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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 20, 1970, Florence, South Carolina3fhminri? it Timtim shuts sunday september -20, 1970 a a cambodian operation aided Vietnam nation program by Host Faas and George Esper associated press writer Saigon a _ Many rough spots remain on the Road to Vietnam nation but it is now apparent that the process gained impetus from president Nixon s May decision to Send american troops into Cambodia for a limited offensive. The . Military command by withdrawing nearly All its combat troops from a Tough Bor Der zone switched Ameri can divisions away from major combat. Their replacement by vietnamese looks like a major stride toward Vietnam nation. This program Aims to turn Over major fighting to Saigon while . Forces disengage . Combat divisions like the 25th and the 1st air cavalry once tied to the costly Protection of More than 200 Miles of Viet namese cambodian Border against North vietnamese infill Traiton Are now engaged in mopping up operations in the country s Interior. They Are in fact slowly working themselves out of a Job. The South vietnamese in a Gamble chose to put their regu Lar army troops up to and Over the Border to Cut off North Viet namese forces and supplies headed for population centers now under relative control of the Saigon government. One danger is that the South vietnamese May be overextend ing themselves leaving the de sense of pacified cities villages and hamlets for the most part to militia troops called regional and popular forces. So far there is no indication that the North vietnamese have managed to slip past the South vietnamese Border guard in Large numbers and rebuild Large units inside the country As they did before the big Tel offensive of 1968. At least for the next year the South vietnamese know that american combat troops will stand by in the rear ready to bail them out should something go wrong. One . 25th division officer described his unit s role we re providing an Over watch military talk for watching Over to insure they Don t get Hurt till they Are sure of them some Independent american brigades such As the 199th and the 3rd brigade of the 9th infantry division Are being deactivated. This is part of Nixon s fourth phase cutback of troops that will pare authorized . Strength to by oct. 15. The Allied drive into cambo Dia in May set a precedent for South vietnamese ground forces to operate freely across the Bor Der with support from american bombers. The Border once the outer defense line of South Viet Nam is now Only a geographical line. The situation appears most Crit ical in northernmost provinces bordering Laos on the West and the demilitarized zone on the North. In these areas american combat troops still lock in Battle with North vietnamese forces staging out of Laos. But nowhere in Vietnam Are american forces fighting alone As was the Case Early last Spring. The Basic problem is still to turn the once neglected vist namese armed forces of More than a million men into a mod Ern and Mobile army. Begin nines have been made such As the turnover of helicopter companies to the and the Start of training for c123 transport pilots. But it looks As if several years of american presence and Aid May be de before the vietnamese army is in lie shape the americans want it to be. The Best available information is that . Aircraft still provide about 75 per cent of the Airlift for South vietnamese forces. The problem is not just to train vietnamese in overhauling Complex gear As Glen Gines and tanks. They also need skills in managing a giant Mili tary machine. Seasoned american Mili Ary observers say the vietnamese at present can t Cope w the the complexity of hundreds of intricate parts for items ranging from f5 supersonic fighter bombers to twin engine they soon will receive. As the United states urns Over More equipment the prob lems of management and tics increase proportionately. There is f at communist command military sources Are weak and spread out in South Vietnam although the pm is still operating in All 44 prov inces. Two thirds of the villages clustered around Saigon still have a functioning underground Viet Cong Shadow government. The big difference in the South vietnamese army is that its Lack of Confidence has been replaced by a measure of cockiness. In Anarea near Lai Khe North of Saigon no vietnamese infantry battalion would even stay overnight in the Jungles five years ago. Now Small Mili Tia patrols leave their outposts to Chase Down attackers in darkness. The successes in Cambodia and the relative ease with which the operations were carried out have increased the self Confidence. At the height of the Cam Bodian operation nearly South vietnamese regulars were across the Border. The number has reduced to 15.000 in re cent Days but often fluctuates. While the regulars were in Cambodia the local militiamen called territorial forces suddenly were thrust into the role of having to defend provincial Cao Italy cities villages and Ham its. Their . Advisers save them Good Marks for the most part. These forces technically regional and popular forces number about 500.000. Plans Cal for an increase to 550.000. The South vietnamese regular army totals there Are More than regional Force companies and popular Force platoons. They Are responsible for de sense of Over villages. The regional Force Compa Nies Are not supposed to sit in said one . Adviser. One of our biggest Chal Lenges is to keep them on the offensive and not tied Down to any Community. The Mission of the