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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 23, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaThis is All we can find so far Jack Anderson John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor wednesday morning september 23, 1970 to debate or hot debate the famous Nixon Kennedy debate on National television in 1960 taught politicians a thing or two. At least they have been behaving As if it did Ever since. Richard Nixon was considered the front runner in a close presidential race prior to the debate. John Kennedy was thought by most to be the underdog. When the debate was Over the general View was that Kennedy had outshone his opponent before a massive nationwide television audience. The rest is history. Kennedy s political Stock began to Rise and he went on to win the presidency. The consensus among political pros since the Nixon Kennedy debate is that the underdog has everything to gain and nothing to lose by engaging an opponent in a to debate while just the opposite is True for the front runner. This bit of practical politics helps explain the reactions of South Carolina candidates for governor and lieutenant governor to debate invitations issued by a Spartanburg television station. The four candidates for lieutenant governor Democrat Earle Morris Republican James Henderson Independent de Watson and United citizens party candidate Julius Mcteer have accepted the station s invitation to participate in an hour Long debate oct. 13. The same station offered free air time to gubernatorial candidates for a debate but cancelled it when Democrat John c. West declined. Republican Albert Watson accepted. The West Campaign forces have taken some private polls of voter sentiment across the state to be used in mapping Campaign strategy. Watson forces no doubt have been doing the same thing. Neither candidate can be sure of How things will turn out in november. The Campaign Tempo will quicken As election Day draws nearer and the state s political complexion can change. West s turndown of the debate invitation however suggests that he finds the results of the private polls taken to Date encouraging. It also indicates that he is taking no Chance becoming a Nixon in South Carolina politics. Apparently he feels he has Little to gain and would risk the possibility of losing much by engaging Watson in a to confrontation. Education office scandal cited Washington five years ago a White House task Force recommended a major overhaul of the procedures for awarding and controlling government con tracts in the u. S. Office of education. Subsequently numerous efforts have been made to bring about the needed reforms but the viscous hew bureaucracy has managed to Block virtually All of them. The result is one of the worst if least known scandals in Washington. Last month this column published the details of a confidential High level hew investigation which showed that the office of education had repeatedly ignored the Law in in awarding its contracts. We have now obtained another official document which shows what the education office does with its contracts once they have teen awarded. These conclusions Are even More devastating. The confidential 2 4 p a g e report summarizes the findings of an investigation into the education office s contract activities by the hew audit Agency. Dated july 31, the explosive document has been forwarded to or. Terrell ii. Bell the acting commissioner of education. There s no excuse for ignorance Roscoe and Geoffrey Drummond Belgrade important Stop for Nixon there just in t much excuse anymore for anyone to be without a Basic education and More. The same holds True for training in Basic skills. For school age youth the Public schools offer mass Public education. But the Public school system does More. It provides an adult Public education program ranging from Basic education to College preparatory courses. A full Page spread in sunday s Florence morning news listed the course offerings available through the adult education department of Florence school District 1. The Florence Junior chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Campaign for enlisting adults in educational programs available to them through the Public schools. Never in the history of our educational system has there been so much Opportunity to Correct the deficiencies in adult education As now. To remain ignorant or unskilled must now be attributable to Lack of desire on the part of the ignorant and unskilled to be otherwise. Two Good men for the to. 2 spot in the s. C. Democratic primary voters had a Choice Between rep. Heyward Belser and sen. Earl Morris for lieutenant governor. Both Are Strong men and made excellent candidates. The voters chose Morris hut for Many it was a difficult Choice to make. Both men Are qualified by training experience and character for the office. It is the Good Fortune of voters that again in the general election they will have a Choice Between two Good men for lieutenant governor. Facing democratic sen. Morris of Pickens is Republican Greenville. Jim Henderson o f while Morris has a big Edge Over Henderson in experience in government and in being better known among state citizens Henderson is the Quality of candidate needed by the state Republican party for giving it an image favourable to a Broad Cross Section of voters. Regardless of the outcome in november we Hope the gop will turn to men like Henderson As they seek to build party strength. Governors tire of an old song two governors John Bell Williams of Mississippi and John of Louisiana insisted on playing an old familiar song at the Southern governors conference but found Little enthusiasm among their colleagues for joining in on the chorus. Mckeithen and Williams pressed the conference meeting in Biloxi to pass a Strong worded Reso Lution against school busing. Govern ors from Border states wanted no part of the Resolution. Others tagged it. For what it was a meaningless exercise. Even Georgia s Lester Maddox hardly a Friend of school busing thought passage of a Strong busing Resolution would be nothing More than theatrics. He indicated he might not bother to stick around for the vote. Carry Little real weight. The presi Dent and Congress and most every one else knows most of the govern ors Are opposed to extensive busing. Besides the u. S. Supreme court has agreed to hear Legal arguments on some of the ambiguous aspects of school desegregation including bus ing when it convenes in october. There Are too Many pressing problems