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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 7, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaA a in it s Friday september 7, t our 50th year no. 250 Florence s. C. Daily 10s sunday i palestinian liberation movement losing control by Holg Kli Jensen by shut Lebanon a tiie Arab gunmen who flew to Cairo with hostages after holing up in the saudi arabian embassy in Paris have once again demonstrated tiie splintering of the Palestine liberation move. Ment and the waning control of its established leadership. Is the fourth unsanctioned guerrilla operation this year by individuals or groups variously branded by the Palestine liberation organization umbrella body As Rene Gades and suspicious ele ments working to undermine the it is the second time this year that saudi Arabia has become a victim of the helps finance up to the tune of million a year. Palestinian leaders Are Only Foo Well aware of the budgetary implications in angering the saudis. The umbrella organization gels at least million a year from saudi Arabia As Well As All the Revenue from a 5 per. Cent income tax imposed of an estimated palestinians working in saudi Arabia. The tax Revenue comes to about million a year. Another unspecified amount known to exceed million goes to the Al Fatah guerrilla group. Saudi Arabia Cut off these funds last. March after Palestin Ian terrorists of the extremist Lack september group seized control of the saudi embassy in Khartoum with five diplomatic hostages including u. S. Ambassador Cleo Noel and news analysis saudi ambassador Abdullah Al Talhouk. The Black sept embrits killed Noel outgoing . Charge d affaires g. Curtis Moore and belgian Diplomat Guy eid during a 60-hour siege. They later surrendered without harming Talhouk and a fifth hostage jordanian Diplomat Adly Al Nasser. Ironically the purpose of the Khartoum operation was the same As that of the current saudi embassy operation in Paris to win the release of guerrilla Leader Abu Daoud imprisoned in Jordan. The seven Black sup femur Isle in Khartoum Are still awaiting trial. Informants Here say it took the guerrillas two months after the Khartoum incident to negotiate a resumption of saudi Aid. Al Fatah chieftain Yasir Arafat had to Appeal in person to a reluctant King Faisal. Although the Palestine liberation organization condemned the Black september action in explained that the atrocity was a natural outcome of Palestin Ian frustration and asked the sudanese authorities to treat them leniently As revolution Aries not no such restraint marked the leadership s denunciation of subsequent guerrilla operations by a Host of new splinter groups. In fact in was reported As Early As last july that the liberation organization had launched a manhunt within its own ranks to Weed out the renegades. Heat wave eases by the associated press that s More like was what people in the Northeast were saying As ninth degree weather left the area for the first Lime since aug. 28. A Welcome wave Cool air moving South from new eng land promised a Complete break from the torrid weather that s been Balling up Power systems and Fraz Ling the nerves of heat beleaguered residents. The Cooling trend dropped temperatures to 87 degrees in Newark. . Not exactly Cool but it was Progress. Preceded by rain the temperatures dropped to the mid hos around new York state. New York hit Only 84. Bring ing some Relief to Corn mute is who have been baked in sweltering subways tunnels since the hot weather started nine Days consolidated Edison co. Oper ated on full voltage for the first Lime in 10 Days. The moderating weather took the heat off All the major elec tric Power pools along the at lactic Seaboard. The new York stale Pool the new England Power Exchange and the pm Pool which serves Pennsylva Nia new Jersey Maryland Delaware. Washington . And a Small wedge of Virginia All reported no need to reduce voltage or seek emergency assistance for neighbouring pools. Electricity was Cut through downtown Providence . But that was to Aid firemen fighting a transformer fire which hit during the Middle of furious rainstorm. President Nixon chats with economic advisers in White House Oval office they Are from left Roy George Shultz the president and Herb Stein relaxed Nixon chats with newsmen Washington a prices the significance a m m m u m confessed his Inadequacy in president Nixon him Nixon month of bad agricultural thursday on the Wisdom current Cash prices it perhaps declaring i Don t Back surgery the and Corn Are make too much of a know what a soybean status of Farmers and that will be Good possibility that efforts a Bleak wholesale even with the got into a discussion curb rising food prices May be showing pm Success. Nixon turned a routine photo Laking session in his office into a wide ranging discussion with Secretary to be made Public Friday. Speaking of administration efforts to increase farm production. Nixon said