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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 22, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaJohn m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Roger editor crowned head William s. White tuesday morning september 22, 1970 defusing social tensions one of the supposed social benefits of sports contests is that they serve As a vent for the natural aggressions pent up in Man. On the playing Field he can play out his aggressions in constructive and socially acceptable ways and society is spared some of the aggressive violence that might otherwise occur. The theory holds that spectators in the stands sharing vicariously in the on the Field also work off aggressive tendencies. In at least three Southern communities Competition on the playing Field during the weekend seems to have produced the opposite effect. In Griffin ga., a fight broke out Friday night in the closing minutes of a High school football game and spilled Over into the City s downtown Golden silence the Price of quietness Well relative quietness figures out to an hour at Maramec Community College in St. Louis. At least that s the Price some faculty members fed up with ear splitting renditions from the school s Busy cafeteria Jukebox paid the other Day. By inserting a Quarter into the machine and punching a couple of buttons they purchased 10 minutes of Jukebox silence. In a less permissive time the faculty probably would have taken a More direct route to securing Relief booting the Jukebox for instance. It All goes to prove we suppose that silence is Golden even f o r purveyors of commercial noise. Section. A 16-year-old negro boy was shot to death. Another 16-year-old negro was shot to death in Portsmouth va., by a policeman in a shooting fray after a High school football game saturday in which nine other persons including a policeman were shot. In Thibodaux la., a state of civil emergency was declared and a curfew imposed after an argument at a High school football game touched off a series of disturbances which involved More than 100 persons and injured nine. Occasional fisticuffs on the sidelines and Post game rowdiness of course Are nothing new. There have always been a few who were either unable or unwilling to leave the action to the players on the Field. The weekend incidents however appear to be More the surfacing of underlying social tensions than of excessive football Fervour. The racial overtones of the incidents make them particularly disturbing. For the first time this year in Many parts of the South teams of once Black schools Are being matched against teams of once White schools. Happily sportsmanship and Good manners have prevailed in the overwhelming majority o f letters to the editor who Speaks for Farmers to the editor so much has been said and com printed about different oppress unites where this has occurred in de groups in our country and eluding pee Dee communities. State. But i be never seen it s a mod Sien anything printed in behalf of one u s a Good sign. Oppressed group the Farmers of the transition to a unitary school Dee i think system and its attendant disruptions they i 1.1 i. J i u 1 Many people i doubt know of established patterns obviously that must s tart a generated tensions. The Challenge is the cold Winter months of to defuse the tensions and most com december and january to get unities seem to be doing that successfully. The facts on up and Down travel the statisticians with the National transportation safety Board have declared the elevator the safest Means of transportation. Nosb re ports that the Accident rate is one per 97 million elevator passengers and the fatality rate is Only one for every four billion passengers. Impressive you bet. Shaft bound elevators May not travel very far but they have come a Long Way since the first freight hoist was powered by a Man pulling a hemp rope by hand. If the rope broke the cargo and Man plunged to almost certain injury and often death. Today s automated fail Safe elevators Are pretty much taken for granted by the millions of people who step into them every Day for a Swift vertical trip in tall buildings. A fellow named Elisha g. Otis in vented the first safety device in 1853 using a steel Wagon Spring mechanical linkages and movable bolts at the sides of the hoists. If the rope broke the Spring expanded shooting the bolts out to lock into no Dies along the Shaft s sides and preventing the hoist from falling. In 1857, elevators began to be used to move people As Well As cargo in his tobacco plants ready for transplanting in late March and april. He has to work in All kinds of weather the coldest and the hottest As Well As Rainy and Stormy. Then when the crop is harvested and ready for Market he has to literally beg for space to put it in a warehouse. There it will stay a week or ten Days on a Concrete floor before Selling and if it Choice housing for the Well to do in holds or rots who takes the Stead of storage areas and housing for lost the poor tired Farmer. The poor who in earlier times were this year because of weather willing to clip he the Steps because of the cheaper rents. Itiat ing a sociological change. The upper floors of apartment buildings prize for their View have become the business of Florence county citizens which was their duty and obligation