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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 23, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather warm and humid with in erasing cloudiness and scattered Iii afternoon. High 90 Low 68. Details Page Reader s tip Are old bibles valuable read the family Friend the column which gives helpful advice daily. Page 9. Vol. 184 Florence s. ,c., monday morning september 23, 1957 daily 5c sunday Loe 50 state police assigned to school at Little Rock mayor requests help of police by Jack Bell sea Island ga., sept. 22 up gov. Orval Faubus tonight that he has approved the assignment of 50 state policemen to guard Little Rock s Central High school tomorrow. Faubus attending the Southern governor s conference told a re Porter he had acted on the request of mayor Woodrow Wilson Mann of Little Rock the chairman of the Board of education there and special guard when negro pupils May present themselves to attend the All White school. The Arkansas governor said he was informed by i. Gov. Nathan Gordon acting governor in Fau bus absence from the state that the three officials originally had requested that he assign 150 National guardsmen to the school area. Faubus withdrew guardsmen Horn the school Friday in comply with a Federal court order after the soldiers had denied negro pupils admittance to the school. Faubus who had said earlier n was always possible he might Call out the guard again said he had approved Gordon s assign ment of 50 state policemen provided Gordon obtained a written request from Mann the school and police officials for stationing the policemen there. Faubus said he had been in for 150 guardsmen had been can celled after news of their request Rock. Subsequently he Laid the three officials for state polic Eaid to preserve the peace and he agreed in a Telephone conversation with Gordon that 50 uni formed state patrolmen should be assigned on receipt of the written request of the local officials. Previously Faubus had made the Point in a news conference that while state police were prepared to attempt to preserve the peace they could not be brought into action until local authorities re Quested it. Mann had been critical of Faubus action in calling put the National guard to sur baritone s meditations by Alley us s pulse Al step Oman s Cousma h6krv a it Tauk. So much bout his Sef us Mevert did 6it t t6li, in How come me Cohan .1. Round Central High school. He said it is always possible he will Call out the guardsmen added i Hope such an eventuality does not Faubus told reporters he Hopes there will be a Cooling off period in Little Rock before any at tempt is made by the negroes to enter classes. I have some apprehensions about any attempt to integrate he told a subsequent news conference. Of what Are you apprehend a reporter asked. I am apprehensive of disorder and the governor re plied. I Hope calmness and tolerance will Faubus said that the responsibility for keeping the peace now rests first with the local authorities and the school he said the slate police will be readily assist but can Only come into the picture if they Are requested to do so by local authorities. In a broader explanation than he has Given previously of actions that had National repercussions Faubus charged that its had planned 30 Days in and Vance to make a National show Case of integration in Little Rock. A pattern he said that National news me Dia were alerted a month in and Vance that the integration in the Arkansas capital would pattern that might be followed throughout the South. Plans were made 30 Days in Advance to make an example of he said. These plans were developed he added by the National Assn. For the Advance ment of coloured people and other persons favouring integration. When these plans became known Faubus said segregationists became determined not to let Little Rock be set up As an example. Because of this he mid he had Good reason to believe that violence would develop and that is Why he called out the guard. If that action had any National implications it was not he said. Faubus who conferred with president Eisenhower earlier this month said it was a Little difficult to say whether any credit accrued to Eisenhower for withdrawal of the guardsmen. I have no criticism to offer of the president s action in the mat he said. He said however the is is ration s Palace guard which he described As politically in must Bear More responsibility for aggravating the Situa Tion than the Faubus named Gen. High Patterson publisher of the Arkansas and Harry Ashmore executive editor of the paper As among those he said he Felt were trying to crucify him. Troopers ordered to preserve peace Little