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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 23, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news. Florence s. C. Monday morning september 25, Koscoe Drummond rib am of 1-Nittm John m. Owji is. 10 h my Tekl secret of the Adenauer Triumph is Analysed Sao m Otap w . 6. Box Section Florenc. 1.75 10.40 to go Carrier delivery a sewer. Jujj by on Rural route., sunday by Carrier and today. Or lame by mail in Rural in a v Sugga led by the Rev. Curtis Dirrick pastor prayer for today st. Luke i lutheran Church Flor inc. As thou Art the lord our god May no Man made god Ever interfere with our fearing Loving and trusting in thee above All thin8s, through Christ oui lord amen. High wages and taxes primary cause for National inflation the search for the causes of inflation is As much of a Puzzle As the answer who killed cock Robin organized labor economists have Long been trumpeting the charge that rising prices is the culprit. Organized business through the National association of manufacturers has made a Good Case naming High wages. And taxes As the real offenders. It offers an analysis of where the huge income in the Post War years from 1948 to. 1956 has gone to prove its Point. In that time employee wages Rose 28 per cent for each unit of output while corporate taxes climbed 82 per cent on the same basis. The amount paid in compensation for each hour of labor increased twice As fast As the amount produced by each hour of labor. These Cost increases were reflected Only partially in higher prices for manufactured goods which Rose just 10 per cent. This Cost Price squeeze resulted in a drop of 25 per cent in the profit per unit. No Industry group showed improve ment in its after tax profit margin and in fact not a single group even held its own in that respect. The conclusion is inescapable that the current inflationary push is due to the rising Cost of labor and the continuing heavy tax Burden and not to the greed of manufacturers for exorbitant profits As some people the study Points out. Profit margins on sales have suffered Joist As the american consumer has suffered from the Power of Monopolis tic unions to exact wage gains unrelated to coupling the consumer with the corporate stockholder is another Way of. Saying that a Large number of american families suffer double from inflation. With tens of thousands of americans today owning shares in american Industry the base of ownership has spread until consumer and stockholder Are one and the same in a vast number of families. The traditional return of the investor in the Enterprise whose expansion depends on his continued contribution is growing leaner while his two part ners labor and Gav emment Are grow ing fatter off the production of his company. High wages and taxes Are actually the primary causes of inflation. Many readers new features that appear six Days weekly in the Florence morning news have proved their Worth quickly. Judging from the letters written to or. Molner our health column writer and to family Friend a column that discusses very practical everyday matters concerning All families our readers have found them very helpful. On Friday of this past week when they were forced out of the paper1, we got immediate and Vig Orous response. Thanks we Are glad you enjoy these columns. We do ourselves. Bonn in judging the Long term consequences of the remark Able German elections last week there Are three questions which need to asked and if possible answered. They Are these what is the secret of Chancellor Adenauer s unprecedented achieve ment that of winning a popular and absolute parliamentary majority for the first time in German history Why is there More opposition to answered. They Are these vote suggests what will the social democrats the second largest party in Ger Many have to do to become s Strong effective opposition party to be Able to Challenge or. Ade Nauer s Christian democratic Union at the polls and thus to secure the two party system which has now tentatively been brought into being the Adenauer secret undoubtedly there Are Many ingredients in Adenauer s political Drew Pearson demos select the Achilles Heel the advisory committee on eco nomic policy set tip the counsel the democratic National committee s advisory Council has chosen inflation As the Achilles Heel of the Eisenhower administration for a major attack in the 1958 and 1960 campaigns to expand democratic control of Congress and recapture the White House. Prof. John k. Galbraith Harvard economist and chairman of the group declared after its first full dress meet ing that a broadly based policy to stabilize prices rather than one based on the single measure of credit restraint is needed. He would have the president ask in the strongest terms that there be no further Price in creases without consulting the White House. He did not think the House wife would heed the president s pious injunction to buy selectively in order to reduce inflationary pres sures. Walter Williams under Secretary of Commerce who made the administration rebuttal to the statement took note of the fact that its sixteen members include former democratic office holders and economists. He criticized it As the work of the new Deal economic doctors who have Vest la., times de interest in hard times As their Only possible ticket Back to political pow the economic Issue is thus drawn. Our own View is that the Ordinary citizen with swollen income tends to accept the inflation bite As a Small irritant. So