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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 23, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning september the Florence morning news Florence .8. C. Page i pretty Witch Weed the pee Dee area s strange new fanning problem the crop killer Witch Weed is coming in foe come increased National attention in. The sept. 23 Issue of time Magazine. The Henry Luce publication de votes a column and a half to the Little red Flower which is currently plaguing Farmers in several North and South Carolina counties. The quarantine now in effect in the affected counties of the two states is discussed at length and the entire Witch Weed background and discovery is treated in the article. Here s the article Farmers in 16 counties of North and South Carolina were anti Only watching their week for life begins for the parasite speaker c. A. Mcknight editor of the Chor Lotte observer will address the Florence kiwanis club thursday. A native of Shelby ., Mcknight formerly was editor of the Charlotte news and executive director of the Southern education reporting service. A delicate Bright Green Plant that rows to be nine to ten inches High is a pretty Plant with Gay de and Orange Flowers shaped something like violets. In South Africa where it abounds Boer armers Call it lit e red Flower and Vuu Rossie in the u. S. It is Striga a parasitic Plant that sucks the life a of Corn sorghum sugar Cane and Many other crops leaving the lants As rustling ghosts while the title red Flowers Bloom Over their oots. In 1951 a few Carolina Farmers complained that their Corn had a mysterious disease. It looked As it were dying of drought hut Hen rail fell the Corn did not dec Over. The disease year Samok plants were sent o North Carolina state College where Plant pathologists could find no bacterium virus fungus or Ither malefactor to account for the rouble. Then a graduate student rom India took a careful look at he sick Corn and recognized among its roots the underground stems of Witch Weed which Hac never before invaded the Western no one knows How the Little rec Flower came to the Carolinas by when the . Department of agriculture heard the news it went nto action sending a task Force of scientists to help the Loca authorities. A Quick look at the literature told the scientists tha Striga As Latica is one of the world s worst pests. Serious infestation can reduce Corn yield to Zero. Edu cation is almost impossible. Witch Weed s Way of life i one of the strangest in nature. The plants produce vast numbers o barely visible from a single plan the seeds fall to the ground an mix Wilh the soil where they Ca lie for 20 years without Losin vitality. A seed does not Normall germinate until the rootlets of suitable Plant creeps close to through the soil. Influenced by mysterious substance that the Roc secretes the seed wakes up. Of of it pokes a Root that Snake through the soil attaches Itse to the Host thrusts suck i tubes into its Juicy tissues. The quickly generates a network dots and underground stems Ime times hundreds of Witch weeds Tupete to strangle a single Host ant. After a month of underground parasitic life the Witch Weed makes partial Reform like a Success us mobster who buys a legitimate us incas and joins the Church. It ends a shoot above the ground folds Green leaves in the Sun get and manufactures its food y photosynthesis like any respect the Plant while still getting its Ater and minerals from the Host s oots. Soon its Little red Flowers loom and its myriad dust like eeds Poison the soil it. The Witch Weed infested area s now quarantined ans strict measures Are taken to keep the est from spreading. The Scien its Are. None too hopeful. Witch Weed seeds Are invisible when mixed with soil and they can be married by farmers1 boots Auto ires shipments of farm products r almost anything that moves. Experts shudder to think hat would happen if a Hurricane Ere to pick up the seeds Anc Catter them likes smoke. The parasite can probably thrive throughout the South from Virgin. Town behind 5 orphans who want to be together Burnsville ., sept. 22 if this Western North Carolina Mountain town is rallying behind five orphan children who decided they would rather live together in poverty Here than separated in or county welfare Panages. The Yancey department Hai agreed to go along with the plan which has the backing of sympathetic Burns Ville businessmen. They Are Chil Dren of Harry Mccracken. 