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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 2, 1973, Florence, South Carolina5 a Nayf Jep Temoer i our 50th year no. 245 Florence s. C. Daily 10s sunday 15 Security keeping Pace Washington a so Cial Security benefits have in creased much More rapidly than the Cost of living since 1950. Government exports Fig ure they estimate that the level o payments went up 125 per cell in that period while the consumer Price Index advanced 75 per cent. The year 1950 was chosen for the calculation since it was not until then thai significant pay ments were made. The first social Security checks went out in 19-10 but the payments were Smalt and con Gress did nothing to raise them until 1950. However since Ihen the legislators have voted periodic boosts in the payments. These culminated in three rounds of increases effective in 1970, 1971 and 1972 which had the cumulative effect of raising benefits More than 50 per cell. It was this latest spurt the experts say which took the level of payments Well above the Pace of inflation in recent years. Last year. Congress revised he system to provide for the first time for automatic Cost of living adjustments. Under the provision benefits will be increased each year by the amount of the jump in the consumer Price Index so Long As that exceeds 3 per cent. However the 1972 Law specified that this was not to Lake effect until january 1975. Recently Congress decided beneficiaries should not have to wait that Long for a Cost omit ing Rise and voted a 5.9 per cell increase effective in june 197-1. A further boost will take effect in january 1975 under the automatic adjustment plan. It is estimated this will amount to at least 3 per cent. The 5.9 per cent hike will mean an additional billion in bin coils to the nearly 30 Mil lion persons now on the retire ment family survivor and Dis ability Rolls. Total pay ments Are estimated to top billion. Beginning with the checks received in Luly next year the average monthly Benefit to a retired individual will Rise from s167 to s17h a month and for a couple froms278 to s2m. The minimum payment will be Raiser from to s89.50 a month the maximum from to s301.70 for persons re tiring in 197-1. Nixon Agnew formulating future plans sad record Chicago Lai l deaths during he first six months of 1973 were the highest on record the safety Council said saturday. The Council said 26.500 per sons lost their lives on he nation s roads a two per cell increase nver lire january through june period in 1972. In Addi Liun. The Council said about 950.000 persons buffered disabling injuries and traffic accidents Cost an estimated s7.4 billion. A miss Southern 500 a miss Catherine Renee cousins of Newberry j was crowned saturday night As the 1973 miss Southern 500. The 18-year-old miss Newberry also won first place in the evening gown Competition. Photo i by Johnny Ellis parliament moves to halt strike Ottawa i a parliament passed legislation saturday to end Canada s 11-Day nationwide rail shutdown and the leaders of Insl of the striking workers recommended that their members accept Hie government s Sotl Lem no terms. The strikers were Tore Lurn to their jobs by . Kit sunday. However the leaders of one Union representing 18.000 of the Konope Ramg employees voted against a negotiating committee motion to obey the new law1. Thev Are member s of lire Canadian brotherhood of railway transport and general workers and arc All employees of Canadian National Kail was. One of the country s two largest railroads. Non operating workers Are clerks pullers and Oiler employees not directly involved in running the i Rains. The rail shutdown which has lied up passenger and Ireigbe traffic anal closed a number of factories came in the in idol of contract negotiations Between lire unions and 11 Canadian railroads. The walkout followed a month of regional rotating strikes. Under 1 he Law. Which i arli Amend passed saturday Moi Ning alter an All night session the average minimum salary of the striking non operating employees will be xxx sled about per cent Losi. 10 hour by july 1. 