Long As he is prosperous he is not Given to analysing the cause dead letter John b. Hollister s last directive before retiring As head of the inter National cooperation administration last week already is a dead letter. His idea that foreign Aid should be used to halt socialism abroad was rejected by the state department. It refuses to meddle in the internal affairs of our friends and allies. Hollister wanted to discourage state ownership of Industry abroad by refusing foreign Aid to such coun tries. That would bar most of the free world which has been socializing its Economy without a immunizing its politics. We have found private enter prise the foundation of our own Prosperity but we cannot impose it on the rest of the world As a Price for help ing them to grow Strong against the common foe International communism. Unfair attacks on the South the Montgomery Ala Advertis 8r, Points out that much of the South s current bitterness is directed not at the negro but at Northern generalizations sermons half truths Over simplifications and mis present action of the segregation situation in this Section of the the advertiser suggests that the Prince ton organization could perform a worthwhile Public service by conduct ing a comprehensive Survey of Many thousands of southerners instead of Sod to determine what has been the effect upon them of biased superficial and stereotyped stories articles and broadcasts about the South As presented in a considerable portion of the non Southern publications of the nation As Well is by Many poli tical leaders of both parties outside of the South some time ago our of the in Len a urgent National poll organizations re Success. Germany s mounting Prosperity together employment and Good Wager were great assets. The East zone communists helped unintentionally by urging the members of the outlawed West German communist party to vote for the social democrats Nikita Khrushchev helped by coming to East Berlin and de livering a slashing attack on the Chancellor. But these Are some of the ingredients of the Adenauer Victory not the secret itself. The secret is i think that or Adenauer has. Introduced something new in Ger Man politics something substantially american. In the Christian democratic Union he has created a new Middle Road political party which though basically conserva Tive is limited to no single class and seeks to win a National consensus of voters As do Republican and democratic parties in the United states. The cd is International pro Western in foreign policy free Enterprise in economics and perhaps even More Liberal in welfare legis lation than modern republicanism. Adenauer has made steady inroads on the German labor vote. He got 55 per cent of the vote in the Industrial Ruhr last week. While most european political leaders seek to govern by a National coalition of parties Chancel Lor Adenauer created a single party which showed it could com Mand a National coalition of voters and that it seems to me is the largest secret of his Success. The Adenauer oppose today Adenauer can by no Means take the German voters for granted. A year ago his popularity was seriously on the Wane and it seemed Likely that he would be Defeated. Many germans wanted a change for its own Sake. They thought two terms were enough. They were concerned Over his age. Then Why was t the opposition vote greater i believe the main reason is that Erich Mollenhauer and the social democrats did not offer a set of alternative policies acceptable to the nation. Ollen Hauer made it impossible for the germans to change governments without weakening their ties with the United states and the West which they obviously were determined not to do. The Ollen Hauer Appeal was also mainly a left Wing class Appeal and it was t enough. What next after last week s election there remains Only two major parties. That in. Itself is Good. But the social democrats received Only 32 per cent of the vote and Many germans fee that the sep s continued weakness Means that the present healthy beginnings of a two party system in Germany could deteriorate into a one party system with All the dangers to democracy that could be involved. This is Why the social demo cratic party leaders arc engaged in some critical self examination. This is Why Many outside observers believe that the social democrats can become an effective opposition to Adenauer Capa ble of gaining office in the future Only if they too greatly broaden the base of their class minded policies and Appeal to a National consensus of voters. This is Why the Neue Ruhr a leading Independent pro socialist newspaper this week appealed to the social democrats to put outdated marxist theories behind it forever to abandon doctrinaire socialism and to offer Germany a moderate left of Cen. Ter alternative to the massively successful cd. It looks to me As though the German voters want a bipartisan pro Western foreign and that until the social democrats offer it they face a hard Road trying to unseat the Adenauer party. Ported that its sampling in the South indicated that 35 per cent of South Erners believed that integration certainly would come some they did not attempt to say. That was in february of 1056. The same organization made another poll in the same areas a week or so ago and found that Only 43 per cent of southerners believed that integration Ever will Tome in the South. Both percentages could be questioned As probably far 1oo High yet the decrease of 12 per cent carries significance. While those concerned May not