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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 16, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaMonday morning september 16, 1957 the Florence morning news Florence s. 0, Page 11 to your Good health or. S. Mulner. M. D. J a. Wife i should have ays one doctor two grains t thyroid with a Reading of minus 13 and another tells me it is Normal and that i should not have it because i am not overweight. "1 have an All gone reeling most of the and cannot get my done thyroid pills do make new eel better but after a week or two i get the jitters. I have read about a new Medicine called i try Dodo Threonine. It is supposed nol to make you. That minus 13" is a bar or basal metabolism rate figure which shows the rate at which you Burn up the fuel of your Ood. In my experience minus 13 is an in Between figure. I be. Seen lower readings that did not re quire medication i be seen higher ones that benefited from the use of thyroid extract. How is this so Well our metabolism is not something that can be read with the accuracy of a watch often the All gone feel is due to poor living worry fatigue Lack of sleep improper eating. Correction. Of any or allo these defects sometimes makes a new person out of the patient. No matter How far Medicine May Progress 1 am sure of one thing we. Are not going to find simple sure medicines for All our because some if not most come from several causes rather than a single one. 1 Hope every Reader will remember this. As people we Are complicated. Now a bar test gives us a very useful clue to some troubles and this test if anything is be in used less frequently than it your Teeth. The children Are those of your daughter in Law. Little asses of the liquids May not Hurt the children but i m still against dear or Molner Are intestinal spasms caused by a nervous condition or by irritation of the intestine s by such things As Over acidity in spasms caused by nervous Ness Are perhaps the most fre quent. However irritation can cause them. This May be an in flamed appendix ame Bici infection or the like or inflammation any where along the line colitis ileitis Etc. As to Over acidity in foods o. Tested tips for All types of diabetics Are Given in my Booklet sneaky to receive your ropy write to me in care of this newspaper enclosing a Large self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regrets the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Headers questions Are incorporated in his column when Ever possible. How to cheer dad Philadelphia is a father in suburban Melrose Park wished tie had t been eavesdropping on his seven year old Daugh Ter. The girl was showing a play mate some Clay ashtrays she i made at school. Her chum was go impressed she exclaimed these Are wonderful when your father Dies you can make might be. But it rarely tells the whole Story. Other symptoms and pin Sical findings enter into the picture. If your metabolism is truly Low Small doses of thyroid will improve the situation. If Large doses arc required without improvement then you can suspect j that Low is not the cause of your fatigue or tiredness. As to the new drug Tri Dodothy Luning we Are getting some Good reports on its effectiveness but in heavy doses it will still cause nervousness. So let me warn that we Haven t reached the perfect answer that is True of most of the Fine new drugs that Are being developed. They hit closer and closer to the Center of the target but rarely dead Center. sum up with Low metabolism and that All gone feeling of weariness maybe thyroid extract or some other drug to in crease the metabolism might be the answer or a big part of the answer. But in most cases Don t count on it to answer the whole prob Lem. Look at the other matters i be mentioned and expect the Best results when you get at All just the probable causes of that All gone feeling. Dear or. Molner what do you think of letting Small Chil Dren 3 years and up drink Beer and win c. I do not approve of it. My daughter in Law says it won t Hurt them. I Walch her and til my Teeth. Is it True that Beer or wine makes More blood and improves the blood a. not make blood improve the blood or help the child. I m with you medically but. From the practical standpoint presume you la have to keep on gritting his Tombstone for the office of ship is that he got Hurt by a 6ai years to. Of some thins. Anyway i a amazed he s with str Oose en006h to. Cwm to you know a know How Short Clif to his mind woks. A is snap join terms Are puck across 1.crystal Gazer i. Ill bred person 8. Worthless bib. 12. Brink 13. Guide s note w. Father of Mankind 16. Repast 16. Surface of cloth 17. Hindu female deity 18. Set in from the margin 80. Ached 22. Born 23.c.amer. Oil tree 14. Physician 27. Reposed 31. Epoch 32. Herb eve 33. One who fuses Metal 37. Groaned 40. Uncle Scot. 41. Swiss River 42. Turns the wheels 45. Clans 49. Polynesian Chestnut 50. Dine 52. Auction 53. Word of affirmation 54. Compass Point 55. Otherwise 56. Intellect 57 thick Black liquid 58. Sewed joint Kaaa Kaaa Ana solution of Puzzle Down 1. Half prefix 2. Paradise .3. Mild oath 4. Forgive. 