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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 7, 1973, Florence, South Carolina441 acting Ems support of Nixon positions slip in Congress Johnm. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager Friday september the Impact of Scarcity Washington numbers make Gritty Reading but sometimes they Tell you More about what s going on than much of the rhetoric that comes out of Washington. By David s. Broder shortages of so Many things once taken for granted by most americans Are driving Home the Point of just How interdependent the world s Economy has become. Scarcity in one part of the world has an Impact on the Way people live elsewhere Short Ages in one Industry can cripple Many others and the Possession of an important commodity like Oil can influence and alter relationships Between nations. A Short Grain crop in rus Sia for instance set the stage for the biggest Grain Deal Ever negotiated by the u. S. Ment. The Impact of that Sale has weighed heavily on Ameri can Consumers. It pushed up the Price of feed grains for cattle Swine and poultry As Well As bakery products. That in turn triggered a meat Scarcity and higher prices for meats eggs and milk. The government s attempt to hold Down beef prices by Freez ing them was countered by the withholding of cattle from mar Ket by cattlemen. That not Only produced Scarcity and higher prices at meat counters but set off a Chain action in other industries. It resulted in a shortage of leather for Shoemakers and of tallow used in the manufacture of candles tires paints cosmetics lubricants plastics and soap. Some soap manufacturers Cut Back production and in some areas their products Are in Short Supply at soap counters. Labor troubles in Canada shut Down nearly All rail service halting shipment of Canadian newsprint to newspapers in the United states. To conserve newsprint some newspapers eliminated some editions and special sections and a few re sorted to rationing Advertis ing space. In recent weeks the relation ship Between the Energy crisis and Middle East diplomacy has been sketched out for America As never before. American Energy needs Are inexorably tied to a continued flow of Petroleum from the Oil Rich Arab nations in the Middle East. That fact of life is figuring in an emerging mood of reappraisal in the United states so far As this country s special relationship with Israel is concerned. The increasing interdependence of men nations and Indus tries could be shown in dozens of other ways but these Are enough to demonstrate How really Small the world Community has become and How real _ by necessary it is that Man learn to get along and cooperate in using the world s resources. Here is a number that i think says a lot about the shift in the political climate of this country and what it has done to president Nixon s prospects in the returning 93rd Congress support for he president s positions on Roll Call votes this year among the 13 Republican senators up for re election in 1974, has fallen 17 percentage Points from those same senators support last year. Sen. Edward j. Gurney a familiar figure on the watergate investigating committee backed or. Nixon on 89 per cent of the votes in 1q72. So far this year lie s been with the president just 59 per cent of the time. Sen. Milton r. Young the shy quiet was with. Or. Nixon 85 per cent of the time last year. Now facing the Prospect of a race against popular sex gov. William l. Guy his support of the presi Dent has dropped to 56 per cent. The presidential support score of sen. Bob Dole the 1971-72 Republican National chairman who is Trail ing in re election polls in Kansas is Down 24 Points. Four other Republican stalwarts facing the voters next year Sens. George Nikon of Mont Barry Goldwater of Peter Dominick of Colorado and Henry Bellmon of Oklahoma have Cut their support of the president by More than 20 per cent. These figures Are derived from a study by congressional quarterly the Wash Neton news research organization which has been measure. Ing congressional voting patterns for a Quarter Century. They bespeak a political earthquake. As Alan Ehrenhalt author of the congressional quarterly study is careful to note the general falloff in support for he president s position among members of both parties in both houses of Congress results from More than watergate. Or. Nixon deliberately raised tougher issues for Congress this year with his vetos impoundments and Chal Lenges to old line programs than he did in election year 1972. The exceptionally Large number of Roll Call tests of the president s position 121 in the Senate and 88 in the House in the first eight months of the year indicates the intensity of the conflict. But there is no ignoring lie water Kate Factor in the growing desire of members of Congress to get some Dis Tance Between themselves and the president. Ehrenhalt reports that or. Nixon s position was sustained on 52 per cent of the Roll Calls Between Jan. 3 and april 17 the Date on which he announced major new developments in the watergate Case. Since april 17 he has won Only 39 percent of the Roll Calls. A Little computation 1 did on the 13 Republican senators up excluding a pair who have announced their retirement underlines the politics of the situation. Hie congressional quarterly figures show that last year these men had backed the president 66 per Cunt of the Lime and opposed him 21 per cent of the time absences accounting for the remain ing 13 per they were exactly in line with the Senate Republican average. But this year the Baker s dozen facing the voters next year have Cut their support of the president an average of 17 per cent while the other 24 Republican holdovers have moved Only 9 Points away from the presi Dent. If there is any reason for that Sharp disparity Between the two groups of republicans other than he watergate induced desire to avoid looking like a Nixon rubber stamp next year it does not come readily to mind. As things stand now none of ihe.1, Republican senators up for re dec lion next year ranks higher than Hal among his colleagues in support of the president. Four of them mar Low Cook of Kentucky