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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 22, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 265 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., tuesday morning september 22, 1970 daily Loc sunday cease fire ordered by Jordan Monarch evacuation of americans . Forces gird for Mideast move Washington a the discussion with the jordanian la Mph Marcha Lyrl Lour i in United states marshalled land sea and air forces monday for possible use in Jordan but officials insisted that evacuation of americans is the Only assign ment being considered now. And even that did t seem imminent. The Pentagon said infantry and paratroop units at Home and in Europe were placed on Alert and extra c130 transports were positioned overnight in eur i flee to Airlift these troops where Ever and whenever needed. Government about airports tha might be used if necessary. But he said there has been no recommendation from the . And practice exercise wednes Day and Friday. An spokesman at it. Bragg said the first Day of the exercise was held As planned monday More than soldiers embassy in Amman for Evacua-1 More than 10 planes and Heli Tion of americans. This appear Sorne medical units in Europe also were alerted and a third Navy aircraft Carrier the John f. Kennedy was in route to join the two carriers already in the Mediterranean. Pentagon officials said the Al erts were for specific units not for All services and do not involve moving any troops. There Are about 400 Ameri cans in Jordan mostly in am Man and 38 of the 54 hijacked embassy in Amman fore Acua Tion of americans. This apparently meant the United states has decided to Send two military Field hospitals to Jor Dan and is discussing arrange ments with the International red Cross for getting them into the War torn country. He said Jordan had appealed for the Field hospitals. Officials said they probably would be manned by american military doctors and Only people trained in their use know How to set them up. The Pentagon issued this statement we Are continuing to take a series of additional copters. The Days of the two joint remaining air Force tactical exercise were cancelled due to what the said were operational Priori ties of the units involved. In Europe there Are two battalions about men of paratroopers attached to the 8th division in West Germany. Also on Alert and available for c130 see . Forces Page 2a jordanian syrian tanks i Allyl a tanks Battle map locates Irbid Jordan where radio Amman Mon Day said forces Loyal to Jordan s King Hussein suffered heavy casualties and were outnumbered in Bat Les Between jordanian and syrian tank forces. Refuses to remove Sellers Case airline hostages still held by i precautionary actions to in palestinian guerrillas Are -.americans. A White House spokesman press Secretary Ronald l. Zie Gler keyed administration moves this Way we think we Are taking Pru Dent planning measures in the Mideast should there be a Situa Tion regarding the hostages and american personnel should their position become Unten Ziegler told reporters it goes without saying that we consid j or the situation there very Seri-1 Ous and very we Are continuing to watch it very closely and we will continue to do he said. Asked whether the United states holds open the possibility of military intervention in Jor Dan Ziegler would say Only i just have nothing further to give you on that at the state department press officer Robert j. Mccloskey said the United states has spoken publicly of possible intervention to bring american citizens out of Jordan and there has been some tentative crease the readiness of . L Navy. Marine and air Force units to support an evacuation f operation for americans in Jor Dan should that be necessary. These increased readiness a Lions involve units both Here and in Germany including some i medical and Hospital units and additional ships and transport elements of the 82nd were to have participated in two More Days of brass strike 7, an an Nual firepower demonstration judge Russell has rejected an at tempt to have the Cleveland Sellers or. Case removed to a Federal court. J Index ask Andy 7b two statewide Republican party candidates spoke at civic clubs Here monday. See Page 3a. Comics deaths 7b 2a syrians claim Victory Beirut Lebanon a King Hussein ordered his Royal jordanian to cease fire monday in Amman while pales Tinian guerrilla broadcasts claimed commando fighters and tanks from Syria had mauled royalist Armor in Irbid Jor Dan s second largest City. Amman the capital with half a million people was described in one dispatch As a City in Ter ror with cries and shouts of the wounded ringing across valleys and Hills. The dead were reported still lying in the streets from the first Days of fighting. Guerrilla broadcasts said Hussein s armoured brigade had withdrawn form Irbid and de played Lo-to-13 Miles outside. Western newsmen reaching the Border area reported a Mored columns and troops Roll ing into Northern Jordan from Syria. What if anything the United states intended to do about the involvement of forces from Syri an territory remained a ques Tion. Syria denies its own regu Lar forces Are involved but guerrilla unite Sta in Syria had joined up with the commandos in Northern Jordan. Medical supplies for embattled Jordan a British surgeon left and Mem Bers of a surgical team step out of the rear of a Royal air Force Hercules transport monday after arriving in Cyprus with medical supplies destined for Jordan. The medi Cal men and supplies were to travel to Jordan As soon As developments permit. Api Southeast of Newfoundland three descend into s Odd 1arket new York a a huge Orange balloon carrying two men and a girl on an attempted transatlantic crossing was Down in the Ocean monday night about Miles Southeast of Newfoundland the coast guard said. Editorials 4a markets 3b sports in women 6a