already. Have they even raised their voices in protest of the present marketing conditions have we heard anything from our congressman from the sixth District no we have not heard a word from any of them. If they have spoken out it has not been published in local newspapers. In president Truman s administration a Farmer could buy a tractor with All equipment for ?1400 and Cotton sold for 42 cents per in. Now the same tractor and equipment Cost s3900. Likewise there has been no great increase in the Price paid for tobacco. But the Cost of production fertilizer chemicals act. And Cost of la Bir has tripled. Also the charges at warehouses have increased. It Cost me a total of to sell ibs. Of tobacco. This was in space of about 5 Square feet. We Farmers Are actually paying All expenses for marketing our crop while All the others receive the profits. How can the Farmer support his family with the con Stant Rise in prices of food clothes medical care etc., and the Ever increase in higher taxes on every level local county state and Federal Well one thing for sure agriculture is still the Backbone of this pee Dee area and when it s bankrupt one can easily surmise what will happen to All businesses. Hubert d. Anderson Coward grateful for column without the elevator the tall buildings towering into the Skyline of most cities wow not be possible. Elevators Are also used for vertical trips in ships mines Bridge towers dams observation plat Ibrus and missile launch pads. As some wag has said the scenery May be monotonous and the Choice of routes limited but you do meet the most interesting people when you travel by elevator. And you can t beat it for safety. A switch speaking of oppressed Peoples. Consider for a moment the Fate that has befallen that generation of americans that is now Fortish or so. They grew up being told to listen to their elders and respect them. Now they re being told to listen to youth and follow their views. The was fault that nature did not cooperate and the crop was later than usual and can we sell it no. In every City that markets tobacco there Are lines and lines of trucks and trailers loaded with tobacco. I talked with one Farmer in Mullins on sept. 10 parked near the warehouse and he told me he had been there since Friday sept. 11. He was a native of Mullins. While the Farmer works in All kinds of weather planting cultivating and harvesting his crop an agricultural committee composed of legislators Fly All Over the United states and Europe and Asia staying in air conditioned motels All of this paid for by the taxpayers. Why can t they do something Here at Home to straighten out these tobacco auction even now there is talk that the markets May close while much of the crop is still unsold. How will the Farmer pay his Bills our Florence county Council recommended that our legislators get an additional above their salaries and expenses in order to attend to to the editor my sister Ivy Fogarty Hill and i wish to thank you for the column which appeared in the sept. 17 edition of the Florence morning news under the caption poignant loss at St. Anthony you wrote this article beautifully and with much feeling. We Are most grateful to you for this. When St. Anthony s Church went up in flames something of my sister and me went along with it. St. Anthony s has meaning for us special since four generations of our family have ties with the Church dating from the building of the first wooden building and through the building of the present Church severely damaged by last week s fire. Since this is South Carolina s tricentennial year i thought it might be timely to give the following historical sketch of the Catholic Church in Florence. Our maternal great grandparents John Joseph and Amanda Solister m o i s s o n refused to Florence from Charleston during the civil War arriving in Florence in the Early part of 1863. They bought pro Perty and built a Home on the present location of the medical Center parking lot on West Cleves Street. The first mass was celebrated in their Home. Through the efforts of our grandparents Confederate army capt. Benjamin Gary Butler and Corinne Moisson Butler the first wooden Church was built on the site of the present Church sometime prior to 1881. Capt. Butler s body was hurried in the cemetery behind the first wooden Church. Our maternal grandmother mrs. Butler along with our parents Josetti John and Kene Amanda Butler Fogarty and my sister and i saw the present Church constructed. My sister and i also saw it heavily damaged by flames so we feel a though a member of our family has been destroyed. Our family has a further tie in that the property for the Church was deeded by the old Railroad to our Arthur Rene a site for the northeastern great Uncle Moisson As Church. Florence Anthony Fogarty current Campaign is 72 prologue Washington the current congressional Campaign i s developing into a sort of pro Logue and prototype for the big one of 1972 that for the presidency to a degree never before seen in memory. They talk the republicans and democrats about this com ing november but what they say is More really directed toward a november two years in the distance. The real issues oddly enough considering that a War still goes on in Vietnam and that the Middle East is a very great danger to peace Are coming Down to the strictly Home grown variety. The