70-year old blinded widower who died two weeks ago today. Hanging in Ages from 10 to 21, the five children voted by show of hands to sink or swim on their own. The Noa live in the run Down overcrowded and unsanitary family Homestead on the of Burnsville. Burnsville businessmen Are con ducting a drive which they Hope will realize enough Money to construct the Little family a modest new Home. Citizens have Alread raised about for. The be Home which would be built o land the Mcracken own. The eldest Mccracken 2 year old Leroy is the Only Wor ing member of the troop. He part time saw Mill employee. The other four children. Rut 18 Shirley 17 Douglas 14 an june 10, Are in school. The to oldest girls handle the famil cooking chores. The children have had a task of orphanage life at Marioi times since their Mother s Dea eight years ago. But they prefer their own Little Home which a Only cardboard partially protect ing some broken windows. Gibson Deaton superintendent of the county welfare department says the House they occupy very the family r chives some assistance from to welfare department a to Eastern Texas. It can live n wild grasses including the Ommon crabgrass arid the 20 ear life of its seeds makes it a stubborn enemy. But Witch Weed has a weakness to lurking seeds can be fooled by planting certain crops e.g., pea its soybeans cowpeas that in truce them to germinate but do lot provide the kind of roots tha they can live on. In Africa a favor the control measure is planting such trap plants to reduce Witch Weed infestation but the . Department of agriculture has a bolder Hope. If it can identify the Root secretion that makes the seeds germinate it May find cheap chemical that will do the same. Then a Field can be treate before planting and the seeds the Little red Dower will Wake u Only to die. Britain urged to ban h bombs London sept. 22 ban the h bomb demonstrate backed up by labor party leftist was told today that Britain Shoul give up its nuclear weapons an ask the american air Force t get out of the country. Ian Mikardo labor member parliament told the demonstration the British should decide tha whatever any other nation a do we in great Britain will m or manufacture or use Hyde Gen Mikardo whose statement a read to about persons i London s Trafalgar Square add if we give up As i Hope w will do the use of the a Bomi we cannot continue to Reta american a bomb bases in this Middle East report peach James Bricker Bachelor landlord who gave away 11 houses to tenants for each has been dubbed by his tenants As the peach of Apricot in Honor of the Street on which most of the Homes Ore located. A photo tax Norway s Crown Prince by Gunnar j. Borrevik j Oslo Norway sept. 22 Al Norway s new Crown Prince got Lis first pair of skiis when he was 2 years old. The skiis were a gift from his father the nation s new King Olav a who is a past norwegian Cham Pion ski jumper. Like his father Crown Prince Harald now 20, is a sportsman who matches his father s interest and skill also in yachting. Harald was elevated to Crown Prince after the death of his Grandfather King Haakon Vii and to succession to the throne of his father. Norwegians heard Young Harald speak in Public for the first time Only last month. The occasion was he 85th birthday of his grand father and Harald went before the microphone to deliver a birthday tribute. The radio speech established the Youthful Prince As a Man of quiet Assurance and dig nity until that time most norwegians still regarded Harald As a boy. Norwegian world War ii pilots remember him As a 5-y ear old from a visit to their training Camp dressed As a lieutenant Anc creating As much mischief As any boy his age. Norwegians also still chuckle when they think of him going to Copenhagen with his school friends and roughing it by sleeping on the round in sleeping bags. They als Mccall the Lime he and a Crow f friends from Boot Camp in the my were denied service at estaura Rit because the owne did t like soldiers. The new Crown Prince was Bor feb. 21, 1937. He was the fir Prince born in Norway for near 00 years. He was just Over old when Hitler invade Norway april 9, 1940. Crown Prin less Maertha fled with her thre Hildren to her native swede cing Haakon and Crown princ 31av stayed behind to continue to ight. A few weeks later Prince Maertha and the children fled he United states where the stayed first at Hyde Park n. At the invitation of president Franklin d Roosevelt and later near Washington d. C. King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav went to England to head the norwegian government in exile. Serious Gap plugged radar unit installed at u. S. Base in Spain Madrid Spain sept. 22 w the u. S. Air Force disclosed to Day the first air defense radar Grimes unsure about future after murder trial acquittal Washington Sept. 22 w attorney j. D. Grimes or. Acquitted yesterday by a jury in the slaying of a tenant Farmer said today i m unable to say what his future plans will be. Grimes 42, said he had received right Many Telephone Calls from friends congratulating him on the jury verdict. Head fitted to the jury that he fired four pistol bullets into Haywood c. Paul 47, but contended he went out of my mind when he found his wife and Paul having sexual relations under a tobacco shelter the night of aug. 16 near the Grimes Home. Asked if he plans to continue his Law practice Grimes said in a to red voice it s been so Short since the trial that i m unable he also was unable to say whether he and his wife will live together. Grimes told the jury which freed him that he and mrs. Grimes have lived at their Home Tince the slaying but not As Man and wife in any sense of the "1 anticipate living in washing he said but that