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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 15, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaCorning september 15. 1957 Friday morning september is 1957 Page in ions Fly Yukhay Hose a few Tofik sept. Second Best act s softball team was runner up in the lower state invitational tournament completed on thursday night. Bennettsville won the championship game 3-2. Front row., from left James Hinds j. 8 Messer Marion Knight Alfred Walker Carl Lee Larry Jewell Doug Long. Back Row Graham Bell Vernon Ben Cyril segbers Bobby Burch Harvey Hinds. Morning news photo bidding for title by Bob Hoobing the associated press the pattern of the 1957 College football season will be Satur Day when Oklahoma opens its bid for third straight National championship against Pittsburgh last team to mar the sooner record. Winners of 40 straight games the panthers battled them to a 7-7 standoff Early in 1953, the All conquering oklahoman figure to decide their 57 Fate on this one test. Favored to accomplish their Mission. Coach Bud Wilkinson s Trew boasts depth to go with individual standouts like halfback Clyndon Thomas guard Bill Krisher and Center Bob Harrison. Most observers feel that if Oklahoma handles Pitt the dub won t be stopped. There is no doubt but what Pittsburgh will be the toughest h opponent we Wilkinson said recently. Both teams Are racing the clock i an Effort o bring their quarterback corps up to last years level Oklahoma is counting on Dave Baker backed by Lone Holland and Dale Sherwod. Tote place the departed Jimmy har Ris. Pitt is going with Bill Kaliden As the Man to step into corny Salvaterra s shoes. Pitt supporters still Savouring the 1956 season which was the panthers Best since 1938, count on their big line averaging pounds to take its toll against Oklahoma. Center Churley Breuckman and tackles Jim Mccusker and Ron Kissley Are the keys. In the perennially powerful big 10. Michigan state and Minnesota should contest for the title with defending Champion Iowa and Michigan a step behind. If Michigan state can keep last year s injured halfback Walt Kowalczyk tackle Pat Burke and end Dave Kaiser healthy it could mean the first undisputed conference Crown for the spar tans. Minnesota was bold daring Bobby Cox at quarterback Frank Youso at tackle and an All Star juniors Sophs bolster gamecocks Grid Stock irid pattern Oklahoma s cast determined to restore full. Prestige of the once mighty give the Edge to the giant killing bears Iowa will have a Tough rocked previously unscathed repeating its first in the sugar bowl. Bay n 33 years without has t won the Southwest title Kenny Ploen and the Surprise 1924 and it is overdue. 11 ment of its specially Doyle Traylor can stay winged to offence. At quarterback the bears Ackle Alex Karras have a fancy offence to Ope loss of All America Ron behind perhaps the test line or and Tom Maentz at ends the nation. Graduation and an injury to Sophomore Wingback Rudd Van Jerry Marcontell tackles Charley Bradshaw and Bobby have Hurt Michigan. The rest of the teams will Trail Oliver guard Clyde lede better and Center Larry Cowval do nine. In the Southwest where it s form an awesome Onvan Wall. Or Safe to count on repeaters Baylor and Texas still rate tops for National As Well As appears the Besl bet to pursue the leaders. New coaches Darrell Royal at Texas and Bil Al at Southern methodist face the aggie unbeaten but assignments. Tied in 56, now have the consensus is that the Walt imposed bowl ban listed be More evenly distribute kept them from the Cotton the Southeastern conference last year. Texas boats a great Tennessee minus Al Back in John Crow plus quarterback Roddy Osborne and tailback Johnny majors still rates the nod. The line Wil Charles k r u e g e r. Sophomore quarterback c h a r Ley rugged As. Usual fullback Tommy Bronson gets his Chance am could Progress far enough to permit Bear Bryant to shift Adkins is an exceptional blocking Back. Variety of sports for invasion of by John frogs to record leaps new York sept. 14 Al the most mileage out a children baseball and football and even saddling up a not the Only sports that Are chair for an endurance in the United states despite that would have made grand you May be Reading on your sojourns seem like nothing Page during the next few All. This is the time of the children daddy in t off his when or. Fan will be getting for these things Are classic steady diet of baseball pre sports and Are As legitimate and Post world series and some As baseball is in the Ball College professional and in Between the for instance our friends basketball Camps Are Muskrat skinners. Now these readied and the pro hockey Are undoubtedly skinning Jing Sites Are being put to to beat the band looking j to the National Muskrat but elsewhere some people championships this win practising How to skin a their goal Why a one minute by Del Booth Columbia sept. Carolina is pinning football Hopes for 