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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 20, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s thursday september t our 50th no. 263 Florence s. C. Daily 10sunday 15c cosh payments proposed in lieu of Public housing Washington api president Nixon arguing that present programs have made Uncle Sam biggest slumlords in proposed to Congress wednesday experimental payments of Cash housing allowances to the needy. At he same time Nixon announced administrative actions aimed at providing up to ss.5 billion of additional mortgage funds during the current Light Money Pinch. In a special message. Nixon said payment of housing allowances with first priority going to he needy elderly eventually would get the Federal government out. Of he housing business and offer Hie Best Promise of providing decent housing for All of our families at an acceptable rather than ask Congress now for a major new housing subsidy program. Nixon in effect called for a new study of Cash allowances so final vice president Spiro t. Agnew refuses comment while storm brews api White House denies Agnew pressured Washington api spokesman for president Nixon strongly denied wednesday hat the while House is pulling any kind of pressure on vice president Spiro t. Agnew to resign. Deputy while a Misc press Secretary Gerald l. Warren la bleed As false news reports that savor hint a disposition by i he while i Louse or lie people in the while i Louse to Force he resignation of the vice president or Hal he White mouse is exert Iii pressure on the Vita president to resign or that the while House has been inc source of stories thai Agnew was thinking about resigning. Earlier in the Day. Vie Gold former press Secretary to a new. Charged thai top White i Louse aides Melvin r. Laird and Alexand Cim. I Lair. Were encouraging rumours and about Agnew s Legal i roubles so thai stories about Agnew would overshadow the Wale Gale is All calculated by the while House to keep inc Agnew Story cold said in an interview. I m blaming he while House staff Al the highest level. Or. Waigand Laird. Ii is my annl Enlin that this stuff about the vice president is a Grai Dis Racli in from the Wale Gale and the while i Louse is delighted with in. In t in Odd Hal three weeks ago the country was talking about the president resigning and now they re talking about the vice president resigning 1 some people May think that s a coincidence. Some people think that storks bring babies. I m not that i Marsh Thomson. Agnew s current press Secretary acknowledged thai certain individuals Al the White House might he in Oura inf the current juror Over Agnew s possible resignation but lie said he thought hat anyone who believed that this reflected official policy was Over Bading inc signs. Under no circumstances do we regard it As a conscious concoction of anybody in the while Thomson said. I refuse to believe thai it represents anything close to official policy. Ii is rather the expression of private decisions on their Wisdom can be made late next year or Early in 1975. Lames t. Lynn Secretary of housing and Urban develop ment said that if the allowance program were to be adopt cd As an alternative to present Public housing programs the annual Cost could reach billion Losi 1 billion. The allowance payments. Nixon said would he carefully scaled o make up he difference Between what a family could afford on its own for housing and the Cost of Safe and sanitary housing in that geographic 1 at the Capitol. Sen. William Proxmire. Chairman of an appropriations subcommittee on housing said Congress and the Public will reluctant to support such a costly and potentially ineffective to Deal with the credit Pinch. Nixon said inc government National mortgage association will provide Money for Ilia Iii sure mortgages Al interest rates somewhat below the Market level a move he said would finance up o s3 billion in Home Loans. The president also said the Federal Home loan Hank Board will make up to billion in loan commitments to encourage mortgage lending by savings and loan institutions. Nixon also recommended thai the maximum Loans permitted under Rila and a mortgages be raised and hat interest Rales on such Loans be permit Ted to Rise to Market Levels. He also urged that Stales eliminate any existing ceilings on mortgage interest Rales. In his message Nixon said he would go ahead with existing commitments to build Public housing but declared to would expect to use this approach lie did lift a Jan 5 suspension of one program under which new and existing housing is leased for Low income fam Ilies. Nixon also called for experimentation with a flexible monthly mortgage payment plan and enactment of a special tax credit for those who make residential mortgage Loans. Under he monthly payment Experiment. Nixon said Hal rather than making the same Flat payment Over inc life of the loan families would make smaller payments in the earlier years when they arc