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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 20, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaThe Only daily Papet published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., sunday morning september 20 1970 daily lot sunday College football Clemson Virginia 27 Georgia tech 23 n. Carolina 17 Florida state 13 n. State 19 West Virginia 49 notre Dame 35 Wofford 0 Richmond 0 Northwestern 14 Lenoir Rhyne s. Carolina Wake Forest 43 Duke 7 Maryland 13 Texas 12 California Tennessee 28 presbyterian so. Methodist 7 Furman 7 Gardner Webb 19 Newberry 24 7 3 0 sports Section pages Jordan army chief orders cease fire Syria army Dillon sets rerun guerrillas declare units move the Golden land7 Battle continues to Border by the old Mill Stream a cambodian Soldier fishes in old irrigation wheel in the Vicinity of siem reap Cambodia famous ruins. Of angkor War where enemy Furci took Refuge. N Stream near an closely Are the a president adds e ref and to his european tour in Lous Ana thu most. Laptop . Negotiators at the Viet presiden Nixon will make a Nam peace talk in Paris am i Thibodaux la f sen mental and official David a tap or Iii to the land of his Irish Deputy. Philip Habib. Inrod ainu a at the end of his Kur Pean trip Inland that begins sept. 27 hut there will be a lol of by the mayor i this Southeast Louisiana con Unity saturday following fights Between Blacks and Whit that spurred further violence. _ Phasis on visiting spots porn uni press Secretary Ronald la Neil in the Back round of the Ziegler said saturday the family ancestors some Dent and mrs. Nixon have a of whom were arriving in Cepter an invitation from presi Jica Laic in the Kilos. Most Werck this Means that eve Vonc Dent Eamon de Valera to visit a Good part of sunday i has to be off the Streels by 9 Ireland Fri be devoted to this. . Or they will be arrested. While Many persons Are Una declared Barren j. Bar of the Irish the president s Ireland and they will arrive will be devoted to this. There late saturday oct. 3. And spend sunday visiting places As-1 Socia Ted with the history off aground the Nixon family and the family the president great great of mrs. Nixon the Livans. Great great Grandfather on his Side was born in coun a meeting Between Nixon and Antrum. Now in Northern ire de Valera has been set for won Ami his flame was Thomas Ang or. The curfew was to remain in effect until 5 . And during Day oct. 5, in Dublin prime minister Jack Lynch also this Ziegler about an attendance said will bring change of views on the International situation with the Middle East a High Point of the discus Sions. This was the first official announcement that Nixon who is spending the weekend at nearby Camp David would include ire land in his european trip. How Ever a news Story out of Dublin said an Advance group of . Guards were conferring there president go his Middle name from he moved in 1703 to Tim Ahoe in county Kildare. A Strong Quaker settlement about 25 Miles Wesl of Dublin where some of the president s ancestors Are buried. The Nixon expect to go there. Many relatives May be in the area since four of the six children of Thomas Milhaus married and stayed there. The president s Irish terrier King Tim Ahoe is named after the town. The curfew hours All retail quor stores or any place Censed to sell liquor or Beer was ordered closed. Nine persons were injured none seriously in a series of disturbances that involved at one time or another More than the Nixon in this country with Irish police in reference to Hack at least to James Nixon such a visit. I no came Here in 1721 and Sel i tied in Newcastle Del. The monday sessions will Bej in Ireland there also Are Nix preceded on sunday in All prob ability by conferences with the on forebears in Kildare and tipperary counties. Grenade blast injures americans in Jerusalem Jerusalem a a hand then another one closer to us grenade apparently thrown by j immediately i thought bombs Arab terrorists exploded in an East Jerusalem restaurant sat urday night wounding a former Chicago couple and their teen aged son police said. A second grenade blew up in a nearby bakery Lime wounding persons. Retired . I Onaida ural at the same another four Navy officer ii2, suffered shrapnel injuries. His wife Catherine and son Harry if were Cut on their arms and legs. We had just Sal Down to. Eat dinner in the mrs. Grant said i we heard a slight bang and everybody began shouting and running toward the Backo the restaurant. Everywhere there was broken Glass and a lot of blood. My husband and i jumped under the table. I Don t know exactly what my son did. Then i saw i was scratched. My Hus band lost consciousness for a lifted him and helped him out. He could t walk. A taxi took us to a Hospital and we were mrs. Grant spoke to a reporter from her Hospital Ward while ice husband underwent surgery for removal of shrapnel. 