1957 on its Junior con Tingent but the sophomores May have the final say so. Although the travelling squad of 40 will have Only a dozen Sophs compared with 23 last year the first year varsity men make up a sizable portion of the second unit and first line reserves. Coach Warren Giese in his Sec end year Here will Field a Strong aggressive and experienced first unit. After that the Sophs will carry the 16ad, especially in the line. Halfback King Dixon and Alex Hawkins As Fine pair As you could want and fullback Don John Ion join with Bobby Bunch at quarterback for an Starling Hackfield. Experienced but there Are Only sophomores to relieve Bunch. Upperclassmen John no sett and Frank be Steno run behind Hawkins and and senior Bobby barrel will Al Ternate with Johm i. The first unit line in diesel alternating team system looks Good being Junior or senior from left end and co Captain Julius Derrick to right end cd dec a cell. In Between there will to tackles Don Rogers and John Kompara whom Olcise no of the lop linemen in College look Bill nunnl.1 Nason we Man and Tom add son and Center Law ton Rogers. That line averages 210. The Sec Ond unit line May average even More but not in playing experience where Giese says he is feel ing a real Pinch. Except for let Lermen at Center the second unit line will be mostly sophomores As will the reserves. Some of the sophomores will show Well As did South Carolina s heavy serving of first varsity year men last season. Among those should he fullback John Saunders tackles Kirk pharos and de Pitts guards Jack Ashton and Roy Mclaurin end Jimmy Duncan and a Trio of Transfer students tackles Alex Lazzarino and Bill Jerry and guard Jack Ashton. The 20 ichor men returning is about Pur for most teams in any Given year and should help bal Ance off the Sophomore help per haps a a Lille More than obese sex peels. South Carolina s team Speed adequate last year May be slight a Heller and the team it Luis on the Field at any Lime May have More weight than a year ago. Hero is the schedule sept. 21 Duke 2fl Wofford ocl. S at Texas 12 f Urman 24 Clemson. Nov. 4 Maryland b North in roil Var Lnla j8 n. 0 slate 10 at Wake Forest Archie Moore Anthony meet in Friday bout by Bob Myers los Angeles sept. 14 up Archie Moore a Marvel As an athlete at the age of 40-plus, Wil defend his world Light heavy weigh boxing championship for the sixth Ime Friday night when he i scheduled to meet Tony Anthony of new York. Scheduled is the proper word or Moore is a Man of Changin whims and fancies and is not a like another boxing Figur who can throw a match into confusion sugar a Robinson. But As of today Archie will g into the ring at the olympic auditorium and before a National , for 15 round or less against Anthony. Man think the new yorker will Relief Moore of his Crown. Odds favor Anthony 22, by slight margin but May Well Shi to Moore by fight time. Most the betting sharpies will wait in Floore gets on the Scales at Noo Friday and his required Weig of 175 pounds has been Register officially. Most observers who have gon through Archie s weight siege Are not troubled. Archie s Eleva Tor like system of reducing from 200 pounds and up to the Ligh heavy limit All within the Spac of weeks is old stuff. It is also none the less Remar Able. How the old Guy docs must be the envy of the reducing fat people. Moore and his age his weight and his amazingly Long career As a fighter far overshadow in color the youth and renown of Anthony. Moore has won 158 of 185 fights n rings around the world. An Thony has had 35. Tony a Nice looking personable youngster has lost four bouts. But his last appearance gave cause for wonder. He was held to a draw by Yvon Durelle in Detroit a less distinguished Light heavy last june 14. Skinning of course. For the uneducated this is analogous to a less Han 4 minute mile. A contender must skin three of the poor things to less than a minute to become he Derek Ibbotson of the Muskrat skinners. If any of you happen to know a Frog who can travel Over a feet in three Bounds then sign him up for the Calaveras jumping Frog Jubilee next year. This cat.34. Frog would be a world record i Holder. I by the Way give him it a name too. The chinese entry last year was named won Long hop. Even Mark Twain recognized the importance of this Type athletic classic for it caused him to pen the Frog of Calaveras county of his Best known works. A memo to you Park Bench ters keep your Eye peeled for a Pigeon who looks like a b-52. It May be the one to bring you Fame and Fortune. The Only requisite is thai it can Fly 500 Miles or farther in one of two Pigeon Soos each year. This year one of the Birds named Blue Streak by the Way made in from new York to Chica go in 27 hours for one of the titles while Only two starters made it from Norfolk neb., to Chicago in Hie second of the a Intini Hipolis a Lull not convinced Well take the Case of the Little Grey haired lady who has Laid claim to the world s Rockl not chair Champion ship