hardest pressed _ my larger payments later on when heir incomes arc As for the lax credit. Nixon recommended Hal the amount of interest income to be made deductible from taxable income be increased to a maximum of 3 z per cent depending on the proportion of an investment portfolio placed in residential mortgages. In asserting Hinl All across America. The Federal govern ment has become the biggest slumlords in Nixon said of Public housing projects no Compromise foreseen on yielding Nixon tapes Washington api president Nixon filed wednesday a hard line response in the tapes Case thai hinted broadly that he will not accept a Compromise proposed by the . Court of appeals. The court of appeals in a unique memorandum issued last week had Sugges cd thai the president his attorneys and special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox listen to the while House tapes and deter mine among themselves what portions were evidence required by the grand jury prob ing he watergate cover up. The court said thai because Cox is an official of the executive Branch. Inc suggested com Promise could avoid the constitutional Issue of separation of Powers that has emerged in the Legal dispute Over the tapes. The court gave Cox and the president until thursday to re Spond. In its final written argument to the court of appeals wednes Day. While House lawyers said that the president recognizing inc unique character of water Gate appointed he prosecutor and gave him Broad Powers. Hut he has not delegated to the special proc Cuylor. And will not abrogate his constitutional duties and the Brief said. That would move beyond accommodation Loirre thai determined wording indicated strongly that Nixon would turn Down the appeals court s Compromise proposal. Shortly Afler he court advanced the Compromise last week. Cox expressed willing Ness 10 follow its suggestion. The White mouse has Cyl to make any formal response. The Brief filed wednesday is part of he White mouse Appeal reeling the i res Ideal to permit him to listen to the tapes in Pri vate to determine what portions of the tapes the grand jury can hear. Cox wanted to let inc grand jury hear nine White i Louse tape recordings of Nixon s conversations Hal pertain to inc watergate scandal. So besides inc while House. Cox also differed with Sirica s ruling lie asked the appeals court to order turned Over to the grand jury or to permit inc prosecutor to hear them along with Sirica. The White House Brief con tended Hal Cox has no stain Lory authority to Appeal Sirica s order. Wednesday s Brief went on to repeat the White House arguments for preserving the confidentiality of discussions be tween the president and his aides. To tear Down the office of the american presidency is Icli High a Price to pay. Even for i he Brief said. Cox has argued that he tapes arc important evidence in a criminal investigation and therefore inc court has the authority to order them turned Over to the grand jury. The White mouse replied that it cannot be for the court to listen to the tapes in camera i in judge s Chambers i to satisfy itself i Bat the Prici Donl s involvement in these conversations was wholly innocent and in Accord with his constitutional duties. The president would stand condemned in the eyes of the nation without any of the mechanical thumb joint doctors and engineers at the University of Cincinnati say they installed a Metal thumb joint last week in the thumb of a Man who lost use of that digit 10 years ago. Doctors said the join was developed without any outside funds by graduate students engineers and medical men. They said the joint can be used for arthritis sufferers too. A of an order from . District safeguards thai even he hum court judge John j. Sirica i bless cilia in draft for women Washington api a newly appointed High ranking woman in the Pentagon said wednesday that if the military draft is both sexes should included. Constance ,1 Downey. 39. Was named wednesday As Deputy director for Federal women s programs in the defense department. Is. Downey who has held a series of government positions. Said that Ever since attending High school she has believed women should be subject to the draft. The draft she said should be Universal including she also said however Hal providing equal Opportunity for women in the defense department does not mean painting our bombs medics struggle to save five increased Veteran benefits urged Washington api educational benefits now being paid to veterans fag behind world War ii Levels and Are in sufficient to Mecl students Liv ing expenses says a report to Congress. The report prepared by Educ Lional testing service of Princeton. . Was submitted to Congress wednesday. It recommended Hal veterans be paid More to cover varying col lege tuition costs. The 339-Page report concluded that Teal value of i h e educational allowance available to veterans of world War ii was orca scr than lie current allowance when adjustments Are made or the payment of tuition