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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Sep 17 1970, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 17, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaAll wound up and ready to go John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor thursday morning september 17, 1970 tobacco Industry prospects there always seems to be a Cloud on the horizon for tobacco Farmers. The ancient uncertainties o f drought excessive rain and wind and Hall Are perhaps eternal. But new uncertainties have flooded in in recent years. The protracted controversy Over smoking and health has been making Leaf growers edgy for a decade or More. Though cigarette sales continue High and the tobacco companies continue to pay Good prices for the Golden Leaf the health Issue hangs like the sword of Damocles Over the future of tobacco. The pesticide scare also haunts tobacco Farmers. Certain chemicals have been ruled out of Bounds because they pose dangers in application or May have residual properties which would make them dangerous. Last year the Wall Street journal revealed that some tobacco companies were toying with the idea of using puffed tobacco a bulk in creasing process similar to the one used to puff breakfast cereals which would drastically reduce the amount of raw tobacco needed in the manufacturing process. At the time the journal said the r. J. Reynolds co. Was considering a massive switch to puffed tobacco within two years but the tobacco company denied it. The latest storm Cloud hangs Over the entire tobacco Industry. British research scientists reportedly have developed a synthetic tobacco which can be manufactured with controlled amounts of elements which have been cited As a health Hazard to smokers. Or. James Bearden Dean of the business school at North Carolina s East Carolina University says two British firms Imperial chemical industries and Imperial tobacco industries have plans for three synthetic tobacco plants one in England one in the United states and the third somewhere in Europe. Or. Bearden says the synthetic tobacco would have a cellulose base which probably Means it could be produced at a fraction of the Cost of Field grown tobacco. The economic implications of widespread usage of synthetic tobacco upon the Economy of the pee Dee and other tobacco producing regions Are obvious. Progress away from a one crop Economy has been made in the pee Dee with the addition of other Money crops and economic diversification resulting from Industrial growth. The Uncertain Fortune of tobacco merely underscores the need to accelerate the rate of economic diversification in the Region. Copyright Tolmei syndic David Lawrence pravda makes strange comment on hijackings statue quo state budget unlikely rep. Albert Watson who wishes to be the first Republican governor in South Carolina since reconstruction Days says he believes that teacher salaries can be raised in South Carolina without increasing the budget which he says has too much among the fat items he suggests for eliminating Are kindergartens. In South Carolina we be just begun to include kindergartens in our Public school system and their results have been Gratifying. Competent educators insist and others agree that expanding the kindergarten program is essential for lifting the Quality of education. But aside from that the total Cost of expo 70 prof if expo 70 closed up shop in Osaka Japan sunday after its 183-Day run set a new attendance record for a world s fair. The Osaka International exposition Drew visitors Topping the previous record of slightly Over 50 million set by expo 67 in Montreal. Expo 70 closed up shop with another distinction. It produced a tidy profit something that promoters of the Montreal fair and an earlier one in new York City were unable to do. The new York and Montreal fairs wound up with a lot of red Ink on the ledgers. No doubt japanese Enterprise and ingenuity made the difference. Planners for an american world s fair in 1976 to coincide with the nation s 200th birthday May want to keep the japanese experience in mind. Maybe the importation of a Little japanese know How can help make expo 76 a Black Ink affair. Copies needed note please the letter on this Page today from j. Mitchell Reames director of the Library for Francis Marion College. A College bearing that name must become a source of information on Francis Marion. Robert d. Bass a pee Dee native is a biographer of it 1 1 t7av to q via non. Us Uzun prime source about the revolutionary War general. Doubtless copies in education is on an ascending scale hardly in keeping with any Promise to keep the state moving Forward on a status quo budget. Informed sources say that around million dollars will be needed in additional teacher pay each year just to care for such built in costs As higher certificates longer service and More teachers. Increasing enrolment in state colleges and Tec centers not to mention the budget needs of two new state colleges Francis Marion and the College of Charleston mean that it will Cost More to