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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 14, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood Fri inv. September 74, i our Soth year 257 Florence . Daily 10sunday 15 Congress nil act on blackouts wire reports Congress acted Wilh unusual Speed thursday to pass and Send president Nixon a Bill to lift he local television blackouts of pro football games sold out three Days in and As Congress was in lie final stages of deliberation nil commissioner Pete Rozelle said lie was informing the major television networks thai we no longer consider them hound by contractual provisions with the nil prohibiting local telecasts of games provided All seals Are sold 72 hours before Nixon an avid football fan. Has advocated a ban on local television blackouts and has said he would sign Hie Legisla Tion. The House passed the Meas ure. To 37. After limited Dis sent in the debate primarily from rep Jack f. Kemp. R . A former pro Quarter Back. One Mem her voted present. The Senate which passed a slightly different version last thursday by a vote of 7b-g. Concurred in the House Bill by a voice vote. In order to attain the speedy action a Compromise was made Early in the Day to make the legislation effective for Only three football seasons until dec. 31.1975. The original Senate Bill sponsored by son. John 0. Pastore. . Would have limited he legislation to a one year Experiment while the mouse Bill. Sex insured by Hep. Torbert h. Macdonald. A mass. Would have been permanent Legisla Tion. During the House debate on Hie. Measure. Macdonald said pro football is a Good sport we want to see hem Prosper and we have helped them pros per we have been fair to the league but the fans who would like to see the games because the stadium is sold out also must he said Mac Donald. Kemp who played Lor the Buffalo Hills before being elected to Congress made note of the Speed Willii which the i Louse was acting on the measure. Landing strip a biplane sits on the 16th Fairway of the Oakdale country club Golf course thursday morning after its Pilot was forced Down in foggy weather. He reportedly said he used the Fairway As an alternate Landing strip after considering a Highway and called it a pretty Good land. Ing a Little later he returned and look off looking for a proper air port. The 16th is a straight five Par Over 500 Yards Long. Photo by Thom Anderson israeli syrian warplanes tangle in two dogfights give it Back c tax increase considered nil commissioner Pete Rozelle provided All seats Are sold by the associate i i kiss israeli and syrian warplanes tangled near Syria s Mediterranean coastline thursday in two Dojk lights Ilia marked Ilic big Gest Middle Bailie since the six Day War. The israeli air Force said in shot Down soviet made syr Ian mi021 fighters and lost one of ils own French Mill mirages but rescued the Pilot. Syria said ils air Force shot Down five israeli jets and lost eight migs he polls from ninth Lebanon said Lour syrian planes crashed in lebanese territory and that the pilots escaped unharmed or were Only slightly injured. Travellers arriving in Lebanon said 12 peasants were injured in the syrian Village of Junaci when a rocket shot from the air exploded among a group of people watching who dogfights. All non Arab diplomatic envoys in Damascus were summoned to the syrian foreign ministry Loho informed of the grave consequences if the new israeli aggression on Damascus radio reported. The envoys were asked to prod their governments to is sue Strong denunciations and take measures to prevent Israel from repealing the Daggres the radio said. The syr Ian foreign ministry claimed Israel s provocation benefited from unlimited american support and the Fly plan High command was in constant Contact with ils syrian counterpart while the Aerial action continued Accord ing s official Middle Casl news Agency. Rig. Gen. Vinyamin poled. The israeli air Force chief said r israeli mirages and Phan Toms were a Rou Liziie sea patrol about Iso Miles North of Israel s Northern of Haifa when they were intercepted by about a dozen syrian aircraft. Syria claimed that the israeli jets penetrated its airspace near Vartous. Syria s second largest port. I eld said. We were Over International Waters when 1 he Battle the israelis said they shot Down nine mics and suffered their one plane loss during the initial Contact. About iwo hours later. The israelis said their planes shot Down four More migs while a helicopter was rescuing i lie donned israeli Pilot irom the sea. Washington a president Nixon May ask Congress for a temporary 10 per cent hike in Federal income tax r a t is Wilh the Money to he refunded to taxpayers later a forced savings plan intended to Cool the Economy the White i i cause said thursday. Presidential Counselor Mol Viii r. Laird disclosed Nixon s consideration of the unusual tax plan but said no final decision had been made on in. A gird said Lite proposal was not the same As a tax increase