our approach in terms of a Bushel of soybeans Down to wednesday from More than less than a month ago the president urged that no tears be shed for farm Back surgery in noting the absence from Capitol Hill of rep. Wilbur Mills d-ark., who underwent surgery last week for removal of a ruptured spinal disc. Had Mills sought his the Treasury George supplies up May feel sorry for Nixon said he would Shultz. Chief to Bear he said urged against tiie adviser Herbert Stein and a handful of reporters. In one of several very while Nixon seemed operation. He added i be never known one Hall also held a of humor however a command of was successful. The conference the Day that inasmuch As. Statistics always want to pointing to a Sheet of always him by Shultz Battle of tapes continues Washington a Nixon s lawyers asked a Federal appeals court thursday to nullify . District court judge John j. Sirica s demand to hear tape recordings sought by lie watergate grand jury. The White House lawyers asked for an unusual hearing before the entire nine member . Circuit court saying the matter involves the Paramount question of whether a president can be forced to give evidence in a criminal proceedings. The appeals court immediately granted the request. It set next monday noon As a deadline for judge Sirica and special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox to reply to the White House motion and scheduled arguments for next tuesday at 1 . Meanwhile judge Sirica granted the White House until sept. 24 to reply to a separate lawsuit in which the Senate watergate committee seeks tapes and papers related to the watergate wiretapping. Sirica see judges Page 11a Washington a the Senate. Watergate committee must convince a Federal judge he has jurisdiction in the com Mittee s Case against president Nixon and there Are indications the judge May refuse to take the Case. The question of jurisdiction is a. Technical one. But it must be decided before the More critical question of whether Nixon should turn Over tapes of his conversations with key aides to the Senate committee. Anyone with a complaint can t just walk into court and file suit. He must choose the proper court and be Able to explain Why that court should decide his Case. There was never a serious problem with that in special prosecutor Archibald Cox s Case because a Federal grand jury was seeking the tapes under subpoena and the Burden was on the president. In the committee s Case the subpoena was issued in the name of the Senate and it is not normally the court s problem to enforce Senate subpoenas. Justice Douglas enters Hospital in Seattle Seattle a . Supreme court Justice William 0. Douglas was hospitalized thursday with what a spokes Man described As St Macli flu. Douglas 74. Who has a history j of heart trouble was rushed to the Hospital by ambulance from Seattle Tacoma International Airport where he had just arrived from Tokyo following a three week visit to the Peoples Republic of China. Doctors say he has gastroenteritis translated that Means stomach said Sam Pope spokesman for the University of Washington Hospital. Pope said Douglas s condition was stable but added Dou Glas probably would be held for two or three Days for Obser vation. Justice Douglas stricken on plane terrorist Jet ends Regira in Kuwait by the associated press a syrian jetliner carrying five palestinian gunmen and six Arab hostages they seized at the saudi arabian embassy in Paris landed in the persian Gulf Sheik Dom of Kuwait Early Friday. The israeli state radio said the plane was refused permission to land in several other Mideast countries including Libya where a japanese Jet was blown up by its palestinian hijackers july 24. The Kuwait foreign ministry confirmed the Landing of the syrian Tab airlines Caravelle Jet after a flight of nearly Miles including a refuelling Slop in Cairo. The ministry said there were six. Hostages on Board. I the syrian Arab news Agency reported that syrian officials talked to Tho plane s occupants As it passed Over Damascus and tried to convince them to land there. The gunmen refused reasons and continued on to Kuwait the Agency said. The Agency said All persons on Board were reported to be Safe after the Long flight from Paris where the gunmen held the arabs Anri other hostages in the embassy for 27 hours. Threatening to kill then if they did not receive Safe passage out of the country. The kuwaiti Interior minister Saad Al Abdullah rushed to the Airport to negotiate with the palestinians. The Kuwait daily Al boarded the aircraft. The Jet was reported ringed by armoured cars and kuwaiti troops. Other planes on the Tarmac were towed out of the area. There had been conflicting versions in Paris of the number of hostages on Board with estimates ranging from four to six. After the siege at the saudi arabian embassy . Hostages m with authorities for free passage out of France. The came ii Etc lengthy bargain Rig during which the gunmen threatened almost hourly to kill the hostages and to blow up the embassy. The aircraft was provided to the gunmen by president Hafez Assad of Syria who said he wanted to help end the incident peacefully. On he flight from Cairo to Kuwait the plane passed Over Damascus where Gen. Naji Jamil the syrian air defense commander see terrorists Page hearings to begin Washington Apt Henry a. Kissinger goes before the Senate foreign relations com Mittee Friday for a hearing on his nomination to be Secretary of state. Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield a Mont. Predicted. Senate confirmation hut said Kissinger could expect close questioning about the possibility of his claiming executive privilege to deny Congress de sired foreign policy information. Kissinger 50, a native of Germany has said he plans to retain his present role As assistant to the president on National Security affairs. Sen. George s. Mcgovern d s.d., said the committee Deci Sion is Likely to be influenced by Kissinger s View of the role of Congress in major foreign policy decisions. Kissinger was named by president Nixon to succeed Wil Liam p. Rogers who resigned after 41i years to return to Pri vate Law practice. Retail Gas Price freeze upheld Washington map chief Justice Warren e. Burger thursday refused to reinstate a federa l District court order freeing retail gasoline outlets from Price control. Burger s action was announced Here. The chief Justice is in the Mayo clinic at where he is recuperating from minimum wage Bill vetoed by president Washington a pres ident Nixon vetoed a Bill thurs Day to raise the Federal minimum wage to an hour and called on Congress to pass a new. And less extensive minimum wage Bill this year. In message Nixon said the measure approved by Congress would unfortunately do far More harm than Good. It would cause unemployment. It is inflationary and it hurts those who can least afford the House scheduled a vote sept. 19 on a motion to override the veto. The president said that fail Ness and decency require thai the minimum wage rate now Al 51.60 a n hour be increased this year. He said the Bill supported by the administration would in crease the minimum wage for most nonfarm workers to immediately and then to Over the next three years. I believe this is a much More prudent and helpful Nixon said. Ump s Tony Boyle charged with murder Krogh denies guilt in burglary Index Egil Krogh or. Arraigned los Angeles a for Mer White House aide Egil Krogh or. Pleaded innocent to the burglary of the office of Daniel Elisberg s psychiatrist thursday. He said he believes the activities of the undercover White House plumbers squad were a mistake and that he re Grets them. Krogh was one of four former White House aides named in t h e four count indictment which was made Public at the arraignment. Also named were Krogh s former Boss. John d. Ehrlichman. David Young and c o n v i e d watergate conspirator g. Gordon Liddy. Ehrlichman. Who was presi Dent Nixon s chief adviser for Domestic affairs has sent word he will surrender next tuesday lie deadline Sel voluntary appearances. The indictment named four other men As co conspirators in the California break in but those four were not indicted. They were Jivat Ergal conspirators e. Howard Hunt and Bernard Barker and two cuban nationals. Eugenic and Felipe Dediego. Krogh. Who had previously refused to speak out said he had decided to talk publicly on my relation or Lack thereof of the special unit that was formed in 1971 by the president. "1 distinctly feel now that the decision that was made in 197 to go Forward with the Covert operation was a Aid reporters outside he courtroom where he entered his plea on charges of burglary conspiracy and solicitation in commit burglary. He was the first of four for Mer while House aides to sur Render on grand jury indictments issued this week. I Felt it was a mistake immediately thereafter when de tails of its execution were presented to Krogh said apparently referring to the sept. 3. 1971 break in in inv cry Hills. Calif i have some real regrets Over what has taken place in terms of injuring innocent per however he added. At the Lime in 1971 when this Job was presented to me As something of extraordinary National importance i understood in was fully authorized and the tall Square Jawed Krogh once close adviser assistant o Sec indictment. Page a former United mine workers president Tony Boyle charged s with1 murder in slaying of a comics Blonski family. Page so. Deaths the . Would have to Start doctor rationing Petroleum products if k the Arab states stopped Oil de i liveries. Page 14b. Markets sports communist led rebels launch what the cambodian command state area describes As a Genera Olsen women Page 6b. 8a weather partly Cloudy and warm with a Chance of mainly afternoon and evening Thun by Dert Howers. Highs in the Low 30s, lows in Tho upper 60s. Details Page 3-a. T

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