realize it there is great likelihood that the unfair often untruthful and generally upon the South and its segregation from generally misinformed people May have done More to stiffen Southern resistance to integration than any thing done by them selves. Russians aim to make Syria Model state Bailor s note Drew Pearson is travelling through the near East reporting on the explosive situation there Damascus by Cable the russian goal in Syria unquestionably is to develop that country economically and socially As a Model to the Arab world. There is no sign of Syria s adopting communism As a political doctrine. Moscow is too smart to. Try this. The Kremlin knows communism is anathema to the moslem but it also knows these areas have lain fallow for centuries under turkish Rule and Are now Ripe for cultivation. A c c o r d i n g by the Kremlin has stolen the United slates Marshall plan Point 4 strategy and combined both with More Money than Uncle Sam Ever thought of spending. Whereas the United states offered Syria sixty million dollars through the world Bank at 5 per cent interest Moscow offered Syria Between 350 and 400 million at 2 per cent. Whereas the United states offered Syria five million dollars Worth of arms. Russia offered around 150 million. True our arms offer was an outright gift while the russian arms Are being paid for on a Long term basis but the russian offer of a vast Arsenal was gobbled up immediately. American farm policy plus american lackadaisical diplomacy also contributed to the russian Victory in thai 1 . Diplomats failed to cultivate sufficiently the Young syrian army officers who were rebelling against the coun try s old Feudal Rule and 2 anti communist Ezra Benson unwittingly played into communist hands by stealing Syria s wheat Market. Syria had Long exported wheat to Southern Europe especially it Aly but Benson frantically cast ing around for ways to ease his bulging bins negotiated a Isable wheat Deal at a cheap dries with Italy. This not Only usurped the syrian Market but lowered the Price of Absal. At this juncture communist Garia came along with an offer to buy syrian wheat at five dollars per ton above the world Price in Exchange for various Iron curtain commodities. Syria now is getting czech arms hungarian telephones made in the . Plant Hungary seized from the United states plus other equipment. It was partly through this bar Ter Deal that Iron curtain experts got into Syria on the most comprehensive development program seen in the near East. It puts into effect for Syria what Harry Truman started planning for the entire near East namely irrigation roads Public works to give the near East the same population it has under the roman and greek empires instead of the substandard ill nourished it has today. Here s How the Truman plan has been usurped by Iron curtain leadership the new syrian port of Latakia being built by the yugoslavs at a Cost of about four teen million dollars was once a prosperous City during the time of the crusaders. Latakia s har Bor improvements being constructed by the yugoslavs who got the contract As Low bidders have two danish engineers in actual charge. The swamps behind Are being drained by bulgarians at a Cost of seven million dollars. Another ten million is to be spent on roads to the Harbor. The net effect of this tremendous Harbor development will be to squeeze out Syria s neighbor Lebanon whose famed seaport Beirut has prospered since the Days of the roman Empire. Lebanon a Good Friend of the United states and the most reasonable Arab state toward is Rael is already suffering from Border clashes and deteriorating relations with Syria. Syrian development provides for a fifty million Dollar Railroad linking Latakia with the Hinter land plus about thirty million for irrigation and Power projects plus six new airports to be constructed before 1960 under bulgarian supervision. All this is taking place in a country with which the United slates enjoyed excellent past re lations and which until recently had been following american leadership. The Steps by which we Billy Graham my answer question the Only Church in our Community is one that has Many restrictions Billy i think regarding dress Etc. We want our children in Church and Jet we Don t want them to think we agree with All what should we do answer if your children Are old enough to be affected by such restrictions they arc Likely o 1 d enough to understand your explanation. You must be very sure that you. Are not just being stubborn and different when you explain to them but if you have the scrip Tures As your basis you can then show them that your first desire is to please the lord. You can also use it As an Opportunity to show them How we christians often must refrain from the use of certain Liberty because it offends weaker christians and May even impair our usefulness. The Bible says if eat ing meat makes my brother be offended i will eat no meat while the world this is the Christian attitude. By taking such an attitude you will demonstrate a higher degree of spiritual life and Victory than those who seek to impose certain regulations. One other thing could i have a Man has reached Middle age when he would dance every dance if his feet did t Hurt. The modern heating Engineer must know How to make a Plant blow both hot and cold. Riesel lost that leadership Are 1. As Early As 1954 Russia picked Syria As a key nation to woo in the near East. The Russi ans knew the syrians isolated by mountains were proud ambitious suspicious As Well As located