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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 20, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaWanting we getting naw Mes a Rogers John m. O Dowd js87-w70 James a. Rogers editor sunday morning september 20, j970 discredited campaigning a recent television film supporting the candidacy of Albert Watson for governor resulted in the refusal of Republican mayor r. Cooper White or. Of Greenville to appear at a Campaign rally for Watson in that City. The film attacks South Carolina democrats for alleged control of the negro bloc vote and includes scenes of negro rioting in Urban areas outside the South. Confronted with criticism that the film was racist in tone Watson neither confirmed nor denied it stating Only that the people of South Carolina should draw their own conclusions. Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Wallace rallied White voters to his cause in fiery rhetoric about the negro bloc vote and what might happen in Alabama unless he was elected governor. Mayor White whose name recently appeared in newspaper advertisements 1 is t i n g South carolinians supporting Watson s candidacy declared his personal opinion that the leadership of the Republican party decided at the beginning of this Campaign to polarize the races and they have been mayor White did. After viewing he declared i feel that our his and Watson s Are not the he in turn declined to appear at the Watson rally. He also accused Republican leadership of trying to polarize the races. He added that he would watch the Campaign being run by the gop to see if this is the Way to run a successful Campaign in South Carolina. It can be successful in Alabama but i cannot believe it will be successful in South the Type of Campaign he would favor he said would be Broad enough to encompass All persons no matter what their race Creed or col we have not seen the film in question. From those who have we have heard it described As a Leaf out of the Book of Alabama s George Wallace who successfully appealed to racial prejudice to win the Ever since the two party system began to emerge in South Carolina we have contended that a successful Republican party must have an umbrella Broad enough to include both Blacks and Whites and that until it did whatever gains it made in appealing to dissident Whites would be offset both by losing the Black vote and by repelling moderate Whites whose commitment is to improve not Worsen race relations. That Good republicans share this commitment is certain and mayor White stands tall among them. But their Hopes Are sold Down the River when leadership and candidates resurrect racial bigotry along the Campaign trails. Emergence of the negro vote As a this Jime so Many important Strong political Factor together with widespread and general concern among South carolinians for race 183 years under the Constitution David Lawrince mystery shrouds reasons for Nixon trip to Europe one Hundred and eighty three years ago Constitution of the United states of America was signed in Philadelphia. The summer air Lay hot and humid Over the City. Some of the old timers could t recall a worse summer since 1750. To the Philadelphia state House had come 55 delegates from 12 states. Of the 13 states Only Rhode Island was not represented. When the delegates arrived it was May and the Flowers in Philadelphia gardens were Spring fresh. It would be september before they departed. Their names read like a patriotic oration Washington Madison Hamilton Franklin Randolph John Rutledge and the two Pinckney from South Carolina the two Morris Robert and Gouverneur George Wythe George Mason and John Blair of Virginia Roger Sherman of Connecticut Rufus King and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts and 39 others. Their average age was 43, and Only b e n j a m i n Franklin s 81 years kept it from being lower. Charles Pinckney was Only 29, and Jonathan Drayton of new Jersey was younger still 26. Alexander Hamilton Washington s aide de Camp during the War and one of the most Brilliant exponents of a Strong Union was but 30. James Madison known today As the father of the Constitution was 36 and an intellectual giant. Simple. The meeting had not been called As a constitutional convention. During the previous february Congress meeting in new York had sanctioned the Philadelphia gathering for the sole and express purpose of revising the articles of Congress had said _ nothing and authorized nothing about a new Constitution. Only later was it described As a constitutional convention. The notion of a new Constitution would have frightened two thirds of the delegates away. But the conditions demanding a new Constitution were apparent. Under the articles of confederation the fabric of the United states had come under severe Strain. It had no foundations in Federal Law. It had no Power to collect taxes defend the country or pay the Public debt. It provided no basis for encouraging Trade and com Merce. Its strength rested Only in the Good Faith of member states. Rioting and near anarchy were threatening loss of the in dependence wrested in Battle. Washington there is a guessing match Here Why