weather partly Cloudy and Little change in temperatures through wednesday. Chance of showers during afternoons and evenings. High 90 Low 70. De tails Page 5-a. If a customer in t always right Many stores Are being careful about telling him he s wrong. See Page 7a. Governors take dim View of anti using statement United fund agencies. Pee Dee area big brother association the general objective of big brother work is to Deal with a Community s social problem by providing a one Man one boy relationship under i h e direction of a staff to those boys who need the personal guidance which a big brother can provide. Through your contribution last year 120 Florence boys were guided toward wholesome physical mental emotional and spiritual development. It also pro Vides for men t h e Opportunity to participate in the development of a happier new generation through Volunteer guidance which Heiss them in their own character growth and their development in Community Leader ship. This gear s greater Florence United fund goal in Biloxi miss. A Gover nors Al the Southern governors conference predicted failure monday for any Resolution aimed at condemning racially inspired Public school assign ments. Chief executives on both sides of the Issue said chances for passage would be slim. Moderate claimed that they had the votes in Block it and staunch busing foe Georgia gov. Lester Maddox predicted de feat saying he would not even be around to vote for it. Governors conference he said Are Loath to take a stand on controversial issues. If a Resolution were passed ii would t be Worth anything the Georgia Democrat said. No such Resolution was introduced by the close of business on monday although rules were changed shortly after sessions opened so that a two thirds vote of required for passage. Gov. John Bell Williams of Mississippi chairman of the rules committee had said the easing of the rules would be to help any anti using Resolution pass. Border slate Democrat gov. Warren e. Hearnes of Missouri forced another parliamentary step on busing opponents. Hearnes declared that his re solutions committee would con Sider no additional measures forcing busing foes either to at tempt the three fourths approval still needed for a Resolution from the floor or seek a two action Means an anti using measure would require a three fourths vote. Williams said the Issue could generate a Rhu Barb when the Issue comes up tuesday. Contrasts in approach to the school desegregation showed sharply in the Issue Public comments of Louisiana gov. John Mckeithen and inc reaction from some other Southern chief executives. Mckeithen predicted the business Loans great sociological Experiment of numerically balancing schoo attendance by race would col lapse of its own weight. He promised to expose both North and South to discrimination which he claimed his Region is receiving at the hands of the Nixon administration and courts. The Louisiana Democrat acknowledged that a Resolution would have no Force at All but it. Would express our prime rate Cut by major Banks new York a _ a Cut in i chemical Bank of new York thirds vote to direct the commit tee to reopen ils business conference chairman Fiovo. Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkan the prime interest rate to 7% per cent from 8 per cent spread among major Banks monday indicating that More Money will be available for business Loans. But economists said benefits will be slow in seeping Down to he consumer level. The prime rate is the interest charged by commercial Banks to heir biggest and m o s t creditworthy borrowers main y corporations. Morgan guaranty Trust co., fifth largest u. S. Bank look the Lead monday in reducing the rate. First Pennsylvania Bank and Trust co. Of Philadelphia had done so last week As had several smaller Banks. Among Hanks f o 1 1 o w i n Sas said he believes Hearnes Morgan guaranty were the the sixth largest first National Bank of Dallas first National Bank of Kansas City North Carolina National Bank and first National Bank of Denver. Bank of America of san Francisco the world s largest and Many other big Banks said they were studying the situation. A spokesman for the Federal Reserve Bank of new York said the prime rate Cut shows that Banks feel they can meet business loan requests he said the lower interest would add to the ability of business to sex he said the reduction was a result of the easier Money policy followed by the Federal Reserve since last january British authorities in Londi said Hussein had formal asked the big France and Force Syria to withdraw the in vaders from his kingdom. The said urgent consultations on the request were being held at the United nations Headquarters new York with the attitude the soviet Union being the Cru Cial Factor. A helicopter Carrier and a de Stroyer of the . 6th flee were sighted monday 90 mile off Israel. Units of the flee have been in the Eastern Mediterranean since shortly after palestinian guerrillas staged a series of air hijacks to Jordar earlier this month. . Army paratroopers an infantry units in the uniter state and Europe were placet on Alert by Washington. The Pentagon said this was a pre cautionary step in the event i became necessary to evacuate americans from Jordan. Hussein the 34-year-old has i emite ruler of Jordan said he was ordering the cease fire the capital beginning at a.m., Edt be Ause of his own conscience am historical responsibilities to enable the wounded to be treated and because of the grave Situa Ion in the country. Guerrilla resistance appeared of be lessening in Amman and a 24-hour curfew was listed Brief y. The government announced Over radio Amman that it will e lifted in Amman on tuesday rom Dawn until dusk. Hussein had called a cease ire throughout Jordan on Satur Day at the Behest of president Lamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt it the King said the guerrillas did t Stop shooting. Field