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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 7, 1970, Florence, South Carolina47th year no. 250 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., monday morning september 7, 1970 daily lot sunday 1s car pos. No. Driver and Home Row 1 1 17 David Pearson Spartanburg s. 2 6 buddy Baker Charlotte n. Row 2 3 22 Bobby Allison Hueytown Ala. 4 99 Charlie Glotzbach Georgetown in. Row 3 5 Bobby Isaac Catawba n. 6 40 Pete Hamilton Dedham mass. Row 4 7 21 Cale Yarborough Timmonsville s. 8 27 Donnie Allison Hueytown Ala. Row 5 9 98 Fred Lorenzen Elmhurst Iii. 43 Richard Petty Randleman n. 10 dual. Speed 150.555 148.370 148.294 147.680 147.560 146.881 146.378 145.745 144.903 143.709 Row 6 11 49 g. Spencer Jonesboro Tenn. 141.306 125 buddy Arrington Martinsville va., 138.285 Row 7 13 32 Dick Brooks Porterville Calif. 147.640 14 48 James Hylton Inman s. 144.359 Row 8 15 72 Benny Parsons Detroit Mich. 144.304 16 37 Don Tarr Miami Fla. 142.543 Row 9 17 61 Hoss Ellington Wilmington n. 139.076 18 39 Friday Hassler Chattanooga Tenn. 139.068 Row 10 19 18 Joe Frasson Golden Valley Minn. 138.613 20 06 Neil castles Charlotte n. 137.647 Row 11 21 64 22 8 23 25 24 10 25 36 26 45 27 76 28 68 29 62 30 70 31 38 Elmo Langley Charlotte n. De Negre Dillon s. Row 12 Jabe Thomas Christiansburg a. Bill Champion Norfolk a. Row 13 bugs Stevens Rehoboth mass. Bill Seifert Skyland n. Row 14 Ben Arnold Fairfield Ala. Larry Baumel Sparta Wise. Row 15 Dick Poling Shaw fab Sumter so j. D. Mcduffie Sanford n. Row 16 h. B. Bailey Houston Texas 137.309 137.288 136.809 136.679 139.170 137.914 137.778 137.674 137.056 136.210 135.834 32 79 33 4 34 57 35 33 36 46 37 34 38 24 39 19 40 26 1st. 54 92 3.86 135.770 Frank Warren Augusta a. Row 17 John Sears Ellerbe n. Johnny Halford Spartanburg s. Row 18 Wayne Smith Advance n. S. Roy Mayne Shaw fab Sumter s. Row 19 Wendell Scott Danville a. Cecil Gordon Arden n. Row 20 Henley Gray Rome a. Earl Brooks Lynchburg a. Alternates Bill Dennis Glen Allen a. 133.564 Roy Tyner Lake View s. C 132.335 seconds separate entire staffing 135.225 135.150 135.143 135.091 134.876 134.643 Field jobs 3 planes hijacked u. S. 747 resorted destroyed London a Arab guerrillas seized three jetliners in european skies sunday but crewmen foiled a fourth Hijack in a shootout Over England that left one Hijacker dead. More than goo passengers were aboard the four planes. Egypt s Middle East news Agency said one of the hijacked planes a pan american world airways 747, was blown in after it landed in Cairo and the 170 persons aboard were taken off. London radio monitors reported. The government controlled Agency reported the huge let burst into flames the monitors said but gave no further de tails. Mcelreath wins first gun position California 500 race u. S. Jet hits Jim Mcelreath sunday won the first running of the California 500 Auto race at Ontario Calif. Page 6-a. Queen Elizabeth has troubles Mak ing ends meet and it also gives the government political problems. Page 3-b. It. Gov. John c. West sunday repeated his plea for help from the National administration will damage to the state s Economy by textile imports. Page 2-a. Index classified 4b in North Vietnam comics farm service men sports women 7b 2b 3b 6a 5a weather mostly for with mild Days through tuesday. High 90.-Lew, upper 60s. De tails Page 2-a. The Boeing 747 was diverted first to Beirut Lebanon and left there for Cairo after three hours on the ground with its Passen Gers and Crew still aboard under the guns of the hijackers a pan am official said in new York it landed in Cairo at . Edt. The jumbo Jet carrying 152 passengers and 18 Crew was seized after Takeoff from Amsterdam Netherlands bound for new York. It put Down it first 747 Ever to land i Saigon a an Ameri can f105 Jet fighter bomber at tacked a North vietnamese antiaircraft gun position five Miles inside North Vietnam and the . Command said monday in a delayed report. The thunderchief Jet struck at the radar controlled gun site saturday in response to hostile actions in keeping with the inherent right of the command reported. It said the plane was flying in Laos a j the time and the gun position was located about 21 mile Southwest of Ding hoi. Israel extends talks Boycott Israel announced sunday it will Boycott the Middle East was surrounded by i peace talks in new York in armoured cars and truckloads of steel helmeted police. Jordanian troops sealed off the Airport. Til the military situation on the egyptian Side of the Suez canal is restricted to what it was before the cease fire began on aug. 7. The announcement came during one of the most dramatic Days of Middle East developments since the six a pan am spokesman in new Day War of Une m7 York said the two hi-1 the guerrillas threatened to blow up the 747 if it were not re fuelled and permitted to Lewe lebanese authorities agreed to refuel the plane and tried but failed to negotiate the release of the passengers. The plane took1 off from Airport at . Edt. Scotland Yard in London said a Hijacker was killed and his female companion and a Steward were