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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 21, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaStamp tax interest rates Bills Clear s. C. Senate Columbia 50 per cent increase in documentary stamp taxes and a 2 per cent boost in the mortgage loan in Terest ceiling cleared the Senate with surprising ease thursday. The documentary tax passed on a 21-16 Roll Call vote. The interest raises the maximum that can be charged on first mortgage Home Loans of up to to 10 per was Given voice vote approval. Observers had not predicted that either measure would pass so readily. The documentary tax Bill was approved less than hour after the Senate convened and the interest measure about 30 minutes later. Both must go to the House where the tax increase is expected to have rough sailing. Little opposition is anticipated to the mortgage interest Bill. Two attempts to tic the inter est increase to the stamp tax were Defeated one by sen. Donald h. Holland a Kershaw and another by sen. John c. Lindsay. A Marlboro. Holland withdrew his proposal and Lindsay s was killed on a 20-15 Roll Call. Son. Paul a. Moored Spartanburg told fellow lawmakers i m being forced to vote for interest rates with the documentary stamp tax which i m violently opposed he made the parliamentary Man Euver which axed Lindsay s Bill. Holland s fell earlier after sen. Richard w. Riley author of the Compromise tax measure which had been adopted wednesday said i m opposed to tying the two together. 1 think they ought to stand or fall on their sen. Rembert Dennis d Berkeley a Leader in the fight for the documentary stamp taxes because he wants the Rev Enue for recreational land acquisition wanted the More pop ular interest Bill to carry the tax through. The reason is the strenuous opposition to the Riley amendment in the in South Carolina know what we re doing. They be always been considered As package. The matters Are even though opponents of the documentary tax won the skirmish they lost he War a few minutes later. Supporters of the stamp tax succeeded in holding 16 of the 18 votes by which they had won a one vote tentative approval of the Bill the Day before. Sens. John a. Martin a fair. Field and Thomas e. Smith or. A Florence had voted for the tax wednesday but did hot Vole thursday. But one opponent switched sides overnight sen. Samuel b. Mendenhall 13-York. And four Aye votes came from senators not voting wednesday. They were cast by John Drummond a Greenwood j. Ralph Casque a Marion James b. Stephen a Spartanburg and Marshall b. Wil Liams a Orangeburg. The tax increase half of what gov. John Wesl wanted would bring in More than million a year. The Senate voted to have each county receive at least annually for its recreational uses with the legislative delegations deciding How it will be spent. In addition inc counties will receive any amount in addition to their up to -10 per cent of Hie total. House Al locations to be made on a popu lation basis. A spokesman for West said the Cut in the tax suited the administration. When you Start you Settle for anything you can but he said we re a Long Way from noting House opposition is expected to be stiff. The Only change made in the interest increase Bill was pro posed by Sens. William h. Bal Lenger a Oconee. And Harris p. Smith. A Pickens. They successfully got approval for Bor rowers to prepay their mor Gates without penalty for iwo years. A proposal by sen. A. J. Doo Ley a Lexington. To make the ceiling 9 per cent instead of he present 8 and instead of the Bill s 10 per a Cal was killed on a 20-6 Roll Call. Holland s proposal to Pul the ceiling at 10 per cent Only for Loans up to was also tabled. The Senate adjourned after its two hour plus meeting until at least oct. 2. If the House passes a reapportionment Bill in the meantime it will be sent to the Senate judiciary com Mittee. Duke seeks electric rates hike c 0 i. U m b i a Power co. A major supplier of electricity in the Carolinas. Thursday asked the South Carolina Public service commission Picl for approval for a rate increase. The requested boost will raise retail rates nearly 17 per cell under Bond. The Utility com Pauy is requesting an across manpower Center Van out Kingstree the William regional manpower training Center will have a special Mobile recruitment Van in the area through sept. 28. The purpose is to provide counselling and occupational informal inn to All interested persons. The Van is provided by lie South Carolina stale Board for technical and comprehensive education of Columbia and is made available to All Tec Cen ters throughout the stale. The rest of the schedule includes sell. 21 Lake City. Lake City shopping Center 9a.m. Io4 . Sell. 22 23 Kingstree. Williamsburg regional Man Power training Center. Antique Aulo show sept. 2-1 Jolt Sonville. Main business District. . To -1 . Sell. Andrews main business District Al . To -1 . Sept. 21 St. Stephens main business District i . To 4 . Sept. 27 Georgetown. Georgetown shopping Center. 9 . Sell. 2k Greeleyville. Main business District. 