Jacob k. Javits of new York Charles Mcc. Mathias of Maryland and Richard s. Schweiker of Pennsylvania have voted against or. Nixon More often than they have been with him. By contrast on the list of demo cratic senators found most frequently in opposition to the president three of the lop five spots arc held by men who Are up for re election next year. They Are George Mcgovern and his erstwhile running male Thomas Eagle Lon and the Man who knew them both so Well he was picked to be present at the meeting where the ticket was dissolved Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. If you can stand one More Statis tic one that Points the Way the wind is blowing in Congress and the coun try perhaps better than any of these others look at the presidential sup port scores of sen. Robert c. Byrd of West Virginia. Byrd is moving shrewdly and inexorably toward establishing an unshakeable claim to be the next democratic Senate majority Leader. He makes few mistakes of political judgment. In 1972, Byrd voted with the president 67 per cent of the time. This year he is opposing him 66 per cent of the time. End of political Arith Metic lesson. County betterment is noted Florence county was one of nine counties in South Carolina considered this year for the j. Mitchell Graham award Given annually to that county which demonstrated during the pre ceding year the most effective delivery of services to its Resi it is awarded by the South Carolina association of counties consisting of 45 of the 46 counties in the state. Though the award this year went to Charleston county at the association s recent annual meeting it was complimentary for Florence county to be considered and its credentials listed in new county times a publication of the National association of counties. Florence the nag reports in its sept. 7 Issue with a population of has implemented a new collection and disposal system for solid waste plus an expanded and improved year round recreation program these coupled with an entirely renovated financial and management system for the county carpooling Oklahoma sen. Dewcy Bart let proposes to introduce a Resolution in Congress which would request the president to begin a program to familiarize the american Public with the benefits of carpooling and Small cars. The obvious objectives Are to conserve Energy reduce pollution and help resolve traffic congestion problems. If the president were to launch such a program no doubt it would Cost Money. Govern ment programs always do. That raises the obvious ques Tion of whether it is worthwhile for the government to invest in such a program. Everyone knows of the benefits to be derived from carpooling and Small cars. But people who can t be persuaded by economic factors to utilize carpools and Small cars surely Aren t Likely to be swayed to give up the Comfort and convenience they have grown accustomed to in individualized car travel by a govern ment familiarization program. Including budgeting new accounting practices and centralized purchasing. These internal improvements Are being carried out in a recently opened joint City c county it is Gratifying to note that the county is being thus recognized for its attempts to improve its services and to develop a More efficient budget Ary purchasing and accounting system. It was just a while ago that both facilities and system did no credit to the county or its taxpayers. But laurels Are not to be rested on. Nor is the Model county yet realized that should be the objective of county Council and All those connected with county government. Still sub Stantial Progress has been made in areas of prime importance and for that the Public is being better served. Urban gardens Charlotte s City Council has decided to Grant permits apparently on a first come first served basis to City residents allowing them to grow fruits and vegetables on 156 other Wise unused City lots. The idea is to help people willing to Plant and cultivate their own Garden plots to trim their food Bills. Food prices being what they Are people need All the help they can get these Days. Late August in t normally the time of year when Garden ing is uppermost in Peoples minds but perhaps the City Council wanted to give would be City gardeners plenty of time to Brush up on gardening thumb through seed catalogues and break the land for Spring planting. Back in world War ii when City dwellers were urged to Plant Home gardens As. Part of the War mobilization Effort they were called Victory perhaps the contemporary cultivated plots of Urb Aniles can be called anti inflation Gar mind if i join you Friend. I m also one of the faithful t Public forum Tom Sawyer benefits four a to the editor Krom time to time i have noted in your a newspaper Itu reaction of Derby experience most memorable to the editor my family and i were recently permitted to attend the National soap Box Derby in Akron Ohio and i was Able to participate in the races. Much publicity has been Given the 36th annual race. I would like to say How much i was pleased to represent pee Dee area in this race. The Akron chamber of Commerce and soap Box officials treated All racers and their families As Roy All racers were ushered in with police escorts where we registered and then were taken by bus to campy Noah our Home for four we were Able to meet 138 champs from All Over the United states plus Germany Venezuela and Canada. In my Cabin were champs from Ger Many fort Wayne and. Flint Mich. Gainesville Fla. Greensboro . Grand i rapids Mich. Federalsburg my. And fort Worth Tex. Many lasting friendships were made. My Counselor was a College student from Miami University of Ohio. I Mel Marly Allen Jim Ruddy Baker and Jerry Lucas. All in All this was a most Memora ble experience for me and i was very excited to win some races and bring Back not Only memories of such an exciting event but gifts and souvenirs As Well. I would like to thank he people of Florence and the pee Dee area for allowing me this privilege. Gun Gibbs Florence will the watergate inquiry bring Reform Washington i am beginning to wonder whether the Krvin Senate committee is really going to do its Job. It is All to the Goitz to have a