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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaJack Anderson in Ramg John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a Rogers editor saturday morning september 19, 1970 problem of filthy movies a letter to the editor in Friday s Florence morning news about motion pictures that resort to profanity and the sex lust of movie patrons reflected we Are certain the mood of a great Host of our readers. The moral degradation to which much of the movie Industry has debased itself is a National problem. If there is any Way to prevent the distribution of offensive movies no one has yet come up with the answer. Neither the u. S. Supreme court nor states and cities have been very helpful. The court has held that advertising can be used As a basis for deter dining whether publications land presumably motion pictures Are pornographic. It has also held that minors can be protected from such material. The rating of films is in intended to be an indication of what Levels of morality they Appeal to. Film rated a for instance is an to the world that its will be exposed to sex obscenity which some years ago could have never reached the screen. Lured to see a film with a family rating Only to find that the rating was not As indicated by the movie Industry. A wide feeling exists that the Constitution guarantees adults the right to see such pictures As they wish to see and Are willing to plunk Down the Money for. If they choose trash even pornographic trash this argument holds that it is the business of the individual and not the state. That More adults choose this kind of trash rather than a Good wholesome movie is the testimony of motion picture Box offices which complain that their business cannot survive on clean movies. While persons under 17 years Are not permitted to attend this Type movie who is to protect the adult against himself when he is willing to put Down the admission fee moreover there is a growing criticism As illustrated in Friday s letter to the editor of increasing trend toward obscenity of language and performance in films rated for general viewing. Parents find and their children being newspapers including this one have struggled with the problem of movie advertising. Is it better to Tell the Public in Advance and before it spends Money for admission what kind of picture is being offered or reject advertising and let the Public spend its Money and discover for itself a Public Bent on seeing obscenity will see it regardless but that part of the Public not wishing to spend for trash is served by an Advance warning signal. Ultimate responsibility rests upon movie patrons. So Long As they make pornography and obscenity in motion pictures a profitable business for the Industry they la get what they go to business to restrict Competition see. Unless that is someone in his Wisdom comes up with a formula consistent with both moral standards and individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution. U. S. Forewarned of sky jacking Washington our investigation into the sky jacking Story has produced two startling discoveries 1. Several Days before the multiple sky jacking Israel tipped off . Authorities that the palestinian guerrillas might pull such a stunt to dramatize their cause and to upset the Middle East truce. 2. The secret service uses electronic and Ultra violent de vices to prevent the smuggling of weapons or explosives aboard White House planes. If the airlines had been willing to take the same precautions a i r piracy probably could have been stopped Long ago. The israeli warning called attention to the possibility that palestinian fanatics might attack or seize airliners belong ing to Israel or the . The israelis correctly guessed that the popular front would be the most Likely to attempt this kind of drama in the sky. The popular front is led by a fervent Christian Arab George Hab Bash who used to head a band of nuns before he took command of the guerrilla group. He is determined to Block any Middle East settlement that in t decided by Arab arms. The israelis figured Hab Bash was desperate and daring enough to David Lawrence strike Impact already being Felt Washington Congress once upon a time wrote a Law declaring that no company could commit acts in restraint of Trade in America. The purpose was to limit the Power of any the South and school transition Sou a Carolina Public schools Are now into their second third and fourth week since statewide transition from dual to unitary schools occurred. With the exception of a few Boycotts a very few there have been no incidents to prevent peaceful change. In a commendable show of restraint Good manners and commitment to Public education citizens All across the state have stood tall in spite of disagreement with court imposed and hew directed compliance plans. Moreover the South generally which use to say never has responded in a manner similar to South Carolina. There have been no More Little rocks no Ole miss no Lamars no standing in the schoolhouse door. And nowhere has the sky fallen in. There Are indeed problems problems that Deal especially with maintaining and improving the qualify of education. But the More Point is that perhaps we have now reached the place we can attack the real problems frontally and constructively. So Long As deep emotional barriers blocked the path for getting at the real problems Progress in achieving Equality and Quality of education for All citizens Black and White suffered upon a from Lack of concentration Central objective. If we now have reached the Point where emotional histrionics Are no longer a Roadblock to education itself then we Are prepared to really undertake the task of correcting conditions which historically have produced a wide differential in Pupil preparedness and achievement. Has the right to adopt Laws to prevent any corporation or organization or group from interfering with the natural operations of the National Economy. A group of labor unions functioning As a single unit have just called a strike against one automobile company although allowing two competing companies to continue their operations. More than members of the United Auto workers Union marched on the picket lines outside 199 plants in the United states and Canada. Being predicted on both sides that the strike Inay be of longer duration than the one in against general motors which lasted 119 Days. This was the length est strike in automobile history. Could not All of this have been avoided negotiations have been carried on for some time. And both sides Are thoroughly familiar with the issues at