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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFhyr Truw opening of Dove season John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor monday morning september 7. 1970 with other cd1tors to Cut or not to Cut president Nixon says you should never judge what a person s reaction is going to be by the length of his he made the comment after his 10-Block stroll in new York the other Day and he added that the Long haired youths he had met during the walk were extremely of course we agree with the presi Dent. And with due apologies to the poet we can t resist paraphrasing the presidential dictum this Way Long locks do not a hippie Booster shot a High voltage con Man skittered through the country around Greensboro recently striking several innocent victims. The Greensboro better business Bureau reported that a Fanner was swindled out of by a Man who recharged his lightning rods. Everybody else got a Large charge out of that one. The Farmer just thought it was shocking. The Flim Flam Man was gone like lightning knowing better than to strike twice in the same place. The Asheville . Citizen we recall the taxi Driver whose Long Reddish hair was tied Back with a rubber band or shoe string. He was a student driving taxis As a summer a very careful Driver at that. Then there was the truck Driver with the Long curly Bob who saw the plight of a woman trying to extricate her car from a difficult parking spot. The Young Man got out of his truck and guided the woman until she was Clear of the obstacles. Let it not be thought that we Are defending Long hair indiscriminately. We deplore the unwashed unkempt look which gives Rise to the tendency to Brand All Long haired As hippies. We think there Are Many places where uncut tresses Are in appropriate on the male head. But fashions change. Even such a tradition bound institution As Bri Tain s Royal Navy recently made a move to get with but we Don t believe the Royal Navy is about to return to the look of Nelson s Day when the famous com Mander and his men wore their hair at Bob length. Or is Christian science Monitor David Wurf Kcf War weakens North Vietnam copyright 1970 Law Angeles times Washington suggestions from members of Congress that unless american prisoners Are returned the bombing of North Vietnam should be resumed raise a question Asio Why the United states has not employed one of the most important military operations it can apply to bring the War to a conclusion. The bombing was halted in 1968 As a Means of stimulating peace negotiations but the talks at Paris have been fruitless and the War goes on. It is believed Here North Vietnam is under the influence of two communist capitals Moscow and peking. Lately the soviets have shown some signs of working with America in trying to get a settlement in the Middle East and also in endeavouring to find a Way to limit the expansion of nuclear arms. But the theory prevalent now is that red China has moved into the picture More and More As the soviet Union has sought to exercise a peaceful role. The question has been whether red China or the soviet Union exercised More in fluence Over North Vietnam s policy with respect to peace or War. North Vietnam according to a White paper published by the North Vietnam news Agency and circulated in Iros cof Drummond Hoover Nixon parallel surfaces medical science boosts the mini the save the miniskirt forces have acquired a potent ally medical science. Well one practitioner of the science anyway. If health were the Only consideration he says the mini skirt would stay and the Midi and the Maxi would be outlawed. This is the opinion of or. Harry j. Johnson noted author of health books and articles and chairman of the medical Board of the life Exten Sion Institute the nation s oldest and largest health examination facility. The reason the miniskirt i s preferable he says is because it gives the body Freedom of movement which should be Basic in clothing. The miniskirt also tends to promote Pride Washington the parallel Between president Herbert Hoo ver s capitulation to a protectionist Congress in 1928 and the Dielemma which will soon con front president Richard Nixon in the body and this is important in a nation where overweight is a major is becoming Pam fully visible. Health problem. To help ensure his election midis and Maxis Are a step backward asserts Johnson. Over his democratic nominee gov Alfred e. Smith or. Hoover promised sen. William Borah of Idaho that if elected he would Call a special session of Congress to restrict the in there May have been some justification for women to Wear Long dresses in the past for warmth but ports of food products into the modern heating has changed All of us Borah campaigned that. The natural need for clothing quite apart from morals or fashion is to protect us against the cold the Sun promised sen. Strom Thurmond the rain or injuries to the body of South Carolina that if whatever the condition the right elected Lle would quota clothing should be Loose so that there is full Freedom of vigorously for Hoover. To help ensure his Nomina Tion and election or. Nixon that the textile Industry is very much injured by imports. Here is what he said at his press conference july 20 we feel that for ingress to pass a limited Bill dealing with textiles Only we believe that that approach is acceptable. But if the Bill goes beyond that if it includes other items i would not be Able to sign the Bill because that would set off a Trade War which would have All the repercussions that i have tred to describe to fortify this position leading administration wit Nesses testified strongly against any Extension of quotas beyond textiles. A special Cabinet level task Force found that it would be harmful to an v quota restrictions to shoes and another Cabinet committee found that . Consumers Are already paying to ?8 billion extra yearly because of quotas on Oil imports. The House com Mittee proceeded to put both shoe and Oil quotas into the Bill. Mrs. Virginia Knauer. Testifying As special assistant to the president for consumer affairs told Congress that she was alarmed Over t h e disregard of the american con Sumer As evidenced by the restrictive Trade Bill and gave this reason higher prices fewer product choices reduced Competition and a limited Supply of imported products Are the pro Bable result of the proposed import quota legislation. It will Hurt virtually every consumer in the ., particularly lower income there is no firm evidence what the president will do unless the Senate makes the House Bill