is president Nixon going to Europe the pressures in Congress with respect to several important relations based in equal Justice equal pieces of legislation. Above All Opportunity and Mutual respect have discredited race politics. Repressive a and Par Lylon tool of the Senate is at stake u c i w. I ii Witti. So. Many things Hussein s survival vital to u. S. King Hussein s troubles in Jordan Are not without deep implications for the West. Among those Arab states which have been at War with Israel Jordan is the one belligerent which has kept secure its diplomatic ties with the United states. Hussein himself is basically pro Western and if permitted to act in Dependently of other Arab belligerents including the palestinian commandos would Likely move for mutually acceptable rapprochement with Israel. Essentially his government is less Radical than that of any of his Arab neighbors except Lebanon. For his kingdom to fall to the palestinian commandos would be to further radicalize the Middle East and make even More Remote the prospects for peace in that part of the world. It is in that context that u. S. Precautionary moves to strengthen the hand of Hussein Are taking place. In. A less critical situation in 1957, president Eisenhower ordered the u. S. Sixth Fleet into the Eastern Mediterranean and landed marines in Lebanon to support the in dependence and integrity of demanding the president s time within the United states the announcement that he plans to explosive military confrontation Atout eight Days on a remains to be seen. The situation is s.422? amount leu vastly different both politically and Rosity. Militarily than it was in 1957. But one similarity remains namely the official an deep seated intramural hostility the within Arab ranks which has to some Mediterranean historically prevented the volatile countries and great arabs from resolving their own differences in support of a United Arab front. His first Stop is to be Rome where he will be the guest of the president of Italy and will Call on Pope Paul. Then he will meet with the commanders of the u. S. Sixth Fleet still another constant remains. Ulc b. That is enduring vital u. S. Interests in the Mediterranean and review in the Middle East and pressing exercises from the aircraft necessity for staying a situation which would permit soviet ambitions to convert it and All its resources nto a new Center of Power for the Kremlin. Just what does the president have in mind in planning to leave the country from september 27 to oct. 5? there have been intimations from time to time that the United states is not Happy Over the increase of naval Power by the soviets in the Mediterranean. Also it has been reported that the countries which Are members of the North Atlantic treaty organization Are worried about the prospective reduction of american troops in Europe. It is assumed that some reassurances Are to be conveyed through the medium of the ambassadors and Heads of state with whom or. Nixon will meet. But All these phases of the european situation could undoubtedly have been dealt with after the november elections. Usually during a con Gressional election Campaign a president finds himself deeply concerned with the Way the political contest is shaping up and takes a hand in making such statements in current issues As Are deemed helpful to his party. Carrier after this the president will visit nato Headquarters in Southern Europe and hold a meeting with american ambassadors in the Mediterranean area. Finally or. Nixon will be the guest of on the part of Israel it would be far general Franco in Madrid and better for Hussein s kingdom International affairs Are of course Woven into the political debates that Are heard across the country and in recent weeks the Nixon administration has played a prominent part in trying to bring peace in the Middle East. But the chances for a peace settlement seem to have been impaired by the controversy Over the plane hijackings and the outbreak of some fighting among the arabs. It probably is assumed by the administration however that before the Nixon trip to the Mediterranean starts there will be a favourable development in the Middle East and the president can Start on his journey with less concern about that Region. Administration officials who favor the journey to the Mediterranean area May have reasoned that the president could make a better showing in the Campaign with a few speeches in october than by extensive indulgence in political warfare at this time. But the real answer As to the reason for the european trip remains a mystery just the same. But despite their youth they were described by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia As so Many gentlemen of competent almost three fourths of them had served in the Continental Congress. Many had served in their state Legislatures and helped to draft their state constitutions after Independence was declared. The signatures of eight were attached to the declaration of Independence seven had been state governors and 21 had seen duty in the War for Independence. Two of the Foremost statesmen of the time were missing John Adams was in London and Thomas Jefferson in Paris seeking