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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Florence morning news thursday september r of me for i second cup of my its supposed to j be free i 9 Why did we All 5tand Over be for this picture thai peanuts hey you Mape a mistake on my Check Yem you re the Coffee is free i m not sure i can handle Andy Capp thought Vou a an cts Keepin might s brewed an meat in them Cut what s new an1 give them Tor heh. Heh. Mary Worth didn1 Means n sf.r10us, perhaps. Pon1 Wanna i talk bout it it swim the Vodka i stopped v my tasted of the i d drunk i1 v now lotion 1t Alu j please mrs. Don t Tell my Husban or anybody but Dick Tracy our lab save you re the 06ht who jumped through that tent top Beetle Bailey youve r lip Speed see to Pep Plicis. Lids Ali Crete Pic pc Flintstones walk in his what philosophy a Man you be do you have for i Walker a mile us today in his emos o Wise what kind of dumb v statement it the a old Man i l Abner in Las an ape s mome a. Is a5 Good As ak1yone if a guest Caw Pav for his room vie Don t ask his poetics m1stah kaana6ep., v Klud mar shape a Liyim i this i bigot Carroll right efts from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies a Good Day to organize the various endeavours in which you Are involved so you have an extremely Good arrangement for the future Dave into property matters that can add to your income. Keep up with your bookkeeping. Aries mar 21 to apr19 making the collections that arc possible and paying your Sills on Lime and right. Obtain advice from business experts at this time. Show More Devotion to mate tonight. Taurus apr 20 to May 20 you feel dynamic today and can now engage in new outlets that will be profitable to you. Some association with persons whose background differs from yours can be very enlightening now. Gemini May 21 to june 21 you will need to obtain More data if you want to make certain activities More successful. Generous affection will please your loved one at this time. You deserve relaxation tonight. Moon children june 22 to july 21 making new contacts in business is especially Fine at this time. Repay social obligations by entertaining Loyal friends. Discuss a vital subject with a steadfast Friend. Leo july 22 to aug 21 Ideal Day to talk with bigwigs and have them show you How to make a better place for yourself in the world. Show your finest creativity. The evening is Ideal for attending the social. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 you have an Opportunity to engage in new activities and make this an enjoyable Day. Also Fine for obtaining new data and looking into new outlets that Are profitable. Think logically. Libra sept 23 to oct 22 you have an Opportunity to Delight the one you love so get Busy doing just that. You can now Complete some unfinished tasks and put your affairs in better order sidestep arguments. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 hold a conference with an associate and come to a better meeting of minds. Be sure to take care of a civic matter in an efficient and logical manner. Show others that you have Wisdom Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec 21 attend to those important duties Early in the Day and then go shopping for the apparel you need and want plan line for health treat meets. Become a More dynamic and charming person. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 you want to have a ii Ood time and can to so if your work is done. The romantic Side of life is especially Fine tonight. Take that Chip off your shoulder and be Happy lie Calm aquarius Jan 21 to feb. 19 cooperate with Kin and take Steps to make your Home More comfortable. Make sure utilities Are in Good order buy the appliances that make life easier and cleaning less laborious. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 run the errands and do the shopping that make everything run More efficiently at Home. You May get a letter today that can bring happiness. Do some entertaining at Home tonight if your child is born today lie or she will be one of those intelligent Young people who must follow an academic educational curriculum in order to be Happy and successful in the future. Theta could be considerable Fame in this Chart and your progeny will be a source of happiness Foi you. A Good religious training Early in life is important. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is Lai Cly up to you. Carroll Rigler s individual forecast for your sign for Oci Obei is now ready. For your copy Bend your birthrate and is to Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning o. Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcna Firlit Syndicate. 