popular forces platoons is closer in Security. During the last year training has improved and leadership has american officers concede there is a of leadership i the popular forces Beau so Many Are scattered so far it is difficult to supervise operations under the District each province chief generally a colonel has several Region Al Force companies to defend his area. The popular Force platoons Are under the com Mand of 262 District chiefs. A province is similar to a slate. A District is the same As a . County seat. The pay scale for All troops is Low. With inflation this has created Vietnam nation prob lems so far unsolved. A private in the army earns loss than a month. The ing Cost of living adds to desertions from the regular army. In addition fewer men Are show ing up for duty in the territorial forces. One of the problems that confronts us is that the regional and popular forces have to Moonlight " said one adviser. There Are not As Many present for other sources said Many Reg ulars Are deserting to take jobs which May pay twice As much As the military. Other draftees leave the regu Lar army units to return to Home provinces or districts where they join the territorial forces. Officials estimate that sol Diers May need a 40 per cent pay increase to break even As prices go up. It appears that there will have to be additional american Aid or economic re form including devaluation of the both. New test in offing Formosa Likely to keep u. N. Seat Taipei Formosa a much of this kind of Diplomat Chiang Kai Shek s delegates politicking is done in vein went into the new United a Small nations. Of the 56 votes to keep nationalist China in tin Lions session confident nations last year 39 could maintain for another year came from african and latin j the diplomatic balancing act inc Republic of a that has kept this country j Homey p0puiation million among the big five of the not count for much de nations Lor a Quarter councils but its vote for turn nationalist China has in effect nationalist China holds the offset tone soviet Union s China seats in the . General Ifor Cal ear since Assembly and Security Council a major Factor in the contest although tie Formosa govern for the sea nations votes has ment has nut ruled project Vanguard a Sei in Nina for 19 of the last 24 . Sessions. Communist troops pushed Chiang Kai Shek s government off the Mainland in 1949, Only four years after Chi Ang helped organize the United nations. Of nationalist agricultural Aid programs to 29 african and lat in american nations. This a been supported by the United states since 1907. Half the . Profits from american Guver ment commodity sales in for Mosa go to he nationalists to yearly attempts have been Back the program made since 1950 to oust the a since 1967 these . Contrib lion lists and seat peking. The nationalists arguing they Are China s rightful government have beaten off the attacks with a combination of skilled Diplo Macy . Aid and the intransigence of the communists them selves. It has t always been easy. Heartbeats skipped in the for eign ministry in 1965, when the general Assembly voted to re Tain the nationalists by a mar Gin far below what had been expected nationalist officials concede their main worry this year is Canada. Ottawa s talks to bring about diplomatic relations with peking were for some time believed to have bogged Down. But reports from several world Capi tals indicate the two countries May announce an agreement in mid october a Monelli before the . Vote. Italy is believed 10 be watch ing the Ottawa poking talks closely and May shift her vote to peking if the canadians do nationalist officials fear. But the of shool for the Calion Alist Camp is far from Bleak. Last year 17 nations sponsored the motion to expel Taipei and seat peking while Only 14 nations Are sponsoring it in 1970. The overthrow in March of cambodian ruler Prince Noro Dom Sihanouk was also a major shift for the nationalists. Sihan Ouk s government was tradition ally a Albania the yearly Resolution to seat peking and expel the nationalists. Cambodia is expected to abstain from the 1970 votes. Keeping track of these inter National twists and getting put the vote for Formosa is not Sim ple and the nationalists have put some of their Best men to work on it. The vice foreign minister ilk. Yang spends Al most As much time in Africa As he does in Formosa. He was largely responsible for capitalizing on Chou in Lai s mistakes in Africa in 1965. The peking Leader s Mission to new african St naps hark trod when his Calls for african revolution offended his hosts. They believed they had already won Mieir revolutions. The score before Chou s trip 18 african nations having relations with peking to 15 for Taipei after the trip the score shifted to peking 15, Taipei 21 tons lion have totalled Mil the nationalist share has Geen million. Another Factor is that Small nations can maintain embassies cheaply in Taipei. Top officials of embassies Here have almost unlimited Access to the Large u. S. Military base exchanges in the City. Some ambassadors have made Money buying Large items such As air conditioners or televisions and Selling them. Embarrassed american officials have tried to Stop the prac Tice but generally have been powerless to do so status of women fewer women hold political off ice now Tujan 70 years ago editor s note women today serve As generals jockeys and standup customers at Mcsorley s bar. Headline achievements no doubt. But what is the total picture of the status of women it seems the path to Equality is still Uphill and in some areas