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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 12, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlintstones abbe you should invite Over to acquainted looks like someone s moving into that House across the on second thought. Andy Capps i Don t know what we re Doin in Ere on a Day like this pet lets get out for a breath of air Lovely deep of Sunshine Dick Tracy is groovy realize those Are disown daughter Little Abner two knit tits gotta of said a Llave l bother 5. Vore i l. Raki son ?a3 As a physical min ins 1 m i thanks whatever Soow Usam my i its Vas a Gosp housekeeper just As you of up Teo in fwd dishes j Sci wheres mama Yoo Hoo i m Home Mary Worth you can t mi55 thi5 artist is the. Current Darling of the snob one. Of the Beautiful people r anywhere. Vou aim your camera not just anywhere. Look Over. There by the door. In t thai the guv who pumps Gas at the Ace he garage to How do i know Okay wander around u Tut John and set me some i1 social Register names Gaung at these adult Finger Paintin Fis i. Inc ilk Kain i i beatle Bailey did t you Heap me to 6enepal half pacts for Mutt Jeff in Gonna give mv6ir.lthe cold shoulder who Are you standing in the refrigerator Carroll right or s from the Cir Roll Righter Institute y general tendencies utilize the Early part of the Day to find out what you can do to please those who have any control Over your affairs. All Day and evening avoid any action that could cause criticism from anyone of importance. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 handling affairs that add to present Good is Wise in a. Be with Good pals you enjoy in p. M., the sensible ones. You can gain personal Aims easily after work. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 there Are new conditions about that Are fascinating but need study before making them part of your life. Discuss them with bigwigs first. New ideas need to be made More practical. Gemini May 21 to june 21 give full attention to responsibilities ahead of you and then enjoy yourself. Complete errands for mate before you go off to some form of amusement. Don t spend too much Money. Moon children june 22 to july 21 you can get your Points across to associates in a. Best. Then get Busy handling your part of any work connected herewith. Be More Alert to what is going on about you. Consider the Good of mate. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 plunge into jobs in a. With efficiency and get them behind you. Later join associates in pleasant recreations. Dig into your closet for the most charming outfit. Wear it. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 the Early part of the Day is Best for recreation. Later you have much work to do and can put new systems into operation. Please co workers. Doing special favor for one you like gains much favor. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 do what Kin expect of you Early then you will have time for outside activities later in the Day. Rid yourself of stumbling blocks to your Success. Don t talk too much. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 Early morning shopping sees you getting the Best buys. Tonight you can have much fun with Kin. Keeping that appointment with one who gives Good advice is Fine. Be on time. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 handling financial affairs intelligently should be on the Agenda in a. And you then can get together with congenial friends happily. Cut Down on expenses and be More modern in planning future Success. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 morning is Best time for recreation. Later be More modern in improving your property. Update your budget. Try to please Good friends More. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 activities of a practical nature Are important in a. Then enjoy social events. Giving More attention to health improves vitality. Show affection for Kin in p. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 Contact congenial people during the Day and enlist their Aid for personal goals. Improve your personal appearance. Evening is Best time to get the information you want from right sources. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those serious Young people who in their Early years want a secure Structure on which to build the fabric of life. Later the nature changes to a More Light and airy attitude interested in whatever is modern. More Money will be made then than during the first part of life. The use of the newest inventions combined with conservative methods will be the Way for your progeny to make a Fortune. Send to the right schools. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for october is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning news Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. Distributed by Mcnaught Syndicate inc contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top record Holder in mailers individual Champie Nihls play West dealer. North South vulnerable. North 4kq63 4 akq974 West a4 k q 8 6 4 3 3 k 7 6 2 East 47 j 10 9 7 j 10 6 2 4. A 10 8 South 4 j 109 852 85 qj94 the bidding West North East -44 pass pass pass South. Pass opening Lead three of Dia monds. It is certainly not difficult to beat five Spades if you see All four hands. West leads his sin Gleton Diamond and when Declarer plays a Frump at trick two. West wins with the Ace leads a club to his partner s Ace and ruffs the Diamond return to put the contract Down one. But in real life this method of defense is not so easy to find. Not being gifted with Sec Ond sight West is far More Likely to try to put partner on j Lead with a heart at tried three j particularly in View of East s j heart raise during the bidding. I if West did Lead a heart it would prove fatal since Declarer s Only losers would be a i Spade and a club. The obvious question is How West is supposed to know that a club return at trick three will sink the contract while a heart return will not. The answer is that in order to consistently solve this Type of problem the defenders must make use of a weapon that is generally known As the suit preference convention. When West leads his single ton Diamond and it is easy for East to recognize the Lead As a is in a position to designate his entry card by the size of the Diamond he plays of Dummy s Ace. Since East s entry card is in clubs the lowest ranking suit he plays his lowest Diamond the Deuce on the Ace. By the same Token if East happened to hold the Ace of hearts As his entry card he would play the Jack of diamonds on the Ace to show his interest in a higher ranking suit return namely a heart. High High Low Low. B 1970. Kink features Syndicate inc Paxton writing new Folk songs by Mary Campbell a p news features writer i think the Folk Boom was a terrifically valuable thing for american pop Tom Paxton says. There Are quite a few Singer writers who started out in Folk and who Are now creating their own material and in effect without being self conscious about it writing the Folk songs of one Well described in that statement who went from Folk to Urban Folk to Materi Al is Tom himself. His newest record album Tom Paxton is on a Ilektra As the five before it have been. Only the _ first three arc strictly Folk. Paxton now has signed with Warner Brothers. To minute we Stop trying to write Folk songs we begin to find our own Paxton says. Some of my first songs were conscious imitations of Folk songs n the style. There was even a certain prestige at one time in writing a song hat sounded so authentic you fooled your friends into thinking it was a Folk song. That was a cockeyed thing to do. What Benefit is there in writing a song about a train robbery if we Don t have them any some of the performers left stranded when the Folk Boom faded followed a different path and went into Rock. Paxton says i Don t say that Folk singers who now do Rock Are Selling out. I think the minute you embark upon a course in which you Don t be ivc you re Selling out. But no body knows that except the person himself. The rest of us should t bathing suit and give it up. Then it to around pointing fingers saying Hal so and so is Selling out. He might really be enjoying what he is doing really believing Paxton s Best known songs Are rambling last thing on my i can t help but wonder where i m talking Vietnam pot Luckma and a couple that arc on the new album and that John Denver sings in his concerts for est and Jimmy new the latter is a moving talc of a Vietnam Soldier whose Hospi crossword Puzzle 5. Egyptian Cotton 31 intelligent 8. Moit aboard 33. Prima Donna 11. Wheedle 35.fiive 12. Mediocre temporarily 14. Blue Pencil 36. 15. Congressional -38. Decree building 16. Replenish 18. Freeze 19. Lowest High tide 11. Formerly 25. Fiesta 42. Cocktail 46. Nest of boxes 47. Pilot 48.larch 49. Study 50. Cuttlefish fluid 51.evergreen Trees solution of yesterday s Puzzle Down 1. Maple Genus 2. Secret writing 3. Principal 4. Latitude 5.pouch 6. Hummingbird 7. Military Cap 3. Marauder 9. Past 10. Fencing Dummy a. Food Staple 17. Dam 20. Grandpa rental. 21. Head 23.uriai 24. Hindu cymbals 25.fashion 26. ornament por Lime a be wife ask Igor a question Tor Andy write it on a Post card and Nail it to the Florence morning news p. 0. Box 911, Florence s. C. 29501. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Lance Lange age 11, of Youngstown Ohio Tor his question what is a Volvox there really is a Globe shaped creature that Rolls along like a Ball. It is called the Volvox but though this rolling Ball is an rarely see it. Actually it is a col ony of single celled protozoa a fresh water swimmer that populates our streams and Ponds. If your eyes Are very Sharp you May see it As a very Small Pale Green speck but most of the time the Volvox passes unnoticed some of the one celled organisms that share our world have features of both the Plant and animal kingdoms. The Volvox for example is stuffed with Green chlorophyll like the plants. It also moves around like the animals. Several years ago it was claimed and named by both the botanists and zoologists. The zoologists seem to have won this debate and nowadays most scientists class the Volvox in the animal phylum