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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 13, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaTiff Day of the hijackings Jutt Marc fun tuna nuts sunday september a 1970 re a shriek signalled terror in the sky editor s note they were of Many lands of All Ages Rich and poor proud and Humble going Home or leaving it. But that sunday of sept. 6 they were flying to a common Fate. Here s a look from the passengers themselves of the wildest Day in the history of Aerial High Jack and by John Barbour Jules Loh a new features writers one is always mildly curious about travelling companions. Fay Schenk in the seat next to the window studied the Young couple As they took their places beside her he in the Center seat Young healthy combed and pressed she in the aisle seat dark eyes Ebony hair creamy Olive skin Blue suit. I mrs Schenk opened her news paper and relaxed. Mrs. Schenk had had Only one minor disappointed Man on t h e flight so far. When she boarded at Tel Aviv four hours earlier she just missed getting her favorite seat one in the first Row of the Economy Section where there is a bit More leg room. It was a trivial matter. She was perfectly comfortable in the map traces routes of airliners involved in Arab hijackings boxes locate hijacking Points and terminal Points of flights the Stopover at Schigol Airport second Row. Amsterdam s was almost completed the at Tractive couple who had come aboard settled in the adjoining seats. The plane was at last ready to take off for new York and Home. But the couple were not settled. The Young Man stood up and wordlessly motioned the Young woman to the cent sat he took the aisle scat. That done she stood up removed her jacket sat Down. Now All was ready. The sign flashed on fasten seat belts. Mrs. Schenk folded her Don times and made a mental note to ask the Young Man if. When he finished with his Lon Don express lie would like to Swap. Meanwhile As the plane rolled Down tie Amsterdam runway she picked up a paper Back she had been Reading my Ron Kaufmann s the coming destruction of israc1." the Boeing 707 lifted off the around. It was . Local time sunday sept. 6. Al Al flight 219 to new York was i n Der Way. A routine Ocean in deed mrs. Schenk was but one of More than 15.000 air Traveles who breakfasted in Europe that sunday morning with every Rea son to anticipate dining that evening in new York. At Frankfurt 39 persons checked in to Board trans world airlines flight 741 for tie last leg of a flight around the world. The plane had flown message informing him that she from new York to los Angeles Bombay Tel Aviv Athens Frankfurt and was headed with 141 passengers Back to new York due in at . New York time a half hour behind the Elai flight. In Zurich 143 passengers queued up at Kloten Airport for Swissair s flight 100. In Amsterdam where the Al Al flight had stopped to refuel and pick up mrs. Schenk s seat mates another crowd waited anxiously for pan american flight 93. It was due in new York at 6 . And already was an hour and a half late from Brussels. The plane was the object of much Airport curiosity because it was a 741 Boeing Jet liner newest and biggest plane in the sky a ?24-Miuibn giant in which the Pilot sits a Story wanted to spend the labor Day weekend with their daughter and grandchildren. Then she decided to Lay Over through sat Uray so she could personally Greet a group of arriving Immi Grants whom her organization had sponsored to make their Homes in Israel. Even after the 22 years since Israel became a state there were still pioneers. And still bit Ter resentment by the arabic palestinians displaced by the jewish pioneers in a land soaked with the blood of Territo rial disputes As old As genesis. In the late 1940s, fighting for the land they believed was theirs by divine right jewish underground groups named in gun Vai Leumi and Stern gang terrorized the Countryside. Above and a City Block in front j members carried a webs under of some of the passengers. Their prayer shawls kidnapped four nights. Four among no i hostages to Force release of fewer than 142 scheduled from i their own captured guerrillas Europe that Day into John f. Blew up Jerusalem s King a Kennedy International Airport Vid hotel. In 1970, Jet travel was no Long a a luxury limited to a Privi now a generation later an legend aboard the four mrp lanes were industrialists and labourers schoolteachers and students parents and Chil Dren businessmen and sight seers. Mrs. Schenk for her part was returning from a two week trip to Israel on behalf of had assay an International organization of jewish women