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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, Florence, South CarolinaUnitt tag who s the fairest of them Rosco Drummond John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio Genera manager sunday september 24, 1972 new race for Congress u ill Harry county stale legis Lator John pc Niello s official certification As the sixth District democratic congressional Nom Inee the stage is apparently set i or perhaps the hottest inner parly political contest Over in the District. We say apparently As i pre cautionary hedge against pos sible Legal action by Veteran con Gressman John l. Mcmillan who lost to Jenrette hut has Hin cd thai or might initiate a Legal Challenge or a congressional probe of the election based on alleged voting irregularities. At this Point the signs Are against a successful Legal Chal Lenge. Jan Rutte s Legal counsel offered to throw out All contested boxes at a Friday hearing before he executive committee of the state democratic party. But Mcmillan s lawyer refused. It is worthy of mention that Jenrette picked up six votes in the recount. Jenrette hardly needs the extra burdens of having to fight off new challenges to his primary Victory considered the formidable Challenge he faces in the general election which is Only six weeks away. His Republican opponent is is Florence Farmer Dairyman and businessman Edward l Young who is widely known and respected particularly among farm and Oiler agn Rulli Irnel interests in the Pec Dee. Young a former stale legislator is certain to Cut deep into the farm vote thai has traditionally gone to Mcmillan As Well As draw Strong support from die business Community. It is also Likely thai Young will do Well in his populous Home county of Florence and neighbor ing Darlington where he is Well known for his civic Busi Ness and religious activities. Jenrette on the Oiler hand has a number of things going for him. By defeating Mcmillan on his first try for regional office he did something Hal no one else has been Able to accomplish Dur ing the 34 years Mcmillan has served in Congress. The bulk of those who voted for him in the primary and the run off arc Likely to remain Loyal to him luring the general elec Tion. There will be some defection however by those whose votes were More anti Mcmillan than pro Jet Retle. Jenrette is bound to fall heir to a certain amount of sympathy Vole from voters who feel that a political David who lakes on a political Goliath and wins deserves to have the big it is apparent that a sizeable number of sixth District voters remain to be persuaded. The democratic primary Drew nearly voters Aiice the Runoff slightly less than the number of registered voters is considerably above that. More than voters in the 10-Coiinlv District cast ballots in the presidential election four years ago and it is reasonable to anticipate a larger turnout this year. Voter registrations is greater than four years ago partially owing to the influx of newly franchisee voters in the 18-21 year old age group. There is no George Wallace in this year s presidential race but Hal is a presidential election As Well As a statewide u. S. Senate race and some local into parly races which in tandem with the spirited congressional race should assure a Large voter turnout. Therefore those voters who have not yet voted this year for a congressional candidate could be the balance that swings the election in november to either Jenrette or Young. School Bliss happiness is living in a school District with no financial prob lems. So presumably there s happiness in Florence county school District. No. 3 Lake City area where an accountant has Given the school Board the news that the District has a surplus. The District s exceptionally Good financial position is indicative of Good the accountant Lold the school Board. Whatever accounts for the Happy news a lot of Oiler school districts would like to be in the situation of having to contend with a surplus. One of them is Florence county District 1 Flor ence area where complaints of inadequate funds have been chronic in recent years and where annual appeals for Mill age increases to relieve the situation have been rejected by voters. The returnable s return when business docs a Good thing it deserves a Pat on the bark. Coca cola bottlers in South Carolina Are doing something positive in introducing die returnable Large soft drink bottle. Other bottlers should follow suit. It is estimated thai at least 5 per cent by volume of All Domestic trash is the result of throw away soft drink and Beer containers. That Many throw a ways obviously adds significantly to the trash collection Bur Dens of municipalities and other agencies As Well As helps to Heap the refuse Mounds Al trash dumps. The Clurn of lie returnable bottle though this Type Container now constitutes a Small part of the Overall beverage contain ers in use is Good news for those who worry about environmental blight. Legislation has been consid ered in some states to outlaw altogether. Ore gon requires a Deposit on All beverage containers a Law Hal was recently upheld in the courts. In time in May Well be thai throwaways will be outlawed everywhere pending the development of course of a throw away that will self destruct in a Way that will be harmless to the environment. An experimental Container of that Type happily is showing Promise. Eph reality the watergate caper is having a Tough time making Ilas a political scandal. The pub Lic caught in the crossfire of charge and count recharge alleging political espionage and skullduggery in the handling of political Campaign funds hardly knows what to think. Maybe As one wag remarked political scandals Are like a lot of other things these Days. They just Aren t Buill to Lafel any Mccre. Capitol focus Harriman wont support Mcgovern Jack Anderson Mitchell s name linked to watergate incident Washington former attorney general John Mitchell s name been linked to the watergate espionage operation by i principal witness in the Case. The witness. Alfred Baldwin. Sworn lie was a member of Hie Mission impossible Crew Llinat spied on democratic flirty Headquarters. One of his espionage reports to Ikis alleged was addressed person ally to