operate the state next year than now. That is part of a growing and developing state. While teacher pay May be a Campaign Issue we agree with the Greenwood Index journal that it can t be passed off with the statement that a meaningful raise can be made within present revenues. The Index journal also advises wisely voters should take a hard look at any program that any candidate pro poses that will Cost More Money. New programs Are needed but the hard fact is that the state will be strapped next year to maintain its present level of services without some additional sources of Revenue or without cutting out some present on our part we suggest that an equally hard look be taken at suggestions about cutbacks in such services As kindergartens offer. You won t find educators agreeing that they can be written off As fat in the budget. Washington although the soviet Union joined with other members of the . Security Council last week to adopt a Resolution appealing for the release of All passengers and crewmen who were hijacked by Arab guerrillas a strange com ment came out of Moscow Sun Day. It blamed Israel and the United states for creating the tensions that led to the seizure and destruction of the planes. The commentary As published in the official soviet communist newspaper declared that Israel and some Western capitals Are using the hijacking As a Means of wreck ing the Middle East peace talks. This is a curious development because the soviet newspapers did not print comprehensive dispatches about the hijackings but Only Brief items. The soviet people did not get any details about the guerrillas threats to kill passengers. The russian newspaper carried Only two Short news reports of the destruction of the three air planes in Jordan and the explosion of the fourth at Cairo Airport. The russian people were really not told exactly what did happen and who was responsible. United states and Israel in negotiating for the release of All captives is one that involves passengers and Crew members on three aircraft from those same countries. Of these at least 38 have been identified As american citizens. As Long As Israel has 450 hostages it is not Likely that Force will be used by the palestinian guerrillas against the prisoners they hold. What is most disappointing is the slowness with which the negotiations for the release of the prisoners Are being carried on. The United nations has con fined itself to an Appeal to All parties concerned for the immediate release of All passengers and Crews without exception and to a Call on All countries to take All possible Legal Steps against further hijackings. But the palestinian rebels did not comply with the request of the Security Council and More than 50 persons Are still being held. President Nixon has taken action to suspend airline service to various countries or which refuse to punish or extradite hijackers and to Arm airliners with Security guards. But the piracy which gave Rise to the present clash Between the palestinians and five nations has not yet been resolved and there Are no signs that the . Has decided to initiate any Steps to organize a military Force to secure the release of the hostages. James a. Rocks poignant loss at St. Anthony when a Church any Church is damaged or destroyed by fire it is a sad thing. The reason is far More than property loss and More than temporary displacement of a congregation. Its greater sadness is in the deep sense of personal loss shared by those whose lives and families have been identified with it. This is doubly True when family members Trace far Back into a Church s history As in the Case of St. Anthony s Church of Florence. While flames were still ablaze in that Church on tuesday we talked with members of two families who themselves and their deceased family members had been associated with St. Anthony s history Ever since it became a Church. To them it was far More than property going up in flames it was something of themselves and their total life experience. That is the poignant meaning of a Church fire. It is memories going up in smoke memories of family of worship experiences of marriages baptisms deaths of struggling beginnings to organize and build of ministers who had left their imprint on a congregation and a Community of so Many intimate associations that the physical Structure itself has become transformed from Brick and mortar into a living thing. St. Anthony s Church has stood on the Corner of pal Metto and Irby streets since it was dedicated in 1917. Before it there stood at the same Corner a Small wooden Church built sometime prior to 1881. It was built on property deeded by the old northeastern Railroad to Arthur Rene Mois son and Alexander Corrie for use in the construction of a Catholia Church. It was during the pastorate of father Charles Debois Wood when the wooden building was replaced by a handsome gothic Structure copied after a 12th Century Cathedral in Florence Italy. The Romance of construction was ecumenical in character. A record preserved by father Wood showed that the Only Catholic involved in construction was