of which she was president. She had planned to return ear Lier. In fact the previous Friday she had cabled her husband Labbi Max Schenk to prepare can a kid on drugs get help without getting busted the popular front for the liberation one Ara Bic was fighting for the land its members claim they never yielded. One of its tactics was Hijack ing air planes. And one of its Veteran Hijack ers Leila Khaled was the at Tractive Young woman seated next to Fay Schenk aboard Al Al flight 219. Concealed in Leila Khaled s brassiere were two hand Nades. The Crisp Young Man next to her in the aisle seat car ried a pistol. The plane reached its Altitude. The seat Belt sign went off. Wallah the Man shouted the word As he two leaped to their feet and jolted through the Brown cur Ain into the first class Section Oward the cockpit. Mrs. Schenk did not recognize lie arabic word let s to Ler it was just an unearthly shriek a cry of one who might have gone berserk. She glimpsed the shiny Silver pistol in his hand but thought it was a of told herself it was a toy. That was poor Man had simply gone berserk. Then she heard the shots. Three at least. A Man dashed from the rear yes you la find a couple of Good suggestions on Page 5 of the Federal source Book answers to the most frequently asked questions about drug for your free copy Send in the Coupon below. For a copy of the Pederal source Book answers to the most frequently asked questions about drug abuse write to drug abuse questions and answers National Clearinghouse for drug abuse information Box 1080 Washington . 20013 of the plane toward the curtains hand on hip pocket. Mrs. Schenk was aware that Al Al posted Security guards in Mufti aboard its air planes to guard against this be real mrs. Schenk allowed her self to think that it could and she was terrified. The guard entered the first class Cabin As a stewardess j stumbled out her eyes wide. My the stewardess said. Through the parted curtains mrs. Schenk could see a Jinan she recognized As a fellow i passenger grappling with the i Young woman. She saw him pin her wrists behind her saw the two stumble As the plane took a sudden Steep dive. The stewardess steadied her self composed herself and announced in a level voice would everyone please be seated. Everything is going to be All from the rear of the plane a voice replied Hava Vagilla Hava other voices Joines in. Soon the Cabin echoed with the popular israeli Folk song. The people Sang let us mrs. Schenk did not sing. Silently her lips formed the familiar words so precious to her Soma Yisroel Adonai Elu Henu Adonai of is Rael the lord thy god the lord is one. As she prayed a Stewardd rushed past her seat into the first class Cabin carrying a Necktie. She saw him Kneel Over the form of the Young woman lying motionless in the aisle and tie her. Hands. Mrs. Schenk thought erroneously that Lila Khaled was dead. She could not from her seat see the Young Man lying farther Forward in the aisle would not learn until later that Lila Khaled s companion had been shot to death by a Security guard. The plane levelled off. The singing continued. It had All happened so quickly a matter of minutes Anc now mrs. Schenk looked out the window and saw that the plane was descending for a Landing. Mrs. Schenk reckoned they were Back in Amsterdam. The plane touched Down am mrs. Schenk could see vehicles approaching with flashing lights. As they Drew near she could read the markings. Someone shouted a cheer went up. Mrs. Schen sat Back in her seat and offered a prayer of thanksgiving. Next to her on the seat she noticed the woman s purse her Blue jacket and on the floor a transistor radio still in its Carton which indicated it had been bought at the Amsterdam Airport. She opened the purse and saw a hungarian passport. Suddenly it crossed her mind that All these things were evidence and one should not tamper with Efi Dence. She closed the purse summoned a Steward and gave the articles to him. The plane taxied toward the Heathrow Airport terminal and was still rolling when the Cap Tain stepped through the curtains smiling. First in hebrew then in English he said everything is All right. We intercom said Good evening. You now have a new -0 aboard the Twa Jet capt. Woods radioed controllers at Zagreb Yugoslavia that his plane was headed for the Gaza strip. Swissair s capt. Scheiber gave frequent report of his position As his plane headed East Over the Mediterranean. Ahead waiting for them at a former British Airstrip on a de Sert plateau in Jordan was a Mobile contingent of the popu Lar front the most Radical of 11 Arab palestinian groups part of the displaced tribe that lived