but rather a device to remove income temporarily from the Economy in an Effort to fight inflation. The presidential adviser told a while House news briefing that the tentative proposal Nix on ordered studied by his economic aides could work i his Way Icah individual and corporate taxpayer would have his tax Rale increased by 10 per cell. In of her words a person now in the 20 per cent tax bracket would find himself pay ing at a rate of 22 per cent. The extra taxes collected would go into an escrow account and would be Rel irined to the taxpayer at a later Lime when the Economy cools and inflation ebbs. spoke of the refunds coming in iwo to five years. Presumably the taxpayer would receive interest on the forced savings account. Laird did not discuss this Point but interest payments were one feature of such a plan presented by Federal Reserve Hoard chairman Arthur f. Hums. Laird would not set a specific timetable for a presidential decision hut said lie doubted Congress could consider such a plan until next year. This View was echoed by chairman Wilbur Mills of the tax writing House ways and Means committee who added in a Telephone interview that my guess is that the president in t close to making such a Mills who is in a Little Rock Hospital for treatment of a Hack ailment did not Lake a firm position on the plan which lie called More of a forced savings rather i Han a lax increase. Hut no matter what you Call it. When a Man sees More being taken out of his paycheck he considers in a tax Mills said. Anyhow he sneezes i a pros id Cal Nixon and his doctor Dis agreed thursday on who Lei the president suffers from fever. Announced at a photo taking session in his Oval office that he was suffering from my usual bout Wilh Hay he said that was the reason my eyes explaining it hits Rne in the eyes and he "sneo7.cs a Nixon said he knows the exact Date when his Hay fever strikes the fifth of september and he Lias rouble Wilh in until the first of october. White House physician Waller Tkach came by to examine his patient and said of Nixon s self diagnosis i still Don t believe he said he would accept what the president had to say As Cor rect but i m going to if in lasts till the first or. Tkach said he looked closely at the president s eyes and did t any of he swell ing the president complained of. He said the president s nose was nol running and his eyes were not red. The White House doctor suggested no medication. When n Ixon was at Helles a medical Center suffering from viral pneumonia in july Tkach was asked if Nixon suffered from hav fever. Congress views tax askance nationwide investigation of Bubble Baths begins i House okays More Money for lunches washington1 api scepticism were con Gress first reactions thursday to a White House aide s state ment that president Nixon is considering a refundable in come tax increase. Nearly All members of the lax writing committees who commented opposed the idea of a 10 per cell increase in Rales Wilh the yield to be returned to the taxpayer when inflation abates. Presidential Unm Schlor Melvin h. Laird disclosed that n Ixon is considering lie plan Bill has not made a final decision on it. My guess is that the presi Dent in 1 close to making such a chairman Wilbur d. Mills. Dark. Of the House. Ways and moans Corn Mil Lee said by Telephone from the Lillic Hock Hospital where lie is recuperating from an operation. Mills said lie would look at such a plan but that in could not pass Congress this year and by next year the Economy May he flagging and need stimulation nol it looks like a trial balloon they Are already hacking away said Hep. Al Ullman. D orc. Lite committee s acting chairman. I could t support in. 1 favor a loophole closing a Bill thai would raise rep. Herman of Pennsylvania the committee s ranking Republican said his first reaction is not very rep. Wright Palman. A Tex. Chairman of the Hanking and currency committee said a tax increase would be the surest Way to throw the nation into a recession. The chairman of the Senate finance committee. Sen. Rus sell b. Long. Dix i. Said. I m not going to Rush out and recommend a 10 per cell lax in crease if the president does l think enough of in to formally recommend in. If he thinks enough of it to Send it Down Well certainly consider Long whose committee has jurisdiction Over tax legislation said he agreed with sen. Wil Liam proximire. A wis vice chairman of the join economic committee thai a better anti inflation weapon is a reduction in Federal spending. Etc announces investigation Index of skin irritations among Chil. Dren from Bubble Baths. Page 8a. Comics s deaths common cause reports that sever s70 million was raised for doctor the 1972 congressional elections. Editorials Page 5c. Markets 7b s 2a 3 5c 4a 6c Scott says sen. Ervin not fair Washington Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott called on chairman Sam j. Krvin or. Of the Senate watergate Commilles thursday to drop plans to appear saturday nigh on the democratic parly