1 no crossword Puzzle across adolescence 25. Football lineman 26. Maybe 6. Retaliate 28. Exist 12. Boy s nickname 29. Caked 13. Dissuade 30. Hoot 14. Restaurant 31. Drift employee 32. Bouillon 16.idolater 33. Story 19. Russian parliament 20.thug 22. Sticks together 24.beard of wheat h530eoh Esq Otam a Dshigde did 0 eng Ana a Aura so kids Taraanne Aspen i 37. Bellowing 39. Godlike 42. Wolf to urn 44. Prospector 05. Deflected 56. Fury gown 1. Red Berry Evergreen 2. Medieval Money 3. Concord 33 s7 19 solution of yesterday s fuz7u 4. Giant 5. Cad 6. Leaflet 7. Mogul 8. Sidestepped 9. Ethiopian title 10. Signund s sword .1. Lab Burner 15. Customary 18. Braided 20. Gossip 21. Attribute 23. Black Gram 25. Sticky stuff 26. Promissory note 27. Dude 29. Sara Day 30. Pugilist 31. Flowers 32. Juniper 33. Flaps 34. In a line 36. Bean 38. Mahogany Streak 40. By birth 55 41. Wander Par 26 min. 43.cyprinoidiisr contract s Bridge f b. Jay Becker a tall tale North dealer. North South vulnerable. North 4akq 10 9 8 5 2 4 k j 643 West East 43653 vj76 3 v4 q9875 42 ask Gid Auest Lon Tor Andy while in on a Post card ind mail Illo the Florence s morning Newi. F. 0. Box la. Florence s. C. Andy and sends a Complete 20-Volumc set of he merits student encyclopedia to Joanne la George age 13, of Rochester new York for her question How often does a Snake shed his skin the average Snake Sheds his papery lop skin at least once a car and sometimes As often As six times. It depends upon where he lives and How Busy he is also upon the weather and perhaps on the size of a major meal. A pet Snake who lives a rather Lazy life May he expected to shed once or maybe twice a year. A Snake lives close to the ground where his skin gets Lotof. Wear and tear. To some extent in is protected by a papery thin epidermis of dead cells that its like a Light under this is his True skin a thick Waterproof hide covered with Scales which help him to grip the ground. His one piece epidermis covers the Scales from end to end and even covers Llie Elass lids which Are sealed Over his staring eyes. When he glides through scratchy grasses and slithers Over scratch stones his epidermis becomes scuffed and shabby. Mesh a new layer of dead cells forms on the surface of the True skin. When this is Complete it is time for the Snake to shed his shabby old epidermis and emerge in a new one. How often Liis happens depends upon his living conditions. If he does a lot of travelling Over rough ground he May need to replace his top skin every month or so. If he has to hibernate through a Long cold Winter he May not shed for several1 Mon is sometimes a Snake devours an enormous meal and goes into quiet retirement to digest it. He May rest As Long As a year without shedding. Usually however even an inactive Snake needs to shed at least once a year. When he time comes to change the old epidermis becomes Dull and very dry. The Snake s eyes Are blurred his skin feels Tiehl he becomes uncomfortable and irritable. He incs to find a Sharp Stone or a tuft of grass to help him wriggle out of that miserable old skin. Shedding is a very difficult problem because the epidermis is peeled off like a stocking and the Snake has no hands or limbs to help him. It makes him very nervous because until the Lask is finished he is More or less helpless and at Ine mercy of his enemies. He begins by rubbing his head against a Stone or some other rough loosens the papery skin around his Mouth with More rubbing and wriggling he manages to Peel it Back Over he head. Now the Dull old epidermis is removed from his eyelids and he can Sce again. Inch by Inch he Rolls the shabby old blocking farther and farther Back toward his Tail. At last he wriggles free. If you have a pet Snake provide assistance but kindly let him do his own peeling. Add some rough stones to his terrarium also a Large dish of water. Some snakes like to soak before shedding. If All goes Well he should wriggle free in about half an hour. If the Job takes an hour or More he May need to rub against a larger is of Andy sends a seven volume set of tilt or narnia to Rick Weaver age 7, of Gastonia no. Carolina for his question in tadpoles really become frogs a sooty Black tadpole seems to be just a Little round head with a Tail. And he has to live in the water. Beside him. A Frog looks like a giant. What s More the colourful Frog has Lour noticeable legs a head and a big Froggy smile. He has no Tail and he does not have to spend All his time in the water. Yet every Frog in the world was once a Little Black tadpole. He hatched from a Jelli fied egg and swam around searching for scraps of food. He had a pail of fishy Gill so Nenad to his oxygen from the