treaties of com Merce and foreign Loans and trying to establish with foreign Powers the integrity of the United states in meeting obligations and paying debts. But the influence of both was present in Philadelphia. Letters and other forms o f communication including Adams Book on constitutions past and present were freely exchanged. The atmosphere of the convention was closely guarded. The sessions were held in secret and Little news of it reached the general Public. The reason was Stop in England to Confer with prime minister Heath. Whether that will be necessary now or whether it can be done without an to remain intact than for israeli arms to move in to prevent its downfall an almost certain israeli move unless Hussein can otherwise be saved from the commandos. Yet to do so would seriously complicate israeli problems of defense and refugee control. It is far easier to see vital u. S. Interests at stake in the Middle East than in Vietnam. This makes it All the More important to push u. S. Withdrawal from Southeast Asia just Gjyle to the president s As rapidly As conditions will permit. To about an Era of at some Point during the the statement says the president plans to meet with ambassadors Bruce and Habib in order to review Vietnam negotiations in Paris. This trip will afford the president an Opportunity to undertake a full Exchange of views with his respective hosts and with our officials in an Effort to strengthen the Structure for peace and to William s. White Jackson looms big for demos Billy Graham next a regional medical Center in a recent editorial we suggested that the proposed pee Dee regional Hospital should become the next regional wide project. We cited the example of a four year College which became a successful regional project. The absence of such an institution was frequently referred to As the primary regional deficiency. With that deficiency corrected there perhaps would be general agreement now that the need for a modern regional Hospital holds top priority. A petition signed by persons and presented Friday to the pee Dee economic development commission bears out this priority rating. The pee Dee can claim efficiently administered and staffed local hospitals. But hospitals outside the Region frequently must serve As referral institutions for patients re Quiring medical services n o t available or insufficiently available at hospitals within the Region. Such a Hospital As proposed would offer facilities in keeping with latest developments in medical science. It would be the kind of major medical Center the Region deserves. the president will be accompanied by Secretary of state William p. Rogers his advisor for National Security affairs Henry a. Kissinger and presidential counsellor Daniel p. Moynihan. No hint has been Given in recent weeks that any such trip was in Prospect and it certainly would seem on its face that London or the Mediterranean. By visit for Sourn Vietnam s vice president by to insist upon a visit to the u. S. To participate in a Victory rally plan Ned by the Rev. Carl Mcintire in spite official u. S. Insistence that he not come is just one More evidence that u. S. Influence in the country it has spent billions of dollars and thousands of american lives to save is far Short of what such an vestment merits. In travelling this Way rules out hijacking. Washington yesterday there were three senators who might have been called authentic possibilities for the 1972 democratic presidential nomination. Today there Are four. The most important con sequence of the dust and heat of the primary election Battles is the enormous Victory by 85 per cent of sen. Henry scoop Jackson in Washington state. This moderate but steadfast Hawk on Vietnam a Man who has done so much to save president Nixon s anti ballistic missile program and in a deeper sense the constitutional commander in chief Powers of the presidency As an institution returns to the Capitol As now unquestionably available for the 1972 democratic National nominating convention. The Jackson landslide had no parallel in the nation and perhaps even More importantly it was plainly won with the help of Large numbers of Republican voters. A Good Many nationally i m p o r t a it democrats have in fact for More than a year been somewhat wistfully looking for some Peg upon which to hang a pro Jackson build up wistfully because his Power in the Senate has never been understood in the country and because in the old lore of politics his geography had been wrong. Now they have found the Peg and a sturdy one it is. Most of the far West was once a never never land when it came to candidate picking. But this too was yesterday. The new census figures have already taken the locus of ultimate political Power away from the Eastern Seaboard specifically in the great leap Forward of California Over new York. Add this circumstance to the figures "8e per cent and the sum of it All is this Henry Jackson has joined Sens. Edmund Muskie of Maine Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and George Mcgovern of South Dakota As a genuine contender for 1972. Former vice president Hubert Humphrey will be in there too assuming he returns to the Senate from