regional economic development and regional approaches to combating crime pollution and drug abuse for instance for the governors to become bogged Clown in racial Shadow Box ing. And it does t Washington there is More to president Nixon s decision to visit Yugoslavia than just the polite acceptance of a Long standing invitation from president Tito. This is no casual Stopover Between important capitals on a trip to the Southern rim of Europe. It can be said with knowledge that going to Belgrade is one of the prime reasons or. Nixon is making the trip. This is the president s second visit to communist East Europe in Little More than a year. Behind these visits is a new and distinctively Nixon foreign policy goal. President Nixon rejects the conventional Wisdom of those soviet specialists who like George Kennan say that there is a finality about soviet control of Eastern Europe and that nothing can change it. Or. Nixon is deeply convinced that the Peoples of Eastern Europe want self determination and Are already welcoming the stimulus o f Western ideas and Western technology. Or. Nixon consciously went against the advice of some of his own state department people who were afraid that if the president visited Romania he would offend Moscow and Poison relations. President Nixon is not in these arguments. He does t intend to let the soviets Tell him where he will go in the world except in their own country. He considers himself just As free to expand cultural political and economic contacts with the communist nations As the soviets do to expand their contacts with the democratic nations. It is evident that president Nixon takes exactly the opposite View from those who have been trying to persuade him that soviet domination of Eastern Europe is unalterable. He shares the judgment of or. Robert f. Byrnes history professor at Indiana University s russian and East european Institute. In a special study for the Senate subcommittee on n a t i t n a 1 Security and International operations he said Eastern Europe is a seriously unstable area. It constitutes the Achilles Heel of an overextended Empire an area which has already Given soviet leaders several serious cases of in digestion and one which will become More troublesome and burdensome in the years prof. Byrnes does not suggest nor does president Nixon believe that there is any Quick dramatic step which will shake the soviet grip on Eastern Europe but in Poland Hungary East Germany Romania and Czechoslovakia the Peoples of these nations have shown that they want to be free from soviet domination. Despite its frantic crushing of the czech Effort to ease the Yoke there is Viden j that soviet Rule i s increasingly vulnerable because 1 the economies of every one of these countries Are deteriorating under soviet Over lordship. 2 their neighbouring states in Western Europe Are thriving dynamically. 3 soviet communism offers letters to the editor Many Blacks served on Florence Council to the editor the United citizens party chairman. Or. Robert Roberts in announcing the candidacy of Mordecai c. Johnson for a Seal on City Council erred in his statement in your newspaper Friday. Sept. 18th. When he commented that or. Johnson s election would make him the first Black Man to be elected As a councilman in the history of this when Florence was first incorporated in 1871, the first town Council had As a member a Black Man. Plato c. Fludd who later became treasurer of Darlington county. The late Rev. Joshua e. Wilson remembered by Many As Florence s postmaster served several terms As a member of the City Council other Blacks local schools overcrowded for Many years the . Post office department painted its mail boxes a drab Green and the mail moved poorly. Then the boxes were Williams and Mckithen accused their colleagues of Tippy toeing Way from controversy. It would be More accurate to say the opponents of a Strong Resolution were Tippy looking toward reality. The majority Bui thus his innovation has not recognize Shadow painted red White and Blue but this did t Speed up the mail. Now the boxes Are being repainted All Blue of the governors seem to the Folly of unproductive boxing of the Type that has character Loo Many previous conferences of Southern governors. If the Resolution passes it will improved sluggish mail service in fact about the Only thing the Post office accomplished by All this pain Ting and repainting was to give new meaning to an old army and Navy slogan if it does t move paint Dickie suggest we kick this idea around to the editor i would like to Point out one of the Saddest facts concerning the Public schools the fact that hew representatives and Flor ence District i h o o 1 officials have overcrowded some of our schools not for the purpose of Quality but for integration alone. Take for an example Henry Timrod elementary school. This school has operated Well and within its capacity for two years under the zoning plan which included a Large number of Blacks. Hew representatives would not be satisfied so the Spaulding Heights development was included in this school zone at lost moment before the school term began. Now the school is far too crowded with pupils and does t have enough classroom space or teachers to take care of this in creased Load. Two Mobile classroom units Are being sent to this school to help ease the problem. Now i ask the brains behind this set up How they think Quality education for Blacks or Whites can be achieved under these conditions h is sad that some brains 1 saw fit to sacrifice our Public educational system for the purpose of integration alone not for so called Quality education Robin Moore Florence who served were w. .1. Bradford Rev. E. R. Roberts Rev. B. F. Baxter and t. W. Jefferson. Jefferson served on Council As late As 1895. During that period elections for the town Council were held for representation by Ward and not from the town at Large. Horace f. Rudisill Florence sheriff s office receives thanks to the editor i would like of express my sincere thanks to the Florence county sheriff and his deputies for their kind understanding and help during the recent illness and hospitalization of my husband. I was not at anytime con fronted with the stalling around i experienced in my Home county Williamsburg. From All the information i have gathered in cases similar to mine and i have put out Effort along this line it is the duty of the sheriffs department to Aid immediately in cases of danger to the family and Community and see to the safety of the citizens therein. The people in Florence should