was As far he would go in discussing his plans. Tho jury deliberated Only 48 Mit Lutcs before returning its ver dict yesterday. Mrs. Grimes member of Well known wish Nylon family Mother of live children hns remained in Al Luil it Cuilon fat Nho Ollnie. By Grimes after acquittal cd embraced the Rev. Wilfred t. Woo House Rector of St. Peter s Church where Gritl ii was announced. Member after verdict of acquittal of has been installed in Spain and said six other units would be in operation Here within a year. Soon to House four major Jet bomber bases of the u. S. Strategic air command has been without radar warning facilities up to now. It therefore has represented a serious Gap in the radar warning network that keeps watch for the North Atlantic treaty allies from Norway to Turkey and on other possible approach routes of hostile aircraft. Col. Clay Tice jr., Boss of the new radar system estimated the Spanish radar network would add an hour to the time Sac might have in warning of an enemy air threat in this part of Europe. Tice. Commander of the Sac 65th air division told a reporter the first equipment newer and More powerful than its counter part in the United states has been installed at Vilala Tobas some 50 Miles South of Madrid it currently is entering a shake Down evaluation and training per fad at the hands of the 871st air Craft communications and warn ing Squadron. Tice said the entire seven Umi network would be in full operation a year from now. It will maintain an Alert for the Sac b47 and b52 bases now three quarters completed at Torrejon near Madrid at Zaragozo in Northern Spain and at Moron and san Pablo in Southern Spain. Our air division the Only air defense unit in Sac was set up in Spain to give Sac time to gel airborne in the event of an at Tice snid Spain is the Only Placo whom Sac defends its own super Royal he rest Teit Are Tim pm fun per a fat atom t073 f Avi a Syria s top Soldier to talk with . Editor s l. Yan a foreign news analyst ii aking an on the spot study of the Iddle East in the Light Otsy a s leftist swing and its Reper. Us Sions. Here he tells of a talk Ith maj. Gen. Afif Biry the by an army s staff Chier by William l. Ryan Damascus Syria sept. 22 w top Soldier told me to ight he and the syrian up Verne Lent Are willing to talk directly Ith anyone from the United tales on american syrian rela on. In a Long private conversation Laj. Biry Syria f staff also said 1. Syria is undertaking some defensive Maneu vers designed t protect her Security. 2. Syria has cancelled officers eaves and confined Damascus Garrison troops to their Barracks. 3. Syria has called tip some re Erves though not All of them. Asked about the curfew imposed on the horns Aleppo Jatakia. Highway Biry said this and no connection with the pres of a soviet Cruiser and de Stroyer visiting Latakia. There Lave been military movements in he area though no concent Rar ions and thus the curfew was deemed necessary he said i v powder Keg mop locates areas where Secretary of state Dulles causes soviet Union of threatening Turkey. Dulles said the build up of communist arms in Syria on the South concerted with soviet military Power on Turkey s North Ern Border constitute a violation of a in Resolution calling for member nations to refrain from intimidating other coun tries. That thereafter Steps would be taken by the judge of the court syrian american rave me a straightforward answer i assure you i never was affiliated with or was a member of that Biry made his disclosures on Syria s defensive measures during a discussion of the . Declara Tion of Secretary of state Dulles which he characterized As typical of Savage cries for h6 said in View of such statements Syria feels it must take measures to protect itself. Syria is carrying out certain defensive Biry said. And thus has confined the troops of the Damascus Garrison to bar Racks. But i emphasize that All the precautions taken thus far have been defensive moves to pre n. Lations Biry said he is ready to talk with any elements from the United states because All the by an people look Forward to Good lations with the u. S. Govern he even indicated that under Ertain circumstances the u. S. Avy might be just As Welcome 3 make a Courtesy visit Here Asie soviet Navy has been. I met Biry in his apartment it in Arnous Section a modest old e class Quarter of Damascus e was surrounded by his Fame attractive Young wife Yus a his 2-year-old daughter Salam and his son Youset 1. It would be difficult for me to Eli Etc that this Calm soft spoken pare Syria to meet any asked if there were any syrian concentrations on the turkish Frontier Biry replied there Are Only the usual National police and Border customs guards along Thi Frontier and there is no presen intention of increasing Force there. On another subject Biry toll me that by the end of. This Veel the investigation into a 11 e c american plotting against Syria regime would be concluded am Adenauer comments on russian unrest Washington sept. 22 us Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany said today there s some unrest some ferment a Tion