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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 16, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning s. C. Joseph monday morning. September 16, 458 ,.10 1b.k Sunda by curler Day in a by Carrier delivery my Ebert same Aspy prayer for today Central Mead it Church Florence our father give i this Day our Dally work. In our work today we shall glorify the Ppd Miniver to Pur fellow Man. And visit those who Are sick and it the spirit Tad them to know that their Days of illness May present an Opta thee and to know thee better. name we Pray. Amen. _ _ _ Choice is made Between lesser of two evils in the Middle East the United states Airlift of arms to Friendly Middle East nations signed to offset the arms build up in in pro soviet Syria is creating a new complication. Israel is worried the american arms May cause her trouble especially from Jordan with its crack British trained legion and Long com Mon Border reaching through the heart of Jerusalem. Syrian military spokesmen raised the Point also. They were quoted As saying they did not fear the american arms build up in Jordan Lebanon and Iraq. When the time comes they insisted no arms will be used by other arabs against them but All arms in the area whether soviet or american will be used to exterminate Israel. That View is by our state department. After a Quick but knowing study on the spot by the Best informed american authority the state department was convinced the immediate danger is the. Spread of International communism in the Middle from Syria. Should common. Ism engulf the other Arab nations Israel would be beyond help she has her own cadre of communist minded extremists. Halting will enable the United states to in fluence the whole area. The time gained will be on the Side of for Israel As Well As for her Arab neighbors. United has been the answer it s time again for Florence Citi Zens to begin thinking about their annual contributions to the health welfare and recreation services via the United Way. Florence along with 96 other communities in the Carolines chooses to support its services through a United Community Campaign. The United Way Federated giving what does it All mean it began when Many individual communities Felt that consolidation needed because citizens were asked to give to Many separate appeals per year. Existing Community chests were having difficulty meeting goals because of these Many appeals. Community leaders Felt the answer to the whole question was federation one larger goal one gift per person and giving just one time. Another reason for turning to federation was that there were Gross differences Between needs and goals of these Independent agencies. Many appeals were based on personalities arid gimmicks rather than social Wel fare and recreational needs. So federation came and federation proved itself. In the two Carolinas these figures show that proof. In 1951 was raised in federation then the United Way of giving grew rapidly and More Carolina communities saw. The value of Federated giving. In 1956, just five years later the amount raised in federation was a 156 per cent increase fifty five new Carolina communities have organized United funds since 1951 and 33 have been reorganized from Community tests. Carolina citizens Are running their own campaigns managing the funds and guiding the year round operation of their own Community s United Campaign. Overwhelming acceptance through out these two states shows that federation is the most sensible Means of distributing funds to worthwhile service agencies. Federation has proved itself. A reminder to parents about schools the opening of the new University schools but they should Check with of South Carolina Extension Center colleges about what their Entrance Here should serve not Only As a source requirements Are and what they May of justifiable Pride but also As a be later. Minder. Local citizens can take Pride in the role Many of them played in expand ing College facilities in South Caro Lina. All across the nation Ever in creasing numbers of students Are crowding into colleges further tax ing already overburdened facilities. Any new College is a step in the right direction. But entering College takes preparation and the opening of the new Center should remind parents and youngsters that High school graduates need the right preparation before they can embark on the College pro Gram they have chosen parents should ask themselves is the child getting the right kind of instruction he or she will need in a possible course of study at College Arkansas episode will have political results the tragic episode in Little Hock is dead certain to have decisive political results. One such result is already Clear. The Brilliant strategy of Senate majority Leader Lyndon Johnson which was designed to save his party from being torn to pieces by the civil rights Issue has been knocked into a cocked hat by Arkansas gov. Orval Fau bus1. The. Johnson strategy was essentially simple enough. Again and again he pointed out to his fellow southerners that if they filibustered to prevent any civil rights legislation at All the inevitable result would be a change in the. Senate rules to kill unlimited Bate. Then really Tough civil rights would in time become inevitable. The southerners bowed to Johnson s logic and unanimously agreed not to filibuster a Bill limited essentially to voting rights. With a civil rights Bill the South could safely passed