1 arli Amend also raised wages Lor 20.000 shop Craft rail workers and i4.vx trainmen. They arc not on strike but have been bargaining for new contracts. The Canadian government had asked parliament to in crease the hourly minimum for non operating employees by 17 2 per cello tire ass willed hallway unions called for a 2 i per cent wage hike. The minimum wage is ill can be increased by a govern men Arbil razor who to la selected within the next few Days to re View the non operating employees total contract. Munro said the arbitrator should consider Cost of living factors Jimlu Chivily increases and any need for catch up raises in keep Railroad pay competitive with wages in other Fields. The rail strike and disputes Al several paper plants in Quebec and Ontario have significantly curtailed newsprint Supply to i a. Newspapers which depend on Canada for h5 per cent of their newsprint. Some of those newspapers have been forced to Lake constr Valic measures culling lire sire of the paper and liminal ing editions in some cases. Christine weakening in Atlantic Washington a president Nixon and vice president Spiro t. Agnew met at length saturday to discuss the criminal investigation involving Agnew and then went their separate ways for the i Abor Day weekend. The iwo hour meeting at the White House was a discussion of the led Cral in Quiry in which Agnew faces possible indictment. Deputy while House press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said it also embraced the coming session of Congress legislative priorities and other subjects lie said. In Ixon flew to his Camp David. My. Retreat for the Holiday while Agnew planner in spend the weekend with friends Al Ocean cily. My. The while House meeting had Given Rise to renewed speculation thai development in the criminal probe had reached a Point where Agnew s resignation might be requested or offered. Warren and a spokesman for vice president denied this in Advance and both said saturday thai the subject of Agnew s resignation did not come up. Moreover they said there was no discussion of Agnew s Legal strategy nor of any constitutional questions such As Legal Steps thai might be Laken against a vice president or his us of executive privilege. Warren said in reply to questions from newsmen thai Nixon s Confidence in Agnew. As expressed in his news conference at san demonic two weeks ago. Remained unchanged follow ing saturday s meeting. Agi Rew had requested lire meeting with Nixon to bring lire president up to Dale on the investigation. In involves alleged kickbacks to government officials by contractors in Maryland where a guck served As governor before he became vice president. The vice president has been advised by the . Attorney in Baltimore. George Bacall or. Thai he is under investigation for possible bribery extortion conspiracy and lax fraud. Agnew has wrongdoing. Spokesmen repeatedly stressed the informal nature of saturday s meeting apparently seeking to dispel along with double about the vice president s future any suggestion that talks Between the two Nien Aboul the criminal probe could be heated. Their Only previous discussion on aug. 12. Was described in one report As which the we Rill House later denied. .1. Marsh Thomson. Agnew s press spokesman said the meeting was a relaxed discussion and they look to their Lime. 11 was just the thing to do on a saturday he said Agnew looked More relaxed than Ever after he meeting. The session began Aboul nine hours after Nixon arrived in the Early hours saturday from his Western while House at san Csc Mcnac. Thomson said lire vice president s Only purpose in asking for the meeting was to bring Nixon up to Date lie declined to slate. What new information might have been discussed saying he did t know whether Agnew had received any further communications from heal i or the Justice Denarl ment. 114th birthday Ike Anderson of Milwaukee celebrated his 114th birthday Friday with a party and a dance. Anderson who lives at a nursing Home said he owes his Long life to plenty of Good wine Good women and he was born in Louisiana. A Miami api tropical storm Christine was reported losing strength saturday and forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami said Christine s highest sustained winds dropped from Solo 50 Miles per hour. Al i . Kit lire Center said he ill defined Center of the storm was Al latitude 15.5 North Longitude 5-1.8 West or about 750 5 Miles cast Southeast of san a Hian. Puerto Lii co and was moving West at i to 18m.ph. The Center said Christine was turning slightly to the led of its previous course and could affect the Leeward islands late sunday. Forecasters had said earlier that Christine could have Hurri Cane winds of Al least 7-1 by noon saturday. Proxmire opposes trial by publicity Libya seizes Oil firms ii saying Washington Lap sen. William Proxmire urged newsmen saturday to be careful not to charge iry and convict vice president Spiro t. Agnew b y disseminating leaked charges against him. American n presumes his of Kickback i allegations. The Wisconsin Ujj Democrat said in a ii statement i i the foundation of our i l system is tie right to face ii accusers. When the press i disseminates leaked