father Wood himself. The bricks were obtained from an israelite the Stone furnishings from a presbyterian the doors window frames and Interior Woodwork from an Episcopalian Iron trusses and Copper work from a Baptist the slate covering from a lutheran. The Foreman was a Baptist and the contractor was a Steward in the methodist Church. All the windows except those in the Belfry came from Germany. The Belfry windows were taken from the old wooden Church. In one of the Large windows father Wood memorialized his previous churches in Sumter Cheraw. Georgetown and the Florence wooden Church which had been rolled Back and made to front on Palmetto Street to make Way for construction of the new. Four Large windows one on either Side one in front and a fourth Abov the High altar gave the Structure a classically gothic character with their exactly uniform pro portions. To these were added the smaller windows of similar gothic design and uniform proportions. Embedded in the Brick facade were mosaics symbolizing the beatitudes. The window of the High altar memorialized Christ s care for Little children. The entire Structure was done with such care and workmanship As to stand As a memorial to the efforts and sacrifice that went into its beginnings and completion. To see it going up in smoke was a traumatic experience for catholics protestants and jews alike. We suggest that the same ecumenical spirit which went into its construction should find new expression in its restoration. In that spirit the Florence morning news will make a substantial contribution to a rebuilding fund in the belief that others too May be led to share. Third world Leader Tito Likely to speak his mind Worth q try there Are private collections around the pee Dee. We encourage anyone having a copy they Are willing to have placed in the College Library to Contact or. Reames. Plans to make a Driver improvement course mandatory for South Carolina Drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked before they can be re licensed is reasonable and makes sense. Driving privilege suspensions Are often the result of repeated arrests for traffic Law violations and habitual dangerous driving though Many who lose their licenses rate themselves Good their driving record is Clear evidence that just the opposite is True. Perhaps required attendance o f classes in Driver improvement As planned by the state Highway Cupar Nicut will i tip proof pm unvers discover the error of their ways on the highways and contribute to Mak ing the roads safer. At least it s Worth a try. It s not too much to expect those who have shown themselves to be a menace on the highways to submit to a course in self improvement. It is difficult to understand How four of the countries whose citizens were great Britain West Germany Switzerland and the United states could be regarded As responsible for creating tension in the Middle East. It is also puzzling just Why the soviet government should see fit to deny its people All the news about the hijacking unless the belief was that the full Story might prejudice the people against the arabs on whose Side of the Middle East dispute the Kremlin has been aligned. For there is no doubt that the acts of the palestinian com Mandos aroused resentment throughout the world and did More harm to the Arab cause since the Middle East crisis began. When Israel announced the other Day that it had taken about 450 palestinians into custody As a Means of offsetting the demands of the guerrillas and perhaps easing the Way for a general release of All prisoners there were f e w Adverse comments made. But the task that now faces the five West Germany Switzerland the Belgrade Apas the first . President to visit communist Yugoslavia Richard m. Nixon is Likely to hear Blunt talk from the Tough minded Maver ick marxist Tio has ruled this country for a Quarter of a Cen Tury. President Tito considers him self a spokesman for the nonaligned third and is believed ready to speak his mind on such major issues As Viet Nam and the Middle East. It is Likely the two leaders will discuss the stand of the recent nonaligned conference in Zam Bia deploring an alleged tendency of the two superpowers to negotiate Between themselves to the detriment of the Security of Small nations. Letters to the editor have a copy of Bass Book to the editor we Are almost at the Point of desperation to secure a copy of Robert Duncan Bass swamp Fox published by Holt in 1959. The Book has Long been out of print and so far none of our out Wallace Brand of Law and order to the editor in answer to your editorial or. Wallace on Law and order sept. Allow me to Point out that i have never seen or heard of any burning pillaging looting and murdering after George Wallace exhorted people to stand up for their rights. But these things did occur after the master of refined rhetoric the late Martin Luther King inflamed audiences while preaching nonviolence and brotherly love. His listeners got the As you state that or. Wallace s listeners did. He spoke and after he left there were burnings looting and other kinds of