democrats Are most of All hitting the bread and butter issues of inflation and the current Small but real degree of unemployment. That they Are on pretty sound ground Here is clearly suggested by a recent Gallup poll that found a majority of the voters believing that the democrats Are the party More Likely to keep the country the republicans Are somewhat plaintively pointing out again quite soundly that inflation was not really the in v e n t i o n of the Nixon administration but had got a pretty Good grip in the Johnson administration. While the democrats thus Are appealing to the pocketbook instinct and with undeniable successes the republicans Are appealing to the country s Long Patent weariness with disorder on or off Campus and to something even More deep seated. This is the anger of so c a 11 e d silent not too silent any More at the obscene challenges to rational discussion that for years have torn at the nerve ends of the people and Are becoming in tolerable. Thus when Nice president Spiro Agnew the Field Captain of the Republican struggle this year is greeted with timeless Mouth legs of a punishable four letter words by a minority in any group anywhere this is water on the gop wheel certainly for this year and pro Bably for 1972. And when again in a Campaign crowd the president is called a racist among other things this is going too far by what used to be called a country mile. The con sequence is the same As in the Case of Agnew. The democrats whose Campaign chieftain is sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine Are of course fully aware of the negative effect from their viewpoint of a dissent that simply involves the flinging of verbal Bordure. They Are trying to disassociate themselves from it and it is Only fair to say that As a party they have never condoned it though some individual democratic senators have until lately been remark ably untroubled by anything that might be done by the conversely the republicans Are no less keenly aware that the economic thing is working against them and they Are doing what they can to limit the damage. But just As the democrats collectively Are to some extent stuck with the permissiveness so Long shown by most of their 1972 presidential contenders the republicans collectively Are not Likely to get entirely off an even More complicated Hook. Their dilemma is this they simply must end or at least sharply Check inflation lest the stereotyped ogre called a housewives rebellion1 becomes the real thing. At the same time it is quite impossible for them to do much about inflation without the very same austere measures that con tribute to unemployment in the first place. So oversimplifying a bit the democrats Are relying on a strategy for now and for 1972, of what used to be called Runn ing against Herbert Hoover and the depression of the 30s. And the republicans again oversimplifying a bit. Are gambling that the ugly shambles so Long made by extreme dissidents of free discourse will being them Home free in 1972 if not this year. Ultimately then to be unpleasantly Blunt about it the emotion being exploited by the democrats is that of fear by the republicans that of Long suppressed anger. This is not a pretty state of affairs but then neither has been the american society a pretty society for a Long time now. Or. Chairman honoured guests ladies and gentlemen i be just found a English lessons by i. L. Gordon words often misused be sure to say i agree with and. I agree to your often mis pronounced a Aluminate. Pronounce Kalum in Ait accent second syllable and not often misspelled hysterical historical Billy Graham says i am submitting a question which you May not want to answer. Do you write your answer column i Don t believe you can answer All the questions asked you so Why Call it my when someone else must do this for you. G. M. I m glad you asked this for probably Many other people have asked the same question. One of my associates helps me with the answer column. He reads the letters that come Agnew encourages illegal conduct in trying to Aid Blair by Jack Anderson Washington vice presi Dent Spiro Agnew who condemns disrespect for Law in almost All his speeches has shown his own disrespect for the Laws governing regulatory agencies. In his eagerness to install his former administrative assistant Stan Blair As governor of Maryland Agnew at least has encouraged illegal conduct. He asked Federal maritime chairman Helen Bentley to put the Arm on shipping executives for contributions to Blair s Campaign. It happens to be against the Law for her to solicit favors from the Industry she regulates. Yet in an interview with my associate Brit Hume As this column reported last weekend mrs. Bentley admitted checking the shipping rosters for the names of possible contributors and asking some of them for political donations All at the vice president s Behest. She also flew to a Blair fund raising meeting in the new York office of shipping magnate Spyros Skouras. Here Are our latest findings mrs. Bentley invited Shipp ing executives to meet with the vice president last thursday at new York City s metropolitan club. Agnew also got on the phone himself to urge some executives to attend. Among Siose who received a personal Call from the vice president was John Lambros one of the executives of Bethlehem steel s Baltimore shipyard. Bethlehem steel