she rocked away Tor 93 hours eight , them men two women in the Procci Anthony s big bid As a Chal Lenger came when he knocked out Chuck Spieser in three rounds in april. Anthony has won 23 matches by knockouts and he is a Likely con tender for the Crown which Moore has worn since he Defeated Joey Maxim in is. Louis dec. 17, 1952. In has fight in Many years stirred up much interest Ani Drig Liureri and former boxers As the attic of c Hampi ohs Between rigid new flight King sugar a to fahd on acid i Lief car in sail old at Yankee stadium to. Acid just like the average Art in and. Sex fighters Are video sharply on who they Ink will win. A poll of 18 bile me champions 9. Welter i gals and 9 Middi weights 16 a showed eight plumping for be older and heavier Robinson and for he wiry cocky Sasi o. Four a cradled the. Fence1, Tig sugar Hay in a Short get and Carmen in a longer one. The middleweight went for Obinson 5-3 with one of the of Cafice the Welters split even 3-3, straddling. The betting Odds favor Basilio 3-10 right now but the. Quotations ave been fluctuating and could Wing the other Way by fight time. Mong the we 11 e r w e i g h Tsoung Corbel to 111 Barney. Ross my Fritz be Zivic picked Robinson my Jack Britlon Jackie Fields and Marty Servo went for Basilio Immy Freddie Coch Arie and Johnny Saxton made in the Middi weights split this Vay for Robinson George Chip Mickey Walker Teddy a Voslak and Rocky Gra Iano for Basilio Johnny Wil son Fred a Gostoli and Billy Soo a undecided Gene Fullmer. Who won the title from Robinson and lost it Back to Hirr his year just about summed up he views of the undecided. Sugar Ray must win in rounds or hot at said full Mer who whipped Robinson in 1 rounds and then lost by a gift round knockout. Robinson s leg and stamina Are not like the used to be. A rough fellow Lik Basilio will cause him a lot o trouble. That s the reason we Ray will try to win in or Les rounds. The longer the route tougher it will be for Robinson is too big and Stron and punches a Little too hard to said Graziano who a flattened in three rounds by Rol Inson in 1952. Ray will win t a knockout and besides is Lucky bpm and somebody up thei likes him Basilio said Soo flatly. A whale of a fight i four rounds for Robinson. Basil will Wear him Down. Basilio s a arcs Riveness will be hard for Roinson to Cope with in the la now hear some of the old we Lew eight Jackie like Basil very much because of his Starr Ina and endurance. Robinson my hit him to Knock him out with four rounds. Otherwise Basilio w take him within twelve As Youl must be Fritzie Zivic who lost twice. Think sugar a Robinson will bust him up an Stop him inside of seven round just too Johnny Salon who lost two three to might be the sugar Man. He s too big too la and too smart. But i Don t kno i copied my style after Ray an was beaten two out of three Limp by Carmen. Hell give Ray a be of trouble in those Early Roum with his murderous body Punche Ray has trouble punching Dow he likes an upright target. Fun Mer gave him one walking straight up with his Chin Hangin out isre v car a risk will be cuter it Tiu old ii Oclther Way arid they mightstoivlt.i.l6ok for a to in the Middle round Russ who once was ight Tveight As w e 1 t e r will be 4 great and slugger Robin it a knockout Ynith five Pii kids. If it goes beyond at Basilio should have it Good remember that the con lion of by Xing oui doors May be str Arige one to Basilio and it Tild have an important bearing How he of the 18 who replied to the poll inducted by Murray Goodman 6 boxing club s energetic Grazi no Zivicki Servo and Fullmer and fought Robinson with Fuller the Only one to score a win. Arvo was the one of this to pick Basilio. I like Basilio by a super Royal Hir Hegt test Premium Omi 39c val., now 33 c at super a stations Tod save 6c a gallon1 Back to school on a. Said Servo who made it close with sugar Ray 16 years and he Haa the style Ito beat an old opponent of if Basilio. Should beat Robinson be would become the Only other welterweight King besides Kob Irir son to step from the welter weight Lille directly to the middleweight throne. Three other Weite Reighl Walker Tom my Ryan and Lou also won middleweight crowns but they did t hold the lighter title at the time they took Over the middleweight championship. Expenses Kitchener ont. W police commission me Riefs suggested exercise might save Money when polite chief John Patrick presented a budget including a item for bigger uniforms for Stout As Low As 250 Only it per month no Down payment 18 months to pay ask for free demonstration Clarke s Cushman sales oppose late Singapore we experts try no to make the tourist traction have roused the Slago ism of Church leaders by suggest a late drinking. The experts at a meeting were Iso Tola and hotel Ria nage shave been barred by in Singapore musicians Union rom bringing in foreign bands to improve their musical offerings. Choo Choo schedule Fri. 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