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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1957, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 1, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning september 1, 1957 pc e off pen John Odowd Jakes a. Bogey president Ani Pnat Tiscar uhor in. No raw Horny no new. Delre. 10 mimed pro Puj of ten u in Noru. _. _. foil Bolce Florence b.c., under of Kirch j 1is7. Member. Tit Attu. Audit bump of and Southern newspaper published Agio Clapton the a Oeum pm to to the uie Lor Mibu Capon uie Newi printed in thai Iii hic. All Inie pendent Contr torn us the Florence to rant we not to Nummi Nide True Volce of Tat Florence morning nem. Id Fairnon ans 1 wok 1 milk milk 1 fat City Euvett i1-75 by mail p. O. Box Section. Florence .40 1.75 ,5.20 10.40 10.80 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 4.55 18.m by mail elsewhere mho rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Dayi by mail Are same As by mail in Rural area. By a cd cred to Prav by the Rev. W. C. Porter pastor re att Puk Ulfat first presbyterian Church Florence our father and our god we thank thee for another lord s Day that Speaks to us of our living risen Saviour. May we live this Day in his presence. We thank thee for the ministers of the gospel and ask thy Blessing and Power As they Lead us this Day. Through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen. All the evidence favors Florence for residence of a Federal judge if the House follows the Senate in approving a new Federal judgeship Forsooth Carolina by All observable evidence the new Federal court should be based in Florence. Florence is located in the heart of the largest South with out a Federal judgeship. The lower state is served by the Charleston court and judge Williams. The Cen trial part of the state is served by. Judge Timmerman at Lexington. The upstate is served by judge Wyche at Spartanburg. Only the pee Dee area is without the services of a resident Federal judge. The growth of the area and the heavy Load of cases now in Federal court Here Are further arguments in favor of a resident judgeship. Unless ail geographic and practical logic Are abandoned in favor of Polit ical consideration Florence will be come the location of the new judge if an additional judgeship for the state is finally approved. Labor Day is a sober reminder tomorrow s Observance of labor Day will be against two significant backgrounds first the great improvement of labor s position in this country through labor legislation aimed at helping the working Man share equitably in the nation s social and economic benefits and second the abuses of organized labor which have made apparent the need for restrictive labor legislation to pre vent these abuse s. The disclosures of widespread labor racketeering by the Mcclellan com Mittee gives a somber setting for to Morrow s Observance. It offers a sober reminder to All americans that unprincipled leadership for organized labor poses a grave threat to the strength and stability of our domes tic life and institutions. The rank and file of labor must recognize that the improvement of labor s position can easily be lost unless the pressure of decent working people across the country is thrown on the Side of honesty and decency. September sky Worth watching those who like to watch the sky at night will find september somewhat meager yet with enough attractions in the Jie avens to be of great interest. Of the sixteen brightest stars few of them Are to be seen on september nights. However at least two May be seen Vega and Fomalhaut. Vega is in the Constellation Lyra and Fomalhaut is in the Constellation Pisces Australia. If one will stand in his Yard and look straight up into the sky in sep tember he will see the Northern Cross almost directly above. The Northern Star will be almost due North of it and the cup of the big dip per which will be near the horizon will be at about 330 degrees. In the heavens toward the South one can see the constellations Capri cornus and Sagittarius. In the South East the Star Fomalhaut will be seen quite near the horizon. And in. Look ing straight up at the Northern Cross Vega will be seen about one fourth of the Way toward the horizon due West further the Little dipper will be seen almost Midway Between the Northern Cross and the big that is in the Middle Northwestern sky. An interesting Star in the septem Ber heavens is Altair. Altair will be found about one third of the distance to the Southern horizon from the Northern Cross. It is a Bright Star and one of our closest neighbors. It is not a Large Star but it is Bright be cause it is so close Only fifteen Light years away. Margaret getting pretty dry Deal Princess Margaret of great Brit Ain is 27 years old and still has found no spouse. We recall that when the Princess had a crush on a dashing Raf flyer who happened to have been divorced the flyer was hustled off to some far away place so that Margaret would not be bothered or would not marry him. It was said that Queen Elizabeth was Eady to Nix the Romance in the it got to the marrying stage. We see Little reason in dooming Margaret to a life of spinster Hood just because she happens to be the sister of the Queen and a member of the Roya family. No doubt Princess Margaret is or could be a very nor Mal woman and no doubt she would like to Cash in on a Little True Romance before she is placed in a Box and buried with Royal ceremony. The Richmond times dispatch in other words we think the Man Ner in which her life is being handled is somewhat archaic and that it is due for some criticism like that aimed at the training of Queen Elizabeth recently. While we will not suggest that Princess Margaret be sent to Holly Wood or