interference with a Federal Eisenhower broadcasts from the White House to explain to judge s order that negroes be admitted to Little Rock s the american Public Why he ordered Federal troops into Ike explains action in a serious mood president Central High school. The president looking deadly serious said he chose the White House for his address to the nation because i Felt that in speaking from the House of Lincoln of Jackson and of Wilson my words would More clearly convey both the sad Ness i feel in the action i compelled today to take and the firmness with which i intend to pursue this he said he knew that an Over whelming majority of americans including those of Little Rock Are people of Goodwill but that some few in the Arkansas capital were Bent on obstructing Justice. In this country. Eisenhower said the basis of individual rights and freedoms is the certainty that the executive Branch will insure the carrying out of Federal court decisions with All the Means at the president1 command Shefi necessary. Unless the president did so anarchy would he said. The president dressed in a Light Gray suit and television Blue shirt appeared to be completely at ease even though he built up emphasis on several Points. On two occasions he whipped off his glasses to and lib a line. Once he said that the running of school systems is a matter for local authorities and the Federal government does t interfere unless asked. At another spot where he said the Little Rock school Beard had approved a moderate plan for gradual desegregation. Eisenhower remarked that schools in a number of Arkansas communities have been integrated without Vio Lence of any kind. Ike delivered his address from his working desk in the White House. Predty Good the presidential son and Daugh Ter in Law. Maj. And mrs. Lohn Eisenhower looked on from a divan to the president s right out of television Range. On the other Side also out of Range was a Bronze figure of Abraham Lincoln. The president stepped into his office five minutes before he was on the air and asked his television adviser producer Robert Mont Gomery whether his glasses were the supposedly Glare proof and at the end he wanted to know How Long he had under 15 minutes. Pretty he re marked when Montgomery told him. After the broadcast Eisenhower went Over to the White House Liv ing quarters to Chat with John and Barbara and then turn n. He is getting up Early to head Back to his Newport r.i., vacation head quarters. Nowhere in his speech or in the remarks he threw in did Eisen Hower Lake a dig by name at least at. Gov. Orval Fai Ihus of Arkansas or anyone else. He did say that misguided per sons Many imported by agitators have insisted on defying the in. He said disorderly mobs under leadership of demagogic extremists deliberately prevented compliance with Federal Aurl order for integration at Ullie rocks Central High. Eisenhower said in his speech that National respect for Law is foundation of our american Way of life and added in the South As elsewhere citizens Are keenly aware of the tremendous disservice that he won to people of Arkana Little Rock Ark. A photo lox troops guard school Little Rock citizens looked on last night As elements of the 101st airborne division from Camp Campbell ky., began their watch at Central High school. President Eisenhower ordered the troops in and they flown from Camp Campbell during the afternoon. A photo fax 1000 armed paratroopers Clement proposes governors meet Ike sea Island ga., sept. 24 gov. Frank Cle ment of Tennessee proposed today that a committee of seven governors meet with president Eisenhower to seek a solution of integration problems that would avoid the use of Federal troops. Clement told a news conference at the annual Southern governors conference Here that he believes president Eisenhower s federalization of the Arkansas National guard has created a crisis that goes far beyond the controversy Over racial integration in the schools. Acting on hip own initiative. Clement proposed that gov. La in the eyes of the nation and that Las been done to the nation in he eyes of the world. At a time when we face a grave situation abroad because of he hatred that communism bears Oward a system of government ased on human rights it would difficult to exaggerate the harm that is being done to the prestige and influence and indeed o the safety of our nation and the world. Our enemies Are gloating Over his incident and using it every there to misrepresent our nation. We Are portrayed As a violator if those standards of conduct Fhi Cli the people of the world mixed to proclaim in the Charier if he United nations. There they affirmed Faith in fundamental human rights and in the dignity of he human person and did so without distinction As to race sex language or in calling upon Arkansas Citi Zens to help end interference with the Law and its Eisenhower said that an end to resistance would make further pre sence of Federal troops unnecessary and Little Rock could go Jack to Normal habits of peace order. And. Eisenhower lidded a blot upon the fair name and High Honor of our Nalion in the world will be this he went on would restore the image of America and All its darts one nation indivisible with libel to and Justice for Eisenhower told his radio to Idi Eicr thai the vory basis of individual i Juhls and freedoms in his country is a certainly hint the president and the executive Branch of government will use whatever Means arc necessary to insure Iho carrying Oul of Federal court decisions. Unless the president did i snid non achy would result. Moh Rule cannot to. Allowed to the of the Thor Hodges of North Carolina conference chairman name a bipartisan committee representing All viewpoints to Confer immediately with Eisenhower. Clement said it would be up to other Mem Bers of the 16-state conference to decide whether such a committee should be termed. We have reached one of the most critical times in our history through the president s unprecedented a c 1 i o Clement said. That action is certain to have far reaching repercussions. It involves the questions of whether Federal