As tride two american and British pipelines and old caravan routes holding the geographic key to the near East. 2. Arab hatred for Israel ricocheted against the United states because of . Friendship for is Rael. 3. Social ferment began in Syria with unrest among the peasant classes against the landlords and the opposition of Young army officers against the old army clique trained under French officers like Gen. Acid Bizri now chief of staff and general Serra Gestapo chief in Syria. The Young officers chafed at the easygoing attitude of their superiors. While american observers failed to keep step with the new or. Der their friends were with the old order. It s the new order to Day however which is ruling Syria. Corey paragraphs of for the quiet old Days when Orson Welles could scare a nation by a radio play of an invasion from Mars. If you can fool the voters most of the time you Are a successful politician. A civilized country is one where they develop drugs to combat nervous tension. A Little boy never lingers Over dessert. Juvenile crime has increased substantially. It s time that youth must be swerved. English lesson by w. A Gordon words often misused distinguish Between deprecate to express disapproval of and depreciate to lower the value his colleagues deprecated h i s his stocks soon Depre often mispronounced in route. Pronounce Ahn Root accent second word. Often misspelled Ingeni Ous Clever ingenuous synonyms unkempt dishes eled untidy tousled ruffled. Word study use a word three times and it is yours " let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word abnormal not according to Rule unnatural. He had an abnormal thirst for knowl criminal division again gunning for Hoffa on the cluttered desks of the criminal division of the u. A dept. Of Justice there seems to be piling up evidence that Jimmie Hoffa s mind was not As uncluttered As he have had his to audience believe. The word is that the criminal division once More is preparing to try to put the elusive teamster Leader in prison this time on charges of having perjured him self before the Mcclellan commit tee. Part of the evidence that Jim me Iloffe s meandering memory improved rapidly after he left the Senate hearing room can to found in the Al Cio s 64-Page indict ment of the teamsters brother Hood. This report reveals that weeks after Hoff left the Sondlo hoi walked Inlo the Eli Cal practices committee s court o inquiry in labor s own head quarters and Lal Kerl will tile ease of k Street Corner Pitchman about the incidents he could t remember when queried by senator John Mcclellan and Senate Counselor Bob Kennedy. Apparently Hoffa did not do As Well among his Peers As he did at his Harvard lecture or the state dinner tendered him in the past by those who Rought his largesse. The ban Lam with the Nickle muscle was thus described in the 64-Page report the Al Cio chiefs wrote there was. Evidence hat Hoff and associated with sup ported sponsored or hired various toughs and hoodlums. Indeed the list of Many of Hoffa s pro to Sci and friends reads like rogues gallery. The arrest rec of Ilisco people cover every thing from Highway robbery to not since the firn Lues jump was glued to x Union Book has an official labor group spoken this strongly of an All powerful labor chief. After listening carefully to Hoffa s explanations of the Inci dents he could t recollect on the Senate witness stand they wrote if vice president Loffa believes his statement we again can attribute it Only to his insensitivity to the most elementary Princi Ples of Trade Union their words were etched in acid because their resentment Cut deep when they were boldly asked to accept the Loffa Cartel As Noah ing More inn a charitable a Denvor for the workers of Jim Hoffa s world. They were appalled though they had before them Dave Beck s record. At least Beck had tried to cover up. He was crude hut he. Irked Afler he Learned Hinl the Treasury Acenes were poking into his Pontil like Pockels. The. Wan in 1954. Buck n Union books disclosed hint somebody had borrowed Beck having almost forty times that amount simply had his Handyman write the figures 25 in front of the other Bro Light the Loans receivable on the Union books lip to he tried. Loffa did t though it May Well be shown dial he did use a couple of Hundred thousand dollars Worth of Union dues for his own indulgences in our Lais Uscz Zaire glittering world of profits about which he screamed so much when Nugo Haling with the other Iii to had much Confidence As lie had other men s Cash. After nil he and Defeated Many other probes. As 1946, Hoff and laughed at n one Man grand jury probe of his not Lvi Lles to Detroit. To sneered the Kofnover comm Alec which Hod a Good look him yours. He just waved Lough com rafts hurled at him by the Wint Smith Clare Hoffman congressional probe in 1953. And when the me Clellan committee moved into Tho High wind he told the boys around him Don t worry we can handle this one. Did t we get All Tho others called All this time Hoffa continued heavily in business. One venture particularly nettled those who whole the c4-Pnge report. You la soon hear More about it Tho great Sun Valley land scheme in Florida. Nothing was More disdain fully swashbuckling. First Hoffa borrowed from n real estate promoter. Then he went in a Bank and guaranteed through his Power us n teamster Lender r Noto of for i he promoter. This Man then Sivc Hoff in of lion to Mure in the profits of Florida Sun subdivision

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