Rock ark., sept. 22 up fifty state policemen will be mobilized for duty around strife torn Central High school tomorrow morning at the request of mayor Woodrow Mann a state police official said to night. I. Mack Thompson said that the slate troopers have no specific orders at this time except to pre serve peace and Mann plans to have about 35 City policemen at the school in the morning. He has said the police will not prevent negro students from entering the building. The definite word from state police that assistance would be Given to City police climaxed a night of conflicting reports talks to newsmen assistant police chief Gene Smith the Man most Likely to be in charge of the police Force at Little Rock Central High school today pauses to talk with newsmen outside the office of mayor Woodrow Wilson Mann. A photo tax i Sidel classified want ads 8 comics.9 deaths Fune rali.2. Or. Molner. 9 Heaters to 7 weather facts.2 ship feared victim f Purric Jijine Carrie London sept. 22 Iff u. S. Air planes searching the Stormy mid Atlan tic reported tonight they battered Germani bark paid or by as3tsurvivors. The four masted sailing ship carrying a Crew of about 90 and a cargo of Barley on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Hamburg was caught yesterday in Hurricane Carrie about 600 Miles West of the azores and radioed that she was sinking. The Lone Craft spotted by the american airmen carried the word West Ger Man City where the four masted ship was. Registered. The raft and the lifeboats were empty. Verssen and co., in Luebeck Ais and one raft but no sign of the Frieda out in Atlantic Miami fla., sept. 22 a the season s sixth tropical storm Daw led along on a Westerly course tonight More than 500 Miles East of Palm Beach fla., with indications of growing More blustery. The . Weather Bureau at Miami said at 11 ., est thai tropical storm Frieda is becom ing better winds Are generally 30 to 40 Miles per hour within 125 Miles of the Center with a few scattered squalls up to 50, to 60 Miles per the bureaus 11 advis Orff Sahaj. The storm is expected to increase in intensity during the next 1? acl workers set up drive for Florence United fund Florence United fund Campaign plans were stepped up Over the weekend in preparation for inc drive kick off tomorrow morning. For the first time a solicitation division of Atlantic coast line Railroad workers has been set up t. W. Moose fund executive Secretary announced. The group has been established by Charles Hose local chair of the order of Kart Road cond Clors a n d brakeman Moose said which will conduct its own solicitation Campaign of Aci employees the Cash Hie work of h Ici . Trim lenders. Announced Are Wallace n. I Krs. S. .1 k. To hymns Hoger Jordan w. Matthews s. S. Hughes w l Bell j. N. Murrell a s. Charles Rose Heads acl group. Head sr., h. M. Cottingham s. L. Cox w. E. Bate Reese Camp Bell and j. D. Stephenson. Realizing he civic Pride and interest of acl employees we believe Well be Able to collect at least Rose said. The kick off meeting the drive in the greater Florence area will b. Held Al the Garden Gate cafeteria at to Morrow Moose said with Coffee and donuts furnished by Ameri can bakeries and the cafeteria. We Hope All Campaign Soli Milors will be present for the Moose said and will begin their soliciting inv Diatel after it. A everyone made ill cult i Lyhl Tawny we could report rec Dir within he added. A been set for inc Campaign to run through oct. 21. Which has operated the Pamir As capt. Diebitsch had replaced a Grain Carrier and training Pamir s regular Captain her for the German shipping Eggers who had Staye and the government on leave. Which owned her said the s. Air Force headquarter carried 86 germans said Rescue planes based o sailors and maritime azores Are keeping up thei austrian Cadet and a despite difficult Weathe sea author capt. Fred although the battered old windjammer reported All her sails stripped away her auxiliary engines fitted in 151 might have teen Able to. Give the ship some planes of the u. S. Ai Rescue service and five Large ships Are criss crossing the area the portuguese air Force als sent out an amphibious plane. In supporting the Hope that the fair might have Ridden through the ship was believed about storm. Capt. Fritz Dominik o Miles West Southwest of Verssen co. Pointed out sever azores or at a Point 35.37 factors. Latitude 40.20 West flares in that area were reported seer last night by the american freighter the president up and the liberian freighter trader. Early today the British Tanker san Silvestre radioed it came alongside an empty damaged life rights St. Cloud minn., Sej the. Coast guard quoted the was dropped today a Silvestre