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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 8, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather Coy and tonight. Scattered offer noon Thunder Howery. High Low 67. Details Page 2-a. Reader s tip Home mortgage Aid buyers m Small town to explained in the business week Page 5-a. 169 Florence s. C., sunday morning september 8, 1957 daily sunday lot by James a. Rogers education takes a new direction by James a. Rogers Mark 1957 Down As one of the More significant years in fee Dee history. The reason is not spectacular. Up to now there have1 been no shaking developments. But quietly and without fanfare there has come a new direction in South Carolina education. It has come in the form of an Experiment Cen tired Florence. Last november a group of some eight to ten Florence people went to Columbia for an audience with the president and Deans of the University of South Carolina. They took with them a map. On that map they pointed to the locations of colleges in South Carolina. A straight line drawn from Charles ton to Columbia and northward to Rock Hill divided the state in half. On the West of that line were governor views newest ruling Little Rock ark., sept. 7 s gov. Orval Faubus said tonight that his National guardsmen still have orders to keep negroes from entering Central High school. The governor made this state guardsmen told Legal Battle May decide pattern for generations situated All the colleges of Carolina except Colter College a ment in an exclusive interview with an Arkansas Democrat news Man about seven hours after a Federal judge refused to delay integration at the school. Faubus had not been seen a hews conference Here wednes Day morning. The Brief interview of the governor by George Dou thit of the Democrat was held at an undisclosed place. Faubus was asked to state his position after . Dist. Judge Ronald n. Davies ruling and he replied it is then he was asked if the a ional guard still was under or Ders to bar negroes from Central High school. He answered the orders t he National guard have not Bee changed from this past week 1 asked if the fun Force of the National guard woul Back on duty at Central Hig monday morning with the Sam orders to prevent negroes from president Eisenhower and ally. Gen. Brownell discussed the explosive Little Rock situation in Washington today and later press Secretary James Hagerty said it would be fair to say they Dis cussed possible alternative actions depending on the next develop ment in the Case. Wednesday slopped nine from entering. The guardsmen negro teen agers High ranking senior College at Harts dle and the new coastal Carolina Junior College at con Way. We be come to talk to you about a new College for the Poe the Florence group told the University people. It was the first indication they had of the subject to be discussed. For about two hours the question was baited Back and Forth across the handsome Confer ence room table. When they re turned to Florence the delegation had a verbal Promise from the University that a careful study would be made then an answer Given. The weeks passed. In february there came a Telephone Call from the University asking for a con Ference either in Florence or co Lumbia. Florence was designated a dutch luncheon at the country club. There the Deans of the University met with the representatives from Florence. The Deans brought along a care fully prepared Chart outlining a proposition. One Side listed what the University would do the other what Florence must do. That Day a College was born for Florence the Extension of an Arm of the University Hito the pee Dee with fully accredited freshman classes offered the first year followed by the addition of a Sophomore class the next year. The county legislative Dele gation met three Days later to underwrite the county s Cost for the first year. They immediately got under Way the procedure Nec Essary to establish a Florence county higher education commis Sion to act As the contractual Agency Between the county and the University. One week from tomorrow the University Extension Center of Florence will open on the ground floor of the Public Library with an enrolment surpassing expectations. Florence for the first time in its history of 86 years As an incorporated town will be a col lege Community. Admittedly an Experiment which will be renegotiated in january to determine future action the establishment of an Arm of the University in Florence is already viewed by county and University officials As the beginning of the establishment of an on Campus senior College Branch of the uni Persily in the pee Dee. There Are precedents in other states to go by. Florida Georgia North Carolina Are conspicuous examples. The new direction this gives to College education in South Carolina is to take College Opportunity to the people As it is done a other states by the stale universities. I would t want to say no what will take place monday be cause this situation could Chang any Lime but As of tonight the still have those orders i Gav them last Faubus Sale the Democrat published the re suits of the interview in a copy righted Story. Douthit had Aske a governor s aide if he and a photographer could take a picture o a North Little Hock grocer presenting Faubus with a scroll o 300 names endorsing the Gover nor j position. Ask