Las vegas where she could no doubt be married in a matter of Days to someone who treated marriage As something Akin to a business Deal we do believe she should be Given enough Freedom of Choice so that she will be Able to find a mate. If she is Normal and desires a husband and a family like the rest of the world s women then she should not be penalized because she is a member of the Royal family. In Short it seems that she is getting a pretty dry Deal out of it All. Is compulsory grits in american four years have passed since we evoked tremendous Bellows from All quarters of Dixie by reflecting on the fair name of insipid decoction served the customer Willy Nilly in far Southern restaurants. We had imagined that our carpet bag attitude toward this sacred dish had been forgotten in the confederacy but it appears that there Are linger ing memories of our not quite accurate ones. For our Good Friend John Temple Birmingham columnist whose Friendship we cherish despite his addiction to it Down in his column recently that the Richmond times do pitch says it i Keg them grits with or Graven is confused. If Ono is Golier to cat Triu at All it probably is More readily i Hausted with Gravy than straight. But we never said we liked the stuff. Tolerate would be a More accurate Way to describe our attitude toward or without Gravy. What we object to primarily about the grits mania in the South a the manner in which thin uninspiring Cereal is thrown at you in restaurants of the deep South at breakfast and maybe at lunch without your order ing it and even when you say you Don t want it. Restaurant plates Down there Are made with a special built in compartment to accommodate the compulsory dose. In t there some thing in american if not in constr , about All this will red blooded americans submit indefinitely to this forcible feeding of Confederate reunion saw old South pageant by James a. Rogers in 1952 an Era ended in South Carolina when the last state survivor of the Confederate army died and was buried in the grave Yard of a Little White Church in Orangeburg county. Some persons attended that funeral. It was made an occasion to Honor the memory of All those who had worn the Confederate Grey. The thin Grey sine had been thin for a Good Many years some years the final state survivor passed .1 had1 talked with Flor ence county e last survivor. He was then 98. As a boy. He had walked guard around the old con federate stockade on the outskirts of Florence where Federal prison ers of War had been confined Dur ing the latter part of 1864 and in til near the end of the War in 1865. Thirty four years ago in 1923, Florence staged what probably was the last reunion of Confederate soldiers held in Florence. It was a two Day event in Early May of that year. In a May 1 Issue of the old Billy Graham my answer question i do not agree with most of your answers for the simple reason that i do not believe in your philosophy. Do you honestly believe unit Man s needs can be met and the worlds problems solved through your teaching answer it is your academic privilege to disagree with me in anything that i May say or write. In answer to your question How Ever i do honestly believe that Man s needs can be. Fully met and the world s problems solved not through my teaching As you Sug Gest but through the Power of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not just a philosophy or a code of ethics or a system of religious truth it is the Story of a living Loving Saviour and lord who says All Power is Given unto me in heaven and in after All the trouble in the world today is not economic or political it is spiritual. If we would be honest with ourselves and really face the Issue is there not the consciousness that we Are wrong with god and need some thing to put us right the Bible makes Clear that the Root trouble is sin and also makes known the remedy the blood of Jesus Christ god s son clean eth us from All i John 1-7. I would not Tor a moment de cry the efforts of Good and Noble men who Are trying to remedy the world s evils by less thorough methods than Christ s gospel. Florence daily times now yellow and tattered with the Story of the reunion is told. Older Flor engines will remember it dearly. A pageant written and produced. By the people of Florence was the principal entertainment feature of the two Day event. It depicted the old South in a series of moving episodes. A Story under the byline of j. M. Lynch gives a vivid account of the move ments of the pageant. It opened with an introduction in which the first scene was de voted to dances symbolizing the gifts of nature to South Carolina. Scene two presented the Carefree life of the negro slave on the old Plantation. They were shown returning from work in the even ing singing plaintive songs and engaging in the simple games which made merry the life of their people. As a contrast the Courtesy and hospitality of the old Southern mansion were depicted in Virginia reel dancing scenes the first episode was introduced by an interlude in which these cession i Thev Southern states was symbolically portrayed by figures representing Constitution states rights and the states of the Union in i860. Then followed a presenta Tion of the scene in Charleston Fol lowing passage of the ordinance of secession followed by another showing the firing of fort. Slim Ier. The second episode. Dealt with the War the soldiers were shown " gayly marching off to War with flags flying and bands play ing. Then came the of the Early triumphs followed by a sobering realization that the South was in for a Long hard War of attrition. Sherman s March was selected As the War event which came closest Home to South Carolina. Women and children were shown in. The Fields with the negro slaves