100 persons. Trouble began Harang said with an argument among several persons after a High school football game. The trouble peaked when reaming groups of Blacks moved through a racially mixed neighbourhood smashing car win Dows with homemade clubs and throwing rocks and bottles at police. The d Stu Vances began about Midnight Friday. Fire broke out about 2 . At a Bear s bar in the area and officers investigate see Thibodaux Page 10a i1amtha. Jordan a he soviet equipped syrian my moved tanks artillery and infantry up to their Border saturday night opposite this guerrilla held jord Ivan town. The guerrillas in Ralha set d defences against troops to King Hussein. Guerrilla leaders a d they had received an ultimatum from the jordanian army to sur Render or be destroyed. We will never said the guerrillas. The syrians Are there to help one of the guerrillas re marked confidently. But it like whistling in the i dark. This and Grapher Ahmed Kurdi spent two hours at the invitation of the Al j Fatah guerrilla organization in what they called the liberated j areas of Jordan. On the Road from Damascus. Syria s capital to the Border we me seven convoys of Russ an made t52 tanks mounted on transporters rolling towards the Border. A rerun of the Dillon county historical drama the Golden is scheduled in conjunction with Trice Teri Nial festivities see Page 1-d. The cambodian operations appears to have aided president Nixon s Viet Nami nation program. See Page 5-a. Florence s Little red Brick school House is an Experiment in special Edu cation. See Page 1-d. Index arts business deaths editorials features Gallup poll Horoscope 7 a sports 1-b women 1c 8d 6a 2a 4a id a Beirut Lebanon a jordanian army strongman Habis maj Ali ordered his soldiers to cease military operations against palestinian guerrillas sat urday but later warned anyone who fires on civilians or troops will be weather considerable cloudiness with Chance of showers and thundershowers today. Partly Cloudy and warm tonight and monday. High today and monday upper 80s. Low tonight 70. Details Page 2-a. Near Georgetown the convoys carried a to Al of 50 for an a Mored regiment. The tanks were deployed to the Side of the Road just Short of the Border. On the Way Back to Damas Cus we met a Convoy of syrian infantry in armoured personnel carriers and trucks accompanied by antitank guns just As haunting party finds wreckage by William Durant looming news staff writer 1 e 0 r g e t 0 w n t h e wreckage of a twin engine pro peller driven plane m i s s i no since in took off from the Florence municipal Airport aug. 4, was found near Georgetown saturday under a shroud of thick foliage. The wreckage of the Blue and White comma Iche which was carrying two persons on a new York to Florida flight was discovered by a Hunting party _ on a farm about five Miles North hey arrived in Dar a. The Sun Northwest of Georgetown Headquarters five Miles in j Side Syria. J maj. Harry Weinberg com Mander of the Georgetown civil altogether in the space of air patrol said two bodies Ive hours an estimated of or. Clarence syrian troops were seen concen 31, a Brooklyn n.y., architect the Cickel air Patro-1, and to j than 600 volunteers searched extensively for the p 1 a n e s wreckage for about two weeks before the search was called off. The search involved More than 50 planes and two helicopters flying 300 Mission hours Weinberg said. The Day the plane was reported missing a Georgetown resident who lives on the guerrilla broadcasts rejected the cease fire in the three Day War that has left an estimated casualties and declared the Battle the palestinian Central com Mand said guerrilla forces would not muzzle their guns until they had achieved a final Vic tory Over Field marshal Maja i s military regime. Maj Ali apparently agreed to a truce proposal by egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in ordering his troops to Back off. But 2% hours later he bread cast the warning to guerrillas that they would be shot if they fired at soldiers or civilians. He also declared a on anyone carrying Sriri towns ies throughout the a guerrilla broadcast in Damascus said palestinian shelled King Hussein s summer Palace 10 Miles Northwest o Amman Early sundly and we Are waiting for skyjacker orders Jet to Havana Miami Fla. A an Allegheny airlines jetliner was hijacked to Havana saturday by a Man who originally demanded the plane Fly to Cairo so he could help palestinian guerrillas fight jews. Hussein reportedly win in a command Center at heavily guarded Basman Palace in am Man. Associated press George Boultwood reported from the syrian jordanian Bor Der 50 Miles North of Amman the Well groomed Hijacker also noted As saying he was on leave from the u. S. Marines took Over the Boeing 727 soon after it took off from Pittsburgh on a flight to Boston. He allowed the 90 passengers to leave the aircraft during a refuelling Stop at Philadelphia but held a gun to the Throat of stewardess Evelyn Thornton to Force the Crew to accompany him to Havana. According to the plane s Pilot John Harkin it was during the Stopover that the Crew talked he Hijacker out of the flight to Cairo. Harkin said the Hijacker Vas told the plane would not rave enough fuel and did not outskirts of the City had told Weinberg that he heard a Low flying plane about 1 . Tues see wreckage Page 10-a rating on Miles. A front of about 20 and native of Georgetown and miss Betty Rawls 28, a permission to Cross the Counselor at new a jordanian Border and enter guerrilla held Ramatha was ranted by the guerrillas with he statement it is dangerous i there. You can go if you like it it is at your own at the Border a carved Stone Arker proclaimed Welcome i Laning notch ally against in were guerrillas in Tiger striped camouflage Battle dress. Some wearing stiff British Type peaked Caps captured from Lor Danian military police. York City s City College were found in the wreckage. Weinberg said the plane was completely destroyed by the tremendous Impact of the crash. It had gassed up in Florence but Airport officials lost Contact with the plane shortly after Takeoff according to e. Lee Morgan Deputy Wing of Cap in Florence. Weinberg said the plane was hidden beneath and would dense h a v e foliage been impossible to sight from the Mcgovern eyes the presidency Omaha neb. A sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota said saturday he was thinking very seriously about becoming a democratic presidential candidate in 1972." the South Dakota Dove who made an unsuccessful bid for that syrian troops with 501 have the proper flight charts. Soviet made tanks were de-1 during the hour Long Stop in played along the Frontier in sup Philadelphia police smuggled a port of the guerrillas. I gun aboard stewardesses. To one of the _ Allegheny cant. The soviet news Agency Tass. Clancy Taylor a n t h r expressed alarm at movements crewman said it was not used of the . 