9 . To 4 . Residents of the areas in which the Mobile unit will be stationed May Visil the Van and get answers to questions about Williamsburg manpower Cen Ter training. Blatt allows filing of suit the Board interim increase of 12 per cent to go Intorf fact oct. 15. Pending the decision of the pc. According to the proposal residential rates would be in creased 16.4 per cent. Based on last year s average monthly payment of the average payment would be boosted to under South Carolina Law. A Utility company May increase rates under Bond without the approval of the commission. Bui if the commission later rules the increase unreason Able the company must return the excess charge along with six percent interest. The South Carolina tax payers association is challenging the constitutionality of the Law passed by the general As Sembly in 1932. The Consumers group says a Utility increase should be subject to a Public hearing prior to the implementation of the Rale hike. Carl Horn or. Duke presi Dent said costs of lie Utility s construction programs were the prime reason for the request. If the full increase is granted approximately million in additional revenues would be added to the Carlo Ltd based firm. Horn said he company would spend about billion on construction by 1975. He said in or Der to attract investors. The Lilily must be Able to offer a better return on invested Money. In the pc s last rate in crease approval. The return of common equity of 9.47 per cent was fair and reasonable. According to a company spokes Man the current return is per a Cal. A a churn thai is ruled fair and reasonable by the commission is subject to Chin go under changing economic conditions. Gasoline tax hike is sought Columbia South Carolina Highway commission said thursday in will seek a 2 cents a gallon increase in he gasoline lax from inc 1974 legislature. This would push the lax to 10 cents a gallon. The commission said in is asking he Carolina. Chamber of Commerce and the South Carolina Aulo dealers association to support he re quest. Silas n. Carman chief High Way commissioner said he born re local state area Friday september 21, 1973 1-b House approves numbered seats or. Frank Stapor and or. Dale Calder both Are new to staff of s. C. Marine resources Center lab Marine research Laboratory adds two scientists to staff Columbia. South Carolina House with the Small county legislators form ing a solid bloc of votes ignored the warning of its Legal counsel thursday and included a controversial numbered seat provision in its re apportion men plan. The numbered seals which advisors from the slate actor general s office said could some five hours of debate. When numbered seats came up for the last time in this Long Long Day of debate and Dis Cussion and political Manu covering it carried by o vote of 57-52. With few exceptions it was the smaller and the Rural coun. Ties banding together against Charleston two Marine scientists concerned with the effects of Man on the environment of the coastal area have joined the staff of the slate s Marine research Laboratory Here. Or. Edwin h. Joseph director of the Laboratory said or. Dale Calder will study the effect of dredge and fill operations and or. Frank Stapor will study Beach erosion problems. Or. Calder will serve the South Carolina wildlife and Marine resources department As associate Marine scientist specializing in benthic ecology the study of Marine Bottom or. Slap or is an assistant Marine scientist specializing As a coastal geologist. A native of n new Brunswick. Or. Calder received a Bachelor of science degree from Acadia University Nova Scotia and a master o f arts and in Marine science from the College of William and Mary. He has published More than 15 scientific papers and a Book on h y d o i d s and Hydro Medusa of Southern Chesapeake or. Calder has worked with the National museum of Canada in Ottawa and spent the last four years As an assistant Marine scientist at the Virginia Institute of Marine science at Gloucester Point. A. Before coming to South Carolina Fie lives on James Island with his wife and two children. A native of it. Myers Florida or. Slap or received a Bachelor s degree in geology from Florida slate University a masters in geology from to sin and his Florida stale. Lie has published 10 scientific articles primarily on Beach erosion and coastal Selim in ology. Or. Stapor said his work primarily would be to study he problems of erosion along the South Carolina coast the various processes that have built and constructed he islands along the coast and the origin of certain kinds of deposits along or. Joseph noted that Beach erosion is a critical problem in South Carolina and we Hope or. Stapor s research efforts will be of assistance to other stale agencies Hal have responsibilities in inc area of Beach erosion Senate postpones decision on taping Darlington residents named to new Board Columbia Dis Ricl judge sol Blattjr. Filed an i Fol tic of h complaint Highway by slim without the increase. He said it will Lake a one cent increase just o main Tain the existing system. Columbia Gen. Daniel r. Mcleod has