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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Florence, South Carolina, september 2, 1972 Florence morning news you and your pets cose against ear trimming Good Ivy Worth . A few Days ago. Received a letter from a Pel owner in new Jersey. She proceeded to give me a Prelly gone going Over because veterinarians Par tic palc in ear trimming in cer Tain Breeds of dogs. She told of recently seeing a Boxer Pup whose ears were bleeding profusely As a result of an ear trim a few Days before. In the end she posed the question How can the veterinary profession talk Abnot and promote humane treatment for animals and then participate in the most pain provoking procedure Long before the turn of the last Century dog fanciers were beginning to set standards for certain Breeds and Many of i desc standards involved Eer lain cosmetic procedures which would greatly change the appearance. Mainly this involved of the ears and tails but there wore other activities such As removing Dew claws and others. This has been handed Down through Lime until now in this country there Are sonic Thirleen Breeds of dogs thai Are required to have Irrin mid cars if they Are to he entered in dog shows. The Case against ear t in Ming is gaining momentum in other countries. I read recently where veterinarians in Canada requested the Canadian Ken till club to re Access their standards and bring an end to unnecessary cosmetic surgery. L they said much of this surgery i could not be considered is san Lial to Good health. Those Breed fanciers and veterinarians thai have gained lame in trimming ears will r argue that there is nothing inhumane about this practice. They contend that they take an animal who otherwise would grow into a grotesque appearing creature and transform him into a proud Beautiful animal who will always hold its head High. If you be Ever seen a grown lion or with Long ears and a full Tail. I d say you d have to agree. Also we sometimes Point out that a dog with trimmed ears never suffers from inner ear problems hut ibis i think May to taking Hie thing a Little Loo far. This question has been debated Many times before and i must admit there Are Points for and against the procedure. Bui i m Quick to admit Hal never looked Forward Wilh anticipation to a single Case. Perhaps it was not for the Sake of humaneness. It was rather the dread the cars will not land properly. And be compatible with the rest of the head when the dog entered a show. 1 was always amused to hear certain Breed fanciers expound on the proneness of a certain individual in rimming ears. The veterinary surgeon actually has Little to do Wilh whether or not the ears stand following trimming. This is almost totally dependent on hereditary characteristics and the after care the Dof receives following rimming. Bui make no mistake in most car trims. The reputation of the veterinarian is Al slake in every single Case. He is classed As a great surgeon when the cars land and As one who should never pick up another Scalpel when they Flop. But Back to the question of the humane aspect. While i m Clim Bing the Fence let me Point Oul that my land is this right or wrong if ears Are to be trim med hey should be done under the Complete anaesthesia required of any general surgery and they should be confined and treated until completely healed. And this surgery heals rather slowly. If a pal incl is to be handled like the one described by the new Jersey writer Hen i d have to agree his is grossly inhumane and should be prohibited. Carolina gardening lawns first fall subject Byco Kaa. it s Good to be Able to talk Gar Dening again and my first fall subject is Lawn making. The Lime is just around the Corner and i Hope this column will be of some help to thousands of new homeowners. Remember thai making a Lawnis nol a one Lime Job. Even if it is made by the Best professionals. You have a very important part to play in its future. Autumn is the Hosl Lime to make the new Lawn or winterize an existing one. In this Section lawns Are generally made from Sepreni Inlo Early november depending upon weather conditions. Cool moist weather induces rapid growth in Early fall hut growth slows Down when Winter begins. Number one Don t. Throw Lawn seed lop of hard ground or on packed soil. If you Are nol willing to Rake your Lawn Crossw Irie