charges in helps undermine the i foundation. It unwillingly k subverts the system of 4 Justice. Tripoli Libya api the libyan government announced saturday a 51 per cell Okeover of she holdings of All major Oil companies still operating independently Here. The decree signed by Premier Abdel Salam Jalloul and Oil minister Mabrouk. Marked the fourth anniversary of lire revolution that toppled King Idris and installed a revolutionary military regime headed by col. Moa mar khad Afy. It was not known How the companies would he compensated in previous takeovers. The khad Afy regime has offered to pay the Book value of the the libyan decree said All Oil company personnel would continue in their jobs under heir exist inn contracts. Warren gloss head of the am Oseas group and informal spokesman for the american Oil companies Here confirmed the announcement but said it had been a. Surprise to him and details were not yet Clear. One company official who asked not to be identified speculated hat the companies taken Over saturday Midlil prefer to give Libya per cell control if they could Hen avoid paying High prices to buy Oil from the libyan National Oil company. The libyan firm which does not have the facilities to Market its share of the Oil. Is sell ing it Back to other concerns for s4.00 a barrel for 40-Degrce Low Sulphur Oil. A Lype usually used for pricing standards saudi Arabia Sells Back Oil under similar arrangements for about s2.50 a barrel. Senator Proxmire be careful sub Crew unharmed undaunted cock. Ireland Lapi pcs criers won a race against the clock saturday and hauled to Safe to two men trapped 7c hours in a midget submarine running out of air i.175 feel be Low the Stormy surface of the Atlantic once on land lire freed men wigged Champagne and made their experience sound like a picnic. Ii was very pleasant and Virv comfortable Down i said linger Mallinson. A father of three. I feel Foger Chap Man added grinning. A British. Canadian and american Rescue learn had re Jan Rod from the scene that the p air had Only minutes of air left when Uliey were grilled to the surface. Hut later Mallinson said he and Chapman had about a Day s Supply left when they were rescued. Chapman said the worst pan of their three Day ordeal was being swung Back and Forth while being hauled up. That was very he Lold newsmen we were going from if degrees backwards be Hind vertical to facing 20 de Grees the two men disclosed Hal on wednesday when their ship first became stuck in the Ocean bed mud. They received a radio message from Queen ii giving us her Best wishes and saying her thoughts were with Mallinson. 35. And Chapman. 28. Climbed out of their 20-Fonl min sub Pisces Iii with no assistance. Both men look As if they arc fit enough to play football and they Send their love to their a message from the Mother ship. Vickers voyager said. Chapman s wife of a year Lime said if anything in has Given me even More Confidence about my husband going Down under the. Mallinson s wife Pamela a Mother of three. Said. "1 have had Only three hours sleep in the last three she said she expected her husband would return to submarine work. The sub. Which had been Lay ing transatlantic Cable was being hauled to surface wednes Day after nine hours below. A hawser Tore off one of her hatches As the vessel was Al the 170-foot level a. Compartment hooded and she Sank Seesaw Day month Klokk. Al. Api saturday was declared Seesaw Day Here after two 13-year-old girls pumped their Way to a new Woi i Seesaw record. Kathy Workman and Susan Kellcy. Bolh pupils at Montpe lick Junior High school logged 216 hours of perpetual motion on a special Seesaw they Buill themselves Complete with pad ded seats Arr trays for meals. O r t witnesses including representatives of the guinness Book of world records observed in shifts As the girls broke the word of 200 hours Sel in the Marathon in Gan More hair a week ago. As the girls pushed off on thursday. Aug. 2.1 according to the rules each girl left her Seal Only to go to the bathroom during which time the of her kept the Seesaw going. Terrorists run Rife in Buenos Aires the Good life has lost its sparkle in Buenos Aires since terrorists have started making abduction threats. Page 12c. The chinese communist party now has a dangerous new ene my Jonathan Livingston sea j Gull. Page 3d. I a year after the Black tues i Day massacre at the 1972 olym i Pic games memories Are a Lull vivid in Munich. Page 5a. F Index 1 arts 11d business 6a features 10d i gardening 2d sports 1c women in weather mostly fair and hoi today. Highs lower 90s. Lows around 70. Details Pago 3a

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