asked the state Senate to record its deliberations on House reapportionment. Bui the Senate postponed a decision thursday. Sen. Mitrion Gressette. A Ca Houn. President pro Temnor of the upper chamber read a tet Ter from Mcleod which said can anticipate having to justify in reapportionment be fore the Justice department and the he added to have information justifying the reapportionment would help the stale s Case. The Senate decided o let Grossette. James h. Morris. D Clarendon. And clerk Thomas 0. Lovick investigate the Best Way to make a verbatim record of by ape recordings or stenographic let the Senate know its recommendations. Sen. Rembert Dennis a Berkeley had pointed out that arrange ments about the method need to Darlington the Darlington county legislative be made in Case the Iran has recommended s c r i p t i o n is a p hint county residents for Mem proved opposition to the entire idea was Strong. Sen. Gil Bert e. Mcmillan Daikon suggested if the Federal govern ment wanted to know what was said in debate they can Sil right Back Here and off Columbia api unemployment among insured South Carolina workers dropped to 1.1 per cell during the week ending aug. 31. The empty men Security commission reported thursday this compared Wilh 1.3 per cent the previous week and 1.7 per cell for inc last week of August a year ago. Be ship on the Darlington county alcohol and. Drug abuse commission. Picked for three year terms were . Desportes and Ray Petty both of a Hartsville and Rev. John Buchanan and mrs. Virginia Tindall both of Darlington. Picked for two year terms were . Mcelveen of Hartsville and or. William Early of Darlington. Picked for one year terms were or. . Nickles and Rev. Don Purvis both of Lilart Seville and James w. Mack of Lydia. The new commission is appointed by the governor upon recommendation of the county legislative delegation. He representatives from the big City counties such As Rich be reason enough for the . Land Charleston. Spartanburg Justice department or the fed and Greenville Era courts to reject any Rea still on the Agenda for debate alignment proposal won after Friday was a Bill to break Soulli ports authority checking importers Charleston a the South Carolina state ports authority is interviewing More than 300 importers on establishment of a foreign Trade zone Al the port of Charleston. Don Welch general manager for the authority said importers interest and plans will form the basis for applying to the department of Commerce for establishment of such a we sent out Over 1.200 letters detailing Welch said and have some 300 replies. We re interviewing our application of necessity and use will be based on this Welch explained. He said a Xone allows the importation of goods to the zone and their subsequent Export without payment of import duties. Such goods can be stored repackaged re labelled partially or fully processed or otherwise Welch said. If they go into the Domestic Market the import duty applies. If they Are exported no one of the he said is storage. This allows the importer to delay paying the import duly until he pulls the merchandise out of storage and into the Domestic neither Welch nor w. W. Johnson authority chairman would speculate on what this might mean to the state. But recent t. Allen Ligare of Charleston of the slate development Board said it could mean much to the cd on of y of i he death rate declines Columbia South Carolina s mileage death rate the number of deaths per vehicle Miles travelled has fallen to an All time Low of 4.7 through the first six months of 1973. The decline is even More significant in View of the c.7 per cent increase in mileage rave led. Chief 1 Highway commissioner Silas n. Pearman says. The figures indicate Hal the Highway department s programs Are having the desired effect of increasing safety on the stale s highways be reducing deaths and through june 30.4fic persons had died in 397 accidents a decline of c8 deaths and 51 accidents Over 1972. There has also been a decline in pedestrian deaths with 7fl reported compared to 89 Al the same Lime in 1972. Motorcycle deaths however have set a new record through june with 25 reported 9 More than last year. June reported 11 deaths the highest one month total on record. County. His order prov Ules that a complaint alleging racial discrimination in the location of the lines be filed by oct. 1. The action hinges on his May ban against further suits Wilh wit his consent. One suit was tried and lost two others were dismissed. Blatt said that w. W. Minis of Edgefield who brought the first suit and lost it and w. T. Timmerman an Edge Cicle county councilman have been the dominating Factor sin All the prior All suits allege locations of the lines favor Urban areas of grand jury looks to probe of Lee sheriff by Terry Hill morning news staff writer Bishopville an investigation of 1-ce county sheriff Lawrence Huggins will be conducted grand jury Foreman r. Gayle Kerr said thursday. Huggins sheriff of county for 12 years was tabbed in a grand jury letter for quickly us investigation As quickly As inc county at the expense of re