when a courier came announcing Sherman s approach. Women Chil Dren and slaves fled. Against a background a red flare indicated that Columbia had been set fire. A company of soldiers Rode across the. Scene. The last part of this second episode was devoted to the fare Well of general Lee to his men took leave of them after the surrender at Appomattox. The third episode opened with the silent March arid my tic ritualism of the Kun flux their Mission of deliverance. Then came a Scherie showing the inauguration of in 1876 and the overthrow of the carpet baggers and Scal wags. A sym Bolic dance followed the passage of the years. Then came the spirit of the new South with tier attendants to occupy the Center of the stage. Before her came the woman of the confederacy to be crowned by Victory. Figures representing the spirit of the War of 1860 and 1918 passed and grouped them selves to the right and left. Be fore this tableau came a process Ion of women garbed in flowing purple bearing wreaths a me Morial to the past. After this processional came the figure of Columbia and behind her grouped the Stales of a re United. Nation. Darkness fell and in a spot of Light the folds of old glory were unfurled As the strains of the. Star spangled Banner announced the end. The pageant sponsored. A the United daughters of the confederacy was presented on the old fair yet 29 years was to. Pass be fore the final state survivor would March off the scene to end an Era. It had been 58 years since Appo Matox. Only those who had sur Vived to their 70s and 80s were reunion. Among them was a 73-year-old Man who 25 years later at the age of 98, with mind still Active and memory Clear was to answer the last Call and end an Era for Florence county. Four years later Citadel cadets fired a Volley of shots Over a casket in Orangeburg county to close the Era for South Carolina. Nervous guns but no shooting we wonder what the Meek will do for enforcement officers when they inherit the Earth. Joseph Alsop quiz by a. C. Gordon 1. What is the capital City of each of these countries a puck to Rico b Uruguay c to mania d Liberia e Nigeria 2. In what country did the game of Badminton originate 3. Who were the baseball Bat Ting champions of the National and american leagues for the 1956 season answers 1. A san Juan b Montevideo c Bucharest d Monrovia e Lagos. 2. India. 3. Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee braves and Mickey Mantle of the new Zork Yankees. English lesson by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not confuse formerly previously with formally in a formal or conventional often mispronounced resource. Accent second syllable preferred. Often misspelled in discreet indiscreet not synonyms Hasty speedy Quick twist rapid expeditious. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word Ren Tancy Resis Tance recalcitrance. Pronounce ree nit an is accent second Syll because of selfish inter est they manifested Ren Tancy throughout the Herr Strauss Pond ers Post Adenauer Germany Bonn Germany the Roost formidable interesting and con proverbial new figure As yet thrown up by the Post occupation Germany of great recovery period is the minister of defense Franz Josef Strauss. Intense ambition ruthless Intelli gence and abounding Energy Are the. Chief characteristics of this Young South German who entered politics by the door so to speak As a clerk in a local govern ment office in the Early occupation years. He is a Brilliant speaker too one might also say a Brilliant potential demagogue. In the present election Campaign he needs All his talents on the stump. As minister of defense he is rearming Germany not quite fast enough to satisfy the . High command but altogether too fast to please the opposition to the Adenauer government. So Strauss is a principle socialist target and his Campaign meetings have some times verged on riot. In sum this Stocky Florid Drew Pearson looking still Youthful Man is Al ready an important personality in German politics. But this was not the reason Why the Youthful de sense minister struck me As being something of a human portent. He seemed so significant rather because he and Chancellor Ade Nauer were just about the Only germans i have encountered on this return to Germany after five years absence who seemed fully conscious of the vast new German weight in the world balance. Almost All germans Are still too absorbed in rebuilding their coun try to have noticed the change to their country s position. They look blankly bewildered if you Point out that Germany is already challenging Britain s place As third Power in the world and second Power in the West. Chancellor Adenauer the Leader who presided Over the German recovery is of course Well aware of his own Success. But the Chancellor s pro Gram for the German future has always been Crystal Clear in his own mind and Success is not changed his mind in the least. In just this respect there is a vital Shade of difference Between the Chancellor and his defense minister. Strauss like Adenauer clearly thinks of Germany As a great new weight in the world balance. Strauss is also commit Ted to the Adenauer policy of a Germany that will make its future both within Europe and within the Western Alliance. But in the Case of Strauss so nearly As i could judge after a Long Frank talk in his modest of fice the commitment to the Ade Nauer policy is not absolute and irrevocable. It is you might say ohly a conditional commitment. In this sense you might also say Strauss pre figures that Germany which must come after Adenauer. Most of our talk together was taken up by Strauss incisive explanation of his defense pro Gram which will add twelve Ger Man divisions to . S West Ern european shield Force by the end of i960. But