As reporting Young democratic Fai Tion shows the Bow sliced off negroes protested the sen by falling debris. Rudder lashed in position on Board. Dinner scheduled As a first Gest boat could have been affair honouring the late overboard considerably time Franklin d. Roosevelt fore the Pamir postponed and two commit the skipper. Capt. Johann members responsible for the Bitsch 61, was considered a to Church were sum source Ful ship master and ousted from their posts. Farmers along West new speaker was scheduled. Coast were holding tightly to had been attacked be Hope he might have brought of his cosponsorship of the Pamir trial amendment to the civil claims that threw the entire integration picture into utter con Ision. A negro publisher added to the uncertainty by saying that none of he nine negro students who were turned away by National guards men weeks ago would go to Cen trial tomorrow morning. Laler iwo of the three negro students who announced yesterday they would try to attend classes said they still were not sure of their plans. Written request Thompson said tonight i have a written request from mayor Mann to the direct her Man Lindsey asking for the assignment of 50 state policemen at Central High monday morning. At this time they have no specific orders. They will act As peace officers preserving peace and the lieutenant added those were All of the orders we Ever he disclosed for the first time hat even when National guard troops turned Hack the negroes recently the few state police Sta toned near the school had instructions to Lei the negroes pass then Posti. It. Gov. Nathan said a1 nearby Morrilton that mayor Mann supt. Virgi Blossom had asked earlier tonight that 150 National guardsmen be put on a standby basis. Mann and Blossom denied this Gordon said that Mann and Blos som changed their minds after he had put the guard on a standby basis. We have not requested the Mann said. He decline further comment then referred newsmen to another statement he issued today which said in part a Strong police detail will be on hand at Little Rock Central High school tomorrow to Deal with any Effort by mob leaders to breach the peace of this Community. Arrangements have Beer made for additional assistance in hat becomes l service station sues trading stamp company a suit charging monopoly and breach of contract was filed Over the weekend against inc Green stamp co. By a five Points service station. The suit asks in special actual and punitive damages and was filed by attorneys for Alton and . Proprietors of Gibson Crown Sor vice Tesiler at five Points. The suit charges that j. D. Car swell jr., a representative for Sperry and Hutchinson stamp co., contracted to Supply Oreen Stamps to Gibson s while already contracted to nearby service station who had a for a Thise Lor the five Points area. Subsequently the suit charges Carswell withdrew the rights of the contract from Gibson s after learning that the other station had the franchise thereby causing ill will and loss of the suit also states that has a virtual monopoly in the trading stamp Field in the City of Florence and that All other trading stamp companies combined Supply Only an insignificant portion of the a claim Gaso stations with trading Stamps thereby causing special damages the scope and extent of the trailing stamp scheme has grown to such an the suit further that a retail establishment unable to secure trading Stamps from the defendant is compete . Unnlik1 to find it in cd with serious loss of income loss of profits and rights legislation in the last ses Sion of Congress. The dissidents had threatened to picket the Din Ner if Church a d been retained As speaker. In Boise Idaho Church said the news comes As no Surprise. The crisis in Arkansas has stretched racial emotions to a breaking Point and tempers Are troubled throughout the country. I am dedicated to the cause of civil rights and i believe when times Are More reasonable that the jury trial amendment will come to be regarded As having served the Best interests of civil rights Loi so the people coloured and White Church said he had Riol been in formed of his having been dropped and declined to comment at first but later changed his mind. He has said the jury trial amendment May have prevented the civil rights Bill from being filibustered to death by Southern opponents. Ousted by chairman George Robinson at a meeting of the Young Dpi executive committee were James Golf son of former state Public Koa minor Sydney w. Goff. And Paul Thatcher son of w. Thatcher general manager of the Farmers Union Grain Ter Minal Assn. And agr cultural ail visor to former presidents Lionso Volt and Truman. The protesting negro group. Included