women a7 e worse off than 30 years ago. By Jurate Kazickas associated press writer undated a it took women 70 years to get the vote. Represent almost 45 per cent of j vicious Cycle women know they the female population an in j will be discriminated against in crease of almost 100 per cent since 1940. But the median annual wage for a woman work ing full time is while for a Man it is according to the department of labor which has provided these and All the following statistics. The Yap Between men s and women s earnings has been widening since 1960. Then a woman s salary 60.2 per almost half a Century to get of a Man s and now if equal rights a m e n me n per cent approved in the House. Two i occupationally women arc Hundred years to receive College educations and 116 years to get into new York Mcsorley s bar. Relatively More disadvantaged than they were 30 years ago. In 1940, women held.45 per cent of but women this year seem to i All professional and ethnic Al top traffic Jam South Carolina s no. 1 traffic problem is Charleston s Ashley River Bridges on Highway 17 where traffic feeds in and out of the Charles ton Peninsula from the thickly populated West Ashley area of the City. The Down town Bridges carry a daily traffic volume of vehicles. The Structure at right is a circular Motel building now under construction near the River. A pol i reveals key problems facing political candidates Gallup poll by George Gallup Princeton n. J interest in the november elections is slightly greater at this time than at the Start of campaigns in earlier con Gressional election years. However the evidence As of now is that voting f o r members of the House is not Likely to Rise above the 50 per cent Mark. To a Survey of 1510 adults completed in Early september Many aspects of the coming race were probed including the interest of voters in the coming elections the number whose names Are now on the registration books their knowledge of the congressman who represents them on the work he has done for their District. Person interviewed in the Early september Survey who describe themselves a s republicans indicate slightly greater interest in the con Gressional races at this Point than do democrats or independents As seen in the results of the following question How much thought have you Given to the coming november elections for Congress quite a lot or Only a Little the problem of voter turnout takes on particular importance in off year National congressional elections when less than half of those of voting age vote for candidates for the House. Traditionally a Low turnout has been of greater concern for the democrats than for the gop since those who Don t vote Are More Likely to be democrats. As of Early september 25 per cent of persons of voting age were not registered to vote in the november elections. T h is percentage translates into 30 million peo ple. Of All major political groups those who describe themselves As independents have the poorest registration record with 36 per cent not registered to vote As of Early september. Republicans on the other hand have the Best record Only 18 per cent said they were not registered at the time of the Survey. People who identify themselves As democrats or independents have a harder time recalling their con Gressman s name than do republicans. But it is in political affiliation of their congressman or How he voted on major Bills during the year. The differences however Are not great As seen below do you happen to know the name of the present representative in Congress from your District know name of congressman yes no per per cent cent republicans 56 44 democrats 51 49 independents 52 48 it be a Democrat or a Republican a Democrat or Republican Able to unable say to say 70 political scoreboard per cent 65 63 57 per cent 35 37 43 republicans democrats independents do you know How he voted on any major Bills this year know How voted on Bills no per per cent cent republicans 26 74 democrats 17 83 independents 20 80 those saying quite a lot or some per cent republicans 49 democrats 45 independents 36 National total 43 by party affiliation were far greater at this time four years ago at the Start of the 1966 congressional Campaign. Democrats and in dependents Are also slightly less Able than republicans at present to indicate the nation s adults Are currently unable to name their con Gressman the trend is encouraging. At this time four years ago the proportion of adults who were Able to name their congressman was 46 per cent 7 Points less than today. Here is the trend which shows no change Between 1942 and 1986, but a Sharp Rise in the last four years Able to name congressman Early september per cent 1942 46 1966 46 today 53 one of the Cardinal rules of the practical politician for getting re elected is to impress the voters of a District with How successful he has been in obtaining favourable legislation special projects or services. But As the figures Here indicate Only about one voter in five nationally can cite any special Benefit. The questions and results 1 has lie your congressman done anything for the District that you definitely know about per cent yes 19 no 81 the Survey also found that 4 per cent of persons interviewed could cite a favor done for them by their con Gressman As seen below has he done any favors for you per cent yes 4 no be coming into their own. American women Are usin political influence Legal right and sheer determination change their status from second class citizen isolated in the Home to a leading Force in Al segments of society. It has t been an