troops shall or shall not be used in the Sovereign states. The Issue is no longer limited to school integration. In 1mb, it might be Labner trouble. I Don t like to see us continue downhill a mile a minute toward this sort of Prece Hodges proposed that the con Ference suggest to president Eis Shower that maintenance of Law and order in Arkansas is the Pri Mary responsibility of the Gover nor of that state. In a so tement to reporters. Hodges said his suggestions would be presented to the conference resolutions committee tomorrow. He said that he acted after learning of Eisenhower s calling of Federal troops into Arkansas and after talking by Telephone with gov. Orval Faubus of a Kansas. Union orders textile cleanup new York sept. 24 a the executive Council today ordered the United textile work ers to clean out corrupt influence within 30 Days or face possible ouster from the labor Organiza Lino. The action by the s lop governing body followed reports by the ethical practices commit toe that the textile workers Icom slots and bakery workers Are under corrupt influence. Action along Simitar Knes is expected against the Tea Malers and bakery workers tomorrow. Al Cio president George Many snid later it a news con Ference thai the minimum re qui Rcd of the textile workers under today s order would he inn no scr of its Anthony Valenzo nil Sec relay Lloyd Klenert. History told of troop use by presidents Washington. Sept. 24 in american presidents have been using troops to enforce the Law and preserve order since the ear Liest Days of the Republic. In such historic instances As the whisky rebellion. John Brown s at Harper s ferry the Bonus March on Washington and the 1894 Pullman strikes presidents ordered troops into action. And. In Arkansas itself where president Eisenhower stepped in today by summoning the state National guard into Federal service there have been at least three pre. Cements for summoning the troops to preserve or restore order. There is one major Point of Dif Ference Between Eisenhower s decision today to use guardsmen and fedral troops in Arkansas and actions of other presidents in the past. Ordinarily the president has sent troops to scenes of riot or threatened disorder on the request of a governor. Few instances turn up in the history is the Pullman which a presi Dent has acted against in expressed wish of the governor of a state. Provision for use of Federal forces within a Given stale was made during George Washington s administration. However these Laws originally required a request by a slate s governor or Legisla Ture. The Laws were changed to delete the request feature when the civil War developed and Southern governors were not Mak ing req Esles for Federal intervention. The u. A code carrying the pro visions under which Eisenhower acted was just ratified by con Gress in11956 when Many sections of the code were revised to pro vide simpler wording without changing their purpose. Federal troops were used in a Kansas in an Effendi or Thoush somewhat passive manner in the to Silion Days following he civil War. In 186b, people in three Arkansas counties were in open rebellion against Laws of the slate. Civil no Ihor Ilies were described As Over powered by bodies of armed men. Slate militia were called out 10 counties were put under martial Law and s. Troops wore stationed various Points including Little Rock. A u. S. Senate Survey of Udo of Federal troops said hint in this instance their presence con Trithi itch to Lupp Romblon of the . Little Rock citizens look without murmur Little Rock Ark., sept. 24 it strapping armed paratroopers rolled into Little Rock tonight rep resenting president Eisenhower s historic decision to Back a Federal court integration order with Force. Hundreds of Little Rock citizens watched without a murmur As the Force of about 500 men of famed 101st airborne division split one group going 1o the Central High school grounds and another to the National guard armory. Negro troops were among late tonight a second Force of ?00 paratroopers arrived at Little Plosives was illuminated by the Kock air Force base making a total of 1.000 soldiers. The new arrivals also separated into two groups and proceeded to the school and the armory. A newsman at the air base said he heard that even More Para troopers were on the Way. A few minutes later adjutant Gen. Sherman t. Clinger who commanded the guard that kept the negro students out of Central High for More than two weeks ordered All members of the army l a jeep lights from behind. The troopers were in Battle dress and refused to answer re Porter s questions. Have a Nice a reporter asked. I d rather not discuss the Burly sergeant answered politely. Official reaction to the troops and the president s speech was not immediately forthcoming. People were stunned elated or fad depending on their Point of View. The Arkansas Gazelle in its and air National guard to Mobil _ ize immediately and await in editions published for distribution St auctions. I tomorrow morning said the presi Eisenhower who expressed sad Dent s action was justified because at the action i was com " a and order broke Down Here pulled to Lake explained the newspaper blamed gov. Fau his reasons for ordering in the bits irresponsible actions for troops and federating the a it called reliving the recon notional guard and air Sirn Clion Era. National guard in a nationwide while the spoke a television radio address. rally called by the the president said the troops citizens councils Progress Are in Little Rock solely to see the meeting was held to hear the that the Federal court s order for speech. Reporters were not per integral Ion. Which was thwarted milled but Robert Brown local by a violent outbreak at the radio executive gave newsmen a school monday is carried Oul. He slalom Cut which said in part said Thev would leave when the what we wants Choice. White interference stops. They were mown from it. Campbell by. To a segregated school and the nine negro students who Wren nut Iii a Choice and then those mat want integrate. W

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