thorough searching wide ranging senatorial Effort to iry to gel behind the mists of the watergate. By Roscoe Drummond the Ervin committee is doing this part of its assignment As Well As could be expected when you consider the temptations to image minded publicity conscious political partisans playing their parts before a television audience of millions. I would certainly take an sized undisciplined freewheeling senatorial inquiry rather than none at All. But the Center of the concern f want to raise is not whether the Ervin committee is conducting its investigation fairly but whether in some people to the kind of movies be ing shown at our local theatres. The. Intent of this letter is not to stir up further controversy but rather to Point out an Opportunity for the younger members of families in our area. On saturday morning sept. 8, in cooperation with local theater own ers a showing of the movie Tom. Sawyer will take place at the Capri theatre. Show time is 10 ., and admission is to All. Proceeds will go to the Florence county 4-h. Clubs whose membership is near 1500. Torn Sawyer was produced by United artists through an agreement with readers digest As one of a num Ber of movies to be produced that Are directed to family audiences. The picture comes highly recommended for viewing by Bolh Young and old or to put it another Way As Good clean family Type entertainment. The theater will open at Saturday and we Hope families in the Community will fill the House. Let me also take advantage of this Opportunity to thank this newspaper for the help and support Given our Extension program in Florence county. H. F. Livingston or. County exec Sion Leader Florence my answer by Billy Graham Why did Jesus Tell us to Pray Lead us not into when he knew that we would inevitably face temptation i have never been Able to understand this phrase in the lord s prayer. Can you help let s Starl in the beginning the second chapter of genesis in a marvellously condensed form gives us the dual Constitution of Man. I be is material from the dust of the and spiritual since lie was god breathed into the this sets up the area of tension into which temptation naturally comes. One definition of temptation is Uia til is an incitement of natural desires to go beyond the Bounds that god has set. John Calls it the lust of the flesh. Inc Hist of he eyes and the Pride of 111 never realize we Hap so Many executive you Are asking Why the lord suggested this phrase in Liis Sample prayer when the experience of All of us is that temp tation is encountered everywhere. The words arise from a deep sense of per Sona weakness against the Powers of evil. God anticipated this. The words have inc Force of delivering out of rather than merely tation. It s a prayer of humility seeking the Rescue of god each Lime we engage the enemy of our soul. You know of course that god is not the author of temptation. U May be permit Ted in the life of the believer to Streng then his own spirit or to be an example to others who observe but temptation always emanates from satan. Continue to Pray this by All Means. You la find the spirit of he prayer is one that will restrain you from Rushing into circumstances of exposure to temp tation and that s where the whole trouble begins. Dial a a Volinn 669-3273 is neglecting its main its main reason for being almost entirely. The Senate has no investigative Powers unless its investigations Are directly related to the search for new legislation. This is the premise which makes the Senate watergate investigation Legal and proper. This is the assignment Given to the Ervin committee namely to serve As the of the whole Senate to Mark out new congressional legis lation to safeguard the. Electoral those Are the words of the Senate Resolution created the Senate select committee. This is a Good assignment a and needed assignment. Hut there is Little or no evidence thus far that the senators Are Seri ii Ousby conducting their questioning and their Cross questioning to produce in sight information or ideas related to legislative Reform that the Krvin committee is going to hold any hear Ings at All in order to examine Meas ures to prevent future watergate that the Ervin committee will author proposals to shape new legislation. Yet to do so is the very premise of the committee s existence la is the assigned purpose of the investigation it is conducting. The present Prospect is that its assigned purpose will be passed Over entirely. This would of a grievous derelict lion of duty. One of the committee s counsel told me that in the end different members of the committee might each offer some ideas of their own for Polit ical Reform. Surely that in t the Way to achieve needed and meaningful Reform. That is the Way to slip away from and neglect such Reform. It in t worthy of the Senate and it in t worthy of the members of the committee to discharge a part of their assignment to gel at the fads behind Wale Gale and then to neglect the biggest and most import ant and most useful part of their assignment that is to Mark out and clarify the lessons to be Learned from watergate and show How they can be put into constructive legislation. Political Reform needs Public understanding and Public support. U seems to me inconceivable that sen Krvin and sen. Baker and the others would throw away the generated pub Lic concern for Reform by failing to lie their investigation to what will be needed to put their investigation to the Besl possible use. Florence morning news published daily Narf sunday . In inc associated press audit Bureau of circulation. newspaper publishers a Surv elation. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for Public Roo of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence Mornion news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any o ils reports. Me Florence morning Fiill rot Reso Onsi i for Advance payments made to new soaker carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the office of this newspaper subscription rates by ind6pend news. We. To. To. .70 us him Lii. Circulation Telephone circulation manager Tom second paid Al Florence. S. C

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