the second part of Johnson s plan called for a relatively mild change in the Senate rules in the next Billy Graham i my answer question i have been a Christian for a Short time tint my husband chows Little interest in becoming one. In since i became a Christian he not Only refuses to attend Church with me but tries to find Many to inns to keep me from attend ing. Do you think i should go with him or that we should each go to the place of his Choice t. K. Answer remember you Are still married to this Man and in Many ways you must respect has wishes. While Church attendance is most important for every one who is a Christian yet perfunctory attendance is not to be confused with spiritual living. If you refuse to go with your husband you May lose him. Unless his Choice of entertainment and amusement is contrary to Christian living you would Well to go with him. Be the very Best wife and the most agreeable wife you can possibly be but make it known to him How much you desire his salvation and How much you would like to have him accompany you to Church to hear the word of Godf. Pray for his conversion. I. Am confident that you will win him in time if you not in your impatience alienate him. The Bible says the unbelieving husband May with out the word be won by the be Havior of the Drew Pearson the overcrowding in colleges has already forced Many to increase sharply their standards for admission. Parents should keep close con tact with local schools to see that graduates will be Able to meet the raised requirements. A Good citizen a Good citizen who invests his time in building a better Community is an. Asset of which there cannot be too Many. Florence has its share. One of them a. E. Creamer was appropriately and deservedly recognized by Sears employees this week on the occasion of his 25th anniversary As manager of the local Sears store. The. Florence morning news joins in that recognition. Through the years our appreciation for his citizenship and wish for Flor Many sons and some daughters of his residence Here or. Creamer looking Forward to some professional has not Only been an aggressive Man we Rialto May need More training in age of a business establishment he specialized studies. Haf. Also Prossie and ener. To take one example is a boy who Community Leader whose work thinks he May want to be an Archi is reflected in Many substantial com text placing enough stress upon High Unity enterprises. School mathematics in line with this general concern parents should not Only take an Active ence the Good Fortune of benefiting interest in what is taught in local leadership Many More years. The news and courier addition to ikes Little list nothing is a Label that some we have a Little list too. It shows Tion Happy americans like to How Freo americans to a Congress when it does not have Ben filed had a genuine nothing Congress. _ there would have been no civil rights Force Bill. Excise and corporate tax Rales would have been lowered. The foreign Aid program would have been Cut off. We wonder of what his country needs for one year no least is a real absolutely nothing at think of the Money March lockstep with an administration. President Eisenhower and the term in mind the other Day. He told newspapermen he had a Little list of things that Congress and failed to . On president Eisenhower s list were Stich things As Federal Aid to schools postal rate increase Federal flood insurance and Corr St a Corn session of Congress. The rules would be amended to permit two thirds of those present and voting to limit Senate debate. Thus according to the Johnson strategy the two great related issues which have threatened to destroy the democratic party civil rights and the filibuster would be out of the Way by the time the 1958 and1. Rolled around. But the Best Laid plans of mice and men gang aft. Lyndon Johnson s Well Laid plans began to go Agley at the very end of the session when sen. Strom thur mond of South Carolina broke the Southern agreement and staged his one Man filibuster. Thurmond s futile grandstand play enraged the other southerners since it was calculated to make them seem soft on the civil rights Issue. But the damage to Johnson s strategy inflicted by Thurmond was probably . The damage inflicted by. Arkansas gov. Orval Faubus almost certainly is irreparable. For Faubus action in Call ing out the Arkansas National guard to prevent integration of the Little Rock High schools has suddenly and dramatically revived the whole civil rights Issue. The pictures of White troops turning negro children away from the Little Rock school have unquestionably had an. Enormous Impact in the Northern negro voting blocs which Are the key to important Industrial state. In this situation it is virtually inevitable , rights legis lation instead of being disposed of As envisaged in the Johnson strategy will again dominate the next session of Congress. Among the Strong civil rights advocates in the administration the Little Rock episode is held to prove the need for the kind of legislation embodied in the Defeated Section three of the original administration Bill. Section three would have permitted the Justice department to take the initiative in All civil rights matters including school desegregation. It is a Good bet that the administration As a result of the Little Rock episode will introduce a civil rights Bill in the next ses Sion embodying tills principle. It is a particularly Good bet because the Northern democrats will certainly . So if the Adra Nistra Tori does not. Indeed northerners like rep. Emmanuel Celler of new York and sen. Paul Douglas at Illinois have already drafted Bills to that end the utile Rock episode in Short has made it Likely that Northern democrats and Admonis action republicans will again Start competitive bidding for Northern negro support precisely what the Johnson strategy was of the administration civil rights Bill was of course anathema to the southerners and its Elimina Tion was an essential condition of the Southern agreement not to Fili Buster. The southerners will of course threaten to filibuster any new ver Sion of Section three. And this in turn will also raise the Issue of thu filibuster and in the sharpest form. Thus in this Way also the action of Faubus threatens to tear the careful and coolly calculated Johnson strategy to tatters. All in All no Man has a belter right than Lyndon Johnson furious with Orval Faubus. And this is especially so for still an. Reason n. If the Johnson strategy had worked if the civil rights Issue had been disposed of once and for All in 1957, the democrats might quite conceivably have nominated a Liberal Southern or in i960 such a Liberal Southern or for example As Lyndon John son. Thunks to Orval Faubus that is now almost inconceivable. The Only Way to stay alive Carey Williams paragraphs there ars limes when we think the Auto could be correctly called an infernal machine. Nasser has been called a new Hitler. Maybe he has a new set of astrologers. Smile As Busy As a housewife pasting trading Stamps in her Book. You just As Well enjoy living. It costs enough. Look and learn by a c. Gordon 1. How Many human hairs placed Side by Side would it take to cover the distance of one Inch 2. Which . State has the most diversified Boundary 3. What does common paint con Sist of 4. What . Stale capital is named for the seventh president 5. Which is the softest of All the precious stones answers 1. About 333. 2. New York which is bounded by two lakes one foreign country five other states and the Ocean. 3. Linseed Oil turpentine White Lead or Zinc White and a colouring substance. 4. Jackson miss. 5. Emerald. Quiz by Roberta Lee q. If a Man who has no car has a Date with a girl who drives her own car does she drive him to his Home at the end of the evening and then drive to her Homo alone or should he see her Home and then take Public transportation a. Inconvenient though it May seem the proper thing Lor the Man to is to go Home with her then take Public transportation to his Home. Q. When drinking a cocktail that has a piece of fruit in it such As Orange Lemon or Pine Apple is it proper to eat the fruit a. Although this is not always done it All right if you wish. Put the Rind Back into the emptied Glass. Clean up grew learns Lyndon Johnson secret editor s note while Drew Pearson is touring the med Itier incan his Colum i is being writ ten by his Junior partner. Washington while clean ing out Senate Leader Lyndon Johnson s desk the other Day handymen discovered 10 typewritten rules for getting people to like those who know likeable Lyn Don b believe the list May be the secret of his political Charm. The 10 rules seem to be tailored to fit his personality or vice no More ingratiating politician has Ever stalked the Capitol corridors than the lean texan. He is not the Back slapping but More the Back hugging Type. He is of ten seen in a two Man huddle his huge Arm wrapped around a colleague s shoulder his lips close to a colleague s ear. That persuasive arguments Are whispered therein is evident from Lyndon s remarkable Success As Senate Leader. Few have operated the cumbersome Senate machinery with such slight grinding of political gears. The rules found i Johnson s desk Are typed in the jumbo print he uses. For. Easy Reading on paper that shows signs of much Finger ing. Key words Are underlined exactly As follows getting people to like 1. Learn to remember names. Inefficiency at this Point May indicate that your interest is not sufficiently outgoing. "2. Be a comfortable person to is no Strain in being with you. Be an old shoe old hat kind of individual. "3. Acquire the Quality of relaxed easy going so that things not ruffle you. "4. Don t be egotistical. Guard against the impression that you know it All. "5. Cultivate the Quality of boing interesting so people will get something of value from their association with you. "6. Study to get the scratchy elements out of your personality even those of which you May be unconscious. "7. Sincerely attempt to heal on an honest Christian basis every misunderstanding you have had or now have. Drain off your grievances. "8. Practice liking people until you learn to so genuinely. "9. Never miss an Opportunity to say a word of congratulation up on anyone s achievement or express sympathy in sorrow or Dis appointment. "10. Give up ritual strength to they will give genuine affection to Young enterprising David Ginsburg former chief coun Sel of the defunct Price control Agency is Riding a Gravy train in two directions at the same time. His Law firm is the chief lobby ing agent for German interests seeking to retrieve confiscated nazi properties in this. Country. Yet his firm also represents the israeli government whose people suffered the worst nazi atrocities. Until recently Ginsburg had a special pipeline into the state department. On his payroll was har Riet Margolies whose husband Daniel Frank Margolies worked in the office of German affairs. A state