be proud of their sheriff s department. Mrs. Helen s. Turner Nesmith no Way but. It is widely seen As without new ideas resistance to change reactionary. President Nixon has already made three moves to help nature take its course. By going to Bucharest last year he gave significant support to the romanian government s will to pursue a foreign policy Independent of Moscow. He gave firm behind the scene encouragement to Chancellor Willie Brandt s establishing closer More cordial relations Between West Germany and t he East european states. T h e r e b y Brandt removed nearly All their fears of Germany which Moscow has so Long used to keep them tightly in the soviet embrace. Now president Nixon is going to visit the Fountainhead of resistance to soviet domination Yugoslavia which Tito Wres Ted from grip in 1948 and made it stick. The soviets won t like what president Nixon is doing. But does it matter English lessons by w. L. Gordon words often misused distinguish Between immunity resistance to a disease and impunity exemption from vaccination develops an immunity to and the child continues to misbehave with often mispronounced ensemble. Pronounce Ahn Sahm a i accent second syllable. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word exculpate to exonerate acquit absolve from guilt. Accent first the situation was such that it was necessary either to exculpate or to press Here Ahe its Basic conclusions so Loose is the office of education s management that no final reports have been received on literally hundreds of research contracts. In August of last year there were 282 research con tracts that had been financed by the government without Ever receiving a final report. Some of these were As much As eight years old. Nevertheless the office of education continues to award contracts to firms with overdue research reports. Some contracts Are never formally terminated leaving the government vulnerable to for additional unwanted work. When a memo was issued last year to determine How Many such contracts there were the Bureau of elementary and secondary education refused to come up with any information. Virtually no Effort has been made by the education office to keep track o f government owned property which was in the hands of con tractors. An Effort to find out How much such property lying around unaccounted for got nowhere. Seventy five contractors refused even to respond to Tho government s inquiry and Trie office of education made no Effort to verify the inform Tifin that did come in. Says the audit Agency our review. Indicates that some contractors considerably understated the amount of government owned property acquired. Also our review indicates that several contractors who reported no property acquisitions had purchased pro Perty with contract furthermore the audit report said that annual physical inventories. Are not being made As required by department while the office of education had estimated last year that there was about million in government owned o r government purchased equipment in its contractors Possession the audit Asenov came up with an estimated total of More than million. None of this properly was recorded in the education office s general Ledger accounts the report said. In addition the audit Agency asserted contractors Are being permitted to acquire equipment at government expenses without the required determination that such such equipment cannot b e obtained from a More economical source and without the required written approval of the head of the procurement activity or his the education office violated the Law by making Advance payments to con tractors under a film program for the deaf. For this program the audit Agency said the pro Gram legislation. Does not authorize Advance but. Nevertheless a Advance payment was made on a contract with the tax As educational Agency and the full amount of contract was advanced to the National safety Council in commenting on this matter the assistant education commissioner Leon Schwartz stated that the contracting officials attributed the Advance payments without the required approval to exigencies of the program and inadequate Lead time for the contracting these. The report said firmly Are not valid quiz Billy Graham says lately i have detected that you Are Drifting from the doctrine of salvation by Grade alone. Recently you said god judges us by our actions and not by shallow arc you suggesting that we arc saved by our own efforts rat liter than by the Grace of god e. C. Not at All. I have not drifted away from the doctrine of salvation by Grace. In fact i believe it stronger than Ever. But this is not to say that All Man has to do is fold his arms and he will sweep through the Pearly Gates into glory. There Are Many Many scriptures which denote human action. In fact nearly every time Jesus healed someone or performed a Miracle he gave the person something to do. To Peter James and John he said follow me and i will make you to become Fishers of they were Bidden to do something follow him. Paul said to the Phillipian Jailer believe on the lord Jesus Christ and thou Shalt be Sav they were commanded to do something believe and god did the rest. True the Bible says not of works lest any Man should but it also says Faith without works is we should Trust god As though our salvation depended upon him which it and work As though it depended upon us. Faith and works go together Faith leads us into the kingdom but after we get in we work for the King because we love him. By a. C. Gordon 1. What Are the names of the Polar lights in the Northern hemisphere and in the Southern hemisphere 2. Where in the human body Are the radius the ulna and the humerus answers 1. Aurora boreal is and Aurora Australia respectively. 2. Bones in the Arm. off Iii Florence morning news published Dally and sunday 141 s. Irby is. Florence . Midi member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern news paper publishers association. The associated press is in tilled exclusively to the use for publication of All local news in this newspaper. Tho Florence morn Lna news desires Lobo notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payments m newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the office of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail Independent distributors or Independent newspaper boys weekly a Momo a orly Dally and sunday a 7.10 15.40 31.20 circulation Telephone number m90776 circulation manager Tom second class pos Loae paid of Florence

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