marshal Habis maj Ali Ordan s military governor ailed a Brief cease fire on Fri a to allow guerrillas to sur Ender. The guerrillas said the my guns kept firing. The lifted its curfew briefly in Amman and women fastened out with shopping Bas ets in search of food. The City has been isolated since last thursday when the War began. A pooled dispatch of foreign Cor respondents trapped there said the had continued to Hunt snipers. Guerrilla resistance has weakened but the Comman Dos or fedayeen still at Large remain fierce the dispatch added. Gen. Davis will head air police Washington a a re tired air Force general turned big City police Boss was named monday to head the govern ment s Campaign against air pirates. In addition the Nixon admin stration announced it will in sure american air carriers against damage and loss result no from War risks such As the recent hijackings by palestinian commandos. Commercial in Urance was not being offered at a reasonable it said. It. Gen. Benjamin 0. Davis 7, new director of civil Avia Ion Security said it will be the Peter report Dean also came from Public relations Man for the flight who said in formation was relayed by aeronautical radio inc., commercial radio service. See photo Page 7a there was no immediate wort on the Fate of the Crew of the balloon the free it Lef Long Island sunday afternoon. Dean said his information was thai the balloon ran into a rain storm and a severe cold front hat the helium contracted from he cold and that the rain weighted Down the balloon. He added that it made a slow de scent into the sea. The Gondola is made of buoy it material. In a flight intended to take them to England t Crew hoped to Tance record for a Bai Mark by a German team. The first Day of the potential historic flight took the its up the coast past Boston n.s., and by 3 pm. The Crew were reporting to a Pilot of . Portuguese airways Flat they were Drifting at 4.000 feet about 360 Miles South of Gander Newfoundland. The balloon began its ascension from a Long Island pasture at . Sunday. were Rod Anderson 32, a new York commodities broker his Pamela Brown Anderson 8, a television actress and Malcolm Brighton 32, of fran am England an aeronautical Engineer. Capitol improvement plan delayed by City Florence City Council routine passed a Resolution monday to Elay the proposed Multi million months or even years before air Dollar capital improvements lira cies can be reduced to an in Edu Eible minimum. The former director of the Cleveland police and fire departments told newsmen he is a Tranger to the air hijacking held and essentially i Don t Lave much to say since i just but Davis the highest rank no Black in the armed services t his retirement in 1969, endorsed the move to put armed cards aboard airliners. The ski of airborne shootouts Are Rorth taking he said. Program. The offering improvements in the areas of fire Protection storm drainage Parks and recreation and water system expansion was bogged Down recently by the Lack of a sufficient number of freeholders to Call for a special referendum. Council evidently had decided its route on the Cip just prior to the open Council session. Members met behind closed doors moments before t h e meeting apparently to discuss the Resolution. It was passed on a motion by councilman Madison Rainwater and seconded by councilman w e s t o n Patterson. It was reported during a special meeting last week that names had been obtained on a petition calling for a referendum. This represents about half the amount needed. Law requires that Over 50 per cent of the freeholders must sign a petition in order to put the question of issuing general obligation Bonds to a vote. Opposition to any delay expressed during the meeting ast week. Or. Erie Heiden offered to assist in obtaining the see delay Page 2a soviet Moon Craft flies Home Moscow a Luna 16, Moscow s versatile Moon a line scooped up samples of e lunar surface loaded them Ward a rocket and then fired e missile and its precious car o toward Earth monday. J he rocket capsule is destined reach the Earth thursday. The unmanned Luna 16 s achievement gave soviet Scien a morale boost after they St last year the race to put a an on the Moon. The rocket s capsule presume in will land in Tho but one British he believed it soviet Union scientist said would splash Down in the Indian Ocean with soviet ships stand ing by to pick it up. Tass predicted a difficult re covery. As the Region of the touchdown territory is rather Large the search fort he Appa Ratus will represent a complicated the Agency said. Sir Bernard Lovell director of Britain s radio astronomy Observatory at Jodrell Bank said Luna 16 opens the possibility of automatic recovery of Martian samples during this Luna 16 was launched sept. 12 went into Moon orbit thursday Days landed in the sea of Fertility on sunday. It transmitted pictures to Earth while digging up Moon rocks at a depth of up to 350 Millie 14 Silvili. The machine duplicating much of the work performed by . Astronauts who first landed on the Moon july 20, 19 hermetically sealed the Moon samples in a Container for the voyage to Earth Tass stated. The rocket Blastoff apparently did not damage Luna Tass said the machine would continue to perform temperature and radiation experiments. It said the electric Drill that dug for Moon samples and the that gathered the rocks were automatically operated by Luna 16, with Only the Landing and rocket launch controlled from Earth. When the rocket enters Earth s atmosphere the capsule containing the rocks is to Spe Arate and Parachute to the round. Luna 16 accomplished what its predecessor Luna 15 failed to do 14 months ago. Luna 15 was an attempt to re turn space rocks to Earth but it apparently crashed into the Moon june 19, Day he fore . Astronaut Neil a. Arm put his foot into the Moon dust of the sea of Tranquility

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