Cecil Newman publisher of the Minneapolis spokesman. Newman said the protest also had the support of 25 while members of inc Mink Dpi. Burned while playing John told police he was attacked and burned by a gang of yesterday in an Albany n. Y., Park. The boy said rhe older youths poured a liquid Over his head and set fire to it because he refused to leave the Park. A photo fax attack boy 11, burned badly about face Albany n. Y., sept. 22 Fol an 11-year-old bos was burned seriously about the face today in what he told police was an attack by a gang of negro youths who tried to Chase him from a Park in front of the state Capitol. Police said however that there was possibility some of the Story might not he True. The boy John Somma suffer second and third Degre Burns and Shock. Albany Hospital said his eyesight might be impaired. It. William Van Amburgh of the City police told newsmen tonight that police considered it Strang they could find no witnesses t the alleged Daylight attack sine the area normally is heavily cled. Van Amburgh said also polic had been unable to establish any motive for the attack. He said the Hoy would be questioned further. The boy s Mother. Mrs. Michae Somma said that her son a Home screaming at noon. She sail he told her that the older youth had knocked him to the. Ground and held him there while on poured a liquid on his head and another touched a match to it then they ran away. She said John told her that the negro youths had ordered him from the Small Park in front of he Capitol building in downtown Albany but he had refused to eave. Mrs. Somma Mother of seven said her children had complained previously that older boys had i r i v e n neighbourhood children rom the Park. Police said four or five negro toys believed Between 14 and 15 years old were involved in the at ack. A search for them was launched. At Harriman n.y., where he is attending a conference on govern mental problems. Gov. Averell Harriman said the incident was shocking and he said through an aide that it Vas another manifestation of widespread problem of juvenile attempting to solve the problem on an Over All level. Juvenile delinquency is among Bounty fairs Segin this week rough tout state by the assorted 1 items the fair season has a i South Carolina again. The first fairs of the season Hose in Greenville in Aidon and Pickens open this week he Clarendon fair will he at Man Ning. Union and Lee county Vith the Lee fair Al ire set for inc week of sept. 30. The following week fairs arc la cd to begin in Greenwood or Nieburg and York counties. The i Ork fair will he at Rock Hill. Six Connly fairs Are Sel for the Veek of oct. 14. Preceding hip ii stale fair Al Columbia. These Hlll to for Anderson Newberry Slimmer. Colleton and Kershaw counties. The Coll on of nor will be Al Wallerborn and the scr Shiw fair Al Cadi my the subjects being discussed at the governor said the incident is a police matter and thai he Hai asked for a report. The liquid thrown on the boy was not determined immediately. The Hospital said it might have been gasoline. Police said Young Somma told them that there was another White boy nearby but that he did not know whether or not that youth was with the negroes. Elderly Man Dies in wreck of Ben Neffsville special o the news Bennettsville sept. 22 r. Cosby Newton 81, was killed a an automobile Accident near Here this morning when the car he was Riding in collided with a northbound fruit truck on the it 15 by pass near the City limits. Were mrs. Newton and w. Dudley who Are being related at the Bannelli Villa hos Pital. Mrs. The fourth lec Pant in the. Car. Was not in ured. The two couples were on heir Way id Murrels Inlet a Pend Tho. With or. Newton i ister. Mrs. W. D. Johnson. According to investigating of. Ices the Accident occurred about 30 . The Driver of the truck Bob Terry of Orlando fla., wag reported uninjured. Or. Newton the son of Smith and Annie Duncan Newton was of Bennettsville. He was graduated from Wofford Collee in 897, and was one of the school s Idest alumni. He was engaged in farming and Eal estate most of his life Hough for a while he school and was in the insurance business. He was a men her of he first methodist Church for Merly serving on the Board of towards and As supervisor of the Tinsy school. He is survived by his widow and our Sisters. Misses mid Imma Newton of Bunnells Ville irs. Johnson of Murrells Inlet and mrs. Tom Stokes of Darling on. Funeral plans Are incomplete. Area deaths John Plum mar Darlington. Cam Hon Ramon. Dillon. Mrs. Cd pc w. Mcgroff. Comr Lolly Howard in null Lake City. Del los Page i of drive starts tomorrow will you help

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