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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 1, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaSeveral Days before classes began. The Clil Cluren got to know the new school building and i met their teachers As they would old family friends. They met their future schoolmates Loo and discovered them to be not frighten ing but exciting. Most of these says the teacher took the first awkward Days of school in stride. The pity is that Only half the parents troubled to take advantage of this help for their each year this teacher and thousands of others contend with the same parental apathy. They face scrubbed Little faces fresh clothes shiny Pencil a sea of children totally unequipped emotionally for the transition from Home to school. Janie stiff and wet eyed in the Corner has been told by her Mother that she must be a big girl yet up to this moment Mother has never let Janie even Button her own clothes. And Matthew restless in his front Row scat was instructed by his Mother be Nice but Why should he at Home he was never required to observe even the Rudi ments of politeness or respect. There Are others too whose parents have forgotten that education begins at birth and that learning should be regarded As a Privi lege not a terror. These children will find first Grade a misery and probably All the grades that follow. But it does t have to be that Way. Hazel f. Gabbard of the u. S. Department of health education and welfare Points out that the Normal child will have no difficulty in school if he already is used to As he should be. But Home learning she adds no longer Means memorizing the abcs or counting up to 10, it is the ability to gel on with others socially adjust to Youthful emotional problems and take an exploratory interest in the world around us. The Parent develops these basics of Edu cation the teacher Only polishes them. Rather than shelter the preschool child for example parents might encourage his social growth by holding parties or opening the basement for Rainy Day a classroom no matter How crowded will hold no fear for the child of such parents. By age five or six a youngster also should feel confident enough to meet the outside world without clinging to morn and pop. Visiting overnight with playmates or spend ing a week end with a favorite aunt and Uncle will dispel the strangeness of those first school hours far from Home. To s up to parents too to instill an appreciation for the wide horizons opened by education. They can whet a child s appetite for learning through trips to the Airport farm and museum. For the youngster who has seen a zoo the primer tale about elephants is not a collection of dry words but a stimulating recollection of an exciting moment in the child s life. Certainly the first grader should be Able to dress and undress pick up after himself and take care of toilet needs. Many can to however and they find themselves helpless in a group that can be cruel to the helpless. Experts remind parents that school is Active participation not passive acceptance. Even this is impossible for some untrained Chil Dren. Miss Gabbard cites the Case of a four year old girl who would plead let me help you Mother was too Busy to let her child however and the result was a school child who was always on the Side lines unable to perform Ordinary tasks and without Confidence to try them. Conies september and Many parents re Alize they be failed to prepare Junior and Sis for school. It s too late for a Complete Rem Edy but at least some groundwork can be Laid for a Happy school life. The time has come for instance to drop the remnants of baby talk once and for All now begins a daily routine of life geared to make the school schedule More understand Able. Family discussions begin to include school and teachers in terms that make learning the adventure it parents should avoid making school sound like a picnic teachers have enough disciplinary problems already. School authorities recommend that parents walk their children to school and Back Home several times before classes begin. The youngster thus learns the route and the safety rules equally important he can be left on his own More quickly. This is a Good time to meet the school staff too and learn How modern schools operate and what teachers expect from the Home. Most parents will be surprised at the changes in education since their own school Days. For one thing the teacher Hopes each Parent will take an interest in what happens to his or her child during his school Day. Helping him with Reading and other studies May be helpful in some cases but every Parent should take time to notice his Young Ster s achievements and express Pride in his continuing efforts. As for they happen to everybody and the remedy is always the same kind encouragement teachers stress that every child is an individual. He will develop at his own Pace and comparing him with other youngsters helps nobody. Even the right clothing can help the child in those first Days. Simple sturdy togs Are the most practical and they won t cause run ins with other children. Clothing should have Large buttons and buttonholes allow Freedom for Active play and not bind legs arms or Waist in addition clothes should be labelled for identification and easily managed for toilet habits. Clothing problems can be adjusted Over night but not those that Stem from neglected preschool training. Yet parents who Wake one Bright september morn to the realization their children Are ill equipped for school life still can Correct the shortcoming. As miss Gabbard says each age brings different phases of growth and requires understanding adults to help a child Over the bumps. 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