intolerable to the president by adding still More quota restrictions. Then he would probably veto it. It s going to be a cold Winter Doc if the fashion moguls have their Way. Sumter daily item the fruits of cosmopolitanism restrictions to Cut the imports of textile products into the . Senator Thurmond campaigned vigorously for Richard Nixon. But when the 1928 special session of Congress convened it did t limit itself to cutting food imports. It passed the w i dest ranging highest Tariff Law the Smoot Hawley american history. William s. White census shows political Power is moving West conducting a state House election and celebrating the 300th anniversary of the settlement of the state both in the same year Are creating tensions in South Carolina. Some of the pressures match the strains on the two tricentennial buildings a t Charleston and Greenville where structural weaknesses developed and delayed completion. Construction has been halted on the Piedmont tricentennial exposition Center. A letter to the Greenville news says the building is an unfinished Leaky empty makeshift of an expo Republican gubernatorial candidate Albert Watson Calls it a fiasco and blames his democratic opponent John c. West says Legal action May be necessary. Democratic senator Charles g. Garrett of Green despite the nearly unanimous warning of most of the nation s economists against s m o o t Hawley pleading with him to veto it. Hoover signed it into Law. It was designed to fend off the oncoming depression. It had the opposite effect. It deepened it went beyond anything Ville threatens to seek a legislative in president Hoover wanted and vesti gation. And James Henderson gop nominee for lieutenant governor declares the Pavilion will have to be torn Down. Some leading democrats agree with him. Alfred Stern who has been associated with every american and it Ien thened today Congress is in the pro foreign world exposition for the last Cess of repeating the mistake 30 years commended the Trice of 1928. Tennial program last Spring. Writing president Nixon asked in variety the show business Publica Congress for a limited quota ,.__, Law for textiles Only but the approved by the House employed some of the nation s top ways and consultants architects and designers thus avoiding provincial chauvinism which is such events. Bill approved by ways and Means committee and soon to be passed by the House goes Way beyond anything or. Nixon recon my anally destructive for Man Deb to the textile quotas it add a c de shoes and Oil and More. Some South carolinians believe that n inserted a provision which if there had been More provincialism authorizes quotas on any in there might have been less destruct whatsoever whenever Tion. Columbia record such Rise rapidly and equal arise roquefort lovers. Unite approximately cent of Domestic sales. 15 per among current items of political interest we Are must intrigued by this As reported in the Wall Street journal invitations to fund Raiser for a California assemblyman stipulate roquefort dressing 25 cents extra. Our immediate response was that the gentleman in question had merely carried to the extreme a form of discrimination which daily affects millions of americans. Which americans the roquefort lovers. Go to a restaurant. Read the salad menu. Does it Cost anything extra for i Hose Pinko commie perverts who eat russian dressing not a cent. For i Hose Frog eating nato busters who cat French dressing not a cent for i Host luxury lovers Jet setters who thousand Island dressing not a Cuni. But if you just like a Little roquefort cheese Why even if you just like a Industry and it in t proved the question now is. What will the president do about it he does t like this quota Bill at All. His whole record shows that he believes hat the . Ought to be Little Good old american Blue mind devoting itself to expanding you not red cheese they hit you world Trade not contracting i. He considers quotas wrong in right where it hurts. Fifteen cents sex principle As a Means of Deal a. Twenty five cents extra. Why we in g with an especially injured know of a few clip joints where it will Cost you a full half Dollar just so your salad dressing can be prepared As any civilized salad dressing should be with roquefort choose. All we can say is that there is something pretty darn suspicious about a political candidate who charges extra for roquefort dressing. What s he up to do the people of California really think a Man like that won t be robbing the Public Treasury the minute he gets his hand in roquefort lovers unite . Daily news Tell senator Mcgovern j u tee him no Washington for the National politicians the preliminary returns from the 1970 census Tell one of the most significant stories of this Cen Tury. What they mean in Brief is that the focus of critical Power is presidential elections is moving dramatically away from the East to the far West and Southwest with which the South is More nearly oriented than is the Atlantic Seaboard. California on these projections easily replaces new York As the giant of giants with 43 seats in the House of representatives which is to say with 45 electoral votes when one adds the two additional electoral votes represented by each state s two senators. New a along with Pennsylvania loses two elec toral votes. Texas moves up from sixth to fourth place tied with Illinois. In Short the big ones in the presidential elections of the future will be in this order of place California new York Pennsylvania Texas Illinois Ohio and Michigan. All this has incomparably More arithmetical importance. It spells the end of the Essen tial position of domination held by the Eastern Seaboard almost since the founding of the Republic not Only in presidential elections but also in presidential nominating conventions. It used to be indeed it has always been extremely difficult for any aspirant of either party even to get a Chance to try for the great prize of november without the support or at least the toleration of that Region. Through Long distance forecasting is of course hazardous it is More than speculation to say that the fugitive Quality called conservatism or moderation which is already apparent in the mood of the country will have some place to go by 1976. Why the West the middy West the Southwest and the South arc in general historically More conservative than the East is too Complex a question to discuss Here. It is simply a fact of life. It is not very hard therefore to see what a current president who is either conservative or m o d e r a depending on any Man s Point of View has been