5. Middle 6. Wing 7. Small and Active 8. Wireless machines 9. Arabian seaport 10. Hollow in Ahful 11. Tinong 19 new comb. Form 21. Or. Lincoln 24. Night moisture 25. Seaweed 26. Wolf Amite 28. Soft Metal 29. Night before 30. Father 34. Ask for 35. Emperor abbr. 36. Take offence at 37. Trouble 38. Rowing implement 39. Goes up 42. Stuff 43. Branches 44. Sun disk 46. Large bundle 47. Lohengrin s wife 48. Appear 51. Literary scraps family Friend buyers fooled by bogus tags by Kiplinger Washington Agency q. My sister bought a watch recently at a bargain Price. The merchant claimed it regularly sold Lor three limes what she paid. She thought she got a real buy but he watch in t really very Good. How come or. B. R., Cincinnati Ohio. A. Unfortunately it sounds As if your sister were take in by what is known As this is the practice of attaching Bennis the menace if it Wasut fog Ketchup Tuere s lots of things would t by Jimmy Halo they la but at a f4milv re Oiom 23 _ Aci when offers to pitch sih6s Turlis Tome forever ashes Shems to she Hubby finish a Little Don t be silly g0 in 4ho Jolt the folks these few dishes wont t4ke Mem just a Rtse pm of he be in a 5ut, Dearie let me help i m so tired of doih6 dishes i could scre4m.v i m wre for the Lodge what the Heck ill give you 1710. Duly we Coupe minutes into wha be prices to merchandise. Some Fifoot sealers and trailers ticket their produces with facial looking tags marked with retail Price or suggested ice or list the Price of course fiction. The Mer Hant slashes the printed Price to Pear to be giving away the oods at a tremendous Price Cut. The government is becoming seriously concerned Over this and better business Bur aus constantly Are exposing Dis Inest salesmanship tied in with re ticketing. The Art of kidding the Public Ith a Price tag has two Basic approaches. The first one is of ious. The merchant features the suggested pries in his Adver Ising or in a counter or window a Hiil beside it he displays his Price less than Hal lie manufacturer s suggestion. The second approach is some what More devious. The manufacturer of distributor buys a one Lime and. He prints a Price for his product far exceeding the intended Selling Price. The manufacturer then loads his retailers with All kinds of and Vert using materials the main theme of which is the savings re presented by lie difference be tween the retailer s Price and the advertised Price. Even the most conservative shoppers find it difficult to resist this pitch. Not All Price tags attached b wholesalers or manufacturers a phony. If they were the Tab themselves would be a dead give Way. Many Many suggest Price tags Are perfectly legit Nate. Placed there by manufacturers to control the retail pric of their products. Often the tag Are honest evidence of what the manufacturer thinks the retail should charge in order to Mak fair profit. Most of what you can do protect yourself is apparent from Riat is explained above. But to should also suspect All drastic Price cuts. Any item reduce Nuch More than one third of the list Price probably had an in listed Price on it to Start. Torn Row is Motel Worth buying etiquette by Roberta Lee q. My bridegroom s parents who live in a Distant City Are giving a reception for us Abou a week after our wedding. May i properly Wear my wedding gown at that time a. It would be quite proper i you to Wear your wedding Gow but not your veil. Q. We had a guest nou Home recently who talked length about the time ii had no another parly. Don t to think this was rude a. It most certainly was. A one who dons this is giving 11 impression thai he had a my Heller time then than lie is Havivi now. S is i cant believe he absconded with i think that jus a Story someewe7v. Cooked up to mis Good says wife of i do Hope they find my dear but Dick Tracy will Clear it up Honey. You can bet vow Bottom Dollar on that. Do Vou really think so auntie i think about really thinks so ithou8hti Smuso Metrikis move up Here the sign 15 two injun were spyies Down on Little Rabbit is not Only pretty she s smart she knows i suspect it s Bull calf and his warriors we be got to and i was thirty differences in age no doubt . How it brings Back fond memories Grade i wanted to marry my Tea crier but could to Nice work dreg6sk Well spread the bets o.k., boys a can bet our dough that Al bobke6 will Beo within tree . I50uk. 60arantee. It s hard to believe. But she must have borrowed that Money loan shark. Wonder what he was doing in Boskee is putting a lot of Cash in her purse i la be right with you or. Paloska no Bow will suspect 808keeistakin a dive i m going to paint the House baby Blue with big red spots trying to. Explain and beat she Means we re w the wrong of Pardon thought you were k she s right Here a mile Cree plan the ice.7 of a fiends Donee Nouk help to dig l i but she. Buried out in i i Kipp Porr gatt1m6.7 Well do anything Fordu _ i insect How dare you sneak i out this Moraws and Motev i m sup t dint Wake ma66ie and ask her to Cooke breakfast appreciate Man who s Pardon miss we ill is. Kitchen com Senoussi to boil this paper in some Al u55 Marlo Jed Charles Murtz Hie med upset in Cal did t hec06nize thedarl an Amure. Rooms Phil Harvay and miss before Thev married and m it we join Mary Worth she 14 about to discover that actors Are the Only interesting people you meet on a Cape cod 01.10 a

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