destruction. It appears that when anyone in life leans to the left the news Media will Praise him for doing something that will soothe race relations regardless of the damage it will do in the Long run. Someday Pic silent majority will not remain silent. The quicker this is done the easier it will be to right so Many wrongs. G. L. Ivy Florence of print dealers have been Able to locate a copy for us. I am wondering if you would inquire among local friends of the College to see if there might is a copy around that could be Don ated or purchased. We should secure at least a half dozen copies if possible. J. Mitchell Reames director of the Library Francis Marion co siege however this will take place against a backdrop of support for Yugoslavia s in dependence by the Johnson administration late in 1988. After soviet bloc forces invaded Czechoslovakia and again in 1969, a year after the invasion. It was then that Nixon made a precedent breaking visit to communist Romania another regime which had been resisting the soviet military embrace. Implicit in such actions was a . Intention to support the sovereignty of Independent minded communist regimes. This will be an important Factor in the background of the Nixon Tito talks even though the so Viet threat to Yugoslavia and Romania now to have abated. Yugoslavia for one has not changed her stand of condemnation of the czechoslovak invasion an attitude which provoked visible Kremlin fury in late 1968. Tito 78, May Bear Down on the nonaligned nations resold Billy Graham says my problem is somewhat Complex but i will make it As Brief As possible. My husband at work has a wonderful disposition but As soon As he gets Home he becomes a wild tyrant. He gets furious when either i or the children disagree with him and he even becomes violent. He reads your column and maybe you can say something that will help us and save our marriage. . A psychologist would pro Bably say that your husband has a general manager com plex. He probably feels that he has never attained the status he seeks in his work and because of this frustration he asserts his authority the authority he would like to display on the Job at Home. You and the children Are the innocent victims of his com plex. His whole attitude is a Lack of understanding of himself. Actually his d o m i n e e r i n g personality which lie shows at Home would never permit him to be a Leader on the Job. Nobody wants to be managed by a tyrant and evidently his superiors despite his seeming wonderful disposition Are aware of his limitations and have blocked his promotion to a position of responsibility. Basically this is a spiritual problem. Your husband s self assertion even to the Point of violence is against Christ s spiritual Law of deny yourself take up your Cross and follow his sin is selfishness and the lowest tiling one can do is to vent one s frustration and Wrath against those they love. Before matters can improve he must see himself As he is. And Humble himself i n repentance. Your part Pray for him and show Christian patience. Lion regarding the chronic mid dle East crisis and a proposal for economic and political sanctions against Israel if it should continue to reject the 1967 . Security Council Resolution Call ing for withdrawal from occupied territory. Tito is considered a close per Sonal Friend of Egypt s Gamal Abdul Nasser. He is expected to push the nonaligned proposal of a momentous full and unconditional withdrawal of All foreign forces from Vietnam to make possible self determination for the states of Indochina. Tito a Veteran of guerrilla fighting is in a position to talk to the american visitor about the effectiveness of guerrilla methods against enormously powerful conventional forces. His partisans kept 20 nazi Divi Sions tied Down at one time in world War ii Nixon s sept. 27-oct. 5 trip his second to Europe and third foreign tour since entering the White House also will include stops in Spain Italy and eng land. In Rome he Hopes to Call on Pope Paul and talk with Italy s new Premier Emilio Colombo. At Madrid he will be the first . President to Confer with Spanish Leader Francisco fran co since Dwight d. Eisenhower visited in 1959. Britain s new prime minister Edward Heath will meet with Nixon in England. Ntina Florence morning news publishes Dolly end sunday 141 5. Dirty is. Florence . Member of the Assoc oled press audit Bureau of ctr Cullion Southern news paper publishers association. The associated press entitled exclusively to the use Lor publication of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be no tilled promptly at errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning news we l not be responsible for Advance payments made to newspaper carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the office of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail Independent distributors or Independent newspaper boys weekly yearly Dolly and Sunoy m 7.m circulation Telephone number 669-1776 circulation manager Tom mock second clan Poi Loje paid at Horen

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