the loiter signed by ral residents. The last two suits Foreman Kerr said the grand and the fourth now being jury has investigated this office allowed further claim Blacks and feels that the conduct and of the sheriff Are nol being carried out to the Busl interest of the citizens of acc the investigation Kerr said would definitely be conducted but that a specific Date had not been announced. We be got to sit tight for a he said. There is nothing close we can say right now " the grand jury s idler sent to presiding if la circuit judge Robert w. Hayes recommended thai sled and add agents conduct an investigation of the county concerning and Sale of alcohol Ami drugs. Kerr stated that a petition Sig Ned by More than 2.000 Lee county citizens had been circulated about the drag and alcohol problem and was not. As reported earlier seeking inc removal of sheriff Huggins from office. Contacted at his Home. Sheriff Huggins said i Don t feel like having any company right now and i Don t have any comment. I m in bed with a Little earlier this week jury Foi Eman Kerr said he would confirm a beginning Date for the investigation As soon As he received Nolice from gov. Wesl. The governor s news Secretary Kelley Jones confirmed thursday afternoon that a grand jury investigation request had been received from Lee county. The governor s policy is to refer mailers of this Type to slate i a enforcement division sled and we will get a report on in in the sled chief j. P. Pele Strom said thursday Al croon that he had no information that could be made Public. I Haven t seen a petition a Mil this added. Several attempts have been made to Contact state attorney general Daniel r. Mcleod for comment on the Huggins investigation but All efforts have failed. Mcleod also would not return any Telephone Calls from the morning news. Sheriff Huggins Public image has t been helped by another departmental problem that occurred this summer. A for Mer Deputy. Gerald Adams was officially charged with rape of a former female Lee county jail inmate july 31. He was dismissed from the depart ment two Days later but the sheriff said in dismissal had no relation to the rape charges. Adams a 10-year Veteran of the department was released on Bond. The charges had also been under investigation by the Columbia office of the Fri to determine if there had been any violations of the female inmate s civil rights. The Bureau reported that i hair findings had been turned Over to the Justice department for review. Carolina into 124 single member districts. A plan favored by the Black legislators and the republicans both of whom believe the present setup would dilute the voting strength of the gop and the negroes of South Carolina. Single member districts arc Given Only slight Chance of approval in the House and no Chance at All in the state Senate there was even the threat of a filibuster thursday unless the numbered seat plan was. Approved. F rep. Julius a Angell. Democratic from the South Carolina Ysmal 1 c s i the House. Therein to Iuglio be a reapportionment Bill passed this year unless you do something to protect the Small counties. I have never filibustered in my time in the Legisla Ture. This the Day o do Bagwell held the floor for about 00 minutes and the Pic Ture began to change. A Short time before the House had voted Down numbered seats by a margin of some nine votes. After Baggett s filibuster threat there was a change of heart. The lawmakers agreed to reconsider the proposal and the second Lime around gave it a final Okay. Bargelt later told the associated press. No. I would t have gone into a filibuster. Bui once in awhile around Here you have to Raulle a few chains. And As far As i am concerned the numbered seat plan has never been rejected by the courts. Perhaps even the Justice department will approve it. We Don t know whether numbered seats will be rejected until we try numbered seats Means thai in districts with More than one represent alive. Candidates will designate what seat they wish to seek rather than just run Ning at Large. Take Richland county for example where there will be ii House seats available. If you Are candidate you will select to run in seat one. Or Seal two. And so on. If there were no numbered seats you would put your name in the pot. And Hope you finished among the lop 11 Vole getters Wilh All of the doing the voting. Several lawmakers raised the question thai the numbered seats would bring rejection from the Justice department or possible even the courts. Fighting inc numbered scats vigorously were reps Robert Kneece. A Richland. James Moss. A Beaufort and Joseph p. Riley a Charleston. Although Bargelt did most of he talking for the numbered Seal plan in was obvious from the action on inc floor thai rep. Solomon Blatt. A Barnwell. The speaker of the House for 31 years until he stepped town july 31, was having a big say in the proceedings. Although in was never mentioned there was a move on inc floor for the Small county lawmakers to go for single member districts if the numbered Seal plan failed

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