wounded in the abortive attempt to take Over an Al Al Boeing 707. The plane made an emergency Landing at London s Heathrow Airport. The female Hijacker was Tak Jen to a London police Slation for i questioning and the Steward. Shlomo Vider underwent an emergency operation from which officials said he was re covering. A new Crew took Over and the plane left for new York at . Edt after Security men searched All baggage to make sure the hijackers had not put explosives aboard. The Passen j Gers seemed relaxed. My View is that violence could happen in a Street in new York so this certainly would t Stop me from said. Uni Bernstein 65, a retired Lai Dryman from the . Europe and diverted them to the Middle East but were foiled in an attempt to seize a fourth of Israel s Al Al airlines. The Day also saw new lebanese charges that israelis continued to fight guerrillas in South Lebanon in Defiance of a . Security Council demand on saturday that israeli forces withdraw Srael denied charge. Since the Middle East ceasefire went into effect Israel has accused Egypt of severely violating the truce airs moment by moving up meticulous preservation of the standstill cease fire agreement is one of the Cen trial elements of the american peace the israeli Cabinet said in a communique issued in Jerusalem. As Long As the standstill cease fire agreement will not be implemented fully and the situation restored As it was Israel cannot closings set for Holiday Many area businesses along with City county state and Federal offices will be closed monday in Observance of labor Day. The news Florence business morning and and missiles and missile the canal. The lebanese ver Tising departments will be refused to closed for the Holiday. The circulation department of the morning news will be open for Telephone Calls at 869-1776 during the morning hours monday while the news building new and mechanical departments on Lus Side of maintain Normal working hours. Participate in the peace talks it said. But. Israel added i t s acceptance of the . Proposal for a cease fire and subsequent settlement is still in the israeli Cabinet said it had authorized its envoy to the peace talks y o s e f Tekoah to inform United nations mediator Gunnar v. Tarring of Jerusalem s decision. Spokesmen for . Secretary general u Thant said in new York neither Thant nor jarring had received word of Israel s decision. Neither was at his . Of fice sunday and neither could be reached for comment. In Washington the state department had no official comment but department of View the israeli move As an ending of the talks. One source said privately officials Are disappointed at the delay but we Don t look upon it As a breaking off or a disruption of the talks. We continue to Hope they will resume this spokesmen said the . Plane escaped damage but gave no results of the attack on the gun position. The command did not explain the action taken against the aircraft. The last announced strike by an american Jet against an antiaircraft site in North Vietnam was aug. 28. A . Navy a4 skyhawk hit a North vietnamese gun., position 23 Miles Northwest of the coastal City of Vinh 150 Miles North of the demilitarized in response to unspecified hostile the command said. Twi . Light observation helicopters were reported Sho Down sunday by enemy ground Miles Southwest and Miles South of Danang. Three american crewmen were wounded in the crash nearest Danang spokesmen said. Only scattered ground action was reported across South Viet Nam. The command said Ameri can forces killed 12 enemy and nost two killed and three wounded in fighting sunday. Command spokesman announced sunday that three squadrons of Marine Jet fighter bombers were preparing or withdrawal from Vietnam. Other sources reported plans to rim american forces in Viet Nam to fewer than 40.000 men by the end of 1972. The three squadrons which support uie 1st Marine division include 33 f4 phantom jets and 11-weather a6 intruders. The lanes will be returned to the United states later this month. Toll rises by the associated press the toll of persons killed in Raffic Accident s Over the labor Day weekend climbed to 350 unday with the final Day of the 8 hour Holiday period still head. The Holiday weekend began at . Friday and ends at mid ight monday. In 1969, 612 persons died Over he labor Day weekend. A ecord for the Holiday was set in 968 when there were 688 traffic fatalities. After Long voyage Young japanese has problem the other planes also were bound for new York but were diverted to the Middle East where they landed safely Sun Day night. They were trans world airways Boeing 707 with 145 passengers and Crew flying from Tel Aviv Israel hijacked after a Stopover in Frankfurt Germany a Twa spokesman in new York said Iho plane had landed safely at a see planks Page 2-a san Francisco a a Young japanese who sailed car miss the Pacific Ocean in a i6-fool boat has run aground on immigration Law. He has no visa. An immigration official held out Hope sunday that the Obsta Cle would be overcome. Minor Nagayoshi 23, left Osaka Japan for Vancouver ., in his engine less plywood Sailboat Calypso