easy struggle and the fight is far from Over despite significant advances in legislation and Opportunity in some areas women Are worse off than they were 30 years ago there Are fewer women in politics today than 10 years ago and fewer women in top government positions than Dur no other administrations. Women s share of pad s Anc a degrees and professional Psi tons is less than it was in the depression year 1930. While More and More women Are entering the Lair Force yearly Trey predominate in the Low paying menial jobs of Industry. Seven out of 10 clerical workers Are women. Men managers and officials outnumber women 6 to 1. Though there Are Laws prohibiting sex discrimination women still often earn less than men for the same Job. In some cases separate seniority lists keep them from advancing to top positions. Despite the recent flurry if firsts for women Many feel they re still a Long Way from real Equality. Women can finally ride on a race track but they can t work for overtime in several states. Two women earned general s stars but in four states a wife s earnings Are under the Complete control of her husband. A woman holds a seat in the Stock Exchange but women still Aren t allowed to sit at some bars alone. Women Haven t even reached the level of tokenism that Blacks Are reaching1 s ays representative Shirley Chisolm. Women have been brain washed to be Content with their roles As second class the prejudice against is so deep rooted that it conies As a Shock to men that we should complain about o u r says rep. Martha Griffiths. Women have experienced a gradual and persistent decline in status As measured by no Runnion. I n r o m o. And education when compared to says sociology prof. Dean Knudsen of Purdue University in a report that concluded women will remain in an inferior position at least for another generation. There Are now More than 29 million working women who jobs while now it is approx i a t Ely 37 per cent. Unemployment Raes were the same for men and women i 1960 today twice As Nan women Are unemployed. Three out of o working women earn less than As pm ared to 1 out of 5 men. The majority of women work because hey have to not merely to be extra pocket Money. Yet More Han one third of them Are in of paid clerical positions. Two thirds or professional women Are in the notoriously under paid ields of nursing and teaching. More than twice As Many women Are finishing High school Oday than in 1930, but women s Hare of higher degrees has declined since then. Once women earned 40 per cent of All master s degrees now it is Down 0 35 per cent. In 1930 women arned 15 per cent of All pad s. Iut now they earn slightly less Han 13 per cent. And 20 years go women held a greater pro ortion of College t e a c h i no positions than they do today. Why the decline during world War ii women were employed As 36 per cent of the Abor Force but the ratio dropped sharply to 28 per cent Ith the return of male veterans 1 their old jobs. The 50s saw he great Retreat Back to the ome. College attendance for dropped to slightly More j Lan half of what it had been in 1940. Go paying jobs and give up heir efforts employers justify discrimination by c i to n g evidence of lower achievement and commitment to employment. Coming into the 70s, with its rend toward earlier marriage and smaller families women Are Active in the labor Force again. Indisputably they Are moving into Many new p r o g r a Ming electronics engineering. But they Are still restricted in their Choice of jobs by a variety of s o c a u e d protective women have been called victims of Protection for they Are often excluded from better paying positions by these Laws. Ten states specify the maximum weight women can lift or carry. It s maximum 10 pounds for carrying up and Down stairways in c a 1 i fornia. Eighteen states prohibit night employment and 25 states prescribe the number of hours women can work. In 25 states Here Are Laws based on social conceptions of what is a proper of for a woman no woman May be a bartender in Kentucky 3r Rhode Island for example. No Gas or electric meter Reader n Ohio. No Bellhop j n Washington. It in t that hordes of women vant to be bellhops and Barten ers say crusaders for women s rights. But should t they be Al owed to choose for themselves he . Court of appeals de Lared in one Case that the Indi dual woman should have the Ower to decide whether or not o take on unromantic task the equal rights amendment a gently approved in the House y an overwhelming majority Ould invalidate Many of these protective Laws and would in essence require that men and Omen be treated the same liner the Law. For the first time the 47 years similar Bills ave been proposed this one seems to have an excellent Chance of becoming Law thanks _ to the efforts of women s groups or. Dean Knudsen blames the a Gnout the Cost lowered status of women on still of Pon a Iligir own diminished efforts coupled with institutionalized discrimination. He sees it As a political skill of rep. Martha Griffiths one of its proponents. See status Page. 9-a the easy chair by David Rainwater where there s a will there Are relatives flattery like perfume should be inhaled and not swallowed. Brat a smart child who Seldom smarts in the right places. What this country needs is a Power Mower that can be operated from an air conditioned from. A professor once did research on Why professors Are absent minded. He forgot the answer. Don t you forget Home furnishing co., 204 n dar6an St. When you decide to refurbish that Den

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