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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaFlorence morning news thu Suay sep i div Befi 6, 1973 to t 9 Vav it s r no by Erma Bombeck Tell Jane exactly what you think my Washer is on a new Lack. Kor years in Lias seen fit to eat one sock Oul of every pair i have fed Inlo it. Of. I questioned it Al first but after awhile everyone adjusted. They would put a cast on one leg or a bicycle Clamp around i hair i rouser cuff or laugh nervously and say Good heavens one sock is Brown and the other one Pale Blue in t three weeks ago my Washer did a reversal. It gave birth to three pairs of men s briefs. They did nol look familiar to me bul then i gel a Little behind sometimes and have been known to stumble onto Navel bands in soak. The baby is kor starters. I put the briefs on my 13 year old s stack of laundry lie came out Early the next morning and said. Where s a Hel my shorts keep falling Don t be i said. Pul them in your brother s the 16-year-old came Oul the next morning and said. Where s a give them to your i said dryly. My husband said. They Aren t mine. They be got Clastic in them. I Don t own a pair Wilh elastic in i figured out they had in belong to a Friend of my son s who had spent a few weeks Wilh us. So i Pul them in an envelope and mailed them to Ohio we received them Hack within a week with a note attached. These Are wonderful for showing Home movies on bul somewhere there must be someone walking around who need these. They Aren t 1 sent them to my father who also spent a few weeks with us. He called Long distance to say if this was his birthday present would 1 please Exchange them for the right the shorts became an obsession Wilh me. Where did they come from where had they Bee was there an anxious Mother somewhere looking into her Washer and saying is that All there i asked the Milkman if they looked familiar. 1 be has never Golten Oul of the truck since. Vie just sols the milk Al the end of the drive i due to the handling the briefs became soiled so yesterday i Pul them Back Inlo the Washer. After the spin Cycle. I fell around for them and they were gone. In their place. I found a faded Beach Towel with Little Black footprints on Lillial 1 have never owned in my life. I m going to pretend i did t see in. The headaches Are coming Back. Soybeans a meat alternate by Abigail Van Buren others. Dear Abiy 1 have this Best Friend i la Call Jane. She has been Over Here asking me what s wrong with her because she and her husband have been fighting a lot. She says he has t been Corning Home for supper lately. He cats Oul and comes Home at bedtime. I know one thing that is wrong bul i can t find the words to Tell her. The minute you walk into Jane s House you smell this funny smell i s like food decaying. And that s Bably what in is because you never saw such ii filthy House. You have to Slep Over boxes and sacks to get from one room to the other. Yon can t Sil Down anywhere because every chair and Couch is covered with stuff books newspapers clothes boxes. Her dining table is loaded with More stuff. And so is her Kitchen Able. I noticed she served John hit dinner every night on a tray in front of the to because she s Loo to Clear off space on the table. Anyway. 1 think you gel the picture. I just Hale to hurl Jane s feelings but i d like to ill her to clean up her House and keep in that Way and maybe John would feel like coming Home More often. Jank Dak Friend a Oral Friend should an the Friendly thing and Kij Jane exactly what she thinks is the Mailer. What Are you wailing for Dak Abry having Alwi ivs believed that in is customary for your future inlays to Sug Gest the manner in which they wish to be addressed. I waited Bil nothing Ever was said. I be been married for two years and i still have he problem of not knowing what to Call my inlays. And hey. is not my slyly. I would feel awkward at ibis late Date continuing to Call them. Or. And mrs. As i did before i married their son. I cannot Call them by their fir St names As some of my friends address their inlays. And dad is unnatural for me. As la till is what i Call my own parents. They have Lold my husband to Call them mom and which he does very naturally my inlays arc both avid readers of your column so perhaps if you print this they will Sec it and my problem will be solved. Kor heaven s Sake. N Ora my Dak no or heaven s Sake Why Don t you come right nut and ask what would you like me to Call Dak ab1sy speaking of signs in offices of professional men. One of the Best i be seen was in a medical doctor s office in san Diego. It said morticians dig Bigarel nonsmoker Ronli arms you la feel hotter if you get it off your Chest. For a personal reply write to fishy Box no. 69700.1.a. Calif. 90063. Enclose stamped self and o Neil s Antiques prints Price 355 w. Palmetto St. Dressed envelope please. Kor Abby s new Booklet what teen agers want to Send is to Abby 63700. Los Angeles Cal. 90069 Sale intern Knol Sterling flatware the China shop downtown Florence Many people Are looking Lor meat alter Nales. With Economy and nutrition in mind soybeans Are taking the spotlight. Soybeans Are one of the Best sources of High Quality Polcin. White cereals have about 10 per. Cent Polcin while soy Beans arc in the 40 per cent Range. Soybean flour contains twice As much protein As cheese two to three limes As much As meal and Lish. Four limes As much protein As eggs and liver 12 limes As much As milk. Soybean Puree can be added id casseroles soups meal loaves and used to extend the meal and supple me the loin. Puree of soybean is made by i Essing sea cd soybeans through a coarse Seive or grinding in a food grinder. Use the Puree As h base for Sandwich fillers chopped onions and salad dressing for taste. Soybeans Ore High in protein and contain sub of Imal amounts of some amino acids. Ammo acids Are Turc sub stances which compose the protein molecule. Used As an expander and Al Ternate soybeans Are grand. Sound null Lional planning and n Well balanced Dick Are still essential As soybeans and other High protein vegetable foods should not locally eliminate animal protein foods. These animal Polcin foods include milk cheese eggs meal and fish. You can make salads of soybeans use them in vege table dishes or mix with meat. Why not by baked soy jeans soybean soup or h simple Green soybean vegetable several recipes arc available using soybeans. Kor free copy write Loann Mcphail. Clemson University. Dak Abby a neighbor in my condominium Complex recently suffered a heart altar. And within minutes after the police and ambulance arrived a crowd gathered. Some of the onlookers interfered with the ambulance attendants so they could get a Good look ill the victim As he was being placed in the ambulance. One Man actually stopped the Man s wife As she was gelling Inlo the ambulance with her husband and asked what happened. Lest you think i was part of that crowd. 1 viewed All this from my apartment window. How can people he so cruel and Nosy and then they Altum Polo excuse their action by saying they were not Nosy in Laud not n Oso Call it morbid there will always be people who Chase fire trucks and ambulances and who take some perverse pleasure in witnessing the suffering of now ready to you with tin Heiwtt in floor covering. Carpets by. Burlington Mills Sikes Barrett Dan River Thomas c. Coleman Astico Shamrock and a Complete line of Armstrong Gap carpet i installation guaranteed credit terms available owner Frank Warr owner Gen mgr. Larry Hawkins color coordinator Doris 808 Nashua drive phone 6654229 hours 9 . Til 6 . 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