protozoa. We find it in the class flagellate along with a vast assortment of protozoans with tiny tails called Flagella. Like other flagellates it Waves its Flagella to swim through the water. We need a Microscope or at least a Good hand Lens to see the Volvox. Actually it is a Colony of thousands of protozoa embedded in a hollow Ball of protoplasm Jelly. Eracli member is a greenish Oval shaped cell with a red Eye shot and a pair of whip Tail Flagella. The individuals Are separated yet. Linked together by Fine threads in a neat Honey comb pattern around the outer surface of the Ball. If All the Flagella waved in different directions the Little Green Ball would spin around and get nowhere. However it spins in an orderly Way with the same Side of the Ball always to the front. This suggests some sort of teamwork in the Colony. What s More the front and rear cells of the Ball differ. The leaders have larger Eye spots. Other single celled organisms also have these Light sensitive specks to guide them to sunny locations for their photosynthesis activities. The cells to the rear of the rolling Volvox Are the ones that multiply. And in this vital matter they have a Choice of either asexual or sexual reproduction. In the asexual process a single cell loses its Flagella enlarges then divides and re divides to form a daughter Colony. As a Rule several growing colonies Are sheltered inside the Jelli fied Ball. In sexual reproduction male and female gametes Are formed by two different cells. The female cell becomes Large and round with stored fats probably donated by its neighbors. The tiny sperm gametes have Flagella to swim around. When one of them finds a female the two merge and the fertilized egg seals itself in a Shell. It becomes a zygote. The egg inside divides into two cells four then eight cells and so on. Asexual cells use the same system of multiplication by division. The rolling Volvox Colony May measure l-25th to 1-loth of an Inch. It seems strange that such a tiny organism has a Choice in the Complex business of reproduction. But fresh water Ponds tend to dry up or freeze. The Shell of the zygote is Frost proof and drought proof. When times Are bad a Volvox can produce zygotes to protect embryo colonies until conditions improve. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Anne Mccormack age 11, of Portland Maine for her question How can the Sun Burn a fog this is a Weatherman s expression. In coastal regions the daily forecast often prepares us to expect a misty morning. In the summer season the Weatherman is Likely to add a cheerful note. The Sun will Burn through lie fog by 10 o clock or noon at the latest. And in its own mysterious Way the Sun does just that. As it raises High in the sky its beams warm the Earth and the Earth warms the air above it. Warm air As we know can hold More water vapor than Cool air. It dries up puddles Aid evaporates moisture from the Ponds. The misty moisture in a fog is really vapor that was evaporated yesterday during the sunny hours. At night the air cooled and was forced to give up some surplus vapor. This condensed into foggy droplets of liquid water. As the air gets warmer again it evaporates this liquid Back to in visible gaseous vapor. In a round about Way the morn ing Sun really does Burn away the ironic even a Little cruel the Tal buddy tries to Wake him. His favorite of his own songs is Annie s going to sing her also on the new album. He ays i try to sit Down at the same time in the morning. I sit ind d of dec Anil things crawl on to he paper and i la accept hem or them. 1 wrote most of Annie that Way last summer in Corsica. One Day i d spent two hours drinking Coffee and scratch no on paper and getting nothing. I was getting ready to put on a came. 1 had of the Lyric and bought i had it finished. My wife and 1 agreed i had a ivc one. I can t Tell you How that song excited me. I was just Eckstat c. Then that evening Shower vah room the last chorus sprang into my mind. It showed called take me Back again she walks out on the Singer a million times and comes Back regularly. It is so bloody real sad cruelty that comes from a deep Hurt. This is the most mature song i be i Axon says i Don t try to think my songs any More. And i Don t see myself As an observer. 1 try to observe without observing. Annie is from the inside out. It came from the Back of my head where All Good things come about writing songs he says i work at simplicity. It s no problem to sit Down and spew Outia Bunch of seemingly profound phrases that Are in reality gibberish. There s a certain uncritical accept Ance of songs like that by Young people if they feel the Singer is one of them. It has to Ilic fraternity of pot and an Over Alt picture of camaraderie Lizul i think time is proving me Correct none of those songs arc sur How real that song was. I Oulen l let go of it. The song that Annie sings is years ago moved to Brisun living. Paxton was born in Chicago okla., at age 10. He attended the University of Oklahoma was in the army and hit the Folk Toltec House Trail after that

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