but eight Ocean storms pushed him far to the South. Arriving Friday in san fran Cisco Days and a passport but no Vioa he must now report to immigration authorities. Ordinarily immigration officials noted a person without a visa is refused entry into the United states and exceptions arc rarely made it s a technically difficult of said Gordon Davidson assistant District director of the . Immigration service. But chances Are we can overcome his Lack of a the ancient Mariner s Rule any port in a pro vide a loophole allowing the intrepid Sailor to stay Here Davidson said. Nagayoshi who is staying at a japanese newspaper office Here told a newsman through an interpreter sunday he is apologetic for causing Dif i cuties. Asked if he were Ever afraid during his trip he replied absolutely not people irom Osaka Are especially Brave and Strong. I had a feeling that if i failed i would fail my Nagayoshi an said lie wants to study electricity in the United states. I Hope i can live in san i pole Sitter David Pearson preparing Here for a practice run is the pole Sitter for the Southern 500 Stock car race at Darlington raceway monday. He won the pole with a qualifying time of 150.555 . Related stories pictures pages 6-a.______________ staff photo by Sonny Smith briefly around the world u. S. Notes labor Day by the associated press politicians campaigned protesters planned marches and Union leaders celebrated sunday but for millions of americans the labor Day Holiday was simply the last Long weekend of summer a Chance to get away from it All and relax. By air rail and especially by Road americans headed for resorts the Shore and the country. More than 250 persons had died in traffic accidents by noon Edt sunday and the National safety Council estimated 570 to 670 peo ple would be killed on the highways Between 6 . Friday and Midnight sunday. Among the organized labor Day celebrations monday will be the 13th annual Mackinac Bridge walk on the Bridge connecting Michigan s upper and lower Peninsulas. Nixon views race san Clemente Calif. Nixon wound up his 18-Day stay at the Western White House sunday with a brids Eye View of the California 501 Auto race on a helicopter trip to visit an ailing aunt and examine possible presidential Library Sites. The unscheduled sudden helicopter trip came shortly before Nixon s 4% hour Jet flight sunday night Back to the nation s capital where he faces tussles with Domestic issues in pushing his legislative programs. The helicopter the president Miles Inland to Riverside Calif., where he got into a car for the five mile drive to Beverly Manor convalescent Hospital to visit his aunt Edith Timberlake 90, who has been ill. Nixon visited about 30 minutes. The president s helicopter flew Over two possible Sites for the proposed Nixon presidential Library. One was the vast Irvine ranch in the neighbourhood of tie University of California at Irvine and the other a Ridge of land East of Fullerton Calif behind the president s Alma mater of Whittier College. Rains Down five Phoenix. Ariz. Cap five persons drowned three others were missing and hundreds were evacuated or stranded sunday after torrential Rains struck Central Ari Zona overnight. More than seven inches of rain was reported at Crown King and More than six inches at Payson a resort area. One River overflowed its Banks sunday and others were rising. Several Hundred persons were stranded at Lake shores and along a flooded Central Arizona Highway sunday As rain continued sporadically. Helicopters and four wheel drive vehicles were being used to Rescue them. The Highway patrol said one of its officers Gib Dulsie drowned when raging water swept his patrol car from the Road into Sycamore Creek Between Phoenix and Payson. Elizabeth auction scheduled fort Lauderdale Fla. A the once proud British liner Queen Elizabeth beset by Money problems is up for auction. The elegant Queen tons and once the world s largest passenger liner has flopped As a tourist attraction and is being auctioned Here wednesday and thursday. A group of businessmen in Tampa said it would submit a million bid for the ship. Don Kelly president of cargo Gaso line co and a spokesman for the Tampa group said the men want to have the ship towed to Tampa and turned into a hotel convention Center and tourist at traction. The Queen Elizabeth s older sister the Queen Mary is be coming a sea museum and hotel convention Center in Long Beach Calif the Queen Elizabeth s prob Ems started in 1968, with the ship s retirement from 28 years of Active duty in the at lactic including duty As a world War ii troop ship. A Philadelphia group offered to buy the liner for use As a showpiece there but the million Deal fell through. The Cunard interests then brought it nto port Everglades at fort As a tourist attraction with plans to develop it As a resort and convention Center. Man captured in sayings Creston A Dale Merle Nelson wanted in connection with the murder of earlier Story Page to seven canadians was Courtr cd alive by Canadian police sunday in n Remote area bout 20 Miles Southwest of Here

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