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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 1, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlintstones crossword Puzzle 1. Bundle of papers Charity 10. Indian Village 11. Jungle of 13. Supple 14. Ancient greek 15.japanese song 16. Chalice 18. Woven 19. Canasta score 21. Onsager 23. Famous general 49. Rubber 24.anguilla 50. Paradise 26. Massenet opera 51. Mentho lated guarantee a up to will Rev think of yes but will it work -3 Andy Capps mrs. Burn s lass. She s gettw1 Marriro cos she s Trebo workin1 Dick Tracy Why i can Cook . S and Harry s harassment and Don t for it Alma s ailment dinner whilst i watch Connie s my new stove with the built in Little Abner example o the Mao est o the 1. A Mosto the pieces Ahll glue pm together am that la legally glue together Agi Musta put that up while a a thar we wishes our o Vore License marriage in is still Here o brr a human but to is avg us say in ins a Provins v6ey human Caks -5 to Raj of human v an9, a Howaro. Upward w6 Swa a favor pm late i want a pour minute egg but j have to Xiv. Have it in two minutes four minute Ess she can to anything in two minutes. Mary Worth that station Wagon from the. Magazine. The. Girl j with one. Arm s getting to be a steady v customer i la wait on heir you Don t mind As soon As i pump some. Gas i want to hand i i a number two socket 1 v ? third time. This week she s beatle Bailey no. I agape a of it. Never should have set. Smoke i requests what comes from bein6 in apm to Pip you that 6ikl were with Soop Mutt Jeff you wanted to marry Jane so much you save up smoking yep in fact i m a. Changed Man for her i gave up smoking drinking hours. I m and a gentleman of dignity my goodness will she marry you yes but i i m too Good for her across 28. Wrap 31. Slain 32. Nave 33. Mountain banana 35. Cavort 39. Cupid 41. Circuit weight 46. Describe Jack in cards Flatt not Jinn Iii a fruit. Tuesday september i to is contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top record Holder in Mot Lirt individual Champi Ruhi 1. Retinue 2. Pertaining to blood p m a 1 a 7a a 3. Redux 4. Name for Athena 5. Ceremonious 6. Past 7. Research rooms 8. Nearsightedness 9. Gazelle hound 10. Fruit tree j2. Short notes 17. Like 20. Light moisture 22. Piggery 25. Pixie 27. Pronoun 28. Hut 29. Tenderhearted 30. Away from the Mouth 31. Coronet 34. Transit system 36. Poet 37.weal.th 38. Equal 40. Hil notice 42. Fairy 45. Half score Al Ripon top Carroll Righter s from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies a routine sort of Day and evening Best spent getting Little unimportant matters out of the Way so time will be free later on when important needs arise. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 get at All those tasks ahead of you Early and you la finish before Sundown. Be painstaking. Know what fellow worke Swant of you and try to please. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 today s emphasis should be on improving your personal appearance and that of your Home. Show Good taste in and Ling special touches. finest Beauty or Barber shop for you. Bring out your own particular Charm. Gemini May 2 to june 21 carry out ideas of Kin which add sparkle and efficiency to your abode. Find out causes for i Harmony at Home at Woik or with friends and remove obstacles. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Good for shopping for items that make life More comfortable. Then delve into vital statements and making sure there Are no errors. Leo july 22 to aug. 71 make needed repairs on property Home or place of business adding improvements. Work on an import financial matter. Prove that you Are Clever. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. .72 you crave extreme cleanliness in your so get Busy Early making things spic and Span. Improve diet and you will be More dynamic. Stand Pat on some situation you Are sure about. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 get Nus Early with the Many confidential Little tasks you have to do. Take treatments that improve appearance. Put your Best foot Forward with everyone and All will be Well. Scorpio oct. 2.3 to nov. 21 business pressure has caused you to neglect Good friends lately and now is the time to connect this. Repay social debts Early and be As cordial As possible. Assist those in need. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 get Busy now paying Bills and taking care of civic responsibilities and other duties you have neglected. Sudden emergencies May arise but can be handled easily. Try to aim at greater efficiency. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 that new project you have in mind requires More study to insure future Success. Seek advice from experienced persons and act with Wisdom. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 your Best bet today is to meet obligations that seem unimportant but Are actually stepping stones to Success. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 sit Down and discuss Mutual projects with partners to develop plans for making them sure fire hits. Don t get Home too late in the evening. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those fascinating Young people who like to have everything in its place and want to do everything at the right time. This child will work Early to express such orderliness at Home. Proper teaching will enlarge the vision. You have a most successful progeny Here particularly if the right kind of education is received along with much encouragement Early in life. Early spiritual training is necessary also. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for september is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate is to Carrol Righter forecast Florence morning news Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. Syndicate inc by or. Herbert or Augh what do you see As you look at this newspaper this col certainly. But what More can you see what lies Back of it and what has been combined to give you so much for the Small Cost of ten cents Back of this newspaper is the delivery service in which Many have combined their efforts to place it in your hands. Before delivery a group of men and women United their efforts to gather news from Over the world and vital information from Many sources. This in formation and news was edited and put in printed form by machines operated by another of men and women. Machines were manufactured assembled and delivered by another group working in mines and factories. Another group of men then took this printed information transferred it to Type which in turn was placed in the printing presses which Transfer to your newspaper All the assembled news and information. Now look beyond the paper which you hold in your hands j group these look far enough and you will see the forests and Trees which men Cut Down sawed into pro per lengths placed on trucks and hauled to paper factories. Here these Trees became pulp Wood which was ground up and treated chemically until finally the Trees emerged in the form of newsprint. Let your imagination work and you will see the huge Host of men and women whose labors have been United to pro vide your newspaper. So it is with All the physical equipment which has become such a necessary part of our existence. So it is with our food and drink by which we sustain our. Bodies. So it is with the Means of transportation which we use daily to move from place to place. You May continue the enumeration almost endlessly. Man no longer can live alone by self sufficiency. He depends upon his Fellows. If we share the physical things of life we must do the same with our spiritual bless Ings. As the Good Book writes Worth a plugged Nickel if Bast Ever gets on Lead to play a heart through it. West is marked by the bidding with the Ace. Another missing key card is the King of diamonds. You can t be sure that West but i you should assume that j More Likely to have the King than East. I it can do you no Good to Lead i the Jack of diamonds from Dummy planning to finesse for if East has the King he will cover while if West has the King he will win the Jack. In either Case All you live j done is acquire an eighth trick i with very Little Hope for a ninth. I no the Best Chance is to j Hope that West has the King i and plan your play accordingly. Opening Lead ten of Spades i so at trick two you Lead a club to your Ace and play a Low Dia mond towards the Jack if West goes up with the South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North 4 ak72 4 j6 k q 9 5 West East f aqj105 a k 10 2 9 8 5 3 7 4 3 8 6 Sou jail 4 853 v k9 4 a q 7 i a j 10 2 the bidding South West North 1 1 1 it pass 3 it Kasl pass suppose you re Declarer at three no Trump and West who Over called with a heart leads. A Spade. As usual in no Trump King you automatically acquire contracts you Start by counting three Diamond tricks instead of your sure winners. The one you started with. So the count reveals sex in Posi-1 let s assume he lets you win the live tricks and. Since your goal j Diamond with the nine you Start looking for you Cash three More clubs the method of play that offers i and the Ace of Spades then Lead the Best Chance of acquiring a Diamond to the Ace. Now you two More tricks. I Saddle West with the Lead by there Are several clues that exiting with a Diamond Overn the Likely disposition of i forced to return a heart to your the missing High cards. One is j King and in that Way you make that your King of hearts in t j . I i 1970. King features Syndicate t-i-7l tomorrow Sylvia. Ask tool a question Tor Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. 0. Box 911, Florence s. C. 29501. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to David Hall age 14, of Sioux City Iowa for his question could ufos come from other worlds ufos As everybody knows Are unidentified flying objects better known to Ordinary Folk As flying sauce s goodness knows there is plenty of real excitement of create All the hair raising headlines we can but once in a while we hear a report that somebody has spotted a flying Saucer. And almost always this bit of news outranks All the other exciting items of the Day. Many of Andy s readers Are curious about ufos and several claimed that they had seen them with their own eyes. There Are however groups of reliable investigators on the ufos patrol. Chances Are the flying Saucer you. Think you see turns out to be a weather balloon or a Man made satellite a falling meteor or some unusual effect caused by conditions in the atmosphere. The United states air Force has just completed a two year study of unidentified flying objects. They investigated thousands of reported sightings and found that most of them could be identified As Ordinary Earth objects either Man made or otherwise. _ a but even these expert investigators could not identify All of them. A few of these so called flying saucers remain a mystery. And these Are the ones that our in agitations on fire Many people including a number of level headed scientists and air plane pilots Are quite positive that these mysterious objects Are visitors from other worlds. Nowadays scientists know that there Are most Likely millions of Earth Type planets in our Galaxy. It is logical to suppose that Many other worlds Are inhabited by intelligent beings. Since this seems More than Likely we should not feel astonished if some of these aliens paid us a visit. However let s use our imaginations to figure out the possibilities. Travelling at the Speed of Light it would take some 4% years to reach the nearest Star and thousands of years to reach some of the Bright stars in our sky. If. The flying saucers do come from other worlds then Fiese aliens must know a very great Deal More about space travel than we do. They must also know a lot More than we do about mechanics physics and everything else. To stands to reason that they must also know enough to keep out of sight if they wish to remain undetected. Surely they would not reveal themselves in Clumsy ufos appearances. V. True alien visitors May want to study us and not care whether their observations scare us half to death but this is not Likely. Sooner or later nature seems to be Down on the smarties who use their Superior know How to mistreat those who Are less smart. Most Likely this Rule prevails throughout the universe. If it does we May in sure that the super smart ufos visitors if they exist at All Are also intelligent enough to mind their manners. They would know More than we do certainly enough to stay out of sight. They also would behave better than we do and certainly do nothing to scare us with Fly Flag saucers. Andy for one doubts that flying saucers Are sent by aliens from other worlds. But he also refuses to be certain worlds. But he also refuses to be certain. They might just might be. However goodness knows Many experts have tried and failed to produce any real proof. Until this happens if it Ever does it seems Wise to. Keep an open mind on the subject of flying saucers. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Greg Small age 10, of High Point North Carolina for his question How Many galaxies Are in the universe from time to time astronomers make lists of All the known galaxies and give each one an identification tag. The most recent list published a few months ago lists galaxies out there beyond our Milky Way. Many Are. Very similar to our own Galaxy of 100 billion stars. Others seem to be immense Clouds of hazy gases with few stars. Most of them seem to be clustered in groups but All of them Are separated by immense oceans of space. These other galaxies Are photographed by our most powerful telescopes. And the Best telescopes of today can reach Only so far. Certainly they cannot pry the limits of the cosmic universe. What s More it takes time to identify All the Distant objects on their photographic plates. All we can say at present is that outer galaxies have been identified. Most Likely our present telescopes will reveal More of them. Certainly improved telescopes of the future will reveal Many More. But nobody can imagine How Many there Are in the limitless universe. God. Liveth us richly All things to enjoy. We can Only enjoy them by sharing them together. God answers people s needs through other people. Long name Providence . A the smallest state in the Union has the longest Island and Providence Planta woman elected Fowler Colo. A got Stone this year became the first woman Ever elected to the town Council at Fowler in Southeastern Colorado. Center of state Danville by. First Survey of Kentucky during the Early 1800s by the . Geo Detic Survey located the Center of the state at Danville. The land on which the Center Marker was placed later be came the Campus of Centre col lege. Safety Melbourne Australia Apall police in Victoria state have been instructed to Wear seat belts at All times in police cars

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