there were two exchanges with a much larger resonance. The first was occasioned by mention of the debate in Lon Don about closing the member ship of the atomic club by halt ing All nuclear testing. Strauss at once commented vigorously we germans think that the problem of control of the atomic weapons cannot possibly be solved if More and More nations Are to be Gin producing those weapons. We Don t want that to happen. We Don t want to produce atomic Wea Pons ourselves. But if some Way out of this dilemma is not found so that All nations even Small and irresponsible nations Are be coming atomic Powers then obviously the German position will need to be once again Strauss revealed his mind and even More vividly in response to a mention of re ports from Washington of new de sense economics in the american budget. According to these reports the Pentagon was again being tempted to save men and Money by sharply reducing the Ameri can contribution of divisions to n. A. T. 0. Again Strauss commented vigorously on that Point i can Only quota Gen. Norstad who has said and i use his own words that he will not be Able to Bearha responsibility for the shield de sense of Western Europe if the shield is unduly lightened. Speaking More generally i think All the leaders of the West Ern nations must constantly Bear in mind that the Western Alliance is today squarely based on a distribution of National Respo Sibili. Ties. If the distribution of responsibilities Breaks Down because some nations do not want to Bear their responsibilities or because some seek to Bear the responsibilities of others then you will get a wholly new situation. You will get a situation of everyone for and if that situation arises Germany also will have to follow the same course be cause there will be no alter a there it was in a nutshell. Architects gave time to help cultural Center Washington Here is the difference Between the Way which some people work for their coun try and some congressmen vote their pocketbook interest regard ing their country. When a commission was reported to create a cultural Center in the nation s capital various engineering and architectural firms gave their services free. So did the members of the commission. The architects who spent a lot of time and Mado Long trips to Washington included Percira Luckman of los Ange Les Giffels in Lect inc., of de troit Illon blvd Root Burgee of Chicago Mac Kie k Sambath of Houston Reynolds Smith Hills of Jacksonville she play Bill flinch lil Chardson Abbott of Kos on Togo Glicr with two Washington firms final kor a Kingsbury it Sicho Lisp mid Stanford research Insull Tilic. They mid net a pin nor in their very important advice and time. Also on the commission was con Gressman Joel t. Broyhill Republican who represents Arlington va., just across the Potomac River. After the commission had picked an area not far from the Lincoln memorial on the Banks it the Potomac River for the cultural Center it had to go to con Gross for an Okay. In Congress Broyhill led the attack against this location. What he did not loll his con Gressional colleagues however was that to and his family had borrowed from the Peoples life insurance company a firm which wants to build its hand a criers on the same location. Thanks to Broyhi s vigorous opposition nil thanks to his Pocky Hook in orcs Iho selected Choice for the cultural Center vetoed. N m happen that Ralph a Cordiner head of general elec tric and Gen. David Sarnoff head of the radio corporation of Amer Ica Are energetic business rivals. They sell competing to and electronics equipment Battle against each other for business All Over the Usa. But both also happen to be Strong advocates of Well trained armed forces. Four years ago Sarnoff was appointed by Truman to investigate he personnel of the armed forces. More recently Cor Ritner was appointed by Eisenhower to do the same thing. Cordiner came up Wilh an in Porlant recommendation to in crease die pay of specialists essential to the armed services. Old Fratac they arc snapped up by Industry inc minute their tour of duly is Over. General Sarnoff is now Cooper to help Jet recommendation of Himl atm competitor i Man Barney Baruch. The other Day Baruch telephoned Eisenhower to urge its adoption. I would t be in favor of it for the top Eisenhower told his old Friend but i would be for it in the lower col. Elroy Mccaw. Reservist and owner of various radio to stations has been patriotically giving his time to help get action on the Cordiner report. When the history of the recent Congress is finally written two of the worst scandals will be the Victory of the Hilll Nard lobby in blocking inc Scenic Highway Bill and the proviso whereby big utilities can move their Telegraph and Telephone poles conduits Etc m the taxpayers expense. The anal Hll Leonrd Bill is now pro Bably Loo Lale. Dell boards will Sron he constrict cd along the new fed eral with Nyi. But for Tinori Art Hack ing Down on stale Legislatures and the Utility lobbies to prevent the utilities from benefiting from the Federal Highway program. Also some Highway directors such As Herman Nelson of Alabama Are urging state Legislatures not to Okay the Utility Bonanza. They Point out utilities get free service any Way from the stale by inv no the Snow cleared plus free right of Way at All the governors who have cracked Down on their when they Ell for the Wiles of the Public Utility lobbyists include liar Rlynn of new York Mcnich ols of Colorado Docking of inn sons and Roberts of Rhode Island nil democrats together with governor Simpson of Wyoming re publican in one of his Blun Lisl veto Niju attics to the Pennsylvania Ibl sly lure gov George Leader a Penn had this to Muti

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