so thai seed can fail into shallow Little trenches to be covered lightly Wilh peal Moss then you were wasting your time and Money. Braving it out . Calif. I api Engin acts say California s 103-year-old Capitol could col lapse in a fire or earthquake. But despite the warnings. I in state Assembly has voted against moving from the Gold domed Structure. The legislature s joint rules commit Lee already has ordered evaluation of offices in the building including the lieu tenant governor Secretary of stale stale treasurer and the Capitol press corps by sell. 15. Some offices already have icon moved Oul. Special five Days Only 8x10 hand for Only coloured portrait Reg. Price Call for appointment 10 . To 6 . Eisenmass studio phone 662-9491 Florence mall closed labor Day sept. 3rd. Cost conscious i Lio Knix. Arix. Al l what happens when a Congress Man mails out a questionnaire o his constituents in these Cost conscious Days i Hep. Sam Sleiger. A Arix. Found the space for com Neils filled Wilh Many com plaints Hal in took an eighteen stamp for answers lobe mailed in return. Why Don t you make the next questionnaire in the size of a six cell one per son wrote. Some Home owners look Over their established Lawn and firmly believe there is enough Green Blades to absorb new seed and the ground is All right. This in t Hie. Case. Hake in thoroughly before seeding and expect a Good Lawn. If you Are seeding a new Lawn see thai it contains 50 per cent humus. Humus is a Benefactor absolutely necessary. Ii May consist of Moss delay draped sheep manure thought in bags Al Garden or hardware stores your next Choice is inorganic Fermi liver. So Many ask. What is the difference Between inorganic and organic Fer this is a natural question for new gardeners to ask. Inorganic fertilizers Are derived from Mineral or chemical substances such As phosphate Rock nitrate of soda sulphate or ammonia and Oiler similar materials. Organic fertilizer is derived from i organic material Plant or animal substances ashes Bonema i and other Mailer. Bulk Candy 1st Pound 51.19. 2nd Pound free everyone will enjoy the scrim pious time of the car Firin bulk on lies tie Many flavors nor Juar Alsed to Tompt your mix pm or match pm icy ill Lasle great during Ilus big bulk Candy and Ift the first to until for 0 ily si.10 the in Conral pour a is free Florence mall of Ohio phone 662-9951 opon won. Fri. 10 . To 9 . Saturday s 10 . 7o p. M. Commercial fertilizers generally require 10-10-10 at the rate of about -10 to 50 pounds per 1.000 Square pm. Organic fertilizer such As Milor Anile can be combined half and half with regular fertilizers. Afler applying humus and food Rake smoothly. Here Are a few facts to remember if you want to have a goad Lawn culling too close shocks the grass causes it to recover slowly and often per mits crab grass invasion. Gras Blades Are the part of the plants which manufacture food. The usual cutting should be 2 a to inches High. Bermuda grass can withstand lower cutting hut hi.1 is nol the season for ils growth it should be Cut Low if you Are Over seeding with Rye. To be specific when in come to applying a combination o humus and fertilizer the bes method i have found is 100 pounds of sheep manure. 20 of Lawn fertilizer per 1.00 Square feet and one Bale of pea Moss on this area. Types of seed fall mixture rescues perennial Rye describe the local inn when my ask for Lawn seed. Sun. Shade Etc Carroll Righter s 12 hour Sale . Til p. M. Odd s and ends broken sizes All great buys Short Reg. All must go mens summer suits values to now Check your size 37 38 39 40 4 l 42 44 46 48 so 52 1 3 2 -1 1 .2 1 from the Carroll Righter Institute i Ihm Lisai. One of Llic Best sundays in a Long while to decide the Overall Aims Tot your Lai Eliis. Use breadth of mind and spirit in Oul a new plan of anon whereby you can broaden yom ail Uil Aige your consciousness. Show your ar1l-s Mai -1 in Apt i m you have Fine hunches today i hot will help you nine in on he highest philosophy of life and know How to Golem yom Hie belter in the future. Cooperate More Wilh male gel Heller in stilts to Uius 1 api to 20 a Good Day to talk Over with As Soiles How to have Seitei understanding Between you. Seek m Imp Iii Lui irony Wanh the Public in general also. one who Dors not lum1 your Best interests at heart. Filming

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