about in these last two years. It is even easier to see How superficial has been the conclusion so often offered that this whole posture has rested upon a so called Southern it has been a strategy neither Southern nor Northern since both terms Are oversimplified though it has indeed not been an Eastern one. It has been and is instead a strategy of the Middle Way whether on race or whatnot a secular gospel of centrism that has recognized that the real name of the game in future will be not Only non megalopolis and non Eastern but also pro South pro West pro Middle West and perhaps above All pro suburb anywhere and everywhere. The operative majority of the future is not going to be very partisan minded actually it is not even now. Rather it will be concerned with what candidate As distinguished from what party is the More Likely to give it what it wants. What it wants is More Public order More Public and private peace less ideological divisiveness than we have known in a very Long time. And it wants an Ever growing Opportunity for an Ever growing Middle class in both the social and monetary senses. The erstwhile monolithic bloc Power of organized labor which used to be almost automatically democratic on election Day has in truth already been largely dispersed. This is in part because the rising expectations of Labouring men to use a favorite expression of sociology have already moved Many of them tip into Middle class property ownership and incidentally into a pro Spiro Agnew Frame of mind. It is a fact too As this columnist suggested More than a year ago and As the biggest labor Leader of All George Meany of the Al Cio has just confirmed that this pro Cess of dispersal of the Monolith has been accelerated by a condition having nothing to do with economics. This has been the persistently extreme attack by leading democratic Liberal politicians in the Senate upon not Only the Wisdom but the very integrity of the War Effort in Vietnam. These Fellows had not until late y stopped to think it is far More the sons of labor than those of More privileged families who Are bearing the wounds of that War. The far East has been Hurt considerably by the War Drain on manpower and material resources. But it is argued that the country nevertheless has been developed into a Strong communist state. The occasion for the review is the 25th anniversary of the founding of North Vietnam. It is claimed for instance that in the three years from 1965 to 1968, the americans dropped one million tons of bombs on North As Many As they did in the whole Pacific area during world War ii. Notwithstanding the boasts about military strength and the ability of North Vietnam to drive the United states out of Indochina it is conceded that Progress has been slow and that there Are increasing signs in Hanoi of War weariness among the people. This has affected economic develop ments adversely and there Are reports of absenteeism idleness bad management and incorrect ideologies in a number of the factories. An article by a japanese journalist who spent some time recently in North Vietnam also reported from Hong Kong declares that the country has been facing psychological and morale problems because of the broadening of the War and that army recruitment has caused a serious labor shortage. The newsman said factories he visited in several cities were not in Good order and machinery was not being properly maintained. In addition to he pessimistic Outlook on the economic Side there Are reports that United slates and South vietnamese operations in Cambodia have produced Many Supply problems for the com Muniss. Certainly the costs of the War have been growing heavier for the North vietnamese and Western analysts Are estimating that because of the manpower Drain women now make up at least 70 per cent of North Viet Nam s farm labor. This is partly responsible for the fact that Only 11.7 per cent of the country s farm cooperatives have fulfilled the production goal of two tons of Rice per acre per year. The 1969 Rice crop is said to have been the worst for several years because of these handicaps As Well As bad weather conditions. Little b Little the North Vietnam government is discovering that individual incentives will have of be increased to boost production and that a piecework payment system must be implemented to curb idleness. The question May be asked Why in View of these favourable conditions North Vietnam continues to hold Oul at the Paris talks and will not make the slightest concessions toward a peace settlement. The truth is that the Hanoi govern ment is greatly influenced by advice sent from peking. For. As the russians turn their eyes to the Mideast North Vietnam looks to red China for help and will be guided to a Large extent by the instructions received from the red chinese. It is apparent however that North Vietnam is weakening. If he United states should resume the bombing of North Vietnam there would certainly be a change in the Adamant Altitude of Hanoi toward the making of peace. Billy Graham says Why would the Bible say Jesus grew in favor with god and and also say he was desired and rejected such contradictions arc confusing to me. May god give you Wisdom in your great work. . I see no contradiction Here because the first statement referred to Jesus boyhood and the latter statement to his trial and crucifixion. As a Young boy he surprised the doctors and lawyers with his Wisdom and thus elicited the admiration of All who knew him. But As he grew to maturity and the Cross loomed on the horizon and his Mission of redemption became Clear certain people came t o despise and reject in fact when he hanged upon the Cross most of his disciples forsook him. Even today Christ elicits these two contradictory emotions. With some lie grows in favor and others despise and reject he is not generally accepted and me is not universally rejected. He Well knew that some would be repelled by his Call to full commitment. When some of his followers turned away he said to his disciples will be also go Christ is divisive. He said i came not to bring peace but a Matt. That sword divides the fearful from the faithful right from wrong and cowards from t h e courageous. Believers from unbelievers. units Florence morning news published Dolly and sunday 141 s. Irby it. Fiorina . Member of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern news Ponce publishers association. The associated press is endued exclusively to the use for publication of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. 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