6th Fleet in the East for fear that miss Thornton Ern Mediterranean it said re i would be shot or that the plane norts indicate that plans of for would be blown up. Eign military being hatched by definite circles Tay 01 said be told the in certain Tass a stewardess to forget about the the democratic nomination in 1968 said he would defer a Deci Sion until after the 1970 congressional elections. Mcgovern in Omaha to sup port former gov. Frank Morri son s democratic candidacy for he . Senate said at a news conference that he was getting Over the country and wants to look Over the Field. I pealed to the jordanian govern ment and guerrillas to Stop the fratricidal conflict the egyptian government said american military intervention in Jordan would have grave lebanese pres reports said casualties on both sides and o n g civilians approached 10.000. The jordanian regime issued Calls for medical assistance. Ivla Jali s cease fire order mentioned neither a gun this Guy Means business and he s Calm a professional wrestler aboard Tom Tanaka also said he abandoned attempts t o disarm the Hijacker for fear of the safety of others. Upon arrival at Havana at . Not several soldiers climbed aboard the aircraft and took the Hijacker with them Taylor said and that was the last we saw of the plane left Havana at . Edt. Nor any guerrilla conditions forces. Time limit upon the see Jordan Page Lyl a u. S. Bombs enemy positions guerrillas attack cambodian Rescue column phenom a penh enemy opened an attack saturday on a cambodian army column get Ting set to resume a northward push in the government s first major offensive of the War. Radio messages from and elements of the govern nent column said the guerrillas Ivere attacking at a Point 10 Niles North of Skourn. The messages gave no Indica Ion of the size of the attack nor id they mention of casualties n either Side. The cambodian troops a some ,000 or deployed Long Highway 47 Miles North of phenom penh and set for a Cambodia drive on the North vietnamese guerrillas held Village of Taing Kauk. It was just below the that the offensive came to a bloody halt last monday when enemy forces stopped the drive and inflicted heavy casualties. Since then the cambodians have reinforced and american tighter bombers have been hit Ting enemy positions around Aing Kauk Ami along Highway the North vietnamese were believed to have men pos Sibly More dug in at Taing Kauk. Officers at cambodian head quarters in Skourn 40 Miles North of phenom penh said it was not certain when a drive Onzlo prevent them from observing the . Command said ene my losses were unknown in the the Village would Start. They indicated that . I strikes would be intensified soften up the entrenched foe just prior to any assault. So far these raids have been at a rate of about 25 a Day and have not been stepped up officials in Saigon said. For a second Day newsmen were barred from the front. This was taken As an indication that the . Strikes might soon be increased and that the government s assault might be near. Government spokesmen said the correspondents were barred movement of the cambodian Sault Force and newsmen speculated it was also intended to keep them from witnessing intensified american air strikes. A major objective of the government s offensive is to reopen Highway 6 As far As the Provin Cial capital of Kampong Thorn and to reclaim for the govern ment a Large area of cambo Dia s heartland. In South Vietnam the War continued in sporadic and generally Small size actions. One . Helicopter was shot and Althree americans Down were killed wounded in and eleven were Clashe some ,100 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Three encounters in coastal Binh Dinh province. Four of the americans were wounded when their helicopter was shot Down. The unofficial total of . Heli copters lost in the Indochina War since Jan. 1, 196 now totals eight civilians were wounded when a terrorist set off a bomb near a policeman s House South West of Danang. In the Northern part of the country. North vietnamese gun ners resumed their shelling siege of fire base o Reilly a Nuch battered artillery base iced by South vietnamese troops. United fund agencies. Florence fresh air fund each summer through the Florence fresh a i r fund for boys and the Florence fresh air fund for negro children approximately 150 disadvantaged Florence boys and girls experience a week of camping activities. For some of them this is their first taste of fresh sheets clean clothing three Square meals a Day and w h o letsome what a wonderful week in the lives of these children character building experiences in a wholesome Christian atmosphere to Many this is a Ray of Sunshine in a drab existence. This year s greater Florence United fund goal is

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