stake. But As Long As the strike weapon is wielded chances Are that the management Side will feel that extreme demands Are being made and that reductions can be the damage to the Economy is already being Felt. Workers in businesses that Are dependent upon automobile manufacture Are being Laid off. The effects of the strike by it goes without saying that is not a employees of general motors Are task to be accomplished quickly. You being Felt throughout the steel. Can t undo history by edict or decree and As j i i Well As among the firms which you Don t remove Long bred parts6 to the Large deficiencies by simply changing the automobile manufacturers. Here system. But Given a favourable in the nation s capital officials atmosphere systemic change does have great potential for correcting faults in the educational process. Of the Commerce department say frankly that a Long strike will put a Dent in the rising trend of economic activity. It is it will require patience and understanding that persist a close Check upon the human tendency to complain and become discouraged and individual and collective commitment to Rule out the Side issues and concentrate upon the business of education. If we have arrived at this Point we have achieved a significant Victory whose benefits will become increasingly Felt in More ways than education among them a n enrichment of the human equation. English lessons by w. L. Gordon words often misused distinguish b e t w e e n practical serving a useful purpose and practicable capable of being thus his plan has Many practical and the machine he has built is often i s p r 0 bounced paranoia men Tal pronounce pair a Noi a principal accent on third syllable. Often misspelled capture to seize or a captor the one who synonyms enthusiasm ardor Delight Devotion , excitement fervency inspiration in Tensity Zeal. Elan. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word salacious Lustful lecherous. Pronounce a Lay thus. Accent second of salacious literature should be ostracize achieved Only through extended negotiations. The big question is How can such Parley be carried on without a strike How May both sides be persuaded that Are dealing with facts and not the customary dialogues of labor management bargaining Only by the introduction of a third party consisting of a com Mission or Board competent to Deal with All the evidence in a judicial Way can a fair an.1 impartial judgment be rendered. It is not necessary to submit these disputes to any court of Law. For America has introduced a system of arbitration which has proved useful and it is a constructive Means of avoiding controversies and indeed of settling them when they have reached a breaking Point. Individuals qualified to examine the merits of each Case can be found. They would be Able to ascertain Whereto the companies can really afford the wage increases asked of them and to Tell the unions when their demands Are too High. Also their study would be sufficiently penetrating to determine that labor s demands Are not always unreasonable and that ways must be found to meet them either by increases spread Over the years or by the introduction of methods which will raise the productivity of labor s efforts. What is really lacking is Mutual cooperation Between labor and management. It will not be supplied by any coercive Laws but can be furthered by a system of arbitration that can be tested on a broader scale than it has been before in America. Labor leaders privately Are talking More about arbitration than they Ever have in the past. They recognize that strikes Are often ineffectual. Work stoppages result in Large losses to both Side and. After they Are ended the negotiations Are resumed w i t h o u t much Opportunity for adjustment on a fair and impartial basis. Quiz by a. C. Gordon 1. What nation s parliament is called the Riksdag 2. What commonly used latin phrase Means at first 3. What is the principal function of the grand jury 4. What familiar animal washes its food before eating it who wrote the decline of the roman and fall Empire ? answers 1. Sweden. 2. Prima Facie pronounce Prie a Fay Shi be accents on first and third plan some sky jacking. A warning therefore was delivered to . Authorities and to Israel s own airline Al Al. The . Unfortunately ignored the warning. But Al Al thanks to the Alert not Only thwarted one sky jacking attempt but barred two suspicious passengers from another flight. The two men subsequently boarded a pan american jumbo Jet bound from Amsterdam to new York. Al Al spotted the pair and alerted the control Tower which notified the pan am Captain As he taxied the huge Airliner into position for take off. He searched the two passengers who incidentally carried senegalese passports. He found nothing apologized to them and roared Down the runway. Less than 30 m i n u t afterwards the pair produced pistols and hand grenades seized control of the jumbo Jet and brought it Down in Cairo. The guerrillas later blew up the million plane. Clearly the big a i r 1 i n e s Haven t t a Ken proper precautions to protect their passengers from air piracy. Until the recent sky Jack drama the airlines simply did t con Sider the risk Worth All the Trou ble and expense. Experts have told this column that the airlines if they had wished could have stopped the sky jacking. Footnote perhaps George Hab Bash himself unintentionally has offered the solution to air piracy. Talking about Israel he once said we have to stand against whoever supports Israel economically militarily p o i i tidally. maybe the time has come for airline passengers and workers to stand against nations which support skyjacker. Passengers can refuse to Fly on planes that go to these countries airline employees can refuse to Fly or service the planes. Cuba is the worst offender. Only three Aeroflot Spain s Iberia and Cuba s own into Havana. North Korea which has also refused to Deal with sky jackets is served Only by Aeroflot. In Hie Middle East three countries have harboured air Syria and Jordan probably is powerless. In the Middle East. Egypt and Syria have harboured air pirates. These countries Are served by air France. Air India a italia Boac. Czechoslovak airlines. Ethiopian airlines. Iraqi i air ways. Japan. Air lines. Kuwait airlines Middle East air lines. Pakistan International Al. Pan american. Qantas Sas. Swissair. Syrian Arab airlines and Twa. 3. To consider and Issue criminal indictments. 4. Raccoon. 