in the soviet he said the soviets have been dealt two very severe blows in recent weeks. Adenauer said that because of these setbacks and unspecified internal difficulties in Russia this is no time for a four Power con Ference to tackle East West prob lems. Asked what he would think of a meeting Between representatives of the soviet Union Britain France and the United states Adenauer replied not yet in the immediate he went on to speak of his re election and the . Condemn vote and said i think we should give them some time to re As for his Victory in the elections Adenauer said the russians took great pains to influence them in their Way and their a but he said they were shown the germans Are not prepared to do the will of the i can very Well imagine that in the coming four years Russia will come to realize this and will wish to live on Good neighbourly terms with he added. He said he looks for consider Able Progress in those four years toward controlled International disarmament and German reunification. On other Points Adenauer said 1. Germany is giving no though to revaluing its currency no no we Don think of Adenauer said. 2. It would be difficult for Wes Germany to spend More for armaments because the country de spite its Prosperity faces the problem of reducing Workin hours. Adenauer said German probably could shoulder a Bigge arms Burden if we can enlarge our exports but not All of of friends like to see such a Deve this was a reference t european misgivings about tier Man economic Competition in Thi world Market. 3. The problem of former Ger Man territory taken Over by Poland after world War ii is not in soluble. Germans must have a Chance to return to these places he said and the territory must by integrated into a larger economic unit such As the european Coa and steel or the com Mon Market. National boundaries would then lose some of their importance and the political ques Lions will solve he asserted. A civilized country is one where a narcotic smuggling ring does a Multi million Dollar business it Georji do w Matney to to and radio itt but even Bonk asthma and Hay fever Relief comes in minutes and lasts for hours tiny Tablet now available without prescription n. Y. A Enlil medical Sci Sci Hai developed a new tiny Tablet that not Only stops is Lima spasms but bring is Relief to who suffer from any pc Sci attn ski. Author Utvic proved this compound Brines Relief in menu ten and Houri of Freedom from a Cuirence of pain Ful Primi. Fml not unit formula in doctors for their or Lento patients who suffer from asthma or Hay fever. And now sufferers Tan obtain that formula. Mila out tiny Bleu called s dry up without or Lontene opens bronchial lubes loosens mucous congestion relieves taut nervous tension helps or pcs spices. All this wit taking painful injections and with out the inconvenience of Nebulizer Trio secret is Rel Montono com Bines 3 medicines in full prescription str Nuth found most effective in combination for asthma and Hay fever distress. So look to sleep at night and Freedom from asthma or Bay Ever spasms not primate be at any drugstore. Only 08f Money Back flu Aranet. 0 its who Thull Whir Mattil Amily Man could be a communist. He is however obviously one t the most ardent of Arab na-1 loyalists. Speaking quietly but Ith intensity he seemed eager o answer All questions and eager o give me the utmost co opera Ion. He said he is sure 99.99 per cent of the american people Are honorable and Hopes that one of hese will be sent Here to talk directly with the syrians. The United states should have Good intentions toward and better understanding of Biry said. If the United states had really tried to understand Hen Derson would have come to Syria to get information directly and not Tor Matin from smugglers of hashish is a narcotic derived rom hemp. The Henderson to whom Biry referred is Deputy undersecretary of state Loy Hen Derson who entered his recent act finding Mission in Turkey and Lebanon. Biry was bitter about Dulles. Dulles and his attendant imperialists always believe any syrian who tries to defend his country a communist or dependent on he said. In fact Dulles himself is a slave of imperialism in America this is Why he cannot sympathize with anyone who works for his country. My communism is in the mind of Dulles and those like him. My communism is love for my coun try and Homeland. My communism is standing in the Way of those who want to usurp the sovereignty and Freedom of my coun try. But 1 Don t care what they think since i know my own self. But i assure you i never Wai affiliated with or never was a member of that Biry 43, is a product of the horns military. Academy the West Point of Syria. He comes from a distinguished family his Grandfather Yussef for whom his son is was a noted astronomer and Man of letters for whom a Street in Damascus is named. Biry attended High school in studied higher a Jesuit school Damascus and mathematics in thereafter branding out into Neering and geography. He been connected with the Topo graphical department of the army. 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