of course does a Multi million Dollar business in defense contracts. When Agnew heard we were checking into the shipping solicitations he abruptly called off the metropolitan club meeting. He showed up in new York City on thursday to talk to other gop fat cats but he carefully avoided the shipping executives. Vice president authorized his pal .1. Walter Jones to solicit contributions in his name for the Blair Campaign. Campaign workers hired by Jones identified themselves with the vice president s office in Calls to prospective contributors around the country. Jones also mailed letters to a Blue Chip list soliciting contributions in the vice president s name. Agnew not Only approved the use of his name but is personally directing the Blair Campaign from behind the scenes. He is still smarting Over his failure to deliver his Home state in the 1968 presidential election. Therefore say insiders he is fiercely determined to restore Republican Rule in Maryland. President Nixon is perturbed Over democratic criticism of his frequent vacations in California and Florida. He recalled ruefully to a recent visitor that he had encouraged the Lale president Kennedy to relax from the a come burdens of the presidency and had promised to intervene with any republicans who criticized him. The truth is that the president usually puts in an arduous Day even at his vacation Homes in san Clemente and key Biscayne. He has carefully divided every 24-hour period into two work Days separated by a rest period. He crowds As much work in each segment As any other executive would expect to com plete in a full Day. In other words he literally accomplishes two Days work every Day and his staff handles each segment 5a ii it were h separate Oay. When he is in Washington the president Sticks rigorously to tills double duty work schedule. But at the seashore he tries to hold his schedule to one work Day and one rest Day every 24 hours. He enjoys the swimming pools at his vacation Homes and is a Little sorry Fiat he got rid of the White House swimming Pool. For relaxation at the White House he will bowl occasionally in the basement Bowling Alley. During each work Day of the president s two in one White House Day he handles a separate set of papers and gives his staff a separate set of instructions. He likes to have problems reduced to writing in option setting Forth every possible course he could take. However he is beginning to adopt sex president Johnson s old Telephone habits. When he wants an answer Nix on increasingly is inclined to pick up the phone and place a Call wherever Iii Bie worm uie answer can be found. Industry officials have told Paul m c c r a e k e a the president s chief economic adviser that Coal and Oil prices should be permitted to Rise sharply. Otherwise they warned that producers should not have enough incentive to prevent fuel shortages across the country this Winter. Mccracken Heads a n in Ter Agency task Force which is investigating the threat of fuel shortages. This threat has been aggravated by the Middle East crisis and the anti pollution Campaign. There s pressure upon building owners for example o Burn Low Fulfur fuel Oil. The main source is the Middle East where Arab israeli tensions have disrupted shipments. Utility companies have also held Back construction of fuel p 1 a i t s because of the clamor Over pollution. Meanwhile our natural reserves Are dropping Low. Gas producers Are petitioning the Federal Power commission for huge Price increases which they claim Are necessary to encourage them to explore for More reserves. A major strike or transportation tie up or severe Winter could leave a lot of Homes and buildings Short of heat during the cold months ahead. To our office that. I cannot read. And makes some suggestions about an answer to most of them. But every one of these columns come to my desk for editing. I carefully read the questions and formulate an answer in keeping with my own thoughts. Quiet often i use part or All the answer my colleague has written. But they All come across my desk and i personally edit them. We feel that the my answer ministry which appears in 150 newspapers across the nation and in several foreign publications reaches More people perhaps than any other Branch of our ministry. We respect too much people s feelings and emotions to run these questions through the Mill in a haphazard Way. We spend hours every week preparing the columns. We Are grateful for the thousands who seem to be helped by the column. Jln renor Florence morning news published Dolly and sunday my s. Irby us Florence . Member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation Sou town news Ponce publishers association. The associated press is entitled exclusively to tie use far publication of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning Iriwa Quail a in be nou died promptly of errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning news will not by responsible for Advance payment to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless Mode directly to the office of ills newspaper. Subscription rates to mail Independent distributors or Independent n6wspaperboys weekly to yet dlr Dolly and sunday m 7.m 31.50 circulation Telephone number w90774 circulation manager ten Mcgee second class paid at Florence

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