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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 13, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaBlondie we lost the game again but the coach bought us a treat peanuts who it is and . Back when i m not so Busy for 5kouandtell" i have brou6ht 1-13 to be the bl66kr mistake of Andy Capp Success your patience As rewarded the on Jos Nola e r seen that s you in 1 get a move on i can just make the interview what a Bloke court of is life if Only some did t always stand in is was. Elevens Msj Mary Worth t Callep the Market i and they Are holding my beef Wellington of course hu6h. If you 1rus1 Well want scotch and an after Pinker liqueur can you Trust yourself to by them _ Dick Tracy. Remember re tvs Case lets place this sketch of Long hair Over his is it. Beetle Bailey fl1ntstones f of now pay attention clizth1s will be the shortest report of the year. 7.tmat Uylese the a sad changes in the next few i l Abner the Flower a Zack Lover is Swindin i Wiki it Over. His a Zack th1 knife is Mearly window Bellhop is. Dee live Kin the deodorized chrysanthemum. Muffo did i to but a car Hull a Horoscope from Carroll air jew Institute general tendencies this is an interesting Day and evening. Changes just around the Corner Are coming into View and give you an indication of what you can do to quicken the activity. You will become aware of the additional information you need to succeed. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 you now know what is expected of you by associates and can quietly stale your own expectations so there is More cooperation in the future. Many situations break now so you know what to do about civic duties. Taurus apr. 20 16 May. 20 being More cooperative with co workers improves production and benefits. Make your surroundings More charming by using that artistic venusian qualify you have. Use More Courtesy Wilh mate. Gemini May 21 to june 21 stepping out with Good friends for the recreation you want is Good now. First be sure to handle important obligations. Don l cause enmity Between a close tie and another or you Are the loser. Don t stay out too late in . Moon children june 22 to july 21 try a new approach with those at Home so More harmonious relations result. Do some entertaining with a sincere heart so you please your guests. Dress in Fine style Leo july 22 to aug. 21 much Contact with regular associates can bring new friends of value Inlo your life As Well As new ideas that Are worthwhile. Put a new idea into operation quickly Aid of fellow workers. Try not to impose on another. Virgo aug. 22 to sept 22 handle those outstanding responsibilities quickly instead of procrastinating and haggling Over them. A Little self sacrifice for male can bring Fine results now. Show you arc a master at your Craft. Libra sell. 23 to oct 22 Don t Start an argument with an associate but try the future More pleasant by More cooperation and understanding. Keep silent when another is fretting and fuming. Keeping the peace is very important right now. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 you need to think and act constructively now if you Are to solve those problems in the proper Way. Forget the fun things and stick to whatever is important. Evening is Besl spent at Home. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 getting into some new form of entertainment is Good today since it could be delightful and interesting. A Fine Day for creativity and gaining the favor of bigwigs. Avoid one who docs not appreciate you. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 you have to see to it that All is handled efficiently yet tactfully at Home. Know what Kin expect of you. Showing a cooperative spirit starts the Day off in the. Proper manner. Aquarius Jan 21 to feb. 19 Ideal Day for getting into those philosophical or other ideas that could Lead you. In the right direction for the future since you have support of a higher up. Show some interest in others problems. P1scks feb. 20 to mar. 20 Cement better relations with one who has Power Over your monetary affairs and you get More support for the Days ahead. Converse More with the one you love and reach a More harmonious relationship. Think constructively. If your child is born today he or she Wilt be one of those delightful Young people who will want to serve others later in life so he sure to teach to Complete whatever has once been started and to wait until asked before trying to help anyone or your child could use energies in wrong directions aiding the unworthy and Lessen both the Success and usefulness possible Here. Teach Early to act More quickly also after sufficient thought. Give a Good grounding in psychology the stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for october is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Box 629, Holly Wood Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcnaught Florence morning news thursday september Lold Loisi tit a Puzzle across 1 c Mclona ii 6. Impersonal 12.faux Pas Lance 13. Tar 32. Fodder Wei inflammation 33. Plague 34. Margin 15. Punctuation 36. Indistinct Marks 37. Western Indian 16. Male 33. Behold defendant id. Heroic poem 18. Compass Point 42. Hindu Lempie 19. 46. Foreign news 21. Rabble Agency 23. Mark Beaver slate 27. Slender finial 50. Inhuman 28. Auchoi Waugh solution of yesterday 52. Outer seed coat Down 1. Sleeveless garment june Bug m2 49 18 50 3. Certain 4. 5. Shocks 6. Guided Aerial bomb 7. Jacket 8. Standish. 9. Siouan 10. Lannum 11. Road curve 17. Firm 19. Existed 20. Footless contradict 24. Medol corps insignia j 25. Adjoin 26.m.coly 29. Purse Ilene 35. Inc cranium 39. Aroma "1. Regarding Blue grass 43.land measures 44. Receive 45. Soil eff 47. Asian Holiday 18. In the style of a news Louret South dealer. Neither Side vulnerable. K q g j 9 5 4 3 0 75s West v j 54 qb2 f j86 2 South k q j 10 g 4. V 973 a pkg k East 5 a 10 8 2 107 a q 10 the bidding ask Gat a question for Andy write in on 4 Post card and mail Illo the Florence Moinius news p o. 911, 5. C. 29s01. Andy everyday Counselor it is not always easy to decide when or whether to adopt Active or passive defense. Hand has setting and while experience helps the real governing Factor in each Case is Plain common sense. Assume you re East and West leads a club. When you play the Ace Declarer produces the King and you can reasonably deduce that South started with a Andy sends a Complete 211-volume set of the Merit Singleton club. Students encyclopedia to Tammy tin icy age 11, of i Dhina. For her question All e tub functions of skylab congratulations to Judith s. Miles High school student of Lexington. Mass. She