Mitchell. Liy Baldwin s account. Ii gave an Oral report in Lames my Corci. Or. Who was then the Security coordinator for president Nixon s Campaign committee. In Lial Dwin s presence. Mccord allegedly put the report in writing and addressed it to Mitchell. Subsequently Mcgirr was arrested at gunpoint with fixer Oiler men inside democratic Headquarters. They were wearing surgical gloves and carrying eavesdropping equipment. Baldwin Lias confessed Hal he monitored conversations picked up by a hug planted in one of the democratic parly telephones. The bugged conversations were reported in memos. Which Mccord sent in ill to the while House and the Campaign committee. Baldwin claims. The memo that went to Mitchell however did t Deal with the Bug Ging operation. As Baldwin tells it. He was asked to Check on Security in the building where the i resident s Chimp sign committee Lias its head quarters. Fie up to a Secretary in the Law firm of Reeves and Harrison which has offices in the same build ing. She told him Hal one of the Law partners had contributed to George Mcgon Vern s Campaign. To Hen Baldwin reported this to Mccord. The Security chief allegedly dashed off a memo to Mitchell warning that the Law firm was a Security risk. Rak Lwin gave the Fri a 100-Page statement detailing his role in the watergate caper. Thereafter he reportedly was granted immunity from prosecution in Exchange for his Tesla Mony before a Federal grand jury. A former Fri agent. Baldwin said he had Ijen assigned at first As a Security guard for Martha Mitchell his instructions were not Loicl her out of his sight except when she went to bed. He was also handed a Roll of Money and was instructed to buy her anything she wanted and to pay Cash he said. When he joined the watergate is who finally Pecirep to join our kook5 with a Mote for Nixon 1 peonage operation. Baldwin said. Mccord shoved a .38 pistol at him. Bald win protested that he did t have a pistol permit. Mccord allegedly told him that he did t need one. Because he was attached to the president s Campaign committee. On May 9. Baldwin said he caught an Allegheny flight to visit his Home in . As he boarded the electronic anti hijacking equipment detected the pistol lie could t pro Duce a permit so he was detained while the airline checked with the president s Campaign committee. Apparently pistols burglar tools. Bugging devices surgical gloves and cameras suitable for photographing documents were All Par of lie stand Ard equipment available at the presi Dent s Campaign Headquarters across the Street from the White House. Justice department lawyers apparently have lied to the courts about the practice of snooping into peo ple s private Bank accounts without court authorization. On several occasions we have published excerpts from Fri files which prove Bankers willingly Lurn Over their customers records without being served with a subpoena. A month ago. However government lawyers in san Francisco and Washington. D. A told the Federal courts the government always gels a sum Mons or subpoena first. Not Only does this Fly directly in the face of our documentary Evi Dence but it also contradicts the Testi Mony of a highly placed Justice department official. The official crime chief William Lynch admitted to a Senate subcommittee last month that in certain types of investigations government sleuths get Bank records with out a subpoena with some degree of under intense questioning by sen. Lola Tunney. A Calif. Who is Lead ing a move to write Laws protecting the privacy of Bank records Lynch also confessed that in particular situations they i Banksia have been reasonably in other words what the . Attorneys said in court flatly contradicts the Justice department s testimony before the Senate. Someone obviously is lying. English lesson words often misused do not say the Man Only wanted the stationery and the it is much Hetter to say. The Man wanted Only the stationery and the often mispronounced repast in meal. Accent second syllabic not the first. Oktan misspelled Umpire Lan Empire a synonyms irritate exasperate provoke incense pique anger annoy harass lease vex disturb disquiet in commode tantalize chafe. Word study use a word three limes and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word Hal Lucina tion1 perception of objects with no reality delusion. Judging from his words the Man is suffering from synonyms boisterous clamorous uproarious tumultuous vehement noisy lot of. Rough unrestrained. Still another Mcgovern defector. The democratic parly s senior Diplo mat and last democratic governor of new York will not support sen. George Mcgovern. He is Averell Harriman who has served in the administration of every democratic president since for. Harriman is not Mak ing any Public announce ment of his decision but he has confided to friends that he can t go along with Mcgovern. He will help other democratic candidates. More to come on watergate hug Ging. The scandal of the Republican commandos arrested for electronic spying Al democratic National com Mittee Headquarters is getting murkier and murkier. New charges of Law violation can now be expected. The unanswered question has t the committee for the re election of the president Vio lated the Federal election Campaign act is it Legal o spend Campaign funds to finance pol Liral espionage lawyers Are now looking into this. Agents of the Republican Campaign committee Are charged with commit Ting these crimes last june 17 breaking and entering tapping Tele phones taping and transcribing Pri vate conversations. Voluntary if not authorized agents of the Republican party Are investigating these crimes. Is it beyond the ability of head ministration to enforce the Law or is there a Lack of will is Vietnam settlement getting near experts outside the government think so. They see president a lieu sir Anglo ening his control in order to Deal with political ferment when compromises Are made. They Point to Saigon s re capture of Quang Tri the Only provincial capital lost to the North Viet namese during their All out offensive. The consensus in Washington is that Moscow is strongly advising Hanoi that the Best terms they can gel from the United states will be before. Not after the presidential election. Chinese