water. As he grew bigger his body made some remarkable changes. Tour Little legs began to sprout. His Gills disappeared and he grew a pair of lungs for breathing air. When his Tail finally wasted away the tadpole was n miniature Frog. He left the water and gradually grew into a full Frog. South a j 10-974 Jakq Aid a 82 the bidding North East South West in pass pass opening Lead five of clubs. Dear or. Becker my name is Siegfried Munchausen. You will recall that i wrote you on a previous occasion calling at Tention to the great feats at the Bridge table accomplished by my late and illustrious father Baron Munchausen. I realize that his name has unfortunately gone Down in literature As the greatest liar of All time but i can assure you that his memoirs duly recorded for posterity Are accurate in every respect. As further evidence of my father s extraordinary skill at the card table hand i myself recently played. It is presented to you in All. Modesty As additional proof of his Genius since itis Well known that Bridge genes Are passed along from generation to generation. I was playing with my three sons one evening and arrived at six Spades. I was South and my youngest son age three led a club. It was at once evident that this was a Singleton but i had no doubt that i would eventually make the slam. I won with the Ace and cashed the a a a of my Pride and Joy on the left following to Only the first Spade. I then led a. Heart to the Ace and Drew nor eldest son s remaining Trump he is Only five years when i next cashed the King of hearts i discovered the hearts were divided 4-1. This development might have stumped a lesser player but i found the solution at once. I cashed the Queen of played the ten of diamonds and., finessed the Jack then led the ten of hearts and discarded the Ace of diamonds my son was forced to win the heart and return a Diamond and i was Able to discard both my club losers on the King of diamonds and nine of cordially yours s. Mun Schausen. 1973 Kizik features Yii dilate inc a tomorrow bidding quiz. I every Day i Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh All the sad words in the Book of Fate the Saddest of these too late too these lines by an unknown author come to my mind As f Tell you the Story of a Man who was almost too late but not quite. He had followed the usual. Pattern of social drinking until in Laid hold upon him in the second stage of solitary drinking. Finally he had become a confirmed alcoholic. He lost everything he had. Including his family who left him. However his aged Mother remained faithful to her prayers for him each Day. He knew she was praying for him but he rebelled against it. The harder he fought against these the More he came under conviction. Finally he decided his life was. Unmanageable and gave the lord a Chance through alcoholics Anonymous. He made a Complete break with the past became a new Man sober mentally As Well As physically. He came to his Mother and told her now your prayers Are answered. I have been fighting against them feeble from old age and from illness she looked up from her bed at him and smiled contentedly saying now i am ready to two weeks later she died Happy in the knowledge that her son Long a slave to alcohol had yielded to the Power of god that her prayers had been answered. There is nothing like the per Sislene prayer of a godly Man or woman. St. James wrote the p effectual fervent prayer of a t righteous Man Avail eth those who have Access to their lord can focus their prayers upon another person with such intensity that they can actually feel it. Often like the Man to whom we referred above they fight rebellious by against it. F have had this happen in my i ministry frequently. I let me put a Man or woman on my daily prayer list whose life needs cleaning and i can almost see them squirm As a result of their inward conviction some try to avoid Mev others fight Back by me and pick ing at me. J it is easy to see the same j things in broader Fields. If a Man is under conviction about his life he will first begin to i criticize and attack other i people. He usually attacks the Church and Points to hypocrites Init. Christ whole who was so Busy t pulling specks out of the eyes of others thai he did t see the huge beam in his own Eye. Some of you who read this now Are the special object of the t prayers of Mother father or Friend. You know it and feel it. Remember you can t run away from the lord but you can run yourself into much discomfort and unhappiness by fighting against the Call of conscience a and the Power of god. It will be a Happy play Lor Yon a when you resolve to give god n

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