fees. In ions and Only the Veteran whose spouse works and contributes Over s2.wo to his income can meet his expenses. The report said. The report was the first study Ever ordered by Congress com paring benefits under the i Hill for different eras. However. Donald k. Johnson administrator of veterans affairs look Issue with the recommendations. In a idler accompanying the be said. A does not agree thai a major change should be made in inc nature of the i educational assistance he said dial in must be stressed thai the i Hills were never designed to provide All of a Veteran s living expenses and educational in comparing world War ii and Vietnam benefits he study found Hal the current payment of s220. Per month to a single Veteran is a significantly smaller proportion of . Aver age monthly the world War ii Veteran was belter off because he received tuition payments and special benefits now unavailable such As Low Cost housing employment for his spouse and Nursery care the report said. Dan Var. Colo. A a cadre of doctors and nurses worked wednesday to combat a lung disease in three of the remaining five Selanek Sext plets. The smallest of the six babies died tuesday night of the same illness. Doctors said Catherine the Only surviving girl Nathan and Steven Selanek showed symptoms of the Hyaline membrane disease Hal claimed he life of Julia after -44 hours of blood and breathing difficulties. Catherine and Nathan were Given blood transfusions Over night in an attempt to alleviate the disease which is common in premature infants. Doctors at Colorado general Hospital said Catherine was in poor but improving condition after a Complete blood Exchange transfusion. Nathan who was named tuesday also was in poor condition. He was Given a transfusion but not a Complete blood Exchange. Steven was reported in fail condition but improving. Jeffrey s condition slightly from Good to fail wednesday and his brother John was still in Good Condi Tion. Roth were reporter in Good condition tuesday and were fed their Molher s milk for the first Lime. The setup Lyls were born sunday night to Edna Stanck. 31. And Cugene Stanek. 31. Of . Colo. Billy Jean and Bobby f fight it out today House upholds minimum wage veto the Billy Jean King Bobby Riggs Tennis Battle of the sexes takes place today in Houston. Washington Al i the House has upheld president Nixon s veto of a Bill increasing the minimum wage to 21 an hour and extending coverage to 7 million new workers including household main s the Vole wednesday was 23 votes Short of the to thirds majority needed to Over ride its veto. Ii gave a s in for six Balling aver vetoes sustained this la Nus issued a statement saying president Nixon was gratified by the House action. The statement continued it is now up the Congress to re place the vetoed Bill this year will a new Bill which will b ring the minimum wage in line with the increased Cost of living while doing so in a Way Hal ii Dusio Check inflation and thai protects jobs for Low income Afler the Vole i resident George Means said he defeat of the Bill is in real ily a Victory for exploitation and the will of inc majority has been a varied and the Iwori paid workers in America will continue to subsidize their greedy Mcany said. Nixon vetoed inc Hill on grounds in would increase unemployment and add to inflationary pressures. To Lac Hill would have hiked inc minimum wage from fill an hour to this year and next year. Nixon s reasons were called a mockery by majority Leader Thomas p. O Neill or. A mass. Who said workers at he level would barely be Able los slain life. Hop. Carl Perkins said More than half the Stales provide welfare payments higher than inc proposed minimum wage. A determined lobbying Effort by labor was unable to Cut deeply enough into the conservative opposition to pro Duce a two thirds majority. Fifty one republicans deserted the administration and voted to override. Hul 20 democrats offset the loss joining with 135 republicans to give n Ixon a comfortable margin. The vote which wiped out a three year Effort in Congress to increase the minimum wage last raised in left inc future of the legislation in doubt. Nixon and most republicans who look part in the debate said they would support a More moderate Bill and urged the democrats on the and labor committee to bring one out promptly. Hut item. John ii. Dent. D pn., chairman of the subcommittee handling the Bill said he would leave Congress be fore he would bring Oul a Bill containing Nixon s recommendation for a lower wage Sci Lac for teenage workers Many world leaders see the United nations growing weak j or every year says pollster George Gallup. Cambodia s Highway 4 from the sea to phenom penh is re it opened and supplies flow in. 3 Pagelow. Index comics deaths doctor editorials markets a a 10d 8d sports 80 it state area 1 b women 6a 4 weather mostly sunny and Cool again today. High upper 70s Low around 60. Dol alls a page3a. J

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