department spokesman admitted Margolies was close to the German property Case but Nied that his connection with gins Burg had anything to with his Transfer to London last month. Ginsburg s registration As a for eign agent it should be added carefully stipulates that Harriet Margolies did research work for the government of Israel note the Ginsburg firm collects a year from the Ger mans from Israel. If the germans Are successful in recovering their confiscated holdings the firm stands to make Over a new York businessman s offer to arrange to Send four con Gressmen on an All expense tour of dictator Trujillo s tiny carib bean country has been mysteriously withdrawn. The strange offer was made by Lee Miller owner of a fifth ave nue firm called fashion accessories. He promised free trips to congressmen Abraham Multer Frank Thompson d., . Dean taylorfk., . And Wil Liam Widnall r., . The four were offered a week in the dominican All expenses paid. But Miller would t say who was backing the junket. After this column started Check ing Miller announced the Deal was off. He explained that the Angel who was supposed to pay for the trips had backed out. Roscoe Drummond Fri chief proves again his great stature insurance Annii nun Iii kits think of Tho Money Price of stabilization pro Iii. It who si1vo in Contr Russ Little list Ionn Washington you almost think he did it with mirrors it came off so easily Wilh the Grace of an Althea Gibson and the Speed of a Bob Feller. In the last weary hours of the right to vote controversy with p a t i san emotions endangering anything that came along con Gress did not want to act on any new business. But it did act on new business because it had been asked to act and act promptly _ by a "bureaucrat1 who never rewarded a politician with a patronage Job in his whole forty years of service. Despite its harried eagerness to throw in Towel and Rush out of the ring the Senate approved the requested legislation Twenty four hours before catching the train Anil by the tidy vote of 74 to 2. The a Cal Day the House did the same and he vote of Confidence was .115 in 0, Tims is some mint. Of t h n measure old Edgar Hoover s standing in Washington while the new legislation protecting the f. . Files from an indiscriminate disclosure which would serious hamper its work seems to most people to be Well justified i know of no official in the government who could have elicited such prompt and overwhelming cooperation by Congress. It is a remarkable aches vement and it Hiis not been brought about by sleight of hand. Edgar Hoover has no passion for anonymity and he welcomes a front Page headline with the Best of them. But massive publicity would have ruined the director of the Federal Bureau of investigation it he had not been directing the , with skill competence and absolute integrity. A Secre Tive , would he a danger. A phoney can get along in Washington fur n while sometimes with the help of a machine a Lillic longer him a while. Hut he does t endure. Or. Hoover has endured. He has served under five presidents lie became director at 29 when in 1924, attorney general Harlan f. Stone later chief found the . To be the biggest mess in Washington. He endured because he turned the , into a truly profession Al Law enforcement Agency threw out the political Hacks and kept Thorn out kept , methods abreast of the times. The test 1ms always maintained is mightier than the rubber 1 have heard or. Hoover called a publicity seeker and 1 would t quibble about the phrase. Edgar Hoover is the Symbol of the , end his publicity is the . S publicity. He has frankly sought publicity for him self and for the , and he hns survived ii. Thai is the isl his Nul Henl icily and thais n sure proof of the sold Ness of the f.i, of Perallon. All i am trying to say is thai in my observation or. Has earned his latest vote of Confidence by Congress and that he never would have got it if he had not earned it. It is not generally appreciated i think that the new legis lation implements the recent supreme court decision in the Jencks Case is not at variance with it. What it does is to prevent Loose interpretation of the supreme court ruling by lower courts and establish orderly procedures. Thus the new Law assures to the accused the Rig lit to , informal Ion that could he used for impeaching a witness bul nol the right to see All information of general interest to the defense. This is in line with the words of the supreme court which affirmed the Basle principle of an Rio Saxon Law that Iho accused is cell Llyd to inspect relevant blame meals of reports of government witnesses lunching the subject matter of their testimony at the what made new legislation Nec Essary was that the subsequent rulings of lower courts went beyond the Jencks decision and were having the effect of opening up , files indiscriminately. The Law now provides that the defense is entitled Only to those prosecution reports that Are relevant to the testimony of a witness. That the prosecutor May Sec of the , material to the judge in secret so he can determine which parts Are relevant. That there will be no disclosure of , information before a wit Ness has testified. Tho effect of the Law is two fold to guarantee an historic right to the accused but to safeguard the sources and investigative me hods of the . The Al Gorncy general has scribed the now Imp As very sat Edgar Hoover is Iho Man who got it passed so quickly

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