s fund raising Tele Thon. Scott of Pennsylvania said the North Carolina Democrat is trying too Ploit his prominence As chairman of the committee by participating in in Ethon through which democrats Hope in reduce their party Scoll voluble cd his crier cism of Krvin to reporters. Chilean marxists fighting hunk of Aires. Argentina i api leaders of Salvador Alcindo s popular Unity coalition in Chile said Here thursday Hal the former commander of the chilean army has taken command of troops and is leading them from the South to attack the military Junta forces in Santiago. There was no confirmation heir information from any other sources. They said they had a message irom Conee Priou. Chile relaying the information Hal Carlos Prats had taken Over the troop command. They would nol say How the message reached them a dispatch from i Unla Arena in the South said troops there were doing Normal duly. At a press conference the chileans said. The legitimate constitutional government is continuing to defend leaders of Llie group Are Juan Vega former chilean ambassador to Cuba Ocatavio a director of the Central Lalmer Union and communist party Leader and Jorge Arr Ala. Economic adviser in allele. The dispatch from Punta Are Nas on Chile s Southern tip said Gen. Manuel Torres de la commander of the 5lli army division had reported Calm thursday in the whole of he southernmost Region. Swedish King s condition extremely grave . Sweden i api the condition of swe Den s flu year old King Gustaf i Adolf worsened thursday after he contracted a third Case of pneumonia. This followed a gastric ulcer operation nearly four week Sago. Prof Simnar Lii Orck. The King s doctor said. The Condi Tion of the King further Washington fed eral funding of school lunch programs would be increased in some cases up to 25 per cell under a Bill approved 38fi to i thursday by the House. The measure which now goes to the Senate would require the agriculture department to in crease the Basic reimburse ment for lunches from eight to 10 cents per lunch. Additional reimbursement for free lunches would be a increased from 10 cents to 15 weather rain and thundershowers like for reduced Price sly. High Low 80s Low near 70. Details Page 3a. Lunches from to cents in it Federal appellate court seeks tape Compromise the Man who sold Chicken in a bucket to the nation tries merchandising political campaigns. 8b. Sports 1c state area id women 1b prime interest rate raised to 70 per cent York a Wells Fargo Hank of san Francisco said thursday it would raise its prime lending rate Ion historic High of in cell. Effective Friday the prime which is the minimum lending Lee Hanks charge their largest and isl corporate fits lome is. Lias Boon climbing All year from i per cent in january. It reached ff11 per cell in Lale August Bill had remained there since. Analysts said in appeared no Bank was anxious to lie the first in Post a 10 per cell prime Liulin the Wake of Wells Kargo s move credit exports said in seemed Likely other Banks would so filly follow suit. Lames k. Policy. Executive vice president Wells Kargo. Said. The prime rate has. Nol moved since aug. 27 and continues to be out of phase with of her Money Market Rales. Further announcements indicate that restrictive monetary policy will to continued until there Are definite signs that inflationary pressures Are receding the combination of All these influences on the Money Market Force this increase in Wells Fargo s prime corporate lending said Washington i a Federal appeals court suggested thursday that president Dixon let special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox listen to White House tape recordings As a possible Means of avoiding a judicial executive Branch show Down in the courts. Cox quickly agreed to follow the proposed Compromise the White House had no immediate comment. Nixon so far has refused to let anyone other than some current and former aides hear the tapes of conversations Al cml the watch Gale affair. Lie claims the courts have Nungho to make him turn Over the tapes either to Cox or a Federal judge for inspection. The appeals court advanced a suggested Compromise by which Nixon his lawyer and Cox meet and decide among themselves what parts of the controversial tapes could be submitted to the watergate grand jury. The judges cautioned How Ever. That their Compromise proposal did nol hint at what course they might Lake if forced to Rule whether Nixon must give up the tapes for inspection. In an unsigned memorandum. court of appeals said its Compromise would avoid a head to head clash Between the courts and the president. Nixon claims the judges have no jurisdiction in the Case. The court said that in its suggested Compromise fails it must attack the issues of the Case the appeals court said. In appeared to the court that the issues dividing the parties might be susceptible of Resolution by procedures other than those set Forth by disc judge John .1. Sirica

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