suggested a so Yob project to discover whether a spider can spin its complicated Silken web in space. Arabella. The talented spider made a Alicr a Moss of her first attempt. Then she mastered the tricks of Zero Gravity and became the celebrated Star of the show. For this artistic arachnid s second web was a Perl eel copy of. Those she Lear Ned to spin Down on the Earth. We rejoice to report that in projects on Hoard skylab were suggested by High school Luderus. Six other students expect to solve their original questions Wilh Dala relayed from the orbiting space lab. Already Arabella has demonstrated to Judith Miles and the in Lilc world that a spider can spin a Standard web while orbiting 23b Miles above the old familiar ground. Another student Experiment is designed to show whether radishes can Root Down and shoot up in Gravity. Other student projects arc expected Sling questions annul quasars and pulsars. To Tan i stars and to investigate a Region of the solar system for signs of a possible planet bet Ween Mercury and the Sun. Meantime Alro Ziaul scientists work on hundreds of investigations organized in five main categories. Biology projects test the survival and Well being of people and animals in astronauts arc trained in Medicine. They Monitor their own breathing. Blood pressure. Oiler tests evaluated by grounded space scientists test i lie. Effects of Scro Gravity on human Muscles organs hones and the Earth resources category includes k12 investigations or 7o different nations. Skylab s fabulous cameras and sen sors gather data from 75 per rent of i he Earth s surface. This area includes 10 per cent of the human population and to per a Cal of the world s fowl producing land. Photographs in visible Light infrared and Micro wavelengths arc relayed Down to Earth every five Days. Active or passive if you elect to adopt a passive line of defense you play another club at trick two which Declarer ruffs. He then proceeds to make the contract by leading a Spade to the Ace a Diamond to the Ace and two More rounds of Trumps. He next plays the King and another Diamond. West takes the Queen but whatever he returns Declarer finds his Way into Dummy with a heart. Eventually he. Finishes with ten tricks losing a heart a Diamond and a club. J this outcome is predictable in you think about the matter at trick one. You can t expect West to have More than one Diamond trick on the bidding and should not be surprised if South makes four Spades As a result of your playing the Queen of clubs at Irick two. Instead you should Low heart in an Effort to kill Dummy s potential entry for the diamonds. This is Active defense and presupposes that partner has the Jack of hearts but such an Assumption is certainly not farfetched and is unlikely to Cost anything even you re wrong. In the actual hand the Low heart play at trick two is highly successful. Declarer ultimately loses two hearts a Diamond and a club As a result of your Active defense. 1973 King features , inc. Tomorrow test your play. South 1 3 West pass pass North 3 it Kast pass pass opening Lead two of clubs. By or. Herbert Spaugh when compared. This data reveals such items As soil moisture. One Survey pinpoints suitable regions for growing wheat or dates. Another a elects areas where beetles have into Slid the Mountain Pines or South Dakota. Naturally the Earth pictures Ilso yield precise details to modern map makers. Another category is directed to he upper atmosphere another to the Sun and ils neighbourhood. Skylab has 57 major plus Many More minor superfine instruments to work on import Toni investigations. Sixty of these projects Are in Tho Fields of astronomy and astrophysics. Many Carlo materials and chemical reactions Are tested in skylab s wonderful workshop a or example under Zero conditions flames tend o fan outward from a fire. One investigation Hopes to who that in space alloys and crystals form More perfect and perhaps More durable molecular structures. Obviously the functions of skylab Are pm numerous o mention one by one. Obviously Many of them yield priceless new information. In you find Rue Hap piness do you a Isle it do you smell info you Sec it do you hear it Donu touch it How Long it us to learn hint True happiness is not a thing to be experienced through the live senses Homo of us never learn. Usually it takes some crushing Luw which destroys the things o which we Jook for Comfort and happiness. Then when they Are gone and the dist clears away we Sud Denly see our True assets in a new Lyhl. How Many men and women during the years of the past depression Hoing deprived no things found new happiness with their families and friends. Actually the death rate Nascim Side Rah by lowered during that period As men had less to spend for Ealing and drinking. St. Paul one of the Besl minds of his Day who had considerable experience wrote pointedly. For the kingdom of cod is nol meat and drink hut righteousness and peace and Joy in the holy it seems to lie about As hard for us to Icar ourselves away from Devotion to bodily acne tiles. Asil for the hebrews leaving the a Gyp. They kept looking Hack at the flesh pots of a Gyp and longing for hem. Why do we have to i Riller away our time and our Energy on Illings which Hilt away even before we reach the grave and utterly disappear Hen it is an age old Battle this struggle Between the body and the spirit. Often one wishes that Here might he a solution like Ihal offered by Robert loins in his Book. Or. Be Kyllandr. the truly Happy people in this world Are those who have Learned he truth of Christ s reply in the Devil in his temptation. Man shall not live by bread alone hut by every word thai proc Edilh Oul of us Mouth of sooner or later the world will learn hat. We Hope it won let 1oo Laic. Write flip everyday coun Selor in earn of this newspaper enclosing 20 cents and a self addressed stamped envy pc for Bullet in no. Kules for Andy sends a seven volume sol of of n Arnia to Christine . Age ii of Omaha Nebraska for her question what causes a11uwicank? hurricanes Hatch near hut not directly on the the weather conditions in these regions May suggest what causes Vliem. Their Breeding grounds Are vast warm oceans where the Northeast and Southeast Trade winds Arrow toward1 the Equator hurricanes Start to form when Long hours of tropical Sunshine beat Down on the water and Lill Llie air with loads of vaporous moisture. Such conditions cause great in holes of Light warm air i Rise aloft. The currents of ascending air draw in the surrounding heavier air. Other factors May nol encourage pork cd to develop Inlo a full blown Hurricane

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