Minnesota. Jackson build up will not even now of course be easy or automatic. But the Point is that the essential materials one of them being the fortuitous coincidence of a huge Jackson Triumph with the new census returns that have turned so Many eyes Westward at last at hand. I have a very great fear of death. Not of pain but a fear of the unknown. I Don t dare think of it too much for fear i might go out of my mind. Can Yon Tell me How to overcome this fear of the unknown . Faith in Christ and a full commitment to him is the greatest antidote for fear i know particularly fear of death. I can remember that As a Young Man i used to lie awake at night and wonder what would happen to me if i died. Even that childhood prayer if i should die before i Wake i Pray the lord my soul to upset me. But when As a teenager i received Christ and made a full commitment to him fear of the unknown and death left me. Not once have i been plagued by this fear. Jackson s importance inside the Senate has for years been in inverse proportion to the size of his publicity. This has been in part because he is not officially a member of the leadership a passive asset it Elf in the present circumstances and in part because of the now dead notion that the bulk of the Pacific coast wits in presidential terms More or less on some other planet. Of course fear of the unknown and fear of death Are natural. But when Christ who had no fear of death comes in to our hearts we can say with the apostle Paul "0 death where is thy sting 0 grave where is thy i Cor. This is certainly one of the great fringe benefits of christianity. Every Day Mort than americans die. Many of them have no Hope in Christ and Cross the line of worlds with fear and trembling. They go into what Rabelais called the great but the Bible tells us that death is a glorious transition. This corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on immortality. Then shall be brought to pass the saying death is swallowed up in i Cor. There is no perhaps about it. Heaven is a Christian certainty. The country was not unaware of the weaknesses of the articles fashioned s o painfully to bind the states in a United Effort. Congress through its successive presidents had urged state Legislatures to vote additional Powers to Congress. State executives sought to in Duce their Legislatures to strengthen congressional Powers. Washington Hamilton and Madison had been potent voices in expounding logically what ought to happen. With the winning of the War America had achieved Continental dimension and needed a government equal to that fact. But the states were not responsive and conditions worsened. The Philadelphia convention evolved into a constitutional convention. It originated in a struggle Between Maryland and Virginia Over navigation of the Potomac River in the Spring of 1785, their respective Legisla Tures sent commissioners to my. Vernon for a discussion of the subject. Seeing the Opportunity to enlist the cooperation of neighbouring states the commis enlarged and met at Annapolis in 1786. Before the Annapolis commission adjourned if recommended that All 13 Stales appoint delegates to Convene in Philadelphia on the second of May next to take into consideration the Trade and com Merce of the United thus the convention which wrote the Constitution was called to discuss Trade and Commerce. But out of it a miraculous document which had been the aspiration of men since ancient times. The greeks tried and failed because they emphasized Liber a the sex dense of Union. The romans failed too. But for opposite reason they stressed Union at the expense of Liberty. For their failure the greeks got anarchy and the romans tyranny. At Philadelphia the Bias of Birthright locality statehood South against North East against West merchant against planter was resolved in a series of Brilliant compromises known since then As the Constitution of the United states. In february 1788, Washington wrote in this manner to Lafayette it appears to me. Then Little Short of a Miracle that the delegates from so Many states which states you know Are also different from each in their manner circumstances and prejudices should unite in forming a system of National government so Little liable to Well founded objections. In january of the preceding year John Adams said to James Warren it is much easier to pull Down a government in such a conjuncture of affairs As is have seen than to build up at such a season As the it is a lesson to remember in our times. This is Constitution week. It is easier to destroy a nation than to build it. Lest we forget. Lest we forget. Seln Marr Una Ting Jenna Florence morning news Pumi Ihen Dolly end sunday 141 dirty St. Rosenet . Member of the associated press Caudll Bureau of circulation Southern news paper publishers association. The Asso Cioku press is entitled exclusively to the use Tor publication of Oil local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. Trie Horence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payments Mode to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless Mode directly to office of thai newspaper. 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