soviet tensions increasing. The apparel cause is peking s emerge once Inlo the world political Arena. Ever since China joined the i a. Peking has been plaguing Moscow Al nearly every Point where their interests touch or conflict. One chinese official describes repeated provocations by the soviet Union against China this . Intelligence reports that the soviets have recently added approximately three divisions to their East Ern Frontier which brings their total Force to about 50 soviet divisions along the 6.000-mile Border with China. . Will have to tighten its Belt. Already in the red. The United nations face a reduction of the . Contribution from 31 per cent to 2o per cent of its budget Down by both the Elosise and Senate have passed Bills putting the 25 per cent ceiling on . Payments. Russia nays 14 per cent of the l a. Budget. The formula for working out these percentages involves per capita income population and Gross National product. How . Could increase its in come. All in has to do is to elect West Germany to membership. West Ger Many is one of the four wealthiest countries in the world and would be Able copay its full share. Bonn is expected to make a Strong Case for membership at this session. The sword which threatens is a soviet veto unless the East German communist regime is also admitted. David Lawrence new funding system needed for presidential campaigns Washington some Day there will have to be an end to Campaign contributions in presidential contests. Suspicions have been aroused that not Only is Money supplied in a sense on a quid pro quo basis hut thai sooner or later favors Are dispensed to those who have backed the winning party. A political Campaign is a costly affair and there is no reason Why the government itself should not finance the expenses of the Candi dates and Supply a reasonable amount to each presidential nominee for his efforts to gain attention and support in the various slates. Even in the instances where Money has been Given and not the slightest sign of a reciprocal Reward can he traced the Mere publication of the names of the contributors or their companies has led to impressions of a connection Between the generosity of individual listed As the donor and some later Benefit that might be a Normal occurrence in the relations of business to government. The winning of a presidential elec Tion is not. Of course wholly depend ent upon the financial support obtained by a nominee though there have been cases where campaigns have been prevented from expanding into All Stales because of a Lack of Money. There was a time when private contributions to campaigns were not fully disclosed but steadily the de Mand for publicity became Success Ful. Now amounts in excess of Sion have to be reported and made known. But even this is not a sure Way of preventing givers from evading the listing of Large sums. Contributions can be made in the names of differ ent members of a family or other relatives. A new Law became effective on april 7 of this year which requires Hal a report be periodically filed by All political committees listing every contribution totalling More than Sion. Including he name address and occupation or business of the donor. This is intended to maintain a sys tem in which an inquiry into the financing of presidential campaigns can be carried on at any Lime and the legislation is designed Lopre vent certain types of contributions from being kept secret. From now on everything will have to be made Public not Only the amounts but the identification of the contributors. One of the reasons Why presiden tial campaigns frequently marked by of Money by one candidate or another is that there is not enough time for solicitation of funds Between the Day the convention makes the nomination and election Day. It would seem evident that the whole problem needs the co operation of the government. For clearly the selection of a presi Dent could be one of the most important factors in the economic future of the country and especially in the administration of a rapidly growing government. Picking a Man to be chief executive of the United states is not something that should be left to a convention which has no financial support assured for the Campaign and is largely dependent upon persons of Means. If the government were authorized by an appropriation Bill to grand funds to each parly to cover the Basic costs of a National Campaign the Candi dates would have enough Money to make rips across the country to at tend the political meetings that Are held and to speak on television. The sums that could be allocated to both major parties would be the same and the total would be relatively Small compared to other government expenses. Rut the nation would be assured that no presidential candidate would be permitted to receive any contribution from other sources and hence no obligations would be incurred. Nowadays a presidential nominee must have lots of workers to help organize units in All localities and to make contacts with various groups in the american population including the Many associations which participate in politics and which arc Power Ful enough to influence tens of thous ands of voters. Every presidential candidate has to have persons who can present his Case and arrange for speakers in his behalf As Well As for his own appearances across the country. The Money for All this should come from the government and not from individuals. Such a step would he a move toward clean politics. Florence morning hews published daily and sunday 141 s. Irby is. H try bar of associated press. Audio Bureau of circularity. Newspaper publishers Ann la Jon. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use or publication Cfall local n lie Florence worring of sires to be no Lilied Dro Molly of errors i and of ils rep Liiv True Florence morning news will not be Resoso Isi. We payments made 10 nem Qamer carriers of Independent disc Riutort unless Reade d recur 10 ire office of Iblis newspaper subscription rates by mail Inge Henri ent distributors or Independent Mevert paperboy we to. Ima. To. Yearly 1.60 7.k is.10 31.m circulation Telephone circulation manager Tom second class postage paid at Florence. S. C

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