5. Edward Gibbon Graham says we have a very Good Friend not up in years who just developed terminal cancer. I can t understand Why god would put such a dread disease on one of his own. Does t the Bible teach that god pities his children and loves them Why would Roscoe Drummond Why read Scranton report on school unrest Washington some timid nearsighted Low Visioned Republican politicians Are pick ing at the Scranton commission on Campus unrest even before it has issued its findings. They claim they want to shield president Nixon from a report which they guess will be critical of the wrong people they see it. They Are afraid the Scranton report will Durl them in the con Gressional election. This is Why they arc trying to discredit it in Advance. This is the kind of a Coly. Puny politics which nourish of Cam pus unrest and causes Young people to feel that society is pervasively hypocritical and is try ing to escape dealing with urgent problems rather than face Ihm. Here Are elected Public officials who Are in of feel idl ing the students that they Don t want All the facts on Campus unrest Only those they like. How the president must wish hat his misguided congressional friends would not try to shield themselves by appearing to shield this on the ignorant Assumption that he named the wrong commission on Campus affairs which is now about to Issue the wrong kind of report. None of this is True. The diverse makeup and High Quality of the commission headed by the former Pennsylvania governor. William Scranton shows that Nixon created a competent and balanced panel which deserves the car of the whole country. He commissioned it to get the facts not just one Side of the fads. He know that such a com Mission would not Shade its findings to please anybody and would not be backward in stating its conclusions honestly and incisively. That s what it is going to do and the Picayune politicians who want it to do otherwise Are Dis serving the president Dis serving the nation and Are not we suspect going to make Many Points with their own constituents. The Scranton report is not going to mount an attack on the Nixon administration. It is not going to condone violence. It is not going to blame everything of. The police and inc National Gir Artl. Hut it will say some things which All need to hear and heed including or. Nixon. Namely that neither inc president nor the country As a whole has yet recognized the magnitude of Campus unrest and that or. Nixon must lift his sights. That we must not View the deep intense purposeful student concern with the shortcomings and Over materialism of today s society in the narrow focus of the violent prone. They Are a Small minority but the out thrusting distress of the nonviolent majority is pervasive and needs to be understood respected even cherished. That when we limit our response to student unrest by being angry at the violent in Stead of simultaneously doing More to Deal positively with the nation s needs we arc abetting Campus unrest not Healing it. The commission report will almost certainly reflect some of the thinking typified by Robert Atwell who when he resigned As vice Chancellor of the Madison Campus of the University of Wisconsin this summer said it is tragic that a substantial proportion of the population of the state including a Clear majority in the legislature and the regents have become so disaffected by the excesses of the Radical students that it engages in actions that Are in the Long run far More destructive to the University than anything that the Radical students have if this is the dominant mood of the nation it now seems to be reflected in a dilatory do Little Congress then the Scranton report is about to say the right things at the right time. The candid question which the commission report will implicitly put to the president is Are you going to be the prisoner of Middle America or its Leader he do such a thing . You Are right when you say god pities and loves his children. David said like As a father pit Ieth his children so the lord pit Ieth them that fear ." psalm the Bible also says Many Are the afflictions of the righteous. Psalm followers of Christ Are Given no guarantee that they will not be subjected to suffering. Job one of the Best men who Ever lived suffered terrible afflictions the loss of friends and tre death of h i s family. But he never lost Hope. He said i know that m y redeemer liveth and that i shall see in the latter Job cancer is no respecter of persons. It comes to believing and unbelieving people alike. The father of one of my team members is dying with cancer. When he found out that his cancer was inoperable and that it had spread to other areas of his body he called the patients on his floor together and said i am a Happy Man today because i am nearer heaven than Ever before. I d like to moot you All there. How Many will meet me they All raised their hands. Together they laughed and praised the lord. Then they stood with tears streaming the Republican National committee has delivered a smart slap in the face to Harvard students who heeded president Nixon s Appeal to work nonviolently within the system. The Harvard business school political action group volunteered Campaign workers for both political parties in 74 congressional senatorial and gubernatorial races. We fully realize. That tasks would necessarily be stuffing Doorbell ringing clerical wrote St e p h e n Roc Singer the chairman in a letter to the gop National committee. Roc Singer s enthusiastic letter said his group would encourage students to go to work for both Republican and democratic nominees. He re Quested a list of the gop candidates in Vermont new Hampshire Connecticut Rhode Island new York and Massachusetts. Replied ii. B. Lime Otise the gop Campaign division director coldly our candidates list is com piled for use by party officials candidates and managers. The list is available for a service fee of if you would like a copy. Please Send me a Che Orwa Florence morning news published Dally and sunday 141 s. Irby 51. Florence . Member of the associated press audit Bureau of Cerculo ton Southern news paper publishers association. The Asso Claud press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morn anti news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. The Florence morn Lna mows will not by responsible for Advance any menu Mode to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless Matte directly to the office of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail Independent distributors or Independent newspaper boys weekly 4-Mo. A orly Dally and sunday to 7.10 is no Down their faces and Sang the Telephone number doxology. Christians know How circulation manager Tom Mcm o lie. Second gloss Postoak paid at flamed

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