in Jordan within sight of their for Mer Homeland. Their Leader or. George Habash a Christian palestinian with a medical de Gree from american University at Beirut was not there. He had been last seen in peking and last reported in North Korea. But his aides were there to watch the first of the stolen Birds come Down. Already the palestinian spokesmen had outlined the Rea sons to give the americans a lesson after they have supported Israel All these years to free our prisoners in and to protest the peace Initia Tive in the Middle East. Woods landed without mishap. Swissair s Landing was a Little bumpy As the Pilot braked hard to avoid the Twa plane. In the hours that followed some of the passengers of the two planes including a few who were Hurt on Landing were taken to Amman the jordanian capital by jordanian armed forces which quickly formed a ring of Armor around tie guerrillas and their captives. But 178 remained with the planes Host meanwhile Back at at Amster dam s Schigol ail port the voice on the Loudspeaker called pan american flight 93 for new York s Kennedy International Airport is now ready for Board mrs. John Priddy was Early a Veteran air traveler. Her Hus band was the Pilot. He brought her along on this trip to Europe a Small vacation from their 19- month old baby boy and her first ride on a 747 jumbo Jet. The moving Walkway to the Gate brought the tardy Passen Gers who had dallied too Long Over an Airport snack or drink. Among them were or. And mrs. Michael Mac carib of new York City ending a vacation anxious to be Home arms full of pack Ages two cameras two Cartons of cigarettes their tickets Cut rate because their daughter works for the dutch airline Kim. They had debated whether to Fly Kim or pan am Home and finally decided on the jumbo Jet. While her husband went on ahead mrs. Maccario in painful tolerance of her arthritis Fol Lowed looking for seats 40 a and mrs. Fay Schenk shows Al Al boarding pass Hijacker was shot to death during her flight a the last of the passengers to Cei Ved that strange message. Board the 747. In the a Little surprised mrs. Priddy Cabin mrs. Priddy settled up to see her husband with a novel by Mary Stewart. Past her into the Economy she took no immediate notice Section. The names were paged of the two neatly dressed men in the front of the Cabin. The plane s intercom paged two arabic sounding names. Flight director John Ferrugio of South Boston hurried through the plane looking for someone. He had worked for pan am 16 years and never had serious trouble. He did t want any now. But capt. Priddy had re again. This time the two dark men got up and walked toward the rear. Radial tire specialist Palmetto tire service Marion Hwy. 662-0334 Center Young contributed for the Public Good in cup Triton with hit news Piper Emu Tlam Over fixtures displayed s j lighting Center 179s.cashuadr. Phone 669-4431 Are in London. There was an at tempted hijacking but we got criminals. You Are Lucky that you flew Al Al for we were Able to Best the some were chosen not to be Lucky this sunday afternoon on Twa s round the world flight 741, while terror Rode aboard Al Al flight 219, the Twa Passen Gers loosened their seat belts ind waited for the stewardesses. Capt. Carroll d. Woods vet eran world War ii Pilot father of three grown sons a Man known for his Cool eased 707 Jet into the gently clouded skies of Central Europe. The Only pro Blem ahead was a budding storm some 600 Miles West of great Britain. In a few hours for capt. Wood there would e new York and then Home in Praria Vil Lage Kan. Suddenly they appeared. Pis Tols threats. Woods radioed Frankfurt tersely we Are being know he did not where they were being taken. He banked the plane Back into West Germany. Out Side he could see . Air Force fighters that had scrambled to his Aid. But All they could do was Fly powerless escort. The arabic voices inside were in charge. A few Hundred Miles South at almost the same hour capt. Fritz Schreiber pushed Forward the throttles of Swissair flight 100, a Mcdonnell Douglas pcs. Aboard among others he had the Saenger choir their Bright Young faces reflecting the de Light of their tour of Switzerland and West Germany. They wore heading Home now to Roches Ter n.y., and the fall semester. If any single fact was far from the minds of the Passen Gers and capt. Scheiber it was that Switzerland held in jail three palestinians serving 12 year terms for the machine gun Ning of an Al Al plane at Zurich Airport 19 months before. Then an Arab voice Over the three great carpet styles great Sale prices. Step on it. 1q69 so. Cd. 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