que Setton the aide arranged for Southi and the photographer to Mee with Faubus for a Brief period and the picture was taken. Douthi managed to ask Beveral questions Faubus laughingly said to Douth it when they first met do you know you re the Only newspaper Man i have seen in How Many he was asked if there was any reason for his refusal to see the Iress and replied no Douthit said Faubus looked Fil and healthy. You worried about this Douthit asked. Of i m concerned about Faubus answered but i am not worried Jor myself if that s what you do you think you can the newsman inquired. On the record or Faubus asked. Then he said on the record no the governor also refused com ment on half a dozen other questions. Earlier today in his ruling. Judge Davies had acidly termed the plea of the Little Rock school Board to delay integration Ane Mic and left his previous order for immediate racial mixing of classes intact. His dramatic action before a jammed courtroom left the fed eral government s dispute with gov. Orval Faubus unchanged. Faubus s office said the governor would not comment immediately. Gov. Faubus monday night called out the Arkansas National guard to keep negroes away from the 2.000-Pupil school claiming he was preventing violence and Dis order. Negro leaders today said they could not say what action they would Lane. They refused to say whether they planned to advise negroes to enter the school Mon Day. Duly and obligation National guardsmen kept watch at Central High and the governor s mansion. I have a constitutional duty and obligation from which i Shail not the judge said in clipped and precise tones As he read today s decision. In organized said judge Davies there can be Noth ing but ultimate confusion and chaos if court decrees Are flaunted whatever the judge Davies scoffed at the governor s claims that violence was near before it called out the guard. Stands by integration order i u. S. District judge Davies a photo tax president governor on spot in Arkansas integration fight it t Washington sept 7 Fol a _., Federal judge standing firmly by a school integration order height ened an historic Federal state struggle today and put president Eisenhower and gov. Orval e. Faubus of Arkansas on terrific spots. For the time being the White Louse took no action. None was Likely before monday but someone was going to have o give Way the chief executive committed to uphold the Laws of he nation and the supreme Hurt s anti segregation ruling or tie governor who defiantly used he Arkansas National guard to prevent racial integration at a lit be Rock High school. The question was which would move in which direction with the East loss of face. Eisenhower and ally. Gen. Brownell quickly and inconclusive y studied today measures the fed ral government might take in the Arkansas integration crisis. That was immediately before j. S. Dist. Judge Ronald n. Davies n Arkansas rejected a plea of he Eittle Rock school Board to spend for an indefinite Cooling of period his decree opening Cen ral High. School to negro Stu cats. Faubus had called out the Tate militia and forcibly prevent d negroes1 from entering the school in disregard of Davies or alternate Steps presidential press s e c r e t a by Ames c. Hagerly said it would c fair to say that Eisenhower and Brownell considered alternate cps the government might take depending on which Way davies1 on that from the Justice depart ment and the Fri. Hagerty said Brownell took the matter up with Eisenhower today and that the re port probably will be submitted to the judge monday. It will he a fact finding report without recommendations Haggity said leaving it up to judg Davies to decide whether ther was interference Ance. Or non comply under tbj8 education plan higher available to a greater Nunar of people less Cost and with the same High Quality results. In october a formal convocation will be held which will Tonko Nole of the historic importance of mils in Smith Carolina education. Before the curl in is rung Down on11937, other More pc Concu Tok events May occur to Mark in 1 Attr to be remembered. But in this one. It is proper Point out hint it n departure. In hip. Educil Ioil policies of Lac san la University and it unique to Nur history Rural committee urges fire department approval the Rural fire department committee yesterday urged tax payers living in the area within six Miles beyond the Florence City limits to vote in tuesday s referendum on establishing a Rural fire department. The referendum will ask Resi dents whether they favor levying additional taxes in support a Rural fire department. If they approve. The project tues Day the county delegation will decide whether legislation should be passed dealing the Iii nil ure fighting Ami pro. Riding for us the Dele gation will also decide much taxi lion will lie in n part Rotor cosm so nth Nihil flip Rural fire Deparl Mcnol group reported hip refills of Sil Lily u has Ninde of the mrp inns Rullon nuts unit the porn Emily of fire fight inf it urged the establishment of three tire stations in the area at strategic tentatively Nashville ready for integration Nashville tenn., sept. 7 if police chief Douglas b. Hossic said today picketing will nol be banned when schools open for mixed i Lus pcs monday but no body will tie Ull divil anyone. Speaking of is Lolini Kusper find the Llev. Fred so ruled who have Heen holding mrrline s on the grounds of schools scheduled for Desorb Ealion. La nose said count Lar and Hagerty told newsmen the re port will include what Fri agent Learned from representatives o Faubus in a conference the governor suggested for the purpose of providing certain evidence upon which i acted in throwing a cordon of armed guardsmen around the Little Hock school Faubus has contended he did Thi to preserve peace and order. Should judge Davies declare that his integration order was contemptuously ignored the federa government would he entrenches in a strengthened Legal position irony which to Man Euver. While Hagerty was chary will details of the Eisenhower Brownell session he appeared to leave the door open for a possibility As summoning the Arkansas National guard into Federal service in order to. Snatch it from gov. Faubus control. This could open new avenues of Legal conflict be tween the Federal and state governments. Hagerty told newsmen that at the 45-Mimite conference there was a general discussion of the National guard and the authority he president has that affects the National there was no inkling tonight As to what the next move might be toward enforcing judge Davies order. One possibility might be for Davies to Issue an injunction order ing Faubus specifically to Stop impending integration. If the governor refused to obey the judge could order him into court on con tempt charges. But a . Mar Shal might have difficulty serving the necessary papers on Faubus. Who also has ringed Bis official was i mansion with National guards i Ali ire station with its Iii no Ilio committee should Eisenhower decide to will Cost in he neighbourhood of j Ivy to take the guardsmen from the equipment mentioned the governor s control in arc in in the report was one fire truck Dou Leilly would be dispute with a 1.000 gallon Waler tank and Over whose authority would or e fire Fiji Lillini equipment and one Vall. Adil Lional water link Ruck one Cili ral Law applying to he a 2.501 Tia Lam Liili plus Waves i inn or slate me me j tense turn s within la Wnm Lipil s tile i ill Ribisl no establishing time of the Syhl Lions was Tylius in lie gov Faubus he s on the spot decided the school Board s bid for a tension easing truce. Hagerty said no decisions were reached and none could be until Davies acted. Once the judge did Eisenhower was notified at once. But there still was no comment and Hagerty said there probably would be no further statement or announcement Over the weekend. Thus it appeared that the fed eral government would withhold action until judge Davies reaches another formal decision on whether there was deliberate flouting of his integration order through interference or noncompliance. Davies has asked for a report suggested spots for the stations were in the Vicinity of Darlington Highway and Cis Luta ferry Road Coles Cross roads and state High Way District office Marion High on May 1955, supt. Virgil Blossom and the Board revealed the plan integration of High schools As soon As. A new White school was completed then sex peeled in september 1956, with Junior High schools and the Elmen Lary grades to follow Al two or three year intervals. Extremists fire away that marked the beginning o sporadic fire from so called extremists of both sides. The emphatic segregationists said the Board should take no Steps to Ward integration until forced to do so by Federal authorities. Thi National Assn. For he Advance ment of coloured people said tha negroes wanted Complete and immediate integral Ion. The following february at mid term 33 negroes tried unsuccessfully to enrol in White elementary Junior and High schools the a act filed suit. The suit was turned Down in August 1956, by . Disc. Judge John e. Miller who approved the Board s gradual plan. The 8th Cir Cuit court of appeals affirmed Miller s decision last february. Blossom Points to a school elec Tion last March As proof hat the program was accepted by the Gen eral Public. Wayne Upton and Henry v. Path were elected by a conclusive margin Over Robert Ewin g Brown and or. George Branscum a de list both avowed segregationist Upton and Rath had endorsed to plan of gradual integration. Segregationists however note that Pulaski county which Little Rock sept. 7 Middle ground was in sight today in the racial struggle at Little Rock Central High school. The process that started quietly two years ago with a simple statement from the Little rocks school Board May end in a Legal tug of War that could decide the pattern of social life in the South of r generations. Both gov. Orval Faubus and . District court Here have Laid the foundation for a suit neither has shown signs of Stop Ping Short of an All out Battle. In refusing a request by Thi Board for an indefinite delay o integration . Dist. Judge Ron Aid n. Davies did not engage in euphemisms Faubus simply re fuses to say under what Circum might permit the no negro children to attend classes with Whites. The request for a temporary de Lay in integration was the firs Retreat by Board since it announced its gradual plan 27 months ago. As Early As May 1954, a few Days after the . Supreme Coull outlawed the separate but equal system the Board announced in would comply with the Federal decree. Carrie plays hide and seek out in Atlantic san Juan p. Sept. Fol the season s thir Hurricane pc played hide acc seek far out in the at anti tonight and a tropical de pression moved North wan in the Gulf of Mexico Towar Northwest Florida. The . Weather Bureau at a Juan issued a special advisory a . Atlantic Standard Tim on Hurricane Carrie which located the storm s Eye 100 Miles farther Cost than an hour before and1 Sai it was moving West Northwest 10 Miles an hour. Highest winds Are now Esti mated to be 128 Miles an Hou near the Center and extend of Ward for. A radius of 50 to advisory said. This is a very Small but dangerous the storm Center was locate Miles East of san Juan. The advisory said Hurricane Carrie presented no immediate threat to any land areas. Earlier the san Juan Weathe Bureau estimated distance of i storm Center As Miles from san Juan and said its Force Hac dwindled to an estimated 75 Hurricane strength. Meanwhile the , weather Bureau at new Orleans Warne hat tropical depression had de eloped in the Gulf of Mexico 250 Niles South of Mobile ala., ant threatened to intensify somewhat during tonight in route toward sex reme Northwest Florida. Small raft from Mobile to St. Marks la., were advised to remain in Lort. Green eyed organist Colorado blonde is miss America Atlantic City n. J., sept. 7 it Marilyn Elaine Vanderbur tall blonde Green eyed organist from Denver "olo., tonight was selected miss America of 1958. The s-foot-8vk, 20-year-old Beau a former University of Colorado student beat out 50 other contest ants for the title Worth to in scholarships and per Sonal appearance fees. Miss Van Jer Bur a music Lover swimmer and skier measures 35-23-36. She was enthroned by last fear s Winner Marian aim Mcknight of Manning s.c., before a nationwide television audience is and a convention Hall Road of Joy Eliabeth Halluck of at-1 Anta gn., a 20-year-old, Blue eyed blonde was chose first run Ner up and won a scholar hip. Mary Nancy Denner a Brown maintaining Hie fire Sla Lions Wilh necessary personnel will probably Cost 10 Mills a your. Slosse said Well have no to Tisil he Commil Loe snid. Ii added thai men Mil lined annul to ice dial i possibly other sources exist or no trouble i on Page 2-a area deaths Sully Toni nor Dillon Kresl at. Joy Iloine Newry Duvold Char Lilc. Eyed Brunette us 21 from Alva was second runner up and awarded a scholarship. Lorna Ai. Anderson 18-year-old Blom pfc from Sacramento calif., was Given third place and miss Florida Dorothy Maria Steiner 20, of Boca Raton was fourth run Ner up. Both received scholarships. Eludes Little Rock had voted overwhelmingly As did the stall As a whole for three prose re gallon measures last november. Faubus had remarked at that Lime that he knew of no in crease in racial bitterness and that extremists of both Side have had Little Success in stirring up did the of Little Rock change their minds after Thi election when they saw that the new High school was nearing completion and racial integration Wai imminent naturally that s a debatable Point. But Blossom says i think the turning Point you want to Call it that was during the last week of school before the summer vacation when Brown and the capital citizens Council started distributing pamphlets it Little Kock the pamphlets called on Fauby to use the stale s authority to pre vent race mixing. Even after increased activity by the citizens Council the governor declared that he would not inter Fere with local school boards. An appearance Here by gov. Marvin Griffin of Georgia less than 10 Days before the Start of classes helped set off Strong reaction to maced classes Faumui said should we the governor said that people began saying if Georgia can get by without integration Why should authority to prevent integration. The Central High Mother league was quickly formed and it petitioned Faubus to use hit auth oily to prevent integration. Chancellor Murray heed on sept. 26 granted the request of mrs. Clyde Thomason of the Mother s halt he scheduled Start of integration. At the hearing Faubus testified hat there would be violence if negroes attempted to attend Cen trial. That injunction was nullified the next Day when Davies reaffirmed previous rulings on the gradual integral Ion plan and ordered no interference either directly or in on saturday aug. 28, Faumui ave a hint of things to come when he complained that the fed eral Gever Anent had ordered Kite ration without supplying officer o preserve order. On monday night National guardsmen ringed the and Faubus went on television an our later to explain that he had ordered out the guard Only to pro act life and property. There Strong segregationist tone to jut speech but he did not say Defin Ely that negroes would be turned ack. The negro children stayed Home tuesday and the Board in effect sked for further rom Federal court. The court gain reaffirmed the plan of Inte Gration. On wednesday nine negro Chil Ren were turned away by the red troops and the following a the school Board asked for temporary suspension the dirt t integration order. 2-a. New miss America Marilyn Vanderbur l he inside fads in today s news f horintin6 sum m1ms, Western Folk it pfc Bondon Citter dad an tort. Read to Jve twp port we tags 9-x i Newberry Bootle Manor. Bull Lee